Any Knexers in England?

Any Knexers in England? If so, please tell me (if you want to), which town you live in. I will tell you that I live in England, Blackpool.

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Australian members. Are there any?

Just interested to know if there are any other Aussie Instructible members? Haven't managed to spot many yet, but am interested to know how many we are. seems to be becoming very popular over here, with several of my work collegues frequenting the site.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Are there any iblers in Kansas?

This is a sort of follow up question to my one before but are there any iblers in Kansas? More so on the east side?

Posted by Rockerx 10 years ago

Can a gun get any scarier?

Can a gun get any scarier? I think not. Now the thing that scares me is that the gun alone could kill you in a fraction of a second, and yet, they feel the need to make it even more deady... I LIKE IT >:-) And see if you notice something about the guy holding it... (Look at his uniform hehe)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Any ways to make a motorized Blind?

Any ways to make a motorized Blind? Saw someone on instructable made one, but without instructions. I read somewhere, someone mentioned to go SOMFY SYSTEMS INC and read about motor and cord take-up system that fits into the existing blind headrail. But SOMFY SYSTEMS INC mentioned the specs and not on how to do it. Now i am kind of lost. As a beginner, i am only at this stage. This is what i found.  I need to know what kind of DC motors with what voltage and power, can roll up a blind. Wonder will a 12V DC motor with 30rpm do the trick? Thanks!!!

Posted by dimension_55 8 years ago


What have you been building????? =D This  is my newest build

Posted by TSC 8 years ago

mac book pro 13 2015 got wet, worked then, folder ?

Bad, drive, bad sata cable???

Posted by Olderguy1 1 year ago

telescope camera for homemade super low light camera

I want a camera that can shoot in extremely low light without long exposure times. it can be in black and white it would be nice if it did this with a very large lens so they make sensors for telescopes that are very sensitive, take very nice photos, are designedd to be hooked up to a computer and have whatever lens u stick in front of it work. i think we could use an arduino* a really big lens, and a telescope camera to build our own digital cameras with whatever outr special needs may be.

Posted by nicko0 5 years ago

What you getting for Christmas?

EDIT:  Wow so its christmas!!!! WOO HOO! Did you get what you wanted? If not what did you get? I was actually suprised at how popular this topic (22 Including my shared their present) was so I want too say thankyou to all who commented and have a Merry Christmas! Ps: I got my Itouch 4  :) ANYONE ON IBLES REPLY TO THIS Please spread around so i have a huge list! Here is the list: megametal8: Apple Ipod Touch 4th Gen 8GB lemonie: Drunk DJ Radio: Xbox with Halo Reach Randomguy65: Kinect and (Possibly) Ipod Nano Goodhart: Three books of inspiration Seleziona: PS3 Shadowman39: Lego H1T4TCH1: Money TheFoofinator: Digital Camera MichelMoermans: Hat,Money,Building Supplies and a Book. knex_builder_freak: Ipod touch protective case and knife or sword bounty1012: L96a1 instruct39: Clothes,knex and wii games Ajleece: Samsung 330w Home Theatre System Tool Using Animal: A scout scope mount, and scope, for my Mosin Nagant happyjo: Trip to Hawaii Tornado96: New Super Mario Bros Wii, Video Camera and (Hopefully) more Knex stale56: A few video games,Tarn-X,IPod touch External Mic,Xbox 360 controllers,Cheap laser pointers, Flash drive and Duct and Electric Tape. knex gun builder: 2 RC Helicoptors, Suprise, Wii headset and Remote BrittLiv: A trip to the hard ware store SunBanks: Cahartt Jacket gruffalo child: A geiger counter, loads of books, some random things from her grandad's workshop, a hand-knitted jumper, ice-skates and a lop-sided picture

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

Has anyone?

Has anyone actually built one of my ibles? any of them?

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Free altoids tins


Posted by Cpl.Ellis 5 years ago

Show me what you got !

I' ll show you mine if you show me yours first

Posted by qubert 10 years ago

Personal RSS feeds not updating any more?

I use the RSS feed for comments on my phone and they appear to have stop updating, is this just temporary while stuff goes on or are they being removed?  I actually find them pretty useful for checking comments on my phone - I did remember to try resetting the feed but to no avail...

Posted by killerjackalope 8 years ago

Do any big makers or instuctablers live near me?

Hey I was wondering if any big makers or instructablers on this site live near me. By big I mean professionsal makers and stuff, the famous instructable members who everyone has seen their ible's and knows about. I recently saw someone's ible' with an enormus air cannon using a piston valve and some of the pics in the ible' looked like they were from around here. but they weren't.             I need someone who knows alot about airguns, valves(homemade or bought), patatoe guns, compressed air ect. That type of thing because my "career"(not a career cause im a minor but you get it) in making air guns has come to a hault when I encountered two big problems that prevented me from making my guns any  bigger or my valves faster so I'm stuck Anyone who has knowledge in that feild or who lives around me please PM me and comment I live in rochester hills michigan

Posted by ostomesto 7 years ago

Wisdom Teath and any other Sugery

So I have to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed this Friday at 7am (tomorrow), and to make it worse we have Friday off of school. But I wanted to get it done before the holidays (TURKEY!!). So any horror story's (of any surgery doesn't have to be wisdom teeth)? How old were you when you got yours out (I'm 14)? Did you even have them removed? BTW: There putting me under (anesthesia) if you were wondering.

Posted by TheCheese9921 10 years ago

any ideas?

Does any one hav any ideas i cant come up wit any at the moment

Posted by a little crazy 11 years ago

Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

Posted by Nothing2it 8 years ago

Instructazine - "Know of any upcoming events?"

Do anybody know of any upcoming events that should be added to the instructazine's calendar?

Posted by akimbo m 11 years ago

im new any navigating tips

Any tips on things you can do around here.

Posted by cmchrist 10 years ago

any americans

Hy i want to know what america is like so can any one give me a heads up

Posted by rhysc7 8 years ago

Any tips...

Any advice for those of us just starting out? -KB1QID

Posted by smithy813 10 years ago

Any one can give me a free raspberry pi ?

Can any one please give me a raspberry pi or any other fruit board ? I want to learn programing and I will happy if any one give me

Posted by Soumojit 1 year ago

any subscribers

Please subscribe to me im lonley

Posted by rhysc7 8 years ago

any Disciple or Skillet fans?

Hi, just wondering if any one here likes Disciple or Skillet, i do!

Posted by popcorn4lunch 7 years ago

Any good airsoft trip mines?

I already made 2 different kinds but i want to see if there is any good ideas for another!

Posted by Aron313 6 years ago

Any story behind this picture? (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC INJURY)

I was wondering is there anything behind this nasty injury? Any ideas?

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

No Pics in any instructibles

I cannot get any pics at all. Using Linux Ubuntu and Win XP with firefox 3. They used to show but suddenly stopped appearing.

Posted by ronjan41 9 years ago

Any requests?

Hey ppl! Anyone want me to make an instructable for anything on here? Hope you request something for me to do any instructable on! Thx! =D

Posted by lil_unicorn 4 years ago


Can any body help me to connect rain detector by  pic16f887. i am close to programmimng but not work well. can any body share any idead?

Posted by PrashantV24 10 months ago

Any ideas for secret spots?

I need to find a place to hide my stuff. Any ideas? And join Secret Safe compartment group!

Posted by dirtyfingernail 9 years ago

Need any help about Korean related?

Hi!! I'm Korean who like instructable and a lot of projects. Is there any one who need any help about Korean related? Let me know.... I can help you.

Posted by iam_maker_leo 3 years ago

i need help

Any one got any ideas about a new typ of gun

Posted by st_383 11 years ago

Any Instructables?

If you are planning to contribute a knex gun instructable tell about it here.

Posted by knexgunz96 10 years ago

Any K'nexers in New Zealand

Yes. I live in new zealand. Now that we have that clear are there any other new zealand k'nexers on here???

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

I'm 13 any ideas for an internship?

I'm 13 any internships in Raleigh North Carolina ? I'm very interested in engering, technology, and things of that nature.

Posted by Hippymike96 5 years ago

Any Starcraft II players here?

Any Starcraft 2 players here?  Respond with League, Name, Player Code, and Favorite Race! Thanks

Posted by rocketman7 6 years ago

FreeBSD: an O.S. - Has anyone any experience with it ?

I was curious if anyone out there had any experience with FreeBSD an O.S. for X86 based machines?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Lots of Computers , any idea ?

Hi I have 2 PCs with low specifications, and have a laptop which has a damaged motherboard . I want to do something cool with them , any ideas ? These 3 are not used . i have others as well but they r used too much . Any ideas ?

Posted by FOOOFEI 9 years ago

Not receiving any email updates

I have stopped receiving any email alerts since 02.07.2009 - have in the interim periodically checked the site, but would like to receive the automated alerts again. Have not changed email address nor have I deliberately or inadvertently modified any of my account settings.

Posted by dhugall 8 years ago

Any way to mod your bike to make it go faster without an engine?

Is there any way at all to make your bike go faster? I'll take any idea u got, but GIVE ME A IDEA!!! it's april break, and i am bored!!!;_;

Posted by MathGuru 10 years ago

VEX robotics

Dose any body have any vex: tips, robots, hacks, mods, ECT.?

Posted by i make shooting things 11 years ago

IOS App not working any more

Instructables team when you will be upgrading iOS app for iOS11?

Posted by nitingautam 6 weeks ago

Any americans coming to the UK.

You better visit this website beforehand.Joe

Posted by Joe Martin 10 years ago

any knexers have skype

 if so plaese give me id or wat ever

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

why aren't there any "real' rubber band guns here?

Why aren't there any "real' rubber band guns here? theres just knex guns.

Posted by jon123321 10 years ago

Cannot download any pdf

I cannot download any of the pdf files. The button appears to work, but nothing happens. I have AdBlock turned off just in case, but to no avail. Can you help?

Posted by bpolhamius 6 years ago

Nikon D3000- Is it any good?

Hello All i wanna get my lil sis a SLR camera forher birthday, dont wanna drop too much. Has any one got a Nikon D3000? If so what does everyone think about it? Are there any better ones at that price point?

Posted by drctsdctn 8 years ago

tools if you have any thing that I might be interested in

Send me a privite message and I will add it to the group for every one and any tools that are easy to make tell me

Posted by nexxtecharmy 11 years ago