Halo 3


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Problem #3

3: Find xSolution: x = 5a2 + b2 = c2a=3b=4c=x32 + 42 = x29+16 = x225 = x2sqrt(25) = x5 = xx = 5:-)

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The Thought Bunker #3

Hello! I am hosting a Forum Topic train. This one involves some thinking. But it's not math! It's the fun thinking. The kind you can talk and laugh about. So, what do you say? This week's Thought Bunker: If insects are so obsessed with bright lights, why don’t they fly off to the sun? Well, what do you think? Tell us! This week's Best-Thought: logic boy says: Because its just moths and mozzies that like light, when do they come out? Nightime. Is the sun out at nightime. NO. Also the sun is a source of natural light, as far as bugs are concerned it has always been there and always will be

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3-Phase Power? Answered

I already asked a question about three-phase power but my results only confirmed what I thought.  I don't understand how a MOTOR can run at 230v with three phases,  how do they rate power with these I guess.  230v outlets have three prongs, I think two are connected to the generator through power transmission lines, and one is a ground.  If this is wrong were do they get 230v because, if I am wrong all three wires connect to generator coils.  This would add up to 345v.  But to get 230v it would only be two phases.  Then it can also run on 480v, how in the world do you get to 480v.  Please help me with this.

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3 point perspective drawing

3 point perspective I draw

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3 volt voltage regulators?

Hi,I need a 3 volt voltage regulator,1 ampere(or lower).I tried looking for Lm 7803 but couldn't find it any local shops.Anyother alternatives?

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Fallout 3 weapon props

These Fallout 3 weapons by Ryan Palser are sweet. The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole project is awe-inspiring. Check out the Flickr set for many more shots of the props and the build process. A3-21 Plasma Rifle via MAKE

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3 Month Pro Membership? Answered

So I got a free 3 month pro membership from my Instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Revive-Dead-Highlighters/, being featured. But then I got another email saying that I got another free 3 month pro membership. So when my first3 month pro membership expires, will I be able to use the other 3 month pro membership or do they both count as 1 3 month pro membership all together?

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I have 3 questions... Answered

1) Approximately how many instructables are there as of 2011? 2) How many authors are there as of 2011? 3)What is the percentage of instructables that get featured? I think its about 20% or something...

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3-way LED Circuit? Answered

I recently published an instructable on how to make an LED bike light, and I want to make some improvements. I want to use a 3-way toggle switch to give the LEDs three modes: on, off, and flashing. I know I will need a 555 timer, but I do not know how I would wire this to the switch. Thanks! Adam

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Fallout 3 power armor?

I need help finding pepakura files for fallout 3 enclave armor, preferably the tesla armor. Ive looked all over the 405th and there is nothing there, ive scoured the internet and cant find anything. Id appreciate it if you could help. Thanks

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3 LED light question

I am just curious as to what I might need, if any for a resistor. I plan to run 3 white LED's, using a single 9v. I jumped ahead and hooked up one set to see how it works, and it seems to work great, each LED is packaged as running at 3.2v, so I figured 3 would be alright on a 9v battery. Is a resistor required or necessary if I multiply in this manner?

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Coil to give 3 volts

I need 2.5 volts from a coil when a 10mm magnet is passed over. What awg of copper wire and how many turns do I need for an air core coil. This is to charge a super capacitor.

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3 Phase inverter explanation?

I am trying to make sense of how to create a simple 3 phase inverter, but the design I have found requires the use of a PIC micro controller for pulsed width modulation to control the 3 half inverters in the image below. I do not have experience with this specific type of micro controller and am unable to find a simple explanation of how to set it up to do this, except how to connect it to the basic circuit at the transistor bases. Would anyone be able to explain to me how to wire/program/control frequency with the pic micro controller or an alternative method that would yield 3 phase power (0-120-240) because the manual and this page have be very very hard to understand to a beginner. I do not need any sort of feedback from the motor because the load will be constant and relatively small, and will most likely run it either at a constant or if easily doable linearly increasing frequency. Can someone PLEASE give me a good simple set of instructions on how to either replace this micro controller with something simpler or wire/program it to do this? Thanks!

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3 stage timer for lights

I am looking to add a 3 stage light timer to my shooting range at home and am wondering if anyone would know of something similar to this that has been done or possibly some help setting it up. I have seen that an Arduino may be able to do what I need? I am looking to have 3 lights, red, green, and yellow. I want the red light to be on all the time. One a button/switch is hit, the red light goes off and the green comes on for 2.5 minutes. Then the yellow light comes on for 30 seconds. Then the red comes back on until the button/switch is activated again. Any pointers or suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.

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3 axis gimbal wiring?

Hi guys so i'm building a 3 axis gimbal (this one https://www.instructables.com/id/OpenSAM-3D-Printed-Camera-Stabilizer/?ALLSTEPS ) and after i bought the electronics i had a problem with the wiring here's a list of all the parts (http://opensamofficial.github.io/OpenSAM/OpenSAM_Manual.pdf ) i'm gonna add a link to the pictures of all the parts and can you guys help me with the wiring and if you can download the picture and connect all tha parts with paint or other software it would be much easier for me to understand thanks pictures : http://imgur.com/gallery/VMbJw

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Testing a 3 watt LED? Answered

I recently purchased 13- 3 watt LED's. I'm trying to establish a high out-put LED light. I also purchased a LED Driver Transformer 48 Watt 120 Volt to 12v DC 4 Amp. First I would like to test each LED using the same divider. I'm thinking that if I create a voltage divider two 330 ohms to limit the current and reduce the voltage to about 6 volts that would allow me to test with the driver that I purchased. Secondly, will this driver be enough to drive all my LED's and would I have to reduce the voltage down too since it appears to push out enough wattage and amperage for the total number LED's I'm putting together? I'm building my circuit based on this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qYZahe2s5o&NR;=1 Link to website data of 3 Watt LED. http://ledsupply.com/indusstar-1up.php Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, 

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Wiring a 3 bulb lamp

I know this is basic, but I'm not familiar with wiring anything that could potentially burn the house down so I feel its better to ask. I'm wanting to wire up three lights to go over my basement workbench to all work on the same switch. The image shows what I planned to do, was just wondering if there an expert out there who could tell me if this is going to be safe? Would 60 watt bulbs ok?

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3 axis rotation system

Hello everyone! I was hoping someone here with better understanding of engineering or just a fresh take on the problem can help me out. Im working on this art project where I have a metal ball, aproximatelly the size of a basket ball, and i wanted to make it rotate continuously on a stand, in a way that all sides of the ball were shown eventually. I've thought about this 3 axis sytem where each axis would rotate in turns to keep the ball rolling in diferent directions. Basically its like the insides of an analog mouse where the ball would rotate the gears and give the input of the location of the pointer, except here the gears should rotate the ball. I've been trying to build something close to that with some K'NEX and a simple rotation engine that came with it but im not getting nowhere. I thought of building the gears myself but im finding it hard to come up with a plan. What would the gears be shaped like? What size? what distance between them? Even with trial and error would take me forever @.@ Anyways, any input, ideas, comments apreciated, Thx!

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A massive AD! Round 3

First AD attack: I was just surfing around on instructables until I came across this massive AD of macs! It there some kind of bug on the AD?Second AD attack: I first thought I have been redirected to another web, but... Now instructables home page has the same layout as the AD it self! NORTON!Third AD attack: Norton strikes again...You can customize instructable header to your like to try eliminate the weird layout linked to the AD by following this forum. I hope this helps!

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MXDL 3 watt joule thief? Answered

Can anybody make sense of the joule thief inside a MXDL 3 watt luxeon torch? I can post a rough picture of it if needed.

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Splitting a power supply 3 ways? Answered

Is there a way to split a power supply 3 ways? power supply is going to be around 12v  6A, needs to be split between (2) 2.5 amp speaker amplifiers, and (1) 5v, 1a (or 500ma) ipod charger. Just wondering so i dont have to buy 3 plugs :)

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dual 3 ohm amplifier circuit.

I have two 3 ohm stereo speakers, which i wish to connect to a computer. What is the ic chip that i should use for best quality? Please help me with a circuit!

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help with 3 wire Arduino keypad

Hello all , I have read the this post "Arduino 3 wire Matrix Keypad by XenonJohn" and try to do as he said but something doesn't work I have the same resistors ,and the same connections - but it doesn't work when I press 1 I get "3" when I press 5 I get "0" when I press 6 I get "5" when I press 8 I get "0" when I press 9 I get "4" when I press * I get "9" when I press 2,3,4,8,0,# I get nothing what could be the problem ? I have build the circuit 3 times now - and always get the same result - what am I missing ? Thanks  .  

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Simple 3 Floor Elevator Model

Hello I want to make a simple 3 floor elevator model. The Elevator should have UP and DOWN switches on every floor and should act as all normal elevator.  I need a simple and detailed circuit design and which components should I use for it. Circuit using Arduino Uno R3 is also preferred.  Can someone please help me?  Thanks

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Need something to demonstrate in 3 minutes

For a class I'm taking, I need to make a speech in 3 minutes that demonstrates how to do something. It could be something very simple, but being the person that I am I want it to be at least mildly impressive. My hunch was to do something computing related with my eeepc and a projector, but that idea got nixed. I'm also interested in electronics, though, and I have a lot of stuff in my junk box. Anyway, I'm not asking anyone to do my work for me, this is more about presentation skills. But if you happen to have an idea of what I can do quickly and with minimal likelihood of failure I'd be eternally grateful.

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3 Month Membership Giveaway!(Closed)

Ok this is a small gift to thank all of my subscribers! I will list all my subscribers in numbers and then use random number generator to randomly pick a number and the subscriber listed with that number will get the 3 month pro membership! So if you want to take a part in it as well and you are not a subscriber then all you need to do is subscribe! I will do the random generation on 20th of July 2011 and the premium membership will be awarded the same day to the lucky subscriber!

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Amazing 3-axis LED orb

What's better than LEDs? Spinning LEDs! Laserpointer forums member FireMyLaser has decided that spinning LEDs is so much fun that he built a contraption that spins on 3 axes and creates some pretty insane effects. He also posted lots of build photos, but for now he's exceeded his photobucket bandwidth. Hopefully they'll be up again soon. NOTE: this is a forum post. Forums are where users can post links to other cool things happening in the DIY space and as such instructions aren't always available. Thanks! LED Orb 2.0 via MAKE

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Playstation 3 or Dell Inspiron Laptop ?

From the title you can all see i need some help.(don't worry it's not gils)I can't choose between the PS3 os the dell laptop.Basically its this deal with AOL that if you sign up to their broadbrand you get a free PS3 or laptop - your choice.(i know all the terms and conditions so you don't need to explain them to me)But the problem is i can't decide which free gift to take?To tell you the truth my heart is set out more to the PS3.But i do/ could use a..... ,need a laptop aswell!So please help me decide!*PS3* is only 40 gig and not bacword compatible. (check the carphone website/aol deal for details)I need to sign up before the 17th. preferblally friday.

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Using a 3 wire fan with Arduino? Answered

So I got a couple of 12v PC fans. They have a black wire, a red, and and yellow. So if you just hook up the red and black wires to 12v, the fan works, but you no way of controlling the speed. So this yellow wire, I'm assuming it's much like the control wire on a   servo? If I hook up this yellow wire to the Arduino should I be able to control the speed of the fan using PWM??? I just want to be sure before I fry my Arduino :D Thanks!

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Paper Airplane Contest 3 (Closed)

In hopes of seeing more paper airplanes and innovative designers on Instructables.com, I have decided to host a third mini-contest. My goal is to stimulate the paper airplane channel and encourage more paper airplane builders to post their innovative designs. For this contest, the specification is for a stunt plane. Requirements: 1. Aircraft Requirements: • Ability to perform a loop, wingover and/or a Cuban eight • Durability to fly at least 15 flights • Use of less than 15 inches (0.381 meters) of tape in construction • Use of less than 5 pieces of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in construction 2. Instructables Requirements: • 1 page strictly devoted to materials required in construction • 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft • The instructable's license must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)" • This sentence and link must be displayed on your entry's intro page: “This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 3 (https://www.instructables.com/community/Paper-Airplane-Contest-3-Open/).” Prizes: For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 5 performing paper airplanes* one patch each. The first place winner will also receive a 3 month Pro membership. These patches will be medals (1st place, Patch with Gold Medal image and 3 month Pro membership; 2nd Place, Patch with Silver Medal image; 3rd Place, Patch with Bronze Medal Image; 4th Place, Patch with 4th Place lettering; 5th Place, Patch with 5th Place lettering). *Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of patches wide however, each entrant can only win one prize. How To Enter: To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “My Paper Airplane [Member Name Here]” with your instructable's URL included. I will then put the link and author's name onto a list on this topic under "Current Entries". Judging: For this contest, I have decided that I will judge all the planes myself based on abilities. I have decided this way because I believe judging on performance rather than shape is a more objective approach. The contest begins Monday, March 14, 2011 and ends Friday, April 8, 2011. Entries must be published before Friday, April 8, 2011. From April 8 to April 11, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 and issue them their prizes Wednesday, April 13, 2011. Entries: ATTILAtheHUNgry: (https://www.instructables.com/id/Worlds-best-Paper-Airplane-simple-and-sturdy/) heavyfire88: "The Outsider" (https://www.instructables.com/id/Ready-for-the-competition-The-Outsider/) Results: 1st Place: heavyfire88: "Outsider" (https://www.instructables.com/id/Ready-for-the-competition-The-Outsider/) 2nd Place: ATTILAtheHUNgry: "Havoc*" (https://www.instructables.com/id/Worlds-best-Paper-Airplane-simple-and-sturdy/) *Unofficial name

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Knex Mp5 (Gen.3) Video

This is my third generation Mp5, many of its parts are from the generation 2. Mostly all internals have been changed from the generation 2. In my opinion, this is my best Mp5 yet. Specifications: -Shoots 30-40 feet. -Grey connector ammunition type. -Holds 5 rounds. -Removable magazine with release lever. -True trigger. -Ram guide with easy pull back system. -Rear and Front sights.

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1 Arduino + 3 or 4 LM35s?

I am a total beginner, having logged about one hour here (the last hour). Does this sound OK for a first Arduino project? I want to sample and log the temperature outside at the surface and at depth for a total of 4 readings to a depth of around 50cm (20"). The reason is to consider if I should provide my daughter's pet rabbits with an underground burrow as relief against the next heat wave. It seems a nicer option than running a swamp cooler all day. Though I suppose I could use an Arduino + LM35 to turn on and off the swamp cooler :) It looks like I can do it with 4 x LM35s, an Arduino One, some sort of data storage, a 9v battery and a bread board. Any recommendations for if I should use WiFi or an SD card for storage? My guess is the SD card is simpler to programme and maybe less of a battery drain. It seems I just need to hook up the data out of the LM35s to the analogue ports, then loop over the inputs and write the outputs to a file somewhere. And calibration too. Any pointers on how to turn the LM35s into probes that can be buried in the ground? I was thinking I could bind all the probes onto a dowel, dig a hole and bury it. How to extend the LM35 pin outs? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Where can I buy a large sheet of perfboard, like 3 feet by 3 feet? Answered

I am trying to make a large array of leds, about 24 inches wide and 14 inches tall. I assume making  a PCB this size would be rather expensive but is there somewhere I can buy perfboard this large, or another alternative for making an array of leds this size? Thank you, Chris

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I need 3 identical stepper motors

I need 3 identical stepper motors for a cnc

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2 Wire Servo on 3 wire reviver? Answered

How can i wire a 2 wire servo into a 3 wire receiver I'm talking about the motor type, The reason i need to do this is because i need to get a cheap RC car on good radio gear

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Is there a guide to building a 3-phase AC welder?

I was looking through the MANY guides on the web for weldernators and I'm in the midst of putting it together. It suddenly occurred to me that my dad used to own both 5 and 3 phase AC welders and I thought "wait a minute, an alternator is 3 phase AC". I searched and searched but I'm doing a lot of searching on a smartphone because of a really long couple of work weeks, plus I suck at Google apparently. (If I wanted to buy one I could find that.) Anyway, I'm just not sure of how a 3 phase AC welder works. Maybe it just turns it into DC. They were just arc welders anyway.

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Xbox One Raspberry Pi 3 configuration

Hello everyone,I am working on a project that requires me to interface the Xbox One wireless controller with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Running Raspbian Jessie and not Retropie). I need the controller and the pi to execute programs on button press and drive motors with the joysticks, I have installed Xboxdrv in my pi but am unable to connect the controller to it. Please suggest the required steps I must take to get this working.

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Xbox live ... halo 3 UzUmAkI ClaN

Hey well for all of you Halo 3 anboys(or girls...hehe) i am making an halo 3 xbox live clan names the UZUMAKI CLAN! We only have 3 people in it so far but with your guyses help that could SKYROCKET! So for any halo3/ naruto fans who wish to join add me in your freinds list ill tell you what to do from there... here is my gamertag : HeLl x FiRe 55 and here is my bungie .net profile... :http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=hell+x+fire+55&sg;=0 THX! P.S. here is the clan pic!

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what to do with 3-6 mini fans

I bought a nyko intercooler for my 360 and now I have 3 1.5 inch fans with nothing to use them for I want someone to make an Instructable that uses these fans or give me an idea for something to make with these fans I could get 6 fans if needed

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How to put a hole in a 3" glass float?

I have a bunch of 3" glass fishing net floats and I want to put a 1/2" hole in them to put LEDs in them to make them lights.  Any ideas on how to do it without destroying the float would be appreciated? I have attached a picture of what they look like. Thanks for any help

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Rewiring christmas lights that have 3 wires?

I basically want to do something like this: http://michaelbluejay.com/batteries/dc-christmas-lights.html Where I can rewire just one strip on 15 or so to make a line that can be run by batteries. Thanks

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Help with scanner hack (3 pin inverter!!)

Hi, I have an old scanner and wanted to do the scanner hack to get a lamp. But here, the instructables about this dont help me, because the iinverters they are using have 2 pins for the power, while mine has three. Here is a pic Please any solution?? the lapm works when I plug the whole scanner.

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Guitar Hero 3 For Wii Audio Flaw

I was meaning to post this sooner but completely forgot. Anyway, If you don't already know, Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock for the Wii has a disk flaw. The flaw makes the sound in mono instead of the Dobly Digital Surround Sound that is advertised on the box. Activision will replace it for free though. The way you can tell if you have a flawed version of the disk is if you look right above the Activision logo and if theres a little white star there or not. If there is one you have the new version and don't need a replacement. If not you can go here, fill out the form and then they will send you an envelope for you to put your old one in and send back and then finally you get sent a new version. I just thought I'd let you know. Good Luck!--Note-- If you send them a disk thats anything other than the old version of the Wii GH3 game they won't send anything back.

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May the Fourth - Theme 3-course dinner

Last weekend I finally watched Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So with May Fourth coming our way I decided I would cook a nice Star Wars themed 3-course dinner for me and my wife this Friday. The idea is just simple food, but made it looking like something linked to Star Wars. I've come up with some ideas, but more ideas are always welcome. Here's whats on the menu up to now:Appetizer - Galaxy carpaccio:Purple beetroot 'empty space' carpaccio with sesame seeds 'stars' and drops of balsamico 'black holes'Main course - Star Wars Episode IX: The Fast-Food Hero:Sweet 'C3PO'-tatoes / 'BB'-pot-'8'-oes'Han'-burger 'Solo'Grilled green asparagus 'light-sabers'Dessert - Cheese platter:May the Roquefort be with youRevenge of the SwissMozzarella Death StarBabybell star wars smileysSo what are your suggestions?

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3 Axis Rotating Flight Simulation Rig

I have currently started building a 3 axis rotating Flight simulation rig that can simulated any 3D motion with a pilot inside the main cabin in control. I know the project needs a lot of disciplines working together (Steel design-mechanics-electrical-electronics-control-programming) So I assembled a team of engineers who got interested in the idea but we are not all highly experienced and the issue is new to all of us. So far we managed to design the rig it self as in steel design area. when we started moving along to the next phase which is the mechanical parts and joints we faced a lot of issues regarding the weight and balance of the rigs. The attached image is for a flight simulator done by a company in Russia. We have great ideas for improving that design and building our own non expensive simulator. I didn't post our full design model done in solid works cause it's not yet perfected. All I asking is that , if there is any one out there willing to help us share the knowledge or has a bit of experience in the subject, or wants to join our collaborate work, please don't hesitate to contacts us. I don't know the forum rules so I won't post my contact information here, but please feel free to discuss the subject with us on the forum, so we might benefit all together from this experience. 

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the code of the led cube 3*3*3 for'' 16f84'' ?

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wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? Answered

Wich ways are there to get more pieces in 3 months????? i need some pieces for my newball machine named: project shalalie shalala shalalie shalala OR project balls of fury

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3-6 volt ac to 12 v dc

Hi, i going to give it a new try, i have a power source of 3-6volt ac , an di want to get 12 volt dc,and i want it to stay 12 volt dc ,if my input is between 2.5 and 6.5 volts.ac

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lcd TD030WHEA1 3" LCD. i need the datasheet Answered

I need the datasheet. i want to connect it to an avr thanks Rendy

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