What annoy's you?

Tell me guys, what annoy's you?  I'll start CATS suck-ups Mini knex BrittanySpears People who think they can dance good but cant Constantly cracking your knuckles well you get the point

Posted by patriots8888 7 years ago

"nobody has said anything yet..."

When I reply to comments from the email notifications, I occasionally get a message saying: "nobody has said anything yet" It gets very annoying..... Does anyone else get this?

Posted by thermoelectric 10 years ago

Ads with sound suck

just saying... Especially when they start up by themselves. Why would anyone want this?

Posted by dvboy 7 years ago

full page popups

I hate the full page popups you have to delete when the site opens. If I want something from them I will hunt them

Posted by trogabird 8 years ago

NOBODY has made any comments yet!

I went to eric's page today, and got a message that he hasn't posted any comments yet. I've seen this bug before, but seriously, now it's affecting the highest levels of instructables brass! EDIT: I've checked. It's global. Everyone is affected. =O

Posted by Lithium Rain 10 years ago

Device to get rid of pesky pigeons on balcony?

Nothing that would permanently harm the pigeons (although it is tempting), but something that would scare the bejesus out of them. Maybe a motion sensor that would swing something to scare them.... maybe it woud play a predator sound when they got too close... the possibilities are endless. Please help!

Posted by irishchaos 9 years ago

Annoying image bug

When I am looking at my image library as I write up a project, sometimes the enlarged thumbnails follow me around the page, stick, cover what I am trying to do, and won't go away until I click on another thumbnail and persuade it to "stick" somewhere less annoying.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Annoying Halloween Newsletters

Hi! Here in my country we do not mind about the halloween, so I think this kind of e-mail is a little boring (at least to people in other countries that don't celebrate the halloween). I'm really getting annoyed with these "halloween newsletters" every day at my inbox. I already searched how to unsubscribe from this especific newsletter but unfortunately without sucess. Thank you!

Posted by BlitzKriegBR 5 years ago

new ad

I just got a taste of the new advertisement, I believe it is a verizon ad. i just need to say, that is effing annoying! pick another type of ad!!!

Posted by bleachworthy 11 years ago

Spell checker

I would like to know, where does the Instructables spell checker come from? I use it whenever i post anything but when i use words that the rest of the world are yet to discover (like Squircle) you have no idea how many times i have to click ignore or correct, it is extremly annoying. i am making my own Instructable and i spell check after every paragraph (i have noticed the checker misses somethings) and i have to ignore or correct it every single time and it really annoying me. with Microsoft word there is an ad do dictionary button, which would be very useful here, but i didn't know whether it is even possible. if anyone knows where the spell checker came from please tell me. (there were 20 errors before the spell check)

Posted by Quickeagle 10 years ago

Weird junk characters in Firefox?

So, I have this annoying problem with Firefox... As I browse the web, opening and closing tabs, I get an accumulation of (Japanese?) characters all over the tabs at the top of the screen.  It starts with one or two, but soon builds up to obscure the tabs, so that I can't find the Xs to close tabs, or even switch between them (see the screenshot). The characters occur no matter what websites I do or do not visit. It eventually gets to the point where I have to close the software to get rid of the mess. The problem has persisted through uninstall/reinstall of the browser, and the only add-ons I have running are a dictionary and McAfee site advisor. Yes, I know I could just switch to Chrome, but FF is my favourite browser. Anybody know a cure?

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Popup ads?

I've noticed a return of a certain popup, which I'd seen a couple months ago. This one has popped up approx five times in the last 24 hours. I'm running Firefox opens a small, empty window (firefox popup blocking?), which I didn't have a chance to capture--I clicked inside and it closed... But I did open the "view source" window before it closed, and here's the code:Empowering Your OpinionssetTimeout('self.close()',(60*1000));function load_survey(){ window.open("http://survey.questionmarket.com/surv/444201/ai_start.php?site=2&from_aicode=27628437", "dlsurvey","toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes"); self.close();}URL:http://amch.questionmarket.com/adscgen/invitephp? (with cgi arguments following.)

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

How do you make an annoying buzzer?

I want to do a practical joke at work.  I want to use IR LED'S to make a sender and receiver so that when I push my remote it will activate the buzzer, but when I let off of the button, the buzzer will stop. I am assuming that the sending part would be easy, pretty much a battery, button, and perhaps a resistor (and the LED), but how would I make the receiver so it will set off the buzzer? Thanks! Edit: I just went to radio shack and got this emitter and detector: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2049723 I also bought this buzzer: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062394 I did a quick hookup (with electrical tape).  I used a momentary switch from an old computer for the emitter.  I know it was working because I used my video camera to detect it.   When I pointed it at the detector/buzzer nothing happened.  I was using about 2 volts, (buzzer votage is 1.5-3VDC).  I just went to the site to look up the detector and it says the phototrasistor detector is 20V at 25 mA.   On the package the max is 70 V.   My question, If I use the following configuration, should it work?  I dont want to try this and blow out  my buzzer before I get an opinion.   Thanks I cant seem to get the pic to upload here, so I put it on my site: http://www.gamesfree4u.com/detectorsch.html EDIT: 12/30/09 Well, I bought a breadboard and tried to wire it up.  Not a lot of room on those things.   I used 3 9volt batteries for the receiver.  According to the site, they use from 20 to 70 volts, unless im reading something wrong.  I didnt use any resistors, which I should have.   As soon as I hooked up the power the diode burned up. lol.   Oh well, lesson learned = $1.00.  I'll have to give this  more thought.

Posted by pennsteve 8 years ago

Mobile phone screamer?

Has anyone got a schematic or instructions for making a noise generator I can attach to my cell phone through the mike/earphone jack? I am getting a lot of "junk" calls with faked return numbers, who will not remove me from their call lists and typically call 3-5 times a day, even at night. My provider (AllTel) says there's nothing they can do to help me block calls with bogus or "unavailable" return numbers. OK, I admit this is more for my own sense of justice than anything else, but I'd sure like to have some sort of oscillator that would generate enough volume at a high pitch to at least give them a nice headache.

Posted by rjogden 10 years ago

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes! If you are an "Annoying Orange" fan join my group!

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

Website is annoying and needs a facelift

I doubt anyone will read this or care but I'll put it out there. The Instructables website needs a facelift and needs to remove all the little annoying flyover login boxes linked to seemingly every little thing on the page. The site design itself could do with some work on the layout and usability.

Posted by goodie2 8 years ago

Big ad for ace hardware on the top of the page?

Hey... when did that get there? How long will it be there for? I liked it better when it wasn't there.

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

Audio playing on page load due to ads????

So I just opened a few instructables from the latest email newsletter, which is always fun.  I have about 8 tabs open.  And then... some random audio ad starts playing at full volume. Something about oxygen network.  Of course I have no idea which instructable page is playing the ad, so I can 1) wait it out while the audio ad plays, or 2) close tabs one by one to see which is the offending page. Why in the world would instructables.com allow audio ads on their website?  I understand if they require user interaction (explicitly clicking to start audio).  But instant audio as soon as the page loads is an awful web faux pas.  If this were more common place, I'd either block all instructable ads (which would be detrimental to the site, I'm guessing), or just stop visiting (which would be detrimental to me :(  ) I really hope this is just a mistake and gets fixed.

Posted by jumpfroggy 8 years ago

Fix your old office files with skin creme that will make you younger and speed up your PC

You might have read about great skin scremes that fix all you skin problems. Maybe even of programs that fix your broken Office 1800 files. And if you are really lucky you even noticed PFD converters that convert even your old shoes to PDF documents. But I was wondering what comes next? Do we see the egg laying, woolen pig? A creme that actually makes you younger (and if used too often reduce you to an infant)? I don't know..... As you can see in my profile I am an active spam fighter, so I took a few minutes to write this little joke - I hope you are still reading this crap as a real spammer would love it! If I see spam I falg it and move on, but this time I wanted more, more fun, more replies, more everything. Judging by the websites some spammers use they even post links to freeware and open source projects, which of course makes me wonder what drives those people. Some of the open source spam I actually checked and I doubt the authors know about anyone spamming their links in forums and on sites like ours. Office 2003 file Recovery PST data recovery, PST Repair, Build up muskles fast, Skin care professional, How to look younger These are examples we see every day and all have the same things in common: bad langues skills, no foramtting, plain links and a lot of crap noone would even bother to read, let alone actually click on the links. So why do they do it? What is your favorite spam you found so far? Please no link, just a short summary! What do you think about this form of spam? How might such a spammer look like and how does he do his daily routine? Write something funny, give us your opinion or just make fun of these spammers. And forgive the bad formatting, I could not resist to copy the worst these spammers throw at us. Just noticed the links this way don't actually work in the forum but I leave them this way so it looks like real spam lol

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

A MInor annoyance

Most of the time i get on instructables just to browse around and take a look at new instructables. Usually when i do this i don't bothering signing in. But then when i see something interesting, I click on it and usually i want to see it all so i click "View All Steps At Once" and it says "Membership Benefit!" So i say UGH! Annoying! and then i sign in. I just find this a bit annoying. does anyone agree with me or is this just some newly discovered pet peeve of mine?

Posted by wingman246 11 years ago

What is up with all the 'bots?

I have gotten many comments on one of my Instructables from what appears to be 'bots. It's getting annoying and makes me wonder what they're getting out of it besides phishing for me to go to their websites (digitalsyndrome.com, for example). They have names like shoppingwombat, sneerstab, massespolenta, washtoes, mildfrequent, monkeyglom, etc.; either no pictures or photos of actresses as avatars. They describe themselves as "Unapologetic twitter advocate. Food maven. Problem solver. General analyst. Wannabe web specialist." and other inane terms.  Although they seem to abide by the rules of the site by being polite and use two-word comments like "that's calme" (sic), "Its trendy", "Its ideal", and so on, they are really getting to be a pain. Has anyone at Instructables looked into this obvious spamming?  Thanks!

Posted by KoomoriForge 4 years ago

Arghh! My instructables and filters.

Damnit every time I post an instructable it takes as long as it take the staff to check the filters, why? i don't know, this never happened before now and I can't think what makes them get caught every time, none of them did until lately.

Posted by killerjackalope 10 years ago

What is the duration of Instructibles login sessions

Hello, I visit the Instructables website about 2-3 times per month (every 10 days or so), and it seems like EVERY time I do I need to login again. Even "Amazon" - and they're a commercial site - is better at "remembering me than Instructables. This is not actually a technical problem, but more of a question about Instructables policy (and also, it's a site complaint). (I can almost guarantee someone's going to misread my question so I'll say again... NOT a request for help. Yes I have cookies and JS on, and yes I'm using a good browser, Chrome.) It seems like I have to login every 4-7 days, possibly sooner, which is fracking annoying. If  there a better place to post site feedback, please be gentle, I did not find it before posting.  Thanks. (And despite my complaint, I love love love this website, it's in my top 5 favorites).

Posted by scottinnh 3 years ago

Annoying Popups

Does becoming a premium member stop the annoying popups on this site?  The current trend of being BLASTED from every angle by ANNOYING advertisements is over the top.

Posted by christopher.kytle 1 year ago

The THE EVIL SMILEY OF DOOM is getting really annoying!!!

Would someone disable the THE EVIL SMILEY OF DOOM in the chat room? It is getting really annoying! It ate me like THREE times and it put me to mute too!!!What can I do about it!

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Instructables Answers

Sometimes I get annoyed when I'm going through the "Answers" section of Instructables, and instead of linking to "Let Me Google That For You", I give a creative answer. Is this a problem anyone else has?

Posted by Gjdj3 9 years ago

TV giving off high pitch hum.

Well I recently inherited a old TV it is an SDTV and it is about seven years old. So I decided to test it with my computers osciloscope and using the microphone on it i turned the osciloscope on and there was one constant signal that went up and down about 3 or four KHZ every second or two. But when I muted the TV their was the normal background noise at about 1-7 KHZ but one signal that I found is about 16-17 KHZ and 5.94 DB, and when I turn the TV off it stops and that 16-17 signal disapers. So how do I get rid of this annoying high pitch noise?

Posted by jackillac92 10 years ago

Removing Knex

I have been searching for the instructable that details how to remove the knex instructables from the list. Any seen it? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I just want to browse real instructables and not the annoying knex ones! :(

Posted by Cryptonat 10 years ago

How would I silence a pipe?

Alright, I moved into my basement over the summer, and there's always some noise going down in the boiler room across the hall, and from the sewage pipe in the storage room. It's annoying when I'm trying to sleep, and google gives me no methods of silencing them. So, if you pros had to silence a water boiler and a sewage pipe (PVC)?

Posted by cvxdes 10 years ago

What's been bugging you?

Is there something that has been on your mind for a while. Something that is bothering you to death? Let us know before your brain explodes!

Posted by happyjo 8 years ago


Okay, this isn't a complaint about instructables, but a group in instructables. I've noticed that the myth busters group is adding every single instructable that is featured in the weekend builder, and others that have nothing to do with them but the person is using to get page views. I know it's not directly against the rules but could you tell them to stop? It makes them look like they actually had something to do with it...

Posted by A good name 10 years ago

Anyone else live in an apartment with terrible neighbors?

Let's whine about it together, shall we?The man living next to me seems quite nice whenever I see him outside his apartment. He was dating someone (I had seen them together a few times), and I'm guessing they broke up recently, since all I hear coming from his apartment now is him screaming on the phone. They basically just call eachother and scream and try their hardest to hurt the other person. What is even the point? Why not just hang up? I don't really understand.So for the last hour all I've heard is a mixture of the following:"You're scandalous! I know all about you!""You're never gonna give a man a baby! You're never gonna have a baby!""SHUT THE ---- UP, CHANTRELL!""i never want you to call here again!""Stop calling me, Chantrell!""YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING! And obviously I'm everything cause you're calling me all the time!"...sigh.I think I'm going to have to move into the kitchen or living room. I can't type my paper with all the screaming, and he keeps scaring the hell out of me when he starts screaming. :|But if I move into the living room, chances are that I'll hear the drunken rednecks when they come home. Yay!

Posted by jessyratfink 11 years ago

Annoy-A-Thing 2.0 Development

Annoy-A-Thing made by let_it_out_org.After seeing some interest in developing a second iteration of the device, I thought it could be a good idea to start a forum thread for the development.I think the device should ; Beep at random (or kind of) interval, Use a 555 or a 556 timer, and it should not be powered by a microcontroller.

Posted by lordofthedonuts 9 years ago

My favourite button, GONE!!!!

The usual button for viewing all comments that was right above the little window with comments in it is gone! Now you have to click on the comments button to do that! Why?

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

Would an animated avatar be annoying?

I was considering using an animated gif from one of my Instructables as an avatar but then thought it might be annoying.  What do you guys think?  Is there a policy on the avatars?  Gif below.  Feel free to tell me that people who use animated avatars should go drink castor oil. ;)

Posted by Deeg 4 years ago

Spam is becoming annoying... please do something about it.

Spam is becoming annoying... please do something about it.  I would suggest that when someone's post is marked (and verified) as being SPAM, that you send a warning.  On the 2nd spamming event the account should be disabled.  At present about 10% of posts are spam, this will become worse unless you crack down on it.  Thank you.

Posted by carlos66ba 4 years ago

arduino beginners padded cell

#ok hi everyone, void setup() { this bit is for those of us just trying to work out how we are going to use arduino; also those of us whom programming doesnt come natrually or just have a short attention span; it can be frustrating, difficault or just plain annoying at times; so here is a space to have a moan about things, the idea is you get it out your system, feel better then figure out a solution or work around. } // i havnt got a clue what im doing at the moment :-D, void setup() { my personal current beefs are: iv just discovers it hasnt got the power to run motors directly, u have to use a mosfet tranny (iv got one but its missing a pin lol) it does have the power to make pretty patturns with leds; the instruction book i bought separatly, has a section on 'what is electricity' what am i ? 5?!. when books get that patronizing its really hard to look out for the useful nuggets of information; } im not looking for smarty pants answers, everybody learns via their own path, in their own way, in their own time. so if you have a possibly unreasonable problem that has given you the hump (with your arduino platform) and want to express it without breaking your computer or boring/irritating your friends, there are answers,its more satisfying when there worked out by the questioner, without some one relaying you need a flumbutter on your whattaucallit, this section is aimed at those of us who dont have a jargon database. good luck getting your brains around that blue circuit board ,(i know i will need it) the space below is there for you to use, if using sentence enhancers remember the  %*$ keys please. (hey maybe someone official will read it and get some feedback of our initial stumbling) wondering if this topic will be 'moderated' .i hope people 'get it'. its not in any way intended for maliciousness, i percieved a need and have tried to provide a space, i was looking for a page with this function but couldnt find one. this is not a place for spaming!

Posted by crazyg 5 years ago

Change the format back!!!

Change the format back. Please. the new one is really annoying. plus, the search is lame.

Posted by strato96 8 years ago


WAZZUP yo's! Dis is da place ta just hang out an annoy peeps!

Posted by weirdo62 9 years ago

Here are some opinions of what one person considered the TEN most annoying programs gotten from the Internet...

Tech Republic lists what it considers the 10 most annoying programs from the internet.....do you take issue with any of them ? "...Here are just 10 of the guilty parties that try to do the impossible: to make us hate the Internet and wish it had never been invented — and which very nearly succeed. "HERE is the link to the blogOh and I forgot to mention the Top 5 worst downloads of the Spring of 2009 - blog...

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Pet peeves

Tell us all what the things you hate and cant handle. Ex: Crazy frog

Posted by RelyNupon 10 years ago


What are we oppose to use for ammo in a bic pencil gun. it cannt be harmful just annoying i might take it to school

Posted by Big Boom 11 years ago

What Happened to the "Author Box'

There used to a "author box"(with the name of the author, date published, etc), on forum topics and questions.  What happened to it, it's kind of annoying, because every time I want to see who the author is, it isn't there. Does anyone else fine this annoying? P.S. sorry if someone else already made a topic on this, I looked and couldn't fine any. AI

Posted by JaredsProjects 8 years ago

Music Video Ideas

I wanna do a music video (I'm bored lol) for like an annoying song, got any Ideas for songs?

Posted by TheCheese9921 11 years ago

Who did this to knex????

All knex rating that were 5, are now 4!!!!!! Why , who, when??? It is so annoying!!!!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

What the F?

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.

Posted by A good name 9 years ago

Enough with the 3d printing already

At the start of the "3d printing" was fun now, its just annoying. Every single time I get updates from the site there is at least one in it for 3d printing but more often then not there is two maybe three. Its old news, old hat and now annoying. Is there any way to block subject matter having anything to do with "3d printing" but letting everything else thru?

Posted by Binary Encryption 5 years ago

Annoying design flaw in new editor

In the new editor, the file names of images never become visible, not when you click on them, not when you hover over them. When your images are similar to each other, that makes it very hard to get them in the right order (see the screen shot - that is not the order I took them in, nor the order they were uploaded). Please, can we have the file names back?

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Project Icons Gone?

The little icons that mark thumbnails as "step-by-step", "video", "photo" or "collection" seem to have disappeared.  That's quite annoying...

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Cant get to steps

When i click on an istructable, i cant get to any of the steps. only the intro. This is really annoying me and it worked a few weeks ago.

Posted by nodrog19 10 years ago