New/swapped columns in Instructables -- restored

On Monday 8 Feb 2010, I wrote: I'm not sure that I like the swapped page layout -- with the author info, staff feature options, and so forth on the left side.  Since English is read left-to-right, this means that administrative info is given "top billing", while the actual Instructable content is relegated to second place.  It also means that some of that content is cut off of the viewer's display, depending on how they have chosen to size their browser window.  The fact that I'bles makes assumptions about browser size and shape is, of course, wrong in the first place, but the new layout makes that wrongness even more obvious to the casual user. UPDATE:  Tuesday morning, 9 Feb 2010, the administrative info is back on the right side of the page.

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Until PayPal accepts my credit card, I won't be Pro for a couple of days. I got an email: Your request to cancel your Pro membership was received on June 17, 2010. You still have 4 days days left in this payment period, so enjoy the Pro features until then. Then 40 minutes later: Your request to cancel your Pro subscription was received on June 17, 2010. This is to notify you that we have modified your account back to the regular level, effective today. Canceling your Pro membership has not deleted your Instructables account and you can upgrade back to Pro again at any time. Fastest 4 days ever! I'll be Pro in a couple of days, but I thought these emails might be some sort of bug

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How can I fix these two Ipod Touch apps?

I have tried reinstalling them, that did not work. For 2xl Supercross the tilt steering will not work, and for madden 2010, as soon as my player gets the ball he dives and wont get up.

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Does the Bay area Maker Faire happen every year? Answered

I didn't get to go to the 2010 one, and when I saw pictures of it, I was completely disappointed that I couldn't make it. Is there one every year, or is the 2011 one only in the UK?

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The Motorcycle Of The Future

Hailed as the arrival of the motorcycle of the future the MotoCzysz E1PC electric motorcycle is burning up the track. With a 100 horsepower (continuous) and 250 pound-feet or torque, it's no slouch. Check it out via Wired's Autopia  

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Bricks by the Bay

Howdy all, The first-ever LEGO/brick convention for northern California will be held on April 9-11, 2010, at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley in Fremont, CA. Planning is going on right now!  Please see for more information! Thought to share Richard

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Can anyone help me open this PowerPoint file (pptx)? Answered

I need to open this pptx-file. Can anyone help me with that? Made in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and cannot been seen or open with any applications... If it can't be open, how can I fix the file.

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Biofuel bus-train-road

The Guided Busway Essentially, this is like a railway for buses- a narrow concrete "road" open only to modified buses, following the path of an old railway to link commuter destinations together. Supporters say it's more practical than a rail link (as buses can drive straight off the end into town roads), opponents say the concept is flawed and that building a traditional railway would be cheaper. The buses are apparently "100% biofuel powered", though I'm having a hard time finding out exactly where those biofuels come from. The future of transportation, or greenwashed white elephant? Update 30-03-2010: I thought I should update this in light of bassman's comments, and because of something I wrote last October: "the busway is due to open in a few weeks (so by our bureaucracy time, make that spring 2010)" Well, it's spring 2010 and this morning on the train to work I finally saw a bus on the busway.  It was marked "not in service" and was populated by half a dozen men in high-vis jackets, so I assume it was a test run of some sort, but at least there is life on it.  Maybe I'll be able to post more about it before 2011?

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Cloud sync existing outlook emails?

Hi all, i want to essentially clone my outlook(2010 pro plus) into the cloud so i can access old emails whilst away from home. so emails (with folder structure), calendar & contacts. a free option would be appreciated.

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It is with GREAT sorrow that I have found out finally about Lateral Thinker....

Passeed away  (was just informed of this moments ago). Elizabeth Stiles-Dawe March 31 at 6:33pm Report Sorry you had not heard. Peter passed away June24th 2010

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How to "vajazzle" the vulva with crystals?

Greetings, Looking for how-to on decorating the vulva with crystals a la Jennifer Love Hewitt and Completely Bare Spa. Thanks

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Nice ! Dell lawsuit

From a blog By Michael Krigsman | June 30, 2010, 4:54am PDT "According to a recently unsealed lawsuit, Dell shipped approximately 12 million computers containing faulty components and then tried to hide the problems from buyers." More here:   Dell lawsuit: Pattern of deceit  

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Best Answers Count For 2010-08-23

. Here's the Best Answers Count for August 23, 2010. Enjoy. Re-design 481 lemonie 425 Steveastrouk 273 frollard 267 orksecurity 229 Kiteman 184 kelseymh 172 seandogue 165 GuardianFox 132 NachoMahma 127 Burf 117 RavingMadStudio 109 AndyGadget 74 jeff-o 59 NobodyInParticular 58 DJ Radio 57 jtobako 53 MahavishnuMan 53 Grathio 51 rickharris 51 mikeasaurus 49 Gorfram 47 Jack A Lopez 47 Jayefuu 44 alex-sharetskiy 43 Killer~SafeCracker 40 Joe Martin 38 UziMonkey 34 11010010110 34 gmoon 31 yokozuna 28 caitlinsdad 26 AngryRedhead 24 ChrysN 24 killerjackalope 23 MichelMoermans 23 cyberpageman 21 siliconghost 21 acidbass 20 Mr. Stealth 20 Prfesser 20 randofo 20 karnuvap 19 RelaxedSoup 18 fwjs28 16 iPodGuy 16 CameronSS 15 Goodhart 13 Zengineer1618 13 ewilhelm 12 kevinhannan 12 Lithium Rain 12 nickodemus 12 Shadowman39 12 canida 11 Hiyadudez 11 M4industries 11 purduecer 11 Kryptonite 10 plane phanatic 10 kcls 9 Koosie 9 The Ideanator 9 Willard2.0 7 gmjhowe 6 artificialintelligence 4 wrivera6 4 LoneWolf 3 megametal8 1 ----- Best Answers Monitor v1.01.02 (2010-05-05) by NachoMahma Original Perl script by Jayefuu. Regex help provided by kelseymh. The people who wrote and helped with this script are all members of (Ibles), but Ibles did not participate in the development and is in no way associated with this project. If something screws up, blame NachoMahma, not Ibles. Script ran in 252.9629368782 seconds.

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ok. my final fort question(s). What should i use to keep it up without tape,and how big should it be? Answered

I need answers by this saturday! ( may 1st, 2010) I am having a party and we are all going to hang out in there!

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Art Gallery

Hi  just went down to the Steve McCurry: Retrospective show in Birmingham i was blown away with his creativity and photography. Just wondered whether any one else had gone?  If not please check out this link to see his stufff! Amazing

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Math Teacher and his Tech-savvy Pranks

 I know it's a little late for the April Fool's Day prank contest, but this guy would take the cake: Enjoy, and please PLEASE post if you attempt anything of this epic scale!

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What happens to old instructables? Answered

Early in 2010, I found this community while searching the internet for ideas on how to use LED's for input.  There were several instructables that I found helpful. Now I can't find them.   I would like to credit them on an improved  touch sensor instructable I have in the works. 

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Microsoft's Vista Replacement

Apparently Microsoft has found that Vista was a bad idea and so is producing a replacement which is said to be coming out in 2009.So if we put in Microsoft's usual lateness with release it will be 2010 before anything appears.Edit: Its called Windows 7 and wikipedia has an article on it.

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Can anyone give me a glovepie script to control the mouse cursor via wii classic controller?

I have searched many sites but there is nowhere. I want to control my pc and my mouse cursor like I do in fifa 2010 for wii

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BUG: Small images are no longer being properly cropped square

It looks like an update was rolled out overnight.  In the Instructables browsing pages, the word "featured" has been replaced with "editor's picks".  Obviously, the underlying URL is the same (since it uses a database keyword).  This change hasn't been done in either the forum topics or Questions areas. There's also a bug in the I'bles browsing.  Instead of pictures being centered to fit in the same sized thumbnail on each image, smaller images now take up less space.  This creates problems with sideshow or video labels, as you can see below. UPDATE 10 Nov 2010:  The bug is not in the page browsing, but rather in the image library system.  The three "square" image versions, TINY, SQUARE, and SQUARE2, are no longer being cropped properly to have equal height and width.  Instead, they are simply reduced in size from the original, but keeping the full image's aspect ratio. UPDATE 14 Nov 2010:  Another user has reported noticing that their step-by-step icon images are different sizes.  This is the same bug, as the TINY version is what is used for the step icons. UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  Well, the cropping seems to be back to square, but instead of the small images being scaled to the right size before cropping, little chunks are just being taken from the middle.  For large, high resolution images, the result is a blurry bit of abstract art.

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Digital Holga Project Featured On Peta Pixel

I was asked a week ago to do my digital holga project for PetaPixel and they just posted the project up there check it out!

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Pro memberships not expiring with no way to renew

My Pro memberships expired and there is no way to renew. This is what the Pro memberships page shows: Thanks for going Pro and supporting Instructables! Membership Details Length 2 Year Pro Membership  ($39.95) Started on Jun 22, 2010 Ends on Jun 21, 2012 Auto-renewal Turned Off

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fischertechnik Model Show in Munster Germany!

This is a fischertechnik model show in Munster Germany! November 14 2010. 10:00-5:00pm Handwerkskammer-Bildungszentrum Echelmeyerstraße 1-2 48163 Munster If you would like to participate as an exhibitor, please notify Mr. Brickwede at (025522544)

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Does anyone know where I can get cardboard tube that is 6"-8" diameter?

I've tried carpet stores, but they're only about 4", so not big enough.  It's for something like this

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Visit the Instructables Restaurant in Amsterdam September 22, 23, 24

Join me in Amsterdam for the opening of the Instructables Restaurant! I will be at the Picnic 2010 Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands September 22-24 where I will help Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel, Fablab Amsterdam, Waag Society open the restaurant.  They did all the hard work, I think I'm just going to cut a ribbon with a giant pair of novelty scissors!  Watch this forum topic for the latest information on when to come, and where and when we'll be having an Instructables meet-up.  In fact, you may be needed to help build furniture for the restaurant -- instructions on Instructables!  Instructables meet-up outside of PICNIC:  Thursday 2010-09-23 5:30 PM at the big field in Westerpark.  You'll know you're in the right spot if you see bamboo sculptures and a bike racing track.

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excel external data, new data - new line? Answered

Hi, i'm getting the ticker feed from ( and feeding it into an excel 2010 spreadsheet. what i want to do is append the new data  (on update, 1 min interval) to a new line(row) on each update.

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POLL: Bluetooth headsets make you look...

We've all seen them, those people walking down the street with those bluetooth headsets, thinking  they're from the future... What do we really think of them though. I've made a poll on my website:

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Portable Camping Stove

I'm in the market for a portable camping stove and I came across this 2 burner WITH a STOVE! This thing looks awesome, assuming you have the space to tote it around with. I have declared 2010 the year of camping for our family. I'm in the process of gathering camping lists and preparing for my buying spree. Any suggestions welcome!

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profile images

(sunday june 13, 2010. 23:46 pst) just happened to notice that if you update your profile picture it removes all previous viewable pictures (shown as thumbnails under your main profile pic) and replaces it with the most current selected. not sure if this is intended. I kind of liked seeing older pictures, but can see how this way is cleaner too.

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RC circuit with a transistor and an LED Answered

Http:// Could someone please explain how this circuit works? I understand that while the capacitor is charging, current flows to the base of transistor and so the LED lights, but I can't figure out the discharging. P.S. I assume that by building this circuit I'll get an LED blinking constantly?

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Tips for exercising?

Since I'm entering a new school for the 2010-2011 school year, ( which means 3 schools will combine into one) I thought I might lose weight. Me, a bit tubby at 92.5 pounds, (As of August 17, 2010) So I decided to run. Everyday, I do half a mile running, and half a mile walking. I started 3 days ago, and I've already seen improvement. I was 93.5 lbs after 1 run. After a bit of cool down, I do sit ups. I've got my MP3 player going (The Rocky Theme-ULTIMATE MOTIVATOR) as I run. Any tips? I don't do sports, and I try not to eat after 8:00. I've got running shoes and a appropriate outfit. I'd like to see what everybody can say to me. -NYPA

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Do You Want an Instructables Halloween Postcard?

We're sending out Halloween Postcards again this year!  If you'd like to get one, leave a comment here by Monday October 18th 11:59 PM Pacific Time, Thursday October 21st 2010 and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system.  Happy Halloween!

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Searching for CAN-BUS overview for VW vehicles

Hello, I want to start hacking my VW CAN-Bus. In detail, i want to sniff some vehicle data (RPM, Indicator status, gear status etc.) For that I want to use an Arduino or RPI with a MCP2515 module. Is there an overview which shows all available identifier for vw vehicles  build <2010? Best regards

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Barcode in Word after upgrading

I'm used to make 2D barcode in Word 2003, it was simple to use and worked very well. Now, I upgrade ma word to 2007, I'm wondering can I use the same add-in in Word 2007? Or should I get a new one? If I upgrade to 2010 later, is there any possibility that the same add-in will work well without any upgrading?

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make iphone ir connector?

I want to make a ir connector for my iphone (to use it as a remote) ex. it looks like its just an ir led connected to the iphone but for 70$!!! no way! could someone show me the inside of one or tell me how to make one plz?

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20385 LEDs in Olympic rings

They're 14 metres in height, have 20,385 individual LED lights and weigh 9,100 lbs. As part of the 2010 Winter Games' sustainability priorities, the lights in the display use energy efficient bulbs that consume 8.8 per cent of the electricity of equivalent incandescent bulbs.Here is the full article: which includes a video.

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what's the problem with my Acekard ?

Game System: DSi XL Release Number: v1.7.1 Firmware version: AKAIO v1.7.1 Loader version: 7/13/2010 Acekard type: Acekard 2i Black PCB Acekard HWID: 81 Description of problem: White screen after setting my options and trying to save Steps to reproduce: Use a fresh copy of Akaio v1.7.1 Debugged: Formatted microSD properly

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FIXED: New solar panel icon doesn't align with new SOLAR category tab

The new solar-panel icon, advertising the sponsored Solar pseudo-category, does not properly line up with the tab with which it's supposed to be associated. UPDATE 17 Nov 2010:  The positioning has been fixed, by replacing the image-only link to "Gifts" with something shorter.

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What is the best thrash metal band of all time?

This is a voting poll, it ends on new years day 2010. You are allowed to choose from: a)Megadeth b)Metallica c)Slayer d)Anthrax e)Trivium f)Lamb of God To make collecting votes easier for me, reply to one of my comments, don't make a new one.

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Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

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Best Notebooks of the Month Patch Contest

A netbook is a small portable laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.Netbooks are much cheaper than usual laptops and are generally running low-end operation systems specifically designed for netbooks. Have you got a new netbook? Does it look good? Does it run well? Even If you don't have one, do you have a notebook?? If so, enter your picture now!!! Now is your chance to win a patch for YOUR netbook or notebook! Just post a picture of yourself with your netbook (or notebook) and the instructables website running on the screen. The winners gets the patch at the end of the post. There are only 20 patches so get going and photograph yourself with the most coolest,wackiest and the best netbook or notebook of the month. At the end of the month, I will choose the Top 10 netbooks of the month and top 10 notebooks of the month and award the 20 patches. The Contest is open from 4 Jan 2010 to 30 Jan 2010 1200 hours PST Kabir 

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Information page not accurate?

I noticed on another author's information page (accessed when you double click on stat card) that he had an achievement patch for being in the newsletter. I also noticed that his featured articles were marked with a banner. I had an instructible shown in the 9/30/2010 newsletter and have had one instructible featured (at least at the technology level). How do you get the achievement patch and featured instructibles marked?

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Adafruit's Open Kinect Project

Adafruit has posted a $2,000 bounty for open-source drivers and/or an application for the Kinect X-Box 360 controller. The first person or team to post their succesful open-source documentation to Github can claim the glory and loot. For full details, check out this link:

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New immigration law of Arizona

So lately there have been many reports on the news about the new immigration law in Arizona. I do not agree with the new law, and I would like to know what the Instructables community thinks about this new law.  Here are a few links to what it says-

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Craftland Show

Celebrate the 9th annual Craftland Show in Providence, Rhode Island.  At this holiday sale you will find all sorts of eclectic crafts and handmade items.  It is a month-long event in downtown Providence.  Over 170 artists will be featured. Times and Dates: November 26 – December 31, 2010 and is open even days a week 10am - 6pm Providence is my hometown so I look forward to attending this sale when I go home for the holidays!

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What kind of capacitor is that?

So I've been trying to make a simple radio circuit based off of this schematic ( , but I don't know the type of capacitor that's labeled "C4, 220uF/ 25V" and looks like ---l]--- I tried searching for the types of capacitors on Google, but I cant get anything more specific than "polarized". Could anyone please drop some knowledge on what that is?

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Punching Puppet

hi im new to posting but i have been checking this site out for years now ... i searched the site for intructions on how Punching Puppet or boxing puppets work but cant find any thing ... please if anyone can help me out with any information on the mechanics of  Punching Puppet i would appreciate it a lot thank you and love this site;=500 somthing like this

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Make It Yourself... Call For Existing Works

Cybersonica with Openlab Workshops and Manchester Art Gallery present: Make It Yourself CALL FOR EXISTING WORKS Make It Yourself is an exhibition of inventive Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects to accompany the major solo exhibition Recorders by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Manchester Art Gallery between 18 September 2010 to 30 January 2011. See for more information. A rapidly expanding community of people worldwide is taking advantage of new, cheaper technology and a growing pool of shared knowledge to make things for themselves – useful things, clever things, silly things, unique things. Make It Yourself is a ‘small but perfectly formed’ show of a handpicked half-dozen of these hand-made devices. We are now accepting submissions of existing Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects from artists, hobbyists, hackers, DIY musicians and anyone interested in making things for themselves wishing to exhibit their work as part of Make It Yourself. We are looking for pieces that reveal and demonstrate: unique devices born out of imagination or happy accident how everyday artefacts actually work custom-made tools born out of a frustration that nothing else quite does the job modified consumer products that now do something their manufacturers never conceived of Overall we are looking for inventive projects that demonstrate a wide range of function and form, simplicity and complexity, humour and intent. We expect creators of selected works to provide a project ‘info pack’ of design schematics, component lists, code and step-by-step assembly instructions. Deadline: Monday, 13 September 2010 Notification: Friday 17 September 2010 Download: application PDF available for download from

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Would you like to win a farm? (UK contest, but non-Brits could give it a try)

Source of Story Are you sick of the rat race? Wish your life was more "Good Life" than "This Life"? Is a day on the allotment your idea of heaven? Think you can run your own business? (Photo: Dave Dunford) BBC is looking for ten couples to take part in a new series that will really put your aptitude for farming to the test. Over six weeks you'll learn how to run and manage your own farm, from animal husbandry and harvesting to coping with the unpredictable British weather. The series will culminate in the winning pair getting the opportunity to live and work on their own small farm. Whatever your background or relationship — friends, married, siblings — as long as you both share that yearning for a life on the farm we want to hear from you. To apply, please email your name to and an application form will be emailed to you. Successful candidates may spend up to six weeks away from home in summer 2010. Closing date for applications is 28th April 2010.

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Instructables Halloween Postcards

Some people send Christmas greeting cards.  Since Halloween is our favorite holiday, we decided to send Halloween greeting cards.  About 1100 of them.  Check out the pictures of signing, stuffing, applying postage, and mailing them. We sent them to top authors by number of Instructables, by pageviews, top commentors, people who have previously won contests, and others.  Since we did all this by hand (and had a couple of snafus along the way!), if you didn't get one, that doesn't mean you're not awesome; it means we screwed up and forgot to ask for your address.  But, we'd still like to send you one!  So, if you'd like a Halloween card, and you haven't already entered your address, leave a comment here by Friday October 23 and I'll send you the link to submit your information.  If you have entered your address but haven't received your card, it's probably still on its way. Happy Halloween! This is the forum topic for Halloween 2009.  If you'd like a card for 2010, please see here: 2010 Halloween Postcards.

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