What does 'Dart Reset' do? Answered

It says it on my ner raider clip. I will give a best answer.

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Crosman R-36 Stinger

Does anyone have any info (personal knowlege) of the Crosman R-36 Stinger

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TR-8 Aftermarket kit, TR-36 "Overkill"

I know this works for cars, so I decided to put an extreme spin on KILLERK recent TR-8. The majority of the body is based of the TR-8, but as you can see I added a little different styling to the handle which is also used to support the heavy turret. I added a bit more of a stock to the original but kept the mechanics the way they were. (can't mess with perfection) The turret itself has a ratchet, similar to the TR-8 which allows the turret to only "wind up" in the correct direction. The turret is also attached the same way as the TR-8 with a socket joint in the grip of the gun. I threw some tactical rails on the sides of the gun to try to hint at capability with attachment but the turret is kind of blocking any attachment you would put there. Overall the TR-36 Overkill feel awesome (heavy) and with that phenomenal power and range you would expect from any turret gun. Tell me if you're interested in an ible' and I'll start working on making one.  Thanks for looking! JonnyBGood

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What is the difference between the TR series and the BR series?

Yes, I know that the TR is the turret rifle and the BR is the battle rifle, but is there a fundamental difference between the 2, or is it all just preference as to the name?

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Boy Arrested for Stealing 36 Million in Virtual Money

After becoming obsessed with an online RPG character's dress, a Japanese boy hacked into the game's system and stole the dress along with 36 million virtual yen. The virtual resource he eventually turned into about $5,500. He was arrested for unauthorized access to the system.Here's more of the story.

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What oil do I use in a 36 ford transmission and rearend?

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Need a 36 V schematic battery charger for a golf cart.

Is there an iintegrated circuit that you can tap in to a 120VAC  and convert to 36VDC @10-20 Amps without using a transformer> Have An Everest and Jennings 24 V @10 A model 11350 need output cable pin connections ? Bob

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36 led turn signals stay on when plugged into car ?

Recently i purchased these 36 white led turning signals for my car but when i plug them in they just stay on...i read that i need a resistor to stop this from happening but the bulb has a resistor built into it so i dont understand why it would just stay on...the coding on the resistor is gold,black,green,brown and its a 12v bulb (?) sorry but the packaging doesnt give much info on the product and i have no idea where to obtain the information needed to make this work...any help would be greatly apreciated?

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going on a 36 hour high school band bus trip, any idea how big of a solar panel is need for................

Going on a 36 hour high school band bus trip, any idea how big of a solar panel would be needed to keep a car battery charged with an Ipod, laptop, phone on it to keep them charged?

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need help on how to wire 4 36 volt dewalt packs and 2 a123 2s2p packs in parallel.

I need help wiring up 4 36 volt dewalt packs and 2 a123 2s2p cell packs in parallel. . Will somebody please help ?My bike is a 36 volt red lee  iococca ebike.A diagram and any advise that could help will be appreciated. Thank You.  elvisbrown.

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What driver would I need to run 36 Cree xm-l leds for an offroad light bar?

I'm new to diy led and would like to know where I can find a driver suitable to run 36 xm-l leds.  I would assume that my Voltage could spike up to 16V on the charging system.  I would like a simple on/off as I have a svt raptor with factory upfitter switches. 

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Which Lead Acid Battery Is Better For My Needs?

Hello, Which battery do you think I should buy. I need reliability good performance and long service life. I will be useing them in series with a 250 watt 36 7 amps constant 10+ amp spikes 36 volt electric scooter. I was wondering which is higher capacity at 7 amps discharge and which would last the longest please can someone help me decide :)   http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/sla12v7ah.html        - 7.5ah kinetec http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/sla12v9ah.html        - 9 ah  outdo http://www.componentshop.co.uk if the links dont work

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How do you build a birdcage that is 48 x 36 x 24?

I am trying to build a birdcage for 2 male doves. Thats why I have the measurements as 48in long 36 in tall and 24 in deep. I need it to be a double cage as 1. With 2 doors on the front and 1 on each end and a flip top for them to fly out the top. With also a spot to put the dishes on both sides,a pull out tray at the bottom for cleaning. It needs to be chicken wire and wood. I also have a question about should it be stained or painted on the outside. Can someone please help me? I need the directions asap. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Electric Bicycle Mod Using an 36 volt, 1000watt motor to make an electric bike. I have questions about rpm and torque. Answered

 I have done some calculations, with wheels who have a 75inch circumference, i have calculated that 444 rpm should get me going about 40km/h or 25 mph. I don't believe that this is right. I am also wondering what amount of torque would be good enough for this situation? The motor is 1000watts, 36volts and 3000rpm. I am planning to use three 12 volt car batteries to power the motor. I would be using a chain and gear transmission system to reduce the rpm. I am looking to have a max speed of from 50 km/h or 31 mph to 40km/h or 25 mph. I would really apretiate anyones help with this, so i could then finish this project. thanks

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firefox 3.6 running slow?

Since upgrading to firefox 3.6, my browser is running slow and freezes

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Desperately in need of drive belt for Delta 10" sidekick mitre saw 36-090

I have a Delta 10" sidekick mitre saw 36-090 and i need according to parts manual the bulk belt no.163. I've tried everything ebay, internet etc. where can i get one?

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Over voltage on Speed controller? Answered

Hi, Today I found out that my electric scooter has a 36 volt motor and it has a 24 volt speed controller. I'm sure it is 24 volts can I over-volt it to 36 volt with out causing harm it has been OK for a while now but I'm thinking of the poor capacitors there only rated at 25v and that why I dont think it will matter as normally there rated a lot higher than that for a safety margin also sealed lead acid battery's have a nominal voltage of 24v and there charged voltage anything up to 30 volts, I,m just hoping that the MOS-FET's that drive the PWM (pulse width modulation circuit) are rated over 36 volts

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Wiring schematic?

Need wiring schematic for old Turf rider 4 golf cart, 36 volt, GE motor

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Thoughtcrime 2.0

The BBC says 2007 was a big year for bloggers being imprisoned. Worldwide there were 36 confirmed cases of people being arrested for blogging and certain organizations suspect, but cannot verify, that hundreds of more people were."The report predicted that the number of blogger arrests in 2008 would exceed the 36 seen in 2007 thanks to greater popularity of blogging as a medium, greater enforcement of net restrictions, and elections in China, Pakistan, Iran and the US."

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Motor Controller

Dear Sir, Can you help me in developing a 24/36 mosfet controller for tricycle? Regards P​

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power question ? Answered

I need to get 36volts for something in my boat. How can this be done? Cant fit anymore battires. Easiest way to stepup 12volts to 36 volts.

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How can I make drive belt for microwave turntable??

The present belt is 1/8 inch square and 36 inches in circumference.

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Question about a instructable

 I am working a project   and i was wondering  if i should  publish it as a Instructable or as a guide ?  The title is   How to build a modern  12 x 36  Cabin on a budget....

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High Current Power Supply

For a project totally nonrelated to my tesla coil I need a way of regulating a voltage down to 36 Volts at 8 amps. My transformer (or a bunch of transformers hooked together) is suppose to have an output of about 38 volts at 8 amps, yet the voltage (with no load) is actually around 60 volts... Basically I need a way of regulating this voltage. For saftey, lets say the max input is 70 volts and it should be able to handle 10 Amps. The output voltage should be 36.

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Where can i get bulk 8mm leds?

Really any size above 7mm will do but i need 36 0f them to run on around 4 volts

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Punk bike-drill powered?

I have a mini bike I want to power with a Bosch 36 V. Lithium Drill. Can I use the sprocket setup that came with the bike? 

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Making a 12v or 18v (Volt) Battery

I am working on a project with my dad (36 volt powered Go-Kart) and we can't afford any fancy batteries or any at all. I found a solution on Youtube where you could make your own 12 volt battery by using mason jars, sulfuric acid, and lead but that sounds unstable and not powerful enough for our project, and even then that's only 12 volts. So, what i am asking is: Is there any way i could make my own 18 volt batteries (2x to make 36) that are stable and  powerful enough to power something like a Go-Kart?? (Go-Kart is 25-30lb as of right now) Note: My options are: 1.Run 2x 18v batteries in parallel. 2.Run 3x 12v batteries in parallel.  3. And any other voltage that can be combined to make 36 volts... Thanks in advance!  :D

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how can i present my bad grade?

Well i have a 36 in english. how can i present this bad grade to my mom without her executing me?

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Zelda Knex Sword

I found this on deviantart. I've never seen it on this site and thought it worth sharing. http://videoboysayscube.deviantart.com/art/Zelda-K-nex-Master-Sword-183122955?q=boost%3Apopular%20knex&qo;=36

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my new knex creation... the destroyer machine gun!!

My newest creation... the distroyer. the gun lives up the the name. it is a 36-shot machine gun. you could also call it a gatling gun. it is compleately my creation. i am thinking about posting instructions but i do not have lots of time to do it. also it is a very big gun. most people will not have the peaces to make it anyway. it uses ruffly 680 peaces. it moves fast. it can shoot all 36 shots in + or - 5 seconds. also this verson of the gun is a bit rofe. before i even think about instructions it will need some moding.

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What size rim do i need for a 700 x 32c tire?

The rimm I'm replacing is 36h, the rims i see are from 25 to 36. I wondering what will fit

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What's a good use for Size A (3.6 volt) battery?

Looking for the best idea on how to use my Lithium Batteries, Size A (3.6 volt) with positive and negative leads.  Be creative, be practical, this could be fun.

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Power adapter question..

 Hi, I have a 12volt 2.26amp fan that I need to power. Does anyone know a reasonable place to buy adapters? I saw one at radioshack but they want $36 :O Any help is appreciated.. Thanks, Salt

Topic by saltines 9 years ago

how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell ?

Http://www.dhgate.com/product/digital-cordless-36-melody-songs-doorbell/131166817.html how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell???

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how to install an insulated glass unit in a wood entry door?

I have a 36"x80" solid wood entry door.  I'd like to install a 12"x24" double pane glass unit in the door. What would the best way to do this?

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LED Light Box

Normally, a light box uses fluorescent lamps (e.g. 36 watts Philips Lamp) and electronic ballasts to emit light. However, it consumes too much electricty and the life of lamps is short. Therefore, I would like to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs.

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help ?

Hi i have got trouble with my electric bike brushless motor.i have just brought from china 36 volt 700watt motor it started to sound a bit rough.i have open the motor and there 6 wires glued.and 3 more wires just glued to a copper wire can this be solded cheers

Question by robs50 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What kind of motor or device could I use to turn a bicycle real wheel?

Want to build a bike on a 18 or 36 volt battery(18 preffered) but having a difficulty finding a device I could attach to have it spin the wheel, ty so much for the help

Question by JorgeV154 3 months ago

Voltage boost

I'm trying to make a remote shutter release for my large format lenses. I found a solenoid that will do the trick. It's 12v / 36 ohm push solenoid with 3/8" travel. I prefer to drive this thing with a single AA battery. Is there a simple way to boost 1.5v?

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Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm not good with arrows.

I have a homemade PVC bow and the drawstring is 36 inches. Anyone know how long the arrows should be and how you determine how long the arrows should be based on the lenngth of the draw. 

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Can you turn a regular controller into an Xbox 360 controller?

I have an old controller lying around that I could use for my Xbox. I'm wondering if there is any way that I can mod it with a USB wire and some way to use it for my Xbox 360. Thanks in advance!

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where shall i get the dc motors that can drive 25kg of weight?

I'm going to built a robot for a WAR(ROBOWAR) and i designed the bot which is 20kg but my motors are not driving this huge weight!!! so i need the motors for this (voltage 12v to 36 volt) i'm from india

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Light Up Shutter Shades

Well i saw the grammys performance and i was wondering if anyone can make them like in the videoany info or instructable would be heavily appreciatedjust though it would be cool to own a pair like those...at 0:36http://youtube.com/watch?v=hWPfEMHkZCc

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new member

hi there my name is mahmoud and iam 36 years old,i'am electronics technician and i have good skill in repairing rc toys and power supplys and more . if any one would like me to help it will my pleasure to do that ..... i have hobbys in robots and any stuff like that ............bye for now to every body.

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SLR Lens Bracelets

Bracelets made out of old SLR lenses obscenely expensive, but easy enough to make yourselfhttp://www.oyemodern.com/index.php?page=2&_a=viewCat&catId;=36i made 6 bracelets out of one $10 lens i picked up on eBay.

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How to convert 300 volts DC to 30 volts DC?

Alright so i made a simple full bridge rectifier (http://www.electroboom.com/?p=544) credits to Medhi Sadahagar. I modified it such that it works with 240 volts mains instead of 120 volts mains. my capacitor bank is 2.4 mF and 400 volts. However, the output is 312 volts DC and I require around 12-36 volts DC at minimum 10 amps to power a ZVS driver (by Plasmana). I tried a voltage divider but I think the power rating of my resistors was not enough as one of them heated up and broke. I need help in designing or making a suitable circuit to reduce 312 volts DC to 12-36 volts DC at 10 amps minimum. Please help me and have a great day :D 

Question by BenderSanchez 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago