How to test an Inverter battery?

Battery testing method in a layman's language

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Dumb battery question

How can I use button batteries in place of a 9v?

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Can you zap a 19.2 V drill battery using a jumper cable from a car battery?

Can you use a 12V car battery to resurrect a dead 19.2Volt drill battery

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Black powder in a battery? Answered

I was taking apart a used C-cell battery and found this black powdery substance. What is it?

Asked by Shadow94 8 years ago

home made battery

How to make powerful home made battery  weight 3 to 4 kg voltage 12v

Asked by vpsingh92 4 years ago

how to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo give 9V? Answered

How to recharge a battery of 12V ? I am trying to recharge a battery of 12V using a dynamo.Can I use a dynamo of 9V to recharge the battery of 12V? 

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If i hook two 12v batteries in parallel will the amperage be higher?

And volt be same? will it last longer with two batteries?

Asked by alpe_97 6 years ago

can i make battery life indicator that tells whether the battery is low?

The battery indicator is like in the cellphone; where you can tell that ur phone needs to charge.

Asked by vestro 8 years ago

Solar 9V battery charger? Answered

I was wondering if you could make a solar 9V battery charger and if you can you show me how?

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

How to, Ni-Cd battery?

Read on the internet, a process that makes old Ni-Cd batteries good again. They say they can resurect old batteries that do not hold a charge. Is this possible? How is it done? Cheers for any help

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I have a Gateway Laptop..meant to run on 98 but i installed Windows ME on runs fine...its just that the Battery won't Charge anymore....any help???

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Battery charger IC

Looking for IC that charge Li ion batteries. can anyone point me in the right directions. Just wanting to know what kind of IC's by name

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Battery Charging? Answered

Hello, So I have a 9.6 volt  NI-CD 4 hour quick charger and the battery(600mah) that goes with it, but I was wondering if I could charge a 7.2 volt 2000mah, Ni-Mh battery with it. If i can for how long?

Asked by ben2000 2 years ago

protection tips for lifepo4 battery?

Its a 24 v 30 AH battery to be used in a trike.Apart from the protection circuits  what(materials) could be used to fill the battery surface to avoid more damage to the vehicle in case of a disaster? Any usual practices?

Asked by Nr-Think different 6 years ago

Electrons flow from positive terminal to negative terminal inside a battery? Answered

If a bulb is connected to a battery, then in the bulb the direction of current is such that it flows from negative terminal of battery to its positive terminal. Whereas inside a battery electrons flows from positive terminal to negative terminal. How is that possible? If this is true wont it look like saying that a battery has infinite life time as battery discharges via bulb but charges inside by itself.

Asked by deepakmurali 6 years ago

saw a deal on ebay to recondition dewalt 18v batteries. does anyone know if it works?

Bought some new batteries today and when looking on ebay a guy had a booklet you could buy to learn how to recondition dewalt batteries. Actually any rechargable battery and also lead batteries. The cost was about $8. just wondering if it was a real deal.

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How much battery needed for fans and pump?

I have 2 12v fans, 1.2 amps each, and a pump, also 12v, 2.5 amps, all of which I want to run off of a single battery for about 40 or more hours. How much battery do I need? Thanks!

Asked by tchiarito 7 years ago

can a double a battery pull out 1 amp? Answered

If its rated 2000 mah it should be able to right?>

Asked by ismael01 6 years ago

Where can you buy batteries online for cheap?

I am looking to purchase a 7.4v 5amps battery or 12v 5amps battery if you know a trust-worthy site with a deal around $12 or less please let me know i have a corresponding question as well, if you power something with two batteries of 6v 5amps, are you using 12v 10 amps?   p.s. U.S. only please

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Extensive knowledge on VRLA , AGM, MOTIVE POWER batteries. 1 to 24 cell batteries. 6,12,24,36,48 volts. Up to 2000 amp hr. The bonus here is I work with gentleman who has the worlds fastest street legal electric car. Videoinvalid movie: , {width:425, height:350}Videoinvalid movie:

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How to integrate a rechargeable 12v battery?

I am building a portable boombox and trying to figure out how to integrate a 12v battery into it that can be recharged using a input jack and the AC adapter charger that came with the battery., without having to disconnect the load.   Is it as simple as connecting both the charger and the load to the battery?  Would I need to wire in a switch to disconnect the load when I plug in the charger?  I'm an electronics noob so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Asked by banjopoker 5 years ago

Best non-lithium battery technology

Hi Instructables community! I am looking for any insight / suggestions regarding what battery technology (non-lithium) that offers the best specific energy (MJ/Kg), preferably rechargeable and reliable. My research led me to looking to consider rechargeable alkaline batteries, given data on wikipedia (the BEST source ;)  ) but are these even manufactured? I cannot find any place to buy them. BACKGROUND: I am in need of this for the design for the solar car team at UVa, as the BMS (Battery Managment System) mandates a backup battery that is separate and any lithium technology is not allowed.

Asked by -max- 1 year ago

how do you build a 7 cell hump battery pack for a rc car?

I want to build a 7 cell hump battery pack for a rc car does anyone have step by step instruction with pictures

Asked by kenwill211 6 years ago

Single terminal of battery alone connected to earth. Answered

I took a 12 Volt battery and connected its positive terminal to one end of LED bulb with enough series protection resistor. Then i connected the other end of the LED bulb to earth (soil with moisture outside my house). I did not connect negative terminal of the battery to anything. I expected the bulb to glow. But it did not glow until i connect the negative terminal also to ground. While there is potential difference between earth and battery why dont current flow through bulb when i did not connect negative terminal to earth.  I have attached the photo of the battery that i used.  I am sure that LED's were working properly and battery had enough capacity to provide current.

Asked by deepakmurali 6 years ago

Asus N61Jv Battery not Charging?

I'm having a Asus N61Jv  laptop on which i had installed Windows Vista as my operating system. Now the problem is that i'm not able to charge my Asus N61Jv battery. Yesterday it was fine, then I let my dad use my laptop, and he didn't shut it down, so Vista did it when the battery got low, and now today, the battery does not charge, it stays at 0%. So, can any body tell me that why my Asus N61Jv  laptop battery not charging up? Any one knows about it? Please help me to resolve the above issue.

Asked by tianshan 5 years ago

question? can I upgrade amp hour electric scooter battery

I have a taotao ATE 501 electric scooter that has 4 12v 10ah batteries. 500W motor. Can I upgrade to 12v 24ah batteries without harming the motor? Thank you very much

Posted by studioartemus 7 years ago

can you recharge a 1.2V (1800mAH)battery with 5V?

So i got a rechargable battery 1.2V (1800mAH) i i would like to ask if i can recharge it with 5V ? will it explode? will it glow? 

Asked by ΠαύλοςΒ 2 years ago

can i charge 6 volt battery with 12 v 4 amp power supply?

Hello every one can i charge my 6 v lead acid battery with 12 volt 4 amp powersupply once i did it burn my supply  why?

Asked by chnaveed.alam 6 years ago

Where can I purchase a battery holder with an attached toggle switch? 4aa, 2c or 2d.? Answered

I am making led lamps for a game. Last question returned a great answer for cheap leds, I'm hoping to get an equally great answer for this one. I am going to make led rope lights. I will use 8 leds and need to power this with batteries. I want to use 4 (max) AA, 2 (max) C, or 2 (max) D size batteries. If I can find a battery carriage or holder with a toggle switch as one piece that would be optimum.

Asked by buccanero 8 years ago

Things to do with C Batteries?

For a while my wife had to use this special medical machine that ran on c batteries.  every week the hospital would send us a box batteries even tho they were lasting about a month.  We kept telling them that we didn't need more but they said that they were required to send them anyway.  Now that she's off the machine I have all these batteries and nothing that uses them.  Everything that i've found on Amazon is very expensive.    I'm into woodworking and no absolutely nothing about electrical stuff or I'd design something myself.    anybody have any cool projects using c batteries? as one project idea, I have several of these lantern flashlights that run on d's.  it would be cool to convert those to run on c's.

Posted by dimtick 6 years ago

Operate 12v air pump using 12v 8ah battery with relay?

Hello guys I want to connect a 12v electric air pump to a 12v 8h battery with a relay microcontroller.   The air pump has receptacle for a cigarette lighter. Is it possible I can  remove the receptacle and connect the wires to the relay? I want the air pump to turn on every 15 minutes. The battery will be connected to the relay also. Sorry I dont have any electrical experience.  Any help would be appreciated

Asked by dabretts 1 year ago

Battery provides a constant potential difference all along its life time? Answered

Will a 12 Volt battery provide the same potential difference of 12 Volt even after using it for long time? Or it will decrease from 12 v to 11.5 and then 11.1v  and then to 10 v ...................5v.............3v.................0.5v,0.1v and then at last 0v with usage? Give reason if it works as constant source of potential difference supplying agent.

Asked by deepakmurali 6 years ago

Why is it so hard to find lithium ion rechargeable AA, AAA, or other standard battery sizes in lithium ion? Answered

No real details here just though it would be nice to get standard battery sizes in lithium ion rechargeable instead of nimh.

Asked by robbtoberfest 8 years ago

I want to power a 3 volt devise with a 9 volt?

How do you lower the output power of a battery

Asked by corsi 9 years ago

Battery options for a reverse para-scope.

Hey everyone!so I'm building a para-scope for the dock at our cottage, except it will be used to peer down into the water and watch the fish. Just need a battery solution other then a 12V sealed lead acid battery that I already have. (hopefully light weight)1X waterproof camera tested @12 V (maybe 9v? test soon but does not work at 5v)1x lcd screen tested @ 5-12Vplus some pvc piping and other bits and bobs.....I have some spare lipos that I can connect in series but a bms would require 12.6v (Less voltage drop?) Ideas?BMS link ==> battery will not last long enoughAny other ideas that will not cost an arm and a leg?

Asked by Wired_Mist 5 months ago

how to test LOTS and LOTS of batteries?

We have 420 panasonic 2800mAH 3.7V 18650 batteries, which we plan to use in a solar car. I was wondering if anyone is aware of how to many of these at a time. Many of the commercial "capacity tester 18650" online appear to only test a cell at a time. This would take way too long. We need to ensure the cells we are connecting together are well-matched in terms of ESR, capacity, leakage, etc. So is there any solution that exists to accomplish this task?

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I have a small solar set-up and was about to wire in a second battery and increase my available amperage. I just read an article about only connecting batteries of equal power, voltage (which I understand) and AH (which I was surprised). I hadn't realized that AH may also play a part in this. Can someone tell me if this is true? I have 2 older marine batteries and I change over the wires from the charge controller to recharge them separately. My thought was to wire them in parallel, let them charge together and increase my amperage at the same time. First one is 12 vdc / 80AH 2nd one is 12vdc / 60 AH I also have a 12 vdc / 160 AH that will be coming out of the boat soon and was hoping to hook that in as well (once I pick-up another panel).

Posted by olddawg 9 years ago

Any way to test if my device will handle over voltage or will I just need to wire it and hope for the best? Answered

I want to use a lithium polymer battery in a controller I have, but I do not know if it can handle the voltage difference. It uses two AA batteries (3V) and I want to put a 3.7V lipo battery. Is there any way to test if my device will be ok with it or will I just need to wire it and hope for the best? Thanks. Davetech was successful in replacing the 2 AA's with a li ion battery here: I want to be able to test, before I fry my device.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks

Asked by Nilson13 7 years ago