5mm 6 no of led for night lamp to plug in 230v 50hz power supply ?

I want to make 5mm 6no. led night lamp can directly plug in 230 v ac household power supply ? is it possible ..

Asked by shekharmirajkar 5 years ago

Uses for 230v AC water pump?

Hi I have a 4hp 230v AC water pump that was pulled from a junk hot tub. its 12 amps 3500 rpm, screws onto pvc. Does anybody have any ideas as to what i can use it for? ps, I have two of these motors.

Asked by cruggins 7 years ago

I want to build a 12V DC 0.20A power source

 with 230v ac as I/PI know I have to build a rectifier a full wave, but how to get a particular 0.20 A current plz help....?

Asked by anuk07 7 years ago

Hig Voltage transistor switching 230V Arduino PWM Control Hig frequency

Hi all :)  My name is Karlo Kasupovic and ay come from Croatia. I need a way, to control a microwawe transformer whit a arduino and a mosfet ay wona use a 230v AC input and rectifier to 200-230V DC then whit a opto isolator control a POWER Mosfet (the signal generator its a Arduino.) I wanna play with different frequencies Code for the Arduino signal genergenerator already hawe. Ay need  schematic and explanations. thanx a lot all :D

Asked by karlok1 3 years ago

How can I make my own ledlamp (bulb model) 230V?

These are extreme expensive at the moment, so how to construct your own. I'm thinking the equivalent for a 60w 40w and 25w bulb with the warm colour of the regular bulbs.

Asked by limetree 8 years ago

How to Blinking LED at 230V using one risistor ? Answered

What is that risistor value and watt???

Asked by ishan udyoga 4 years ago

i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Hello i want to make 50,5mm led tube for ac 230v 50h suppy with scrap plzzzzzzzz..?

Asked by shakeelahmed 5 years ago

USB adafruit trinklet mini > AC voltage regulator ~5W/230v motor?

​ hi folks.. i have this little project running..   what i have: adafruit trinklet mini with 5v ATMEL microcontroller   what i want/need: REGUALTE a small 5w MOTOR using 230v ! (i already have a mechanical potentiometer at 30k ohm attached directly AC.. BUT..)   i know so far with the atmel i can f.ex. control a digital potentimeter 50k ohm, at 5v.. -> only DC no AC (+ i wont get a 1Ampere on 5V working) ------> my little MOTOR uses ~ 22mA on 230V = 5W    and what ive learned so far is that i might need one or two TRIAC or DAC combined with a POTENTIOMETER.. to control AC voltage and/ or an OPTO-ISOLATOR --never heared of that before..   but i have no idea how i should solder that together or will i need some extra RESITORS or CAPACITORS for it?   -> FINALLY i want to flash the ATMEL with a small arduino code and use a USB connection (+own software) pushing the potenial (resistance in the curciut) from 0 to 50k ohm into AC !

Asked by sblocc10 1 year ago

230V AC to 12V 0.2A DC Answered

Could you guys please post a scheme for doing this thing? Thanks

Asked by luky58527. 3 years ago

how to make a burgler alarm with a 230v ac input?

Could you plz help me out , just want to make a burgler alarm ,can i make it with ac power supllay available at home ( 230v india ) .and for continouse usage - without damage of the components .

Asked by vishnu vaikundam 5 years ago

230V 50 HZ Microwave does not heat with my 230V 60 HZ Power Line Supply

My brand new European oven that I bought did not heat from day 1. The table turns and the grill works, but the microwave function does not. I know a little about the HV transformer, the capacitor and diode and magnetron. What could be the problem ? If the line frequency is the cause what can I do to convert it ? maybe change the capacitor for one of lower capacitance ?

Asked by spin707 1 year ago

How can I start/stop a waterpump (230V 500Watt) using a magnetic floating switch which can switch 230V max 1A 15W? Answered

I have a cleanwater pump in my cellar 230V / 500W to keep the floor almost completely dry. I have a liquid level sensor that can switch max 250 volt, max switching current 1A, and maximum switching power 15 Watts. I don't know enough about electronics to know how to fix this problem. But I do know that the switch won't work when I connect it directly to the pump... So how can I get this working (low cost)?

Asked by NiekZ 8 years ago

110v generator maybe 230v?

Just won a generator on ebay (Subaru Robin MG 750) it is a 110v generator (looking at the 16A yellow socket) and the voltage. however on the side it says 220v-50HZ  It has 6 cables comming out the generator: Red Blue Black White Green Green

Asked by ddeacon1 4 years ago

Transformers connected in reverse

Hi can a transformer connected in reverse. if 230v to 12v transformer is connected in reverse,. will it generate around 230v Just some silly doubt. Actually i was trying to find a step up transformer.. which converts 6v to 24v. what exactly its called.

Posted by nominds 8 years ago

How can I slow down an 230v electrical fan motor???

Hi.I have this fan but the lowest speed is too LOUD!!!Would it be possible to solder on a resistor or something like that?The label says: Induction motor Class E 230v 50Hz 40w model DT30B There is also a speed controller 0,1,2,3.Let me know if I should capture the fan/label.I am very grateful for all responses.Thanks.

Asked by ddmeltzer8 19 hours ago

3-Phase Power? Answered

I already asked a question about three-phase power but my results only confirmed what I thought.  I don't understand how a MOTOR can run at 230v with three phases,  how do they rate power with these I guess.  230v outlets have three prongs, I think two are connected to the generator through power transmission lines, and one is a ground.  If this is wrong were do they get 230v because, if I am wrong all three wires connect to generator coils.  This would add up to 345v.  But to get 230v it would only be two phases.  Then it can also run on 480v, how in the world do you get to 480v.  Please help me with this.

Asked by jj.inc 7 years ago

slow voltage current builder: how to increase voltage,current in ramp manner upto the desired value?

Let us assume a system requires 230V ac, 6 amp. When we switch it on, the voltage and current instantly shoots up from zero to 230V,6amp. I want the system to receive the voltage,current slowly ,i.e, when it is  switched on, the voltage,current should increase from zero in a ramp manner ,and when it reaches 230V,6amp, it should remain there till  the system is switched off.

Asked by iamnimisha 7 years ago

Can an induction heater for domestic use (2000W) of 220V/60Hz be used efficiently with 230V/50Hz power supply?

I purchased one Induction heater (2KW) in Korea where the supply voltage is 220V/50Hz. I want to use this in India where the supply voltage is 230V/50Hz. Can this be used? 

Asked by Eappen 5 years ago

How can I be safe when wiring up a 230v halogen bulb? Answered

Iam making a dehydrator and i want the high temperatures needed for preserving meats. If i use a 500w halogen bulb, how would i wire it up to the mains with a dimmer switch aswell?

Asked by 1arrow24 9 years ago

i converted a 230v ac supply to 12v using transformer and using half wave rectifier i converted ac to dc. Answered

The output waveform is as shown in fig. (in my book). When i connected a LED it glows continuously. But if u analyse the output waveform the current varies continuously. i expected the LED to flicker continuously. but its not happening so. can u explain me why?

Asked by b_vignesh 8 years ago

I'd like to run a 230V pump from house current (US). Answered

I bought a March 809-02 pump on eBay and sadly didn't pay attention to the voltage for it.I got it to transfer hot water in my brewing projects. I have basic skills but I want to be safe about it. If this is a thing best left to a truly qualified electrician, I will do so. Thanks in advance.Sean

Asked by tireswing 7 years ago

How to Speed up/ slow down of 230V LED alarm clock?

LED clocks in the UK keep accurate time. When I bring them to Chennai, India, they lose time. The clocks are 230V 50Hz. In India the AC supply is supposed to be 50Hz. I tried a clock from Singapore hoping it would keep the time. It works OK in Singapore and not in India! I guess the frequency of the AC current is not correct. I know a bit of soldering and very very basic knowledge about electrical components. Is it possible to correct the time by adding a resistor or a capacitor to the circuit? Alternatively is there anything else I can do to make these clocks work correctly? Thank you in anticipation.

Asked by VC1 9 years ago

Power a DC motor with UK mains?

What is the simplest way to connect a small 6-12V DC motor to 230V UK mains supply?

Asked by CassiaD 10 months ago

230V 3 Phase Motor on 240V Single Phase Supply

Hi, I am a ME with very limited knowledge on electrical side of the world. I have ordered a electric motor from Germany with 240 V assuming it will be single phase. The motor has rocked up with 230 V winding but 3phase connections. Is there any chance I can connect this motor to our single phase supply???  Any device which will help to use this motor. Please help.

Asked by NasirA9 2 years ago

How to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA into 350mA?

Is it possible to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA 5W (230V input) to use with 4x1,2W 350mA Diods??

Asked by Allecc 5 years ago

Has anyone built an efficient rectifier before, from 220-230V AC to 12V DC as well as a 12V DC to 220-230V AC inverter?

I want to build a DC-AC inverter / AC-DC rectifying system. I want my inverter to convert 12V DC to 220V AC as efficient as possible and without to many components because i want to host my rectifying system in the same box as my inverter. my question is who has designed this two systems before separately of course with the least components and had an efficiency higher then 85%?

Asked by FransN 2 years ago

Can I build an Emergency generator?

I have an old 30hp brushcutter motor (Einhell SBC) with square drive. Can I use this to build an 230V AC emergency generator and, if so, what would I need in the way of an alternator.

Asked by Old codger 5 years ago

Increasing DC voltage

I need to increase the voltage of a battery from ~30v to ~230v, the only way i can think of doing this is somehow pulsing the DC rapidly to create a sort of "pseudo AC" then using a standard transformer to increase the voltage, followed by the standard rectification process. My problem is how to pulse the DC (bearing in mind the pulse will probably need to be in the order of kHz, and the device being powered at 230v has a power rating of 400W) and how to after the rectification process implement a pwm system. In addition, the method of increasing the voltage strikes me as extremely inefficient, so if anyone has any other ideas I would be very great full. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Posted by csharpdeveloper 9 years ago

I need an AC Voltage Stabilizer?

I have low voltage at my place which keeps on going even lower at night. I need to create an AC voltage stabilizer to keep the power at the required level (230v 50Hz)?

Asked by nabulomi 6 years ago

how can i run dc motor with specific criterias as per detail?

1) the motor should move forward for cirtain RPM then STOP when supply is on. 2) the motor should move reverse with exact same RPM then STOP when supply CUT OFF. the supply volage is 230V the motor is 12V DC.

Asked by jdixit89 1 year ago

Instructables prize power question

Hi! So I have this burning question. If I were ever to win a big prize in Instructables contest that included an power appliance, what should I do if it only works in US? Because here in Europe, we have 230V 50Hz power and you guys over there have 120V 60Hz power. Some time ago, my girlfriend won  a vacuum sealer and the thing is just sitting in its box because we can not use it. The only solution would be a separate converter which costs a lot. And for the bigger stuff it would cost even more! My Worx Semi-Automatic screwdriver works just fine over here (110-230V) My suggestion for the Instructables personnel is that with growing numbers of creators overseas, the prize power problem should somehow be handled (if it is even possible) Cheers, Andreas (happy instructables member :)

Posted by CraftAndu 2 years ago

how to modify a dimmer switch (230V,50Hz supplying 5 incandescent bulbs of 40W each) to get max. brightness variation?

There's a dimmer switch connected to 5 lamps. Problem is the dimmest light occurs halfway of the span of the dimming knob. How do i tinker with the dimmer so the dimmest light occurs nearer the OFF position?

Asked by rammstein2 5 years ago

How to connect a normal household fan to a battery? Answered

Hi everyone I'm trying to connect a standard 230V- 50Hz 25W fan to a battery to make it mobile for a project I'm working on. I want the battery to be able to power the fan for at least an hour before recharging it.  What type of inverter will I need for this and what kind of battery? Thanks!

Asked by axelkaaber 3 years ago

Electromagnet? Answered

Hello smart People of Instructables. I want to build a very powerful Magnet, i planned on using a microwave transformer. Heres my question: Can i plug the Transformer into my house electric? Im in Europe so we got 230V AC. And will the Magnet get stronger or weaker if i wrap really thick wire around it? Thanks for you Answers

Asked by ReeVolt 2 years ago

Can I use this motor for diy wind turbine project ?

Hello, I have this motor: SHINAKO TOKKI X7807-201V Single Phase Motor 230V same like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/381696549483?rmvSB=true I am interested can I use for Wind Turbine ? Thank you

Posted by Chief.Wolfinjo 10 months ago

Making a small transformer Answered

Would you like to check this project out? http://redcircuits.com/Page124.htm it needs a small transformer with 230v input, 12v output 100 to 150 mA. How much turn main and secondary do i need? it said that i have to reverse connected the transformer. Sorry for asking, i'm not an electrical engineering student ​ ​Regards ​Prasetyo

Asked by pmuhammad dwi 4 years ago

Simple question 230v to 12v 50w/5a timed output

Hi, know a lil about electronics and electrical just want to make sure i'm not being a dummy or if there are any other better alternatives. Problem: A timed output circuit has gone bang on an piece of work equipment, wont go into detail as it may confuse the situation but it all works apart form the timed lamp button, I can see components on the lamp circuit disintegrated etc... So I wish to make the lamp part sort of stand alone. plan is to convert a 230v suply down to 12v 5a as the lamp it needs to power is 50w. Resolution: I was going to get this https://www.amazon.co.uk/200-250V-Halogen-Light-Electronic-Transformer/dp/B00CXK30UW and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-5V-12V-24V-Infinite-Loop-Cycle-Timing-Timer-Time-Delay-Relay-ON-OFF-Module-/192106941494 Build accordingly and place in a project box with a push button on the project box also. Can anyone see any issues with this? Or am I complicating it, maybe the transformer then this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-TIMER-SWITCH-TIME-RELAY-DELAY-OFF-CAR-LIGHTS-UNIVERSAL-KIT-1-105s-10A-12V/271203168131?var=570157183343&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D46150%26meid%3D5e8c43f27aec4c1092baed675673ef1f%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D280890951562&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 or http://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/12v-universal-interior-light-delay-timer-relay-10-sec-delay.html any alternatives? advice?

Posted by TerryJ31 9 months ago


I have five existing wall lights that are hard wired to a single switch, running on 230v a/c It's impossible to run alternate wiring as it's all embedded in the walls (which are three feet thick.)   I am going to convert each light to be dual-function, with (a) background candle-LEDs and (b) a couple of 5w LED spotlights Already I have acquired 12v LED drivers and step-down transformers (12v to 5V) for the candle LEDs.   What I wanted to figure out was some electronincs to allow me to control them all by using the existing in-wall wires and perhaps replacing the wall switch with a push-button switch. What I had in mind was to be able to achieve different functions sequentially, possibly using an IC like a 4017. However, I'm only a beginner at electronics, and I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it.   One sequencing that would be effective, commencing with an all-off situation, would be:   1st press = candle lights only on   2nd press = LED spotlights on (Candle bulbs remain on)   3rd press =  All off   Cycle then repeats.   If this proves to be impossible, I also considered the idea of short and long presses, which could trigger a timer for the long press to acomplish some switching   The power of 230v a/c will also be travelling down the same wires to give power to the 12v LED drivers in each lamp, so I'm actually talking about sequential presses on a 230v a/c circuit.

Posted by colinstcharles 1 year ago