AVG help?

Well, I boot up my PC, start Firefox, and all of a sudden, about 40 tabs pop up, "Mozilla Help". I took them all off and noticed that a new AVG toolbar was installed without my permission. Now, those evil "Mozilla Help" tabs are popping up randomly. Can someone help me to stop this plague? Thank you.

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AVG 8 sucks, I need a new antivirus program

I started using Grisoft's AVG a couple weeks ago, and it was great. But version 8 is out now, and it is slooooow. I don't mean when it does scans that I initiate (I haven't done any yet anyway), but ever since I got it my computer freezes for a couple seconds every 5 minutes or so, it's really annoying. Also, there's ads on the "control center" screen. And if I disable the stupid linkscanner thingy (it doesn't work in Opera anyway), it shows a big exclmation mark on the system tray icon. Oh, and it takes about 5 seconds for the control center to come up from the system tray. AVG is slowing my whole system down. It may perform better on a more powerful machine, but I'm not going to upgrade just for an antivirus program. So I guess I need a new antivirus program, AVG is just too bloated now. NOT AVAST. I've used Avast before, and I hated it for a variety of reasons.

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I bought a copy of PC Format today, here is their view on anti-virus software:"There is an argument against using any antivirus software at all."But, Avast! with it's exclamation mark is not that well ratedAVG comes out pretty goodThat's the free stuffPay-for-it, they rate Avira Premium Software Suite (above McAfee Total protection 2009, F-Secure Internet security 2009 and Norton Antivirus Gaming Ed 2009)See also http://www.av-comparatives.org/

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Smart amplifier design building blocks help? (making an amp w/ auto-volume adjust by controlling gain with running avg)

I am currently working on a simple headphone audio amp that automatically adjusts volume to my preference, regardless of what video I click on when it is plugged into a computer. I am tired of some video's being so quiet that I have to crank up the volume to overdrive to hear it, while other video's blast out sound and burst my eardrums. And of course when watching photonicinduction videos, he often can be hard to hear his voice at really low volume at like 12 at night when everyone is asleep, but then the sparks and hammers come into the picture, it is often too late to crank the volume back down, and thus makes your ears bleed or waking everyone up in the neighborhood! X-(. (Luckily he has included sound warnings, but I am lazy, and will engineer things that do the hard work of adjusting volume for me! :)   ) In a way, I understand that this will minimize the dynamic range, which I suppose hardcore "audiophiles" will go NUTS over me actually WANTING to do that, but none the less, That is what I want. My design currently is just a simple emitter follower with a NPN and PNP transistor is the class AB operation, and to minimize crossover distortion and give a definite gain, I have negative feedback op amp from the output of the totem pole transistor arrangement back to the inputs that feed the base of the low and high side transistor. (obviously, the transistors by themselves are low impedance output, (CV mode) and high impedance input, and have a gain of like 1.) Sorry, no schematics, but you capable of googling it if you want to see what I am describing. As it is, it works fine. HOWEVER, it does not do the automatic volume, or gain control. That is set in stone by a resistor divider network between the feedback and ground (the basic non inverting amp feedback config.) I do not want a fixed gain. I want a electrically adjustable gain. The thing I plan to use to do the automatic adjustment would be a peak detector on the input, which is probably going to be a simple diode and capacitor with a buffer, and a discharge resistor (or constant current drain) across the capacitor to gradually lower the max output, or possibly an integrating op amp that effectively takes a running average. The output of that needs to control GAIN of the primary amplifier, and I want to be able to control the PID of that thing, maybe by tuning the a LCR circuit, or what have you. It is all nice and analog, just the way I like it! :) If ONLY there was some magical (and common) component that I could control the resistance anywhere in the feedback loop, of with a given voltage w/ respect to ground... I was thinking of like a MOSFET, but I would have to deal with the non linearity of the input vs output impedance, which probably changes with respect to everything from the current flowing through the channel, the voltage relative to ground at the source, the temperature, the alignment of the planet's, what mood god is in, etc etc etc. That is too many factors for an open loop control on to model in discrete stuff! And digital potentiometers are out of the question since, well they are digital, I want an elegant simple solution, and the are $$ and difficult to deal with. They have so many requirements that need to be addressed.  I prefer a elegant discrete transistor circuit, but op amps and other basic building blocks are acceptable, (this thing I want to be built over a weekend with with jellybean parts from by junk bin.) if you happen to know of a specific audio chip that does this for me, please mention it, but I will probably not use it, but maybe analyze the internal circuitry and learn how it works.

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AVG,Avast,Enviro, free anti virus programs and My Pc is 256memory, which one should I choose?

I currently have Mcafee, and it makes my PC run like a snail and is always having fix its and problems and always saying not protected and then I click it and have to wait ages again to it to protect again and I cant use my pc in that time. It takes ages to load up and shut down. I have been getting Advice from another site of this to. I currently pay a subscription to Mcafee monthly for these updates but it seems to be hogging my PC up. I looked and noticed that AVG is a bigger program then MCafee. My husband has AVG and yet his PC is same as mine, 256 memory as well, but his runs faster. Now I have given you the details of my problem above. My question below. If I change from Mcafee to AVG, will my PC run even slower then now? Or maybe I should try Avast instead then which I think is smaller. Anyone one out there who can advise me which to go for? Thanks.

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Results2Google (Results to Google)? Answered

I expect if you know the solution I don't really need to explain, but anyway: When I use the Google search engine, on "Web" mode, 9/10 times I will be redirected when I click a link. The URL of the site reads "Results2Google" and I will end up in some random search engine, like Search Pro. It is beginning to get very annoying, but here's the thing: AVG Antivirus found nothing Avira Antivirus found noting Windows defender found nothing Google Chrome found nothing So what do I do? As you can probably see, I use google chrome.  Thanks!

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instant start virus alert programme

I have recently had 2 newsletters from instructables where upon opening an instructable of interest I get a virus warning and the device seems to start searching my C drive. The warning is nothing to do with AVG and upon running a scan nothing is found. I am alarmed by such things getting into my computer without my permission, what is going on? I have AVG, a firewall and windows defender all updated daily. Why does instructables allow this sort of intrusion? dougoutcanoe

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Has anyone done any research into "cool roofing" for their houses?

Like white colored material to raise solar reflectance? How much energy can be saved in an avg. sized house? I live in FL and I'm faced with a re-roofing project pretty soon...

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https://www.instructables.com/id/Several-Easy-Steps-to-Secure-Your-Computer/step1/Priority-Updates/ i was on the page above when i clicked "next":      my anti-virus program kicked in, AVG, and warning pop-ups about harmful site virus, etc came up like popcorn!

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airsoft shower/shotgun/grenade launcher

Ok what do you guys think its a airsoft bb shower at 20-30 psi it 20 bbs goes around 200fps and100feet (rough estimations) can you rate it 1-10 if its a decent avg ill make a instructables (you probibly know how to make one but the shells are kinda hard)

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Combat arms; Failed to join battle, connection timed out?

OK, so i downloaded Combat Arms to see what it was like, i downloaded it, installed it, made a user. then when i started it, it worked fine, i logged in, joined a server and a room, then it said the game was starting so i waited, it counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then the game froze for around 5 seconds, I thought the game was starting so I waited. Then a message popped up: Failed to join battle. Connection timed out? I have tried re-installing the game twice, allowed CA through my firewall and anti virus (AVG 2011) and yet it still wouldn't let me join a game. I then disabled my firewall and AVG to see if it still happened, STILL DIDN'T WORK! by this point I was getting annoyed :S I exited CA and re-enabled both my firewall and AV software. any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. P.S. We recently got a new router so it's not our internet, i am also running windows 7 64bit, running CA in admin and compatibility for xp sp2 thanks in advance :D

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Games now laggy but shouldent be.=

So most of my games have been laggy for a week now and they werent before. I did a virus scan, malware, almost everything I could find. Call of duty black ops was running fine then it went and stayed below 10 FPS, CoD Black Ops 2 lags and it didn't it stayed below 40. This is a fairly new computer, it is an Alien ware with a Core I5, Nvidia geforece 650M, 6GB ram. I could run these games on fair settings then it just got unplay able. I dont have avg, and I run these games from steam. Thanks

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ntoskml.exe is being contacted by a remote computer?

Hello boys and girls. I got a problem, my anti virus (norton) says that ntoskml.exe is being contacted by a remote computer, and it has an ip address. The IP address is the address of my router Also this only happens when Im receiving windows updates or if im using live messenger. As far as I know, my computer and wii are the only two things on my network. (i checked it) Does anyone know how to fix this, i searched my computer and i cant find a ntoskml, even went to the directory where it was located. I also have the opportunity to install AVG antivirus but will having two antiviruses conflict with each other, (too many cooks in the kitchen)

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What do you know about the Mebroot trojan, also known as Sinowal?

I did a clean Windows install on a brand new hard disk for a friend. But when transferring her files over, we discovered she had Mebroot on her old hard disk and thumb drives. AVG antivirus did not detest it at all! Symantec does detect it, but cannot remove it. After doing some searching, this is what I've found. It's a boot sector trojan that apparently takes an expert to remove?? 80% of antivirus software does not even detect it? It allows a backdoor into your computer which can steal any information, including your online banking information, and no antivirus program can remove it or protect against it?? Even a reformatting of the hard disk (or thumb drive) does not remove it??!

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Need some help with hookin up my solar setup

Hi i hope someone can help me with this im not totally new to electronics but some things still kind of not sure about, that being said i bought three 4.5V/90mA (mine avg 3.2V in direct sun) solar cells and a http://www.bgmicro.com/SS1203A.aspx and i know how to hook it, up but what im wondering is if i bought 3 more of the 4.5V/90mA cells could i hook 2 sets of 3 cells kind of of like this --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- and tie each set together and hook them in the controller am i right in thinking that the volts would not’t go up but the amps would, and also if anyone could give me an example on the math how i would figure out the mA of the cells all hooked up this way if it would work. the math parts the biggest prob i have with all the electronics ( should have paid more attention in school lol ) Thank you in advance for any help William

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excel problem. averaging results of index match?

Hi all (again) new problem semi related to previous. (check my profile for the ones with NFL in the title) now the problem is i want to get the average score for each team in each season. my current formula only gets the first result of the index/match even if i use some of the tricks i've googled. the data is in the format of YearVisitingTeam(W/L/D)Score@HomeTeam(W/L/D)Score          ie   201249ersW41@2012PatriotsL34 i use a formula to strip "Year(Visiting/Home)Team(W/L/D)" so i' left with Score on either side of the "@" (that was a [redacted] pain) using any and all of the tricks i know i get either 0, 27 or an error of some sort. the only way i've been sorta able to do this is by getting the first home win, first home loss, first away win, first away loss BUT that's only 4 of 16 games each season and not a good representation of the average points for the team in a season. the sheet in question is AVG point - Reg Season the source data is 78 - current regular season (2012 season starts @ row 3152)

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clicking on links in email from instructables causes timeouts and lockups

I love getting the email from Instructables showing new things I can build. Unfortunately clicking on the links from within the email sends my computer into a tizzy. My computer locks up. If I wait long enough, part of the page shows up and then it blanks out completely and tells me the page couldn't be found. Ocassionally another website shows up instead!!? Perhaps it's because my connection is slow, though I don't have this problem with other links in my email. And I don't have this problem if I go to Instructables directly. Still, I try everytime I get your email. Most of the time, I have to go directly to instructables.com and search for the topic on the email. Most of the time I find it within several minutes (it takes longer if there are more than one that match my search) I don't have this problem with links in my usual email. Just from Instructables. I've run several anti virus scanners - AVG and Norton - they both show I'm clean. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me? Thanks, Joan

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gmjhowe - Apple Fanboy

Well, I made a purchase this sunday just gone.I have bought one of the original Macintoshes from 1984, the model I bought was the Macintosh 512k, called the 'Fat Mac' due to its upgraded ram from 128k to 512k. It was the second model of Macintosh released.The Specs are as follows, Processor Speed: 8 MHzSystem Bus Speed: 8 MHzROM Size: 64kData Path: 16-bitStandard RAM: 512kBuilt-in Display: 9" Monochrome - 512 x 384 1-bitAvg. Weight: 16.5 lbs.Introduction Date: September 10, 1984So, now the question is, what do I do with this? The spec makes it useless as a machine, and I have no OS disk.So far, I have three options, Gut the inside of the mac, and install a new mini-itx system, and make it into a Hackintosh.Gut the insides. Try and fix the free ps3 thats heading my way, install linux on ps3, install inside of macGut the insides, and use it as the shell for a 'companion' tower for my iMac, housing back up drives, USB devices, and my small USB powere 7" mimo screen.Let me know what you think, or suggest new ideas!- gmjhowe

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i am trying hook up my solar set up and i got it working but need pointers on a way to make it better? Answered

Hi i hope someone can help me with this im not totally new to electronics but some things still kind of not sure about, that being said i bought three 4.5V/90mA (mine avg 3.2V in direct sun) solar cells and a http://www.bgmicro.com/SS1203A.aspx and i know how to hook it, up but what im wondering is if i bought 3 more of the 4.5V/90mA cells could i hook 2 sets of 3 cells kind of of like this --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- and tie each set together and hook them in the controller am i right in thinking that the volts would not go up but the amps would, and also if anyone could give me an example on the math how i would figure out the mA of the cells all hooked up this way if it would work. the math parts the biggest prob i have with all the electronics ( should have paid more attention in school lol ) Thank you in advance for any help William

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solar panel cooler party fun guidance on circuitry..

I am making a "party cooler" i want to add a fm radio and aux port and a usb charge station for atleast 3 devices one multi color time changing led and a removable flashlight white led for the inside (nothting fancy), i have 4 6x6 solar cells rated at .5v 3.5w 6.89a i also want to have the battery bank be able to be plugged in to the wall. i am having problems determining the type of battery to use in the bank (rechargable) i also want it to work for atleast 5 hours(not including device charging), (avg kegger/bonfire/beach fun). if anyone knows what i can add to this thing that would be helpfull. i was thinking of AA batts or possibly a few cell phone batts but if their is a better way. the speakers are 3w each running 5v i havent ben able to determine the fm reciever as of now. or a 3.0 usb charger do the volts and amps have to be specificly 4.7v 5a? or does the +- 25% still apply. if any one has any references to help with simple pcb or freeform wiring are most portable speakers/radios rated 5v? (was in a car accident, lost alot of brain buzz.. be nice (used to build beam bots :P) i would like to try to pick up the basics if anyone has any good refrences. circuit/ electric theory. 38 can cooler bigger rubber wheels will be putting the batt bank on the side under the handle.

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Custom built Mac PC for sale or trade -- SOLD

I AM OPEN TO OFFERS. This is a unique, one of a kind PC built inside of a macintosh Powermac 7200. It features: -Intel D945GTP Desktop LGA775 motherboard -Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz dual core processor -1GB of DDR2 ram -200GB SATA hard drive -CD/RW drive -Built in ethernet The computer needs a little work on the rear ports and power button, but it works flawlessly. It has the ability to control the speed of the CPU fan and the power supply fan via Speedfan Software. It has AVG 2011 installed It runs Windows XP with a genuine Powermac 7200 start up tone. It has 4 on-board USB ports and the ability to add 4 more. It runs rather cool and can makes little noise from the fans and the hard drive. This unique Mac is a must have for PC and Macintosh enthusiasts alike. I am looking to get $80 for it but I am open to any reasonable offers, i will also trade this computer for a netbook, it does not have to have a functional screen, the main electronics just have to work, the top half can be broken, and it needs a working battery and charger. There is no monitor, mouse or keyboard, just the computer. I will ship it free of charge anywhere within reason. **NOTICE** The computer has been sold locally, i may be able to build another with a different case design by request if anyone wants one.

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How should I manage 8 computers for a small business? Answered

My father's store has eight computers at the moment and management has been a bit, well, annoying. (I'm his IT guy at this point.) When the store only had 3 computer, managing them was as simple as scheduling defrags and virus scans, periodically fixing hardware issues and network problems, and reinstalling XP every few years. They had LogMeIn, which was nice, and helped get the computers back and running quickly. A few years later wiith eight computers, though, It's just too much. The biggest problem I'm facing now is the lack of automation among the different computers software-wise, especially when downloading new software. When installing AVG, I have to do it eight times. Updating LogMeIn? EIGHT FRIGGIN TIMES! I noticed that my entire town's school system's computer' system's IT people's method to manage their thousands of computers was a great approach, (don't mind the apostrophe's,) and I hope to try to apply similar management methods to the store. The thing that I'd really like to do is to have all of the computers, essentially,  be identical. This means, for example, that all user accounts work on all computers, and the hard drives' contents would be identical, other than specific drivers for the different computers. So, where do I start? (I wouldn't mind doing some light programing for that, or, em, scripting would be the term, actually.) I assume I need a server of some sort, probably a logon/PXE/FTP windows server, right? Or would it be simpler if I do the whole thing using Linux? Do I need a specialty program? Should an actual IT guy be hired at this point? Please help.

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A fix; Error 500 & inability to download pages fully

For some time I have had issues fully downloading pages from this site. Firefox seems to hang when just a little of a page is left to download, and I have had the same on sites that use the animated Flash spinning wheel. I found the following two fixes. Just over a week ago, Firefox asked to update to 3.5.6 which I allowed. Today looking for fixes, I tried Firefox >help>Check for updates, and got a error message saying not posible as Update XML file malformed (200). Therefore I downloaded Firefox and installed it over the top of my existing Firefox, in order to retain my settings. I also changed settings in Firefox >tools>options>content and clicked on Fonts & Colours Advanced, there under Character Encoding, I changed Default Character Encoding to Unicode (UTF 8) and I made sure that "allow pages to chose their own fonts instead of my selections above" remained ticked as always. (for me) My reasons for the #2 fix, was that I have been monitoring fault reports for code coming off Instructables for the last 2 days, and the code was showing lots of failures with defining the display properites of each Instructables' page I downloaded. My MS Outlook broke about the same time Firefox asked to update, as mentioned in #2 above, and I had been useing a work around, while thinking about what to do, after Outlook's Detect and Fix  failed to help. After doing #1 & 2 above, I find Outlook has fixed itself. Sometime ago, I had lots of trouble, becuase a friend was sending postings to a Yahoo News Group, from Unbuntu/Evolution (An app like Outlook but Open Source) The group moderator had to manually release from the sin-bin each posting by my friend. At that time, I was the only person replying via the newsgroup to my friend, and Yahoo's robot moaned to my ISP that I was sending out spam/virus. I have good relations with a senior team leader with my ISP and he got on the phone to me. And gave me a date of when it happened. I went into the headers of my emails out that day, and found the trouble was my replies to my friend via the newsgroup was encoded in UTF-7. I preview all incoming email on the WWW in Mailwasher, I had already been telling my friend his emails were mucking up my Mailwasher. I checked out UTF-7 on Wikipedia and found the email standards authorities strongly advised against its use. Having some UTF-7 encoded emails on my computer, caused my whole system, to slow down, or lock up for minutes at a time, AND I was having trouble with Instruibles page downloading then too. Yahoo I discovered, saw UTF-7 encoded email as spam/viruses because its filters could not read UTF-7 very well, so stuck them into the sin bin, for the human moderator to check over. AND UTF-7 encoded email on my PC could not easily be checked by AVG, so AVG was locking up my system while trying to scan these emails. I had to purge all the UTF-7 email off my PC before things went back to normal. Normally, that newsgroup postings are archived on my PC for 6 months before deletion. My reason for discussing UTF-7 is to show what incorrect formats and coding can do to a PC, and why I chose UTF-8 for #2 above, the option i had there was something beginning with Western... I would appreciate hearing if the above has helped anybody, otherwise I will never be sure if it was not just plain luck. Peter

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