35mm USB Drive

Well I just joined today and was wondering if anyone has done this yet? A 35mm USB Drive mod, it came out looking pretty decent so I figured I'd do an instructable on it if no one has done or seen a usb like this one.

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Do people still use 35mm cameras? Answered

I have a Konica FC-1 and I do not know much about "film".  I do not even know if it works because the batteries are dead.  Any info would be great.

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what to do with 35mm camera lens??

My old Minolta 35mm film camera has not been used in 10+ years. Time for a new purpose or recycle. What can be done with old lenses? I have several telephoto. Old 35mm camera bodies? Those are great ideas! I'm really glad I asked.

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Which is the best yet economical projector light source that can be used with a 35mm Geneva projector?

Light sources available in market or the ones that have to  be constructed, either will do the job. It is a college project with limited funds so   both economy and quality are to be considered.

Question by usama164 6 years ago

Niece Needs Help ASAP

Although everyone and their brother has offered help to my neice with her photography class in High School, however; no one has come forward and now time is at the essence. She has a Cannon 35mm/ Black and White film. She's having problems with the way her pics are coming out as welll as the developing. (teacher is of no help..too busy). I know nothing about cameras and cannot help. She needs someone she can Skype with to actually talk and show her what she may be doing wrong.She's ADHD and needs to actually "see" as well as being instructed.  We're kind of desperate and can use some help. If anyone has some experience with this please let me know and I'll see what I can set up. Thank you in advance for any help given. Do not have any of her photos to upload but can get some it needed. Thank you.

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How do I remove the rear lens cap from a Canon manual focus FD lens.? Answered

 This is a 50mm lens from a Canon manual focus A1 camera.  The knurled metal ring on the rear of the lens will not turn. I could have installed a cap from one of the newer style FD lenses.

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Projects for old 35mm point and shoot cameras?

I have a few 35mm point and shoot cameras and I see them in thrift shops, yard sales, and flea markets all the time. Are there any cool ways to make these into something else or scavenge the parts for other projects?

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Help developing a Kodacolor-X roll of film?

I have a roll of Kodacolor-X Color Negative film, and I know that they won't develop this in a normal lab with the rest of the C-41 rolls, so I need some help. All the information on the roll is read as: Process C-22 Kodacolor - X DAYLIGHT OR BLUE FLASH CX 135-20 ASA 80 - 20 DIN 20 EXPOSURES 24 x 36mm Does anyone know a way or a place I can get this process C-22 developed? Please let me know. Thanks!

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how to build light box for copying old 35mm transparencies?


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how do you build a lightbox for 35mm slide conversion to digital format?

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Does anyone still use 35MM film?

Does anyone still use 35mm film, or is it dead? I find shooting with film is enjoyable. I was out today photographing what insects i could find with my 35MM SLRs. I used both a Minolta MAXXUM SPxi and a Canon EOS Rebel G, both with 80MM lenses. Used 400 speed film. Coencidentaly, while looking through a local bookstore today, i found a copy of "pocket guide to 35MM photography" By kodak for 50 cents.

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Developing Pinhole Film?

So i want to put peices of 35 mm film that i cut into pinhole camera to take photographs. Would this work? And if it does, how can i get them developed? is there any way i can do it myself without any fancy equipment?

Question by Brockley 7 years ago

How can I convert a 35mm SLR camera body into a digital camera?

I have an old 35mm SLR camera and an old digital camera.  I'd like to marry the digital camera to the SLR and take advantage of the better lens.  Is that possible?

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How can I convert my 35mm Film SLR Camera to a Digital SLR camera? Answered

I Have an old SLR camera in excellant condition. It requires 35mm film. I want to convert in into a Digital camera. How Can I do that? Can I use sort of CMOS sensor at the place of film? Please help me!

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How do I attach a SLR lens (35mm) to a point and shoot?

Warning: not scared of breaking open things.

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Lomography Konstructor - World's First 35mm DIY SLR

Analogue photographers rejoice! Today, Lomography is proud to announce the world's first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera, the Konstructor. Demystify the inner workings of a SLR camera by building the Konstructor yourself. Assembly takes about an hour, and can be customized with fun stickers after to personalize your new camera. Not just a simple kit, the Konstructor boasts different shooting modes, a tripod, and an uncoupled shutter release to easily produce multiple exposures. The Konstruktor produces wonderfully sharp and vibrant photos which capture the joyful essence of photography. "Through the fantastically fun process of assembling this beautiful machine, you’ll learn the essence of photography and be able to shoot wonderfully sharp and vibrant analogue photos. It’s time to take the next step on your exciting photographic adventure and boost your creativity to the max." TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 35mm (135) Film Detachable 50mm f/10 Lens Shutter Speed: 1/80s with multiple exposures Focus Distance: 0.5m – Infinity Dimensions: 121 × 33 × 65mm Ready to get your own and start building? Head over to Lomography!

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how to make 3.5mm 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - M/F

Anyone can tell me how to make it is so simply..? im looking in arround of my live but im not found it. please send me a skeme

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How to join a 3.5mm Jack to a Microphone ?

I want to make it to use it as a Mic.

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Is there a way to change betwen two 3.5mm audio ports with only one switch? Answered

[404:details not found] Is there a way to change betwen two 3.5mm audio ports with only one switch?

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Lomography on the hay-penny?

Does anyone have an ideas or instructables about lomography on the cheap side? Or techniques for creating artsy, interesting, experimental photographs with a 35mm film or a digital slr?

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Can i Make a USB to 3.5mm jack converter? Answered

I need some diagrams showing which leads can be used as the left and right channels from a usb (vcc,D+,D-,)

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USB to 3.5mm Aux Cable?

I am planning to make a tiny bluetooth earbud and the only way I see that I can make it is that if I can connect a USB Bluetooth plug thing into an aux cable and connecting it to tiny speakers.

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How do you make a 3.5mm male to a rca video cable?

I have a spy gear atv 360 and i want to make a cable for it to play the video on my tv is therer a website or an instructable that tells you how to do that clearly?

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Can I fit a film SLR lens on a DSLR camera?

I have many old 35mm film cameras with some really nice telephoto and zoom lens. Can any be fitted on to Digital cameras? Is there a crossover guide any where on the web.?

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Field of view of a lens?

Hunting through the attic I found an old 35mm projector. I wondered what governs the field of view of the lens system - for this projector it is obviously about the size of a 35 mm slide but for my video projector it must be considerable bigger although the lens looks similar. (I know hat isn't a very scientific judgement!)

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How to Make Speakers With a 3.5mm FEMALE jack instead of a Male 1? Answered

I'm makeing some speakers for my iphone and i want to know how to make the speakers with a female 3.5mm jack (from computer) instead of a male one

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What are the specs for 'standard' 3.5mm mono pluged infrared (IR) emitters?

An example of what I'm talking about can be found on Amazon.  I am looking for which conductor is anode and which cathode as well as the forward voltage and current requirements.  My inability to see IR is really hurting my normal LED testing techniques.

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What can I do with Aluminium Chloride? Answered

 I recently made some Aluminium Chloride by electrolysis and evaporated the water off and powdered the crystals. I have about half a 35mm film canister full *That's a standard unit of measurement you know :-)* Just wondering what I can do with it. (Maybe try and get the Aluminium back?).

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We used to have a Haminex loadmatic 110E and then upgraded to a 35mm camera and have thousands of photos and negatives. Would like to be able to transfer them to the PC. What device do we need to do this, because we have little money we need something of good value for cheap.we have a DELLphoto924 is this useful or not ? thank you mulga and mary

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Can I solder together 2 3.5mm jacks to a bluetooth audio receiver? Answered

I have a StereoStream bluetooth audio receiver (http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Bluetooth-Audio-Receiver-/00/s/Njg3WDYyMw==/z/590AAOxyzHxRR5IV/$T2eC16N,!w0E9szN%28muuBRR5IUpUCg~~60_3.JPG) can I solder another 3.5mm jack with this one onto the circuit board and get audio out of both jacks?

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What is the normal range of a 3,5mm output? Answered

Hey everyone! I want to make a switch between three or more 3,5mm input jacks. I've found an instructables instruction on how to do this, I only don't know which switch to pick. It has to be a rotary switch. Now my question: what are the minimum specs (volts, amperes, switch current etc) to keep good sound quality? Yours

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3.5mm clicker software for windows?

I'm sure we have all seen it before, branded under several names such as Klick and Pressy. I was wondering if there is some sort of pre existing software out there that would provide this functionality to a pc? This would be great on the GPD WIN or Pocket C.H.I.P. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-klick-quick-button/

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Used 35 mm cameras

As I was looking in a thrift shop recently, I realised that all the ones I had been to had these old 35mm film cameras for a really cheap price.  The burning question I had was what could be done with these cameras and the parts in them?  Are there sites where this is addressed?  There must be a ton of things to be made with them and they will become re-purposed materiel.  How about a contest? Anyone?

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Is it possible to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to a pair of antique crystal radio headphones? Answered

I am looking to purchase a pair of antique headphones, and possibly fix them up to work like a new pair of headphones.  For example, would it be possible to manipulate these headphones, and add a 3.5mm headphone jack to them? http://cgi.ebay.com/Frost-Fones-162-1000-early-crystal-radio-headphones-/120647686331?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item1c172998bb Thanks for your help.

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Convert USB speaker to 3.5mm speaker

 I have a USB speaker (image attached). These work great off the computer, but now I want to extend these to work with my ipod. I want it to host a 3.5mm input switch for connecting a normal ipod or mp3 player, at the same time still use it my computer when I want to. I tried following this, but it's not exactly what I want. Any ideas ?

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How do I turn AGC (auto gain control) off on a webcam?

I want to make a DIY 35mm style digital camera from scratch out of a webcam, a Depth of Field adaptor, and a micro-pc. The only problem is that DOF adapters are very dark, and they cause a webcam to use it's auto gain control (this causes little multi-coloured patches in the dark areas known as "noise"). It's a great idea for a video chat in the dark but nothing professional. I know that all the webcams I've researched can't have gain turned off via a PC, so surely I can detach something from the PCB of the webcam (I assume there is some sort of gain module inside it). Please Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. What can I do to turn the gain off?

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Connect 3.5mm Jack to a Speaker

Hello, I am trying to connect a 3.5mm jack to a speaker I salvaged from an old radio. The speaker has 2 wires: A + wire (marked yellow) A - wire (marked black) The problem is, the 3.5mm jack has 4 different wires: on one side, there is a copper one and a red one on the other, there is a copper one and a blue one. I got the speaker to work for a few seconds while plugged into my phone, but I cannot remember how it went.

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where to find thin wall plastic tube?

Hi, I'm building a wind tunnel, and want to achieve a more laminar flow. I've tried drinking straws but they seem to stop the air flow too much. So I made a much larger bore honeycomb with toilet roll tubes. That worked a lot better, so now I'm after something a little better looking. Does anyone have any ideas for where to source a few meters of thin wall plastic tubing? About 25mm -> 35mm diameter. Transparent would be ideal. Thanks!

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Auto switching 3.5mm circuit

I currently have my phone connected to my car stereo via 3.5mm audio cable on the aux input for music playback I would also like to connect my UHF radio to the car stereo as the internal speaker is not very loud/clear. I would like it set up so that the music is playing and it auto switches to the UHF when someone is broadcasting. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible (DIY) or if a product existing on the market already. I would appreciate any help on the subject Cheers 

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How thick is the stock of a thompson submachine gun? Answered

Hello guys, My question is how thick is the stock? Length I got figured out the only thing I don't know is the  thickness of the stock. Some sources suggest that it is 35mm, 50mm or 70mm thick. I seriously have no idea although 70mm seems a little bit to thick. I need to know it for a presentation but no site seems to carry the information... So I'm hoping somebody who owns one can give me the information or otherwise someone with other WW2 weapons as it seems that pretty much all the stocks look evenly thick...

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Camcorder Restoration?

So I have this old VHS camcorder that is sitting around my house. I want to make it into a decent filmmaking camera. however, I think the imager is bad, and the industry has moved away from VHS. So what I want to do is replace the bad Imager with a HD Imager, maybe a 35mm digital Imager. I also want to replace the VHS deck with a removable portable hard drive, set up to record in an industry standard file format. How much do you think this would cost? Can I be directed to a store that has these parts? Any other thoughts?

Question by AlternateLives 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Making a [4-Pole TRRS to 3.5mm Stereo & Mic Adapter (Male to 2x Female)] from an iphone headphone splitter jack?

I want an adapter that merges the microphone and earphone 3.5 mm jacks into a single 3.5 mm jack ( basically I want to build the blue adapter thingy). The problem is how do I connect the  microphone pins from the 3.5mm jack? That is how do I connect the two leads marked "?" (see the third picture for what I want to achieve.) PS: I am not sure whether the microphone jack pinout is the same as drawn. Anybody can confirm whether this is right?

Question by rammstein2 3 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

How can I combine stereo audio from a 3.5mm connector to an RJ11 phone jack?

So I can listen to music while I am on a call. I am using a binaural cordless headset that has a base with an RJ11 jack for the phone headset connect from the phone line. There has to be an easy way to merge the phone line input with my audio input; like a reverse 'Y' connector, one RJ11 connector the other a 3.5mm male connector, to combine to an RJ11 Male connector. I know there is a trick to doing this. That's where the Instructables community can help! Thanks!

Question by spytech128 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to run a mini halogen light from the mains? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a project and need to run a mini (35mm) halogen globe from the mains.  I live in Australia and our  mains from off 24v.   If I try and run the halogen it works ok but soon heats-up a lot.  I'm assuming that I need a transformer to reduce the voltage or amperage but cant find anything on the net!  I want to run the lamp that I am building direct from the AC socket.  Does anyone have any solutions?  I have also looked at 12v LED ones as well and thought that this might be the best path to go down.   Thanks, Marcus

Question by lonesoulsurfer 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I Need to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to my gaming chair Answered

I Need to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to my gaming chair before the release of Final Fantasy 13 in march. problem is i have know idea how to do it the way i want. this is what i want. add the jack so i can use headphones with my chair, but still use the volume dial on the chair and for it to mute the chair speakers when i plug the headphones in. it don't matter if i have to leave the speakers unplugged as long as i can still use the volume dial. please use my picture as a wiring guide. Thanx guys for any help.

Question by joypad 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Making/Modifying a USB Hub

I'm currently designing an accessory for my computer which will house 4 USB ports as a USB Hub.  The issue i've got is I need to be able to contain the whole USB Hub in an area that is only 22mm deep and 170mm wide.   I've taken a cheap USB Hub apart to see what it was like and I have run into a few issues. The main one is that the total depth of the PCB to the end of the USB Ports is 35mm, 13mm over the size I need.  The next issue is that I need room to place a screw between the USB Ports, 2 either side.  These screws have a width of 3mm and a head size of 5mm.    Putting a hole like that in the PCB would break and short the connections. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Wiring up a Electret Microphone to a 3.5mm cord for PC?

My headset's microphone isnt really too good, its wayy too quiet with boost and volume all the way up so I'd like to make a custom mic to hopefully have it perform better then my current mic So I was looking around and saw these ones that come amplified https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9964 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9868 Those look like they can be easier to solder together than this one https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8635  Would I be ok to splice up a headphone cord and solder everything up or will i need external power for them or anything else to have it run alright?

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Need Help With Project

I am working on a high rocketry project. I want to made a launch detector. My idea is to use a magnet reed switch (PN# ORD2212) and a electromagnet. Which I will turn off about 2 seconds before launch, to give a 2 seconds base line. I will use magnet powder (around the switch) so when the electromagnet is on it will hold in place, then drop off when the power is remove, opening the switch signing the fight computer to start flight operations. The unit is 20mm Wide/15mm Length/35mm Height (screen shot attached). My question is what magnet power should I use? It has to be as light as possible. Also how do I calculate the electromagnet (appx 12V)?Thanks for the helpRichard

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Can you suggest some good lenses for my Nikon D40? Answered

Hello all, After using my Nikon D40 with the kit lens for about two years now, I think I'm ready to buy some extra lenses for it.  I have two primary needs that I hope to satisfy with no more than two lenses, and hopefully just one. 1.  Macro photography.  For my work on Instructables I take a lot of macro shots, and I find the kit lens (or is it the camera?) difficult to use for this.  When the minimum focal length is 8 inches or more it's just really hard to get a good shot.  For this need I'd be happy with a manual focus lens since I'd be the only one using it.  But, I really need tighter macro shots than the kit lens - whether this lens can get physically closer or whether it needs to be telephoto I don't really care. 2.  Low Light.  My wife and I often find ourselves in situations where we'd like to take photos of people (and especially children!) in low light, without a flash.  Obviously, this leads to lots of blurring and other undesirable mistakes.  I think a nice, fast lens on the order of f/1.8 or f/1.4 would do the trick, and Nikon makes a nice AF-S model for less than $200.  The trouble is the lack of zoom - I think I could deal with it, but my wife uses the whole range of 18-55mm on the kit lens and would probably throw her hands up in despair if that ability were missing.  So what's the solution here? Thanks for any suggestions you folks can provide, especially when it comes to older lenses.  Apparently the D40 can mount old non-AI Nikon lenses which is good news I guess, because it opens up a whole world of used lenses.  Beyond that I must plead ignorance... EDIT:  I'm somewhat leaning towards the fast 35mm f/1.8 AF-S prime lens and an extension tube set for macro.  Still researching, though.... EDIT 2:  Still liking the looks of the 35mm prime, but now considering a Nikon 3T or 4T diopter macro filter, if I can find one... EDIT 3:  SOLUTION:  I ended up buying the 35mm f1.8 prime lens and a 10x achromatic macro filter (I didn't manage to find a Nikon filter, but I did find one that claimed to be a true achromat lens setup.  We'll see when it arrives!)

Question by jeff-o 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago