Halo 3


Posted by Knexagon 11 years ago

BF3 and MW3

Are you going to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 or even both? If so, on PC, XboX360 or PS3? I already have the Battlefield 3 Beta for PlayStation 3 and I think it's awesome. I pre-ordered MW3 for Playstation 3 for only 16 euros. Guess how that's possible. Greetings, H.

Posted by H1T4TCH1 7 years ago

Fallout 3

Hey man Fallout 3 is awesome. Anyone who has something to say about Fallout or you find a good Fallout Instructable contact me.

Posted by Johnny Topside 8 years ago

Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

Does anybody know when the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack is going to go free?

Posted by Tetrinator44 10 years ago

3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

3 Month Pro

Klick here... good luck 2 b the 1st 1

Posted by Jorsz 5 years ago

HELP making a 3 speed bike

How can i make a 3 speed gear change bike, instead of 18 gears i just want three

Posted by maccaorgordon 10 years ago

Problem #3

3: Find xSolution: x = 5a2 + b2 = c2a=3b=4c=x32 + 42 = x29+16 = x225 = x2sqrt(25) = x5 = xx = 5:-)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

Call of Duty or Halo 3??

I got both games and i like both of them..but my friend likes halo 3 better. Which is better??

Posted by UND3R ARMOUR 10 years ago

I need 3 identical stepper motors

I need 3 identical stepper motors for a cnc

Posted by josephmichael09 10 years ago

Care package #3

Care package #3 I got this a few weeks ago from my other aunt and uncle.

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

Bug in Search

1> Search for any keyword (should result in more than 3 page search result) 2> Click on page 3 3> Click on any of the search results on page 3. 4> click back on your browser, (expected : We should see the search results on page 3 ) but instead it goes to the 1st page .

Posted by Strydon 7 years ago

Typo on real board dimensions

On the page https://www.instructables.com/id/SKDD65KF82EXL5C/ it states:Did you know that 1X10 lumber's actual dimension is 3/4"X 9 3/4"?A 1x10 is actually 3/4" by 9 1/4" not 9 3/4"

Posted by LP81 9 years ago

3-D Printing Contest

I saw this 3-D Printing Contest announcement in WIRED Magazine, Feb 2013 Issue. go to this link for details, wired.com/design and look fo "THE WIRED 3-D PRINT-OFF" banner.

Posted by sath02 5 years ago

WT*#@° :0-(3

Why do only pro member now can dowload the PDF's???? the last time i remembered the free acounts could download them :0-(3 BunnyMacSteam verry sad   :0-(3  

Posted by BunnyMacSteam 7 years ago

Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza 3

What do you think? For me it is Gran Turismo 5 all the way, but my friend says that Gorza 3 will be miles better.

Posted by Lowney 9 years ago

My profile says 2 instuctables but 3 are posted

My profile says i only have 2 instructables, but there are 3 posted...

Posted by Rawfully Tempting 6 years ago

3 Years!

Well, i have used this site for nearly 3 years now. I started using it when i was 10,and now i'm 13. I say i've been using it for 3 years but only had an account for just over 2 and a half.

Posted by Millawi Legend 8 years ago

Fallout 3 weapon props

These Fallout 3 weapons by Ryan Palser are sweet. The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole project is awe-inspiring. Check out the Flickr set for many more shots of the props and the build process. A3-21 Plasma Rifle via MAKE

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Space Rangers3

Who knows about Space Rangers 3? www.finnvector.net

Posted by Hesarilaw 7 years ago

Playstion 3 Hard Drive

I want to combine the PS3's internal hard drive with an external one via USB for more memory, my question is, will this work?

Posted by Caveman477 10 years ago

Looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord. It doesn't have to be simple (I'm good with knots.) I just need a way to join 3 strands of cord. Any suggestions?

Posted by BLUEBLOBS2 6 years ago

de-code this #3

De-code this: 5,19,21,15,13 hints: go here

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Album Review: Timbuk 3 - Greetings From Timbuk 3 (1986) *****

Timbuk 3 - Greetings From Timbuk 3 (1986)NachoMahma's Rating: *****Pat MacDonald - acoustic, electric, bass and MIDI guitars, harmonica, vocals, drum programmingBarbara K. MacDonald - electric guitar, mandolin, violin, rhythm programming, vocals10 Tracks, total time 37:0301 - The Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (3:24)02 - Life Is Hard (4:12)03 - Hairstyles And Attitudes (2:53)04 - Facts About Cats (3:22)05 - I Need You (3:59)06 - Just Another Movie (4:15)07 - Friction (3:46)08 - Cheap Black & White (2:55)09 - Shame On You (5:09)10 - I Love You In The Strangest Way (3:03)Timbuk 3's debut album is quirky, to say the least, but I love it. I think it's the harmonica that does it for me, but the lyrics are exceptional, also.Many of you may remember the opening cut from all the radio play it got (their only song to make the charts), but that's not the only gem here. I give all ten tracks five stars, even "Facts About Cats."

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago


Recent Questions and Answers are not so recent at 3 years old when I was doing some only hours old A

Posted by iceng 5 years ago

What do you want the iPad 3 to have?

Hey! The iPad came out last Friday and I've already started to hear rumors about the iPad 3 coming out in later 2011. Now, this doesn't seem like Apple because they usually have a one year refresh of their products (as in the iPod touch and iPhone). What would you guys like to see on the iPad 3? Thanks!  DP

Posted by Dr. Pepper 7 years ago

3 pronged LED

I just bought some bipolar LED's from a local store. When I opened the bag, I realized that each LED had 3 prongs instead of the usual 2 prongs. How do I use it? Is the middle prong the positive or negative side?

Posted by allstarn07 10 years ago

3-month pro memberships giveaway

I have 3-month pro memberships to give away to anybody who subscribes to my instructables after reading this notice or already subscribed.

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago

3 Prong screw driver

I have a FujiFilm camera that is not working. I want to take it apart, but it has very small triangle screws all over the place. They have only 3 prongs instead of the usual 4. Where can I get a screwdriver for this? Can anyone help with this issue. Thank you

Posted by toolmanic 10 years ago

Audio Contest Judging 3 Days Late

Does anybody know why the audio contest judging time has lasted three days later than expected?

Posted by r2pen2 3 years ago

Wallace & Gromit/ Saw 3 Trailer Mash-Up

This is... concerning.

Posted by canida 11 years ago



Posted by canida 11 years ago

Week 3 Builder's Challenge!

Hey! Sorry guys for missing week 3. School work. Anyway! CATEGORY: Tower SPEC. 1: Must be 2ft tall SPEC. 2: Must have a stand SPEC. 3: MUST!!!!! have a good structure. I'll judge that. GOOD LUCK!!!!! R&C

Posted by Ratchet and Clank 10 years ago

BUG: Images and commenting are not Firefox 3 compatible

Firefox 3 will be officially released on June 17. It's time to fix your javascript to be compatible. I sent a message about this via the feedback form several weeks ago. It contained more details. I can assist you with the debugging if you need it.

Posted by RichardBronosky 10 years ago

Warcraft 3

OK so I got the WCIII Battle Chest, and it's pretty awesome. I was wondering if anyone plays it on battle.net? If you do, my name is "FBIdoomdawg". Ciao

Posted by builder968 9 years ago

How many Of your instructables are rated under 3*?

How many of you instructables are rated under 3*? I have 2, my ASCB, and my Handgun. They suck. How about you?

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

how to build a 3 8 cm fan

I was wondering if you could help me on how to build a 3 8 cm fan (taken from a laptop cooler) with usb double power and 4 female usb ports (2 female for each of the usb wires), with a switch for the 3 fans. I though that, if I supply energy from both of the wires, the 3 fans would be faster. Both of the usb wires are independent, but I take energy from both of them

Posted by Pasku 5 years ago

Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008

Vote for your favorite 3 k'nex weapons released in 2008. You may not vote for any of your own designs.VOTING HAS NOW ENDED. PLEASE SEE THE SLIDESHOW YOUR FAVORITE K'NEX WEAPONS 0F 2008.

Posted by Oblivitus 9 years ago

4 X 3 months Pro-membership giveaway! (DONE)

I'm giving away 3 months pro membership to 4 members, who aren't pro and have at least 1 ible. Simply post a comment and I'll send you the gift code. Hurry! I'll be giving away only 4 pro memberships!

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 5 years ago

old 3 wheeler frame possable future project

I have this old 3 wheeler frame without a motor and it has a gastank and all the plastics but I dont know what to do with it. I was thinking of hooking up a pair of bike pedals and riding it like a bike. or something silly like that I dont have a spare motor for it tho. so any ideas

Posted by nibbler125 10 years ago

The new FF v.3, a problem

I have Fire Fox RC 3 and it is causing a few problems. I am hoping it is the browser and not the forums. The ads to the right are ok, until I open a window to post into: the text box slips in under the ad and so does anything I type as it gets to the page edge. Has anyone else "tried" V.3 yet, experiences?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Judging ended 3 days ago

How long after judging are the winners announced?

Posted by JacobAziza 9 years ago

Make Your Halo 3 Legendary Edition Helmet Wearable!

W00tGot this from the Bungie.net RSS feed like five mintues ago.Tutorial on HighImpactHalo.orgPicture is from the tutorial.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

pikmin 3

Yes pikmin 3, every other games forum has one.I have been informed that pikmin 3 will come out sometime within the future.i can also say with 60% certainty they will come out with new pikmin colors.so what do you guys think the new color will be and how much the game is like the other 2?pikmin 2 adhttp://www.megavideo.com/?v=D72WYMASssbb burnhttp://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/35-Super-Smash-Bros-Brawl

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 10 years ago

Convert stereo to mono? - creating 3 channels, mono, left, right

I have a little problem.... i want to convert Left, Right channels into 3 channels, Left, Right, and Mono is it possible to build this with a couple diodes? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago


Hello! I paid for 3 months to you and nupot download PDFs We see you are not a pro member, go pro today to get awesome features! Membership Details USER IS NOT MARKED PRO! INVESTIGATED THIS! Length 3 Month Pro Membership ($ 11.97) Started on Jun 3, 2013 Next Payment September 4, 2013 Self-renewal Turned On (Turn Off) purchaser Name Stan paraschiv Sincerely, Paraschiv Stan, Romania

Posted by prislea 5 years ago

BackTrack 3

I just downloaded the new BackTrack distro from Offensive-Security (BackTrack 3 Beta). It's interesting. It has a lot more graphics than 2, and it looks like the computers that all of the "hackers" use in the movies. I don't know if that's cool, or a bad thing. Has anyone else tried BackTrack, and if so what do you guys think about it?

Posted by Gjdj3 10 years ago

HELP please ....i am seeking a 3 speed cassette ....HELP...please

I am trying to find a 3 Free wheel cassette like the one below here for my wheel a, i am stuck in a small town and it is so frustrating cause i have no transport "I NEED HELP" My Phone Number 0412991179 Kindest Regards Gordon or Macca

Posted by maccaorgordon 10 years ago

fun question # 3!

Well this one wouldnt be that fun but so what. would you rather die drowning or a slow and painful death in a hospital.

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

Zune 3.0

How is everybody enjoying the new software for the zune, 3.0? Also did anyone buy the 16gb or 120gb zune?

Posted by JellyWoo 10 years ago