In the Instructables contests, do the people with most views, highest ratings, and most votes win first prize, or...? Answered

Do just the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place people with the highest votes win first prize in the contests?

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how to convert ipod 3rd gen into an ipod video

Asked by tonywantstohack 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

TomTom 1 3rd Edition

Is it possible to remove the memory card in a TomTom 1 3rd Edition Sat Nav or is it a built in hard drive. I want to put other maps on but can't. Cheers

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how do you open a 3rd generation ipod touch

Both my children have new  3rd gen ipod touches, but how long will the rechargable battery inside last? would it be easy to replace in the future?

Asked by shandybrother 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and was building the Another Altoids Charger and its not working but will work with others.

I build the charger and it will charge my 1st gen ipod touch and my 1st gen ipod nano but will not charge my 3rd gen ipod touch, what do i need to do to make it work with my ipod touch 3rd gen??? PLEASE HELP!

Asked by kdyches17 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Is the Ipod Touch 3rd Generation any better than the 2nd generation?

What are some good apps for the ipod touch?

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Not accepting 3rd party cookies at preventing commenting

I've turned off acceptance of all 3rd party cookies in my browser. Because of this, I am not able to post a comment to anyone's Instructable. I get how analytics help drive your business, so you need to use a server based solution vs using client-side (using 3rd party click/data capture) to do so [I'm accepting cookies from your domain]. Blocking 3rd party cookies is pretty common.  [Mozzilla was even considering making it the default, before enough lobbyists have complained that Congress sent a letter to Mozzilla asking that they not do that] Accepting the quantserve cookie, as a REQUIREMENT for commenting is just not kewl!

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My APPLE IPOD 3rd gen 1gb(DUPLICATE STUFF) broke. imagei DEsoldered all the parts. I want the PINOUT of the LCD. It has a non standard (20 pins) number of pins. PLEASE help. i know 16 pin connection but not this. Its size is 2inches(diagonal)thank u in advance

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how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation Ipod touch.? Answered

I want to sell it to the apple store to get the new one . but i need to sell mine first so i can pay for the new on. how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation  Ipod touch.?

Asked by m5industriesinc 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

PLESE HELP, IPOD 3rd gen question!?

I have an old ipod third generation that came out in 2003. what are the three battery wires?red = positive?white = ???black = ground?thanks for your help!!!!

Asked by led235 9 years ago

I'd like to build a 3rd order low pass filter, cutoff ~40mhz, impedence at 28mhz of 50Ohms?

Hello All. I want to build a 3rd order low pass filter with a cutoff ~40mhz. I'd like to build this in a metal box seperated into two compartments with a pi filter in each. What components do I need? The input output impedence should be ~50 ohms at 28mhz. It stray capacitence a problem? Thanks?

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how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation Ipod touch.?

i want to sell it to the apple store to get the new one . but i need to sell mine first so i can pay for the new on. how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation  Ipod touch.?

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How do I use my own headphones with the new 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle?

As you know, or if you don't, the new iPod shuffles have a proprietary setup going on with only two kinds of headphones being able to be used with it.( Both of which are sold by Apple and are expensive and only mediocre) How can I use my own headphones or even an FM transmitter with my Shuffle?

Asked by frnk_hggns 9 years ago

Profile says 3rd place trophy, but I actually won 2nd place

Hi there! My profile has a 3rd place trophy, but my Wi-Fi Magnetic Door Spy tutorial actually won 2nd place. I'm assuming this is a bug? Can it be fixed? Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about: And here's the contest where I'm listed under 2nd place: Thanks! - Josh

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Circuitry and Metalworking // Classes and Workspace at 3rd Ward Brooklyn

Our beloved Instructables members, allow us to introduce you to a New York City area resource for makers, creators and dreamers. If you haven’t heard of 3rd Ward yet, they are a member-based art and design center in Brooklyn on the forefront of creative workspace and education. Check out the recent profile in New York Times: Just like the community that you all find on, 3rd Ward is a place for you to realize those DIY dreams within a supportive network. The main engine of 3rd Ward is the Memberships, which are open to all and offer discounted or free enrollment in their multidisciplinary class series. Classes are taught by industry professionals, ready to school you just in time for that new project. You can choose to craft an electronic sculpture from start to finish in Handmade Circuits, bring rock and roll back to life in Electric Guitar Rescue, bring out your inner bad ass in Night Welding or 150 other paths to creative bliss. Check out the full class catalog at http:// 3rd Ward is already a hub for New York area artists and craftspeople. Now, they’re inviting you to join the movement. As an offer to Instructables members: when you sign up for a 12-month Membership with 3rd Ward before November 20th- your first month is FREE. To claim your free month and schedule your tour of 3rd Ward, visit http:// and enter promo code INSTRUCTABLES. 

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looking for a 3rd admin

Hey everyone! I am looking for a 3rd admin to help bring some creativity to the table. This is for my facebook page We dedicate the page to diy projects (mainly electronics but not limited to). Since I go to college I dont have that much time to keep the page flowing with updates. Me and my friend do our best but sometimes we lose track of time. Looking for someone with creativity and a decent amount of knowledge based upon electronics

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iPod nano (3rd generation) charger

There are a lot of post about Ipod chargers and I was not able to charge my ipod yet! I tried different resistors on the data lines (D- D+), 5V to Pin 13 and Ground to pin 16. It shows charging for a little and then stop. I need to have a good simple circuit diagram, with the right resistor to charge my Ipod nano 3rd generation using a 5V power supply (picture of model attached). Thanks for your help in advance! Gracias.

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Does Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame work on an iPod 3rd generation? Answered

I looked at the page and its says it only works with 4th gen and above, but usually thats just for precaution.  Does anyone with the 3rd generation of iPod touch have this game, and if so, does it work???

Asked by builderkidj 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Why has my 2001 toyota manual transmission become hard to shift into 3rd and 4th?

It is a 5 speed. 1st, 2nd, and 5th shift normally. It feels like 3rd and 4th are going into gear shallow; some times they will pop out imediately after engaging. This condition just started.

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I found a poem I wrote from 3rd grade!

On my computor, I found a poem I wrote when I was in 3rd grade! Here it is: Bother Oh the people you bother, You sister, your father, Your brother, Your mother, And they always say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!" And I say no "What if it'll snow?" No one will know Until the next day. Oh the people you bother, Your sister, your father, You brother, Your mother, And they leave the room. So I take out the vacuum. I sucked up their cheeks, and I sucked up their nose, I went outside and squirt them with a hose. And then they say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!!" And I say no "What if it will snow?" No one, no thee, No more than three, Will know until the next day. I guess it's pretty good for a 3rd grader!

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Craft & BBQ Contests are starting on June 3rd!

I'm excited that we're running both of these again this year - they're always so much fun. :D The Craft Contest is open June 3 - July 15. We're looking for any and all crafts! The BBQ Contest is open June 3 - July 29. We want to see your best recipes, tips & tricks, hacks and builds!

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Can't edit Instructable in order to publish...

Can anyone help me here?  I am trying to finish out my instructable so I can publish it, but am stuck on the 3rd and final step only because the site just sits and spins trying to save that I created a 3rd step.  I have tried this from 2 different computers and nothing... Help!

Posted by SantaB 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

iPod Nano 3rd gen haz DIED please help!

Yes, that's right. I'm unhappy about it. I turned it on, and it worked, turned it off, then 45 minutes later, it wouldn't turn on. IT wasn't dropped, banged, or touched. It wasn't EMP'ed or anything. IT won't turn on, it won't synch to my computer, and no the lock isn't on. It's about 18 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago


 I want to build an original iphone or at least build a ipod an 3rd gen. please give me some sites that you know are reliable for ordering these parts

Asked by led235 9 years ago

Amazon voucher give-away - WINNERS!

I won a prize by posting a comment on a tool blog. The prize is a $10 Amazon voucher. Unfortunately, I can't redeem it on, and it would be swallowed by postage if I ordered from the US. So, I have a voucher to give away. To win, have a look at this topic started by Acidbass, and then post a verse for an Instructables boom-de-yada song here, complete with links (see the verse I posted there). Deadline: 4th December. Judging - the "best" verse will be selected by the capricious whim of Acidbass and myself. The winner will be announced in this topic, and receive the prize by PM. WINNERS! In reverse order: 3rd goes to Wasagi 2nd goes to RedNeckEngineer and 1st, with the prize voucher code, is.... GOODHART! Well done, that ibler! 2nd and 3rd get no cash prize, but Acidbass will include their verses in the video. Keep posting good ideas, though! I think the winner is Goodhart because he followed the rules made a catchy verse and had the guts to send me a recording of his verse that he made by himself to place in the movie. 2nd place is RedneckEngineer because he got creative with the verse. 3rd is Wasagi because he followed the instructions and did a very good job. The 2nd and 3rd place prizes are that their verses get to be in the movie :-)

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Woodworking, Craft, & Design classes at 3rd Ward in NY

3rd Ward, an art facility in Brooklyn, New York, is offering a wide range of classes for our upcoming summer session! We have everything from basic woodworking to jewelry making to furniture refinishing to digital design. Some of our classes this summer include...How to Make Crappy Stuff Awesome - Learn the basic concepts for creating furniture and other useful objects out of recycled and found materials for little or no investment.Cuttlefish Casting - Learn the ancient technique of small scale mold making and bronze casting using the fossilized backbone of a cuttlefish!Screenprinting - Learn how to set up a screen printing "lab" and make prints in your very own home.Spaces are limited so make sure to sign-up ASAP!For more information and a full list of classes, check out

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Art Contest: 3/30/11

These are the winners of my art contest. Haven't joined? -> The link to my art contest. 1st- username252 2nd- I LIKE TURTLES 3rd- LoneWolf 4th- happyjo 5th- sagart Now the results of the instructables entered. 1st- How to Make an Origami Wayfinder - username252 2nd- Shark Drawing - I LIKE TURTLES 3rd- Guides to Drawing Wolves - LoneWolf 4th- My Art! - happyjo 5th- Draw Dog From Photograph - LoneWolf 6th- Gwendolyn: An Unwanted Marriage - happyjo 7th- camelean - I LIKE TURTLES I anounce the 1st prize to username252. The 2nd prize to I LIKE TURTLES. And last the 3rd prize to LoneWolf. Want to have your name posted as a winner? Show off your best art instructables on my group!

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

how to make a 3rd party xbox 360 headest?

Alright for all those computer wizards out there i want to make a headset from a apple iphone headset. obviously the apple headphones are a 3.5 mm jack and the xbox controller fits a 2.5 mm jack. which adatper do i need to buy for this to happen and work. thanks heres the link for which one i need.;=1&query;_string=3.5mm+to+a+2.5mm&cat;=0

Asked by oPERATION Rouge 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

What should I do with my broken 3rd Gen iPod Nano?

My screen broke and my click wheel was sticking so I removed all of the internals except the click wheel and the piece of plastic which holds it in place. The chrome back plate is twisted from when I removed it to gain access to the internals. My only idea so far is to use it as a photo frame (and use the empty space from the LCD screen as the picture holder.)

Asked by Cookie-Monster 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

I want to operate 3 different LED's using single push button?

I mean when i'll press the button, 1st LED should glow and it should be turn off after few second... and when i'll press this button for 2nd time, only 2nd LED should glow and it should be turn off like 1st .when i'll press this button for 3rd time, only 3rd LED should glow and it should be turn off . what to do??? can anyone help me?

Asked by thered4321 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

Pls let me know the cheapest way to make an intercom to speak between 1st floor to 3rd floor without a phone line. Answered

I would like to make a home intercom to communicate with my brother who resides in the 1st floor & myself in the 3rd floor in the same apartment.  It is costing us more to contact via our mobiles each & every time by our house members.  So, I have 2 old telephones with me & want to know the method to connect the same to be used as an intercom.

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Make:SF Tonight!

Make:SF is having their monthly downtown meeting tonight at Instructables World HQ. All are welcome to attend. The festivities start at 6:30PM. 489 Clementina St. 3rd Floor

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Does anyone know of a way to convert a visual basic project (vbp) to an executable file? Maybe a 3rd party compiler? P.S. Don't tell me to go to File>Make

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

WAT.1 paper airplane contest August [Extended] [1] [open] - Paper Airplane Start Power Launcher

This is a first weekly contest. Requirements: Can make the Paper Airplane Fly 70 feet up the air. A paper airplane launcher.  Instructables requirements: Need a "How to launch it step" before the first stuff step. To enter: Just put your instructables URL in the comment. 1st: A weekly patch from me and a message tipping. 2nd: A 2nd prize message. 3rd: A 3rd prize message.

Posted by wat. 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Reply to Comment does not work for 3rd comment+ in thread

The reply-to comment link in both the e-mail notification AND this link do not work IF it is the 3rd comment or more in a thread. This bug has existed for a few years and has dropped off the radar at Instructables for some reason. It is extremely annoying when replying to an ongoing give/take discussion in the comments. Can someone take a look at this again please?? The only way around this is: after you have have received the notification email is: -navigate to the above link: -click on the comment on the left under the comments label which you think corresponds to the e-mail you just received. -wait 5 seconds for it to find the comment in your Instructable. This is an example of the problem from an e-mail I just received: reply:;=CHODZSKI9UE2TLV

Posted by ihart 3 years ago

How to View Entry Votes

Hi, I posted my instructible on the Craft Contest Site... now they started to vote on it and it seems i'm in 3rd place.. how can I view how many votes i have??? Thanks.

Posted by mrsnap1 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

is the ford Mondeo gonna be sold in the USA? Answered

Im wondering if the Ford Mondeo is gonna be sold in the USA, and what it will be called. i think it will be the next crown vic, but it will be sold in USA, as Fusion 3rd gen

Asked by jason the redneck guy 7 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Is it possible to trade my old iPod to a new one?

Hi, I have an iPod touch 3rd gen, I was wondering if you could trade it for an iPod 4. Thanks, NM

Asked by NatNoBrains 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to repair the headphone port in a 3rd generation iPod Touch?

Seems to have loosened up, have to hold the jack  just so to have sound on both sides.

Asked by wanderswithin 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Solar-powered hearing aids for the 3rd world

What's a partially deaf person in sub-Saharan Africa to do, when hearing aids typically cost hundreds of dollars, and he can't even afford the $1 a week to buy new batteries?Retired Canadian business executive Howard Weinstein came up with a solution - a cheap hearing aid for the 3rd world, redesigned with some donated 1st world technology knowhow. It's powered by rechargeable, rather than throw-away batteries - at about the same $1 cost per battery, except they last 2-3 years, and can be recharged using a pocket-sized solar charger. Oh, and he also found that the local deaf people make excellent employees to put these things together, because mastering sign language takes acute hand-eye coordination, needed to do the fine soldering and microelectronics.Sometimes the small things in life make a big difference...Something to Shout About - Africa needed hearing aids. Howard Weinstein got a chance to start over

Posted by Patrik 10 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Problem with my Beetlebot

Here is the problemTHe only thing not mentioned in the video is that it doesnt has the 3rd connector from the battery...Here is my video of beetlebot would be great if u can help

Posted by sydazak 10 years ago

Help With Sequential LED 3rd Brake Light.

I am looking for a way to make sequential third brake light on my truck. The light has 28 LED's total, 14 columns, 2 rows. I would like to make it so when I hit the brakes the light starts from the center and moves outward sequentially from the center, but i want them to stay on once they have been light, not just flash.  This is the order i would like them to light 76543211234567 76543211234567 I have a pic programmer and an Arduino Uno. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Asked by TJOpitz89 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Wanting a Broken iPod Touch?

Hiya, I'm looking for any broken 3rd or 4th gen iPod Touches.  I'm only in need of two, as I'm trying to learn to repair electronics.  They can have almost any issue. Thanks

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3rd Creative Prototyping summer school in Belgium, September 3rd - September 7th 2012;=HQAHsL8dzEE Prototyping is a process in which a working model or prototype is developed for the purpose of testing various design aspects like features, ideas, viability, functionality, tactility, output and performance. Prototyping can help streamline creative (design) processes. Industrial Design Center (Belgium) therefore organizes the 3rd Creative Prototyping summer school, which is an opportunity for designers, engineers, (PhD) students, teachers, researchers and creative-technical people from all over the world to meet and train their model making skills.  The program offers 1 week full of maker workshops for people who share the passion for design and prototyping, co-creation and materialization of ideas: quick & dirty prototyping, clay modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing, wood turning, welding, plastic shaping processes, product photography, 3D scanning, foam modeling and arduino open source electronics (makey makey invention kit for everyone). The participants are coached by professionals: Lékué (Barcelona), Jürgen Heinl (former BMW modeler, München), Pilipili product design, Atohms design,.... Industrial Design Center is an open research-through-design-lab and a communication platform between the industry and the product design & design engineering programs offered at Howest University College West Flanders (Belgium).

Posted by bverthe 6 years ago

What is your favorite.... (Knex)? Answered

So... What is your favorite.... Pistol? Sniper? Single shot? Cannon? Non-gun thing? Sidearm? Most innovative thing? Favorite knexer? 2nd favorite knexer? 3rd favorite knexer? :-) Here are my answers: Pistol? - MeZak Sniper? - Don't know... Single shot? - 'Not a Rectangle' Cannon? - Heavy cannon v1 Non-gun thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Sidearm? - Don't know... Most innovative thing? - Shadowman39's mitre saw Favorite knexer? - Shadowman3 2nd favorite knexer? - KnexFreek 3rd favorite knexer? - DJ Radio

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Ok 1st - this is like the best contest instructabes has ever done.. 2nd - 3rd - refer to topic title.... Anyone from UK want to storm America with bear cavalry?

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