Image upload not working

Is something wrong with the image upload?  I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer; it lets me select the images I want to post, but then when I click "Upload Files," nothing happens.  No errors, no warnings, no progress bar, and obviously no image uploads, just sits there. OS: Windows 7 Browser: Firefox Browser: Internet Explorer Java: 6.0.310 (Java 6 build 31) Flash: 11.5.502.146

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Can you get Internet Explorer for a Blackberry Tour 9630 thats flashed for Metro PCS?

Well, I want to start downloading apps for my Blackberry Tour, from App World that is. However whenever I go to download any app there is a page that shows up and it says, "This webpage uses ActiveX controls that work only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. To ensure that Blackberry App World is correctly downloaded to your Blackberry, this site is not designed to work wih any other Internet Browsers. If you cannot use Internet Explorer, you may be able to download the software directly to your Blackberry smartphone". And theres no download link or anything there to help me out. I have also already tried to change my browser options/configurations from Metro PCS to something else like IE. But there are no other options other than MetroPCS. So, please, if you know how, or if you think you can help do so. Thanks a plenty, Alex8171

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Quick Ibles Chat Access

This isn't really an Instructable as much as it is a quick way to access Ibles chat. Open the file below. Save the file (file>save). You can now take chat wherever and all you have to do is open this HTML file. You'll have to click allow block activeX content. That simple!

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