what are some good first beginner instructables?

Hi im new and there are so many things to build and i dont know what to build

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where can I find simple instructions on how to building an office block or appartment block with K'nex?

I have a number of groups of children both primary and secondary with whom I want to do a construction activity. I need basic instructions on how to build an office block, library or apartment block out of K'nex. Any ideas?

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How to i build a room under my shed so that is wont cave in during the winter or leak etc?

Okay, so i have about 18 by 18 are that i can dig in and i really am not familiar with where my water and gas pipes are. (i also am not sure about electric wires) so any help on that would also help. this is in my back yard if that helps at all also. i really don't know much about how to support it as i build and also how to reinforce it. so let me know what you think. anything else that you need to know so you could help me out just ask and id be happy to answer.

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What do you like to build out of Knex? Answered

I was just wondering what Knexers here like to build the most.

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What should I build in my Minecraft?

I have been thinks of building another game in minecraft, but I don't know what game I should do. Plus I don't know what I should build after I am done with the other build. I am really good at building but I can never think of what to build. So if you could please help me I would be very happy. Also I am looking for large scale builds, like 1:18 or 1:1 house builds.\ EDIT:I also would like something for me and my mom to build. I got her into Minecraft, but she is still a little new and we haven;t tryed and large scale projects together.

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How to build things? Answered

I am 15 and want to be able to build things like the stuff on instructables, but i don't know how. I don't know anything about electronics. I'm completely new to this. Yes i am a guy.

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Is there any information on car building?

Is there any information out their on taking a dead car(like from a junkyard) and fixing it up or taking the parts and building a really fast or really nice car? It could be a book or a magazine or a website, really i just want to know! Thanks!

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can i build a 4' x 8' x 5'' expanded polystyrene coated with stucco?

It needs to be able to withstand 90 mph. it will be fastened between two posts

Asked by narelmr 8 years ago

How do I build house foundations?

I want to add a room to my house but I don't know the South African (Eastern Cape) requirements for the foundations. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Richard

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can i build a 4' x 8' x 5'' sign from expanded polystyrene covered with a stucco coating?

It will be fastened between two posts. it needs to be able to withstand 90 mph wind load?

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Noobie Computer Building Resources/Info?

I was shoppin around for a computer when it hit me (following is a transcript of my brain activity pertaining to thought that hit me ) "Hly crp dees comps pricy me broke : ,( ... WTF wats i need buy4? il just build me an awesome comp,butw8, how u build 1? me no remebr!! me knows! Ibles!!!! yes ask ibles, ibles knows ask ibles mm growlie hungry need food yum food oh look girl no no look girl they slapy ouchie food must hav food computr mm good ..." (yes thats really how my brain works) Assuming you probably didn't understand that, I decided I'll just build a computer instead of buying one. Anyone know of good books/resources for a noobie computer builder?

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Small Home/ Small Apartment Work Bench

Hello!  I am a senior industrial design student and I am currently working on my senior thesis, which is to design a workbench or work station for DIY people who live in small apartments or small homes with no dedicated rooms to build in. I am looking for ideas/experiences/input from DIY people who have experienced this issue. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this type of work bench design please post them here. More importantly please answer the interview questions I have posted below. The more information I can collect from potential users of this type of workbench, the better all-around design I can come up with for the final product. I am really looking forward to hearing for everyone. Thank you for you help! 1. When you need to build or make something in your home, in what space do you build/make? (Living room, bedroom, office, outside, etc.) 2. What type of surface do you build on? (Worktable, desk, kitchen table, etc.) 3. What types of projects do you build or make? (Home improvement, decoration, storage, furniture, etc.) 4. What tools do you own? 5. Which of those tools are most useful in your builds? 6. How do you store your tools? 7. What issues do you encounter trying to build in your small space? 8. Are there any specific ideas you have that would make your building/make experience better in your small space?

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a few months back u a few drawings on how to make a robot brian now i cant find it to finish the task i started?

It was called how to build a robot brain with pictuers and parts lay out

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I crafted a lot of absurd aircraft on the really cool universe ROBLOX

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How to make the top part of the cardbord rocket ship at www.instructables.com/id/How_to_build_a_cardboard_Rocket_ship

I need to be a project and i don't now how to build the top part of my cardboed roket. i went to this website to find about the rocket www.instructables.com/id/How_to_build_a_cardboard_Rocket_ship

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what should a bodybuilder eat?

The type of food, at what time, and for how long?

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Hobby Online Store

I found this place called Hobbylinc.com, and I was curious if anyone has bought anything from them and what the quality was. http://www.hobbylinc.com/

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Dealing with an unsquare slab? Answered

I started to lay out my walls and found out my slab inot square. it was supposed to be 16 x 24 and it is 16 x 23' 9 x 23' 11. bothe ends are 16 ft but the two side differ by 2 inches. do i build to the slab and try to square up with the roof or do i square up the initial framing and leave an inch ovehang/short on the slab? BTW they deliverd the lumber yesterday and it is raining today

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I want to make a floor drum in my garage, how would one go about doing that?

I'd like to make a drum with decent acoustics out of wood, leather and other assorted "genuine" drum materials.

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Whats the best knex box to make weapons like guns and swords out of? Answered

I have been looking for knex but most are too small or too big i need a box or tub that can make medium to large sized weapons like guns and swords any ideas :-)?

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Arcade Cabinet Building

Ok, I've looked around everywhere, but nowhere I found gave me enough information, so I'm going to try on the forums. I am planning on making a Custom Arcade Machine, and I need some help. I know that you need MAME and what not, but I'll tell you what I have and what I want it to turn out as. I have: 5-7 old pcs sitting around, all are windows, and they all meet min arcade requirements. 3-4 monitors sitting around a plentiful supply of plywood, scrap metal, and welding tools for the cabinet. internet As for the cabinet, I want to be able to play most arcade games, and this is my hopeful specs. Upright cabinet every button you can imagine, my plan is for the front of the table having a joystick and 6-8 buttons on each side with a trackball in between them, when a game is selected that needs a steering wheel, a servo moves a mechanism out of the way to allow you to pull up a yoke, with more servos to lock it in certain ways( like lock the y axis in a racing game, but full movement in a flight game), and lastly have some pedals at the bottom. so I am basically going for an ultimate cabinet, and possibly ebay some to cover my costs. I also have some experience in computers and electronics almost forgot, I also plan to put in a coin slot, in case others want that, and to keep my brothers from being on it all day. :D

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Hamster-powered ventilation system?

I'm in the process of expanding my hamsters cages and because of the design, I'm not able to leave the top open to allow better air circulation like I'd prefer. The cage is made out of plexi glass with ventilation holes on both sides and I found a post somewhere about using a computer fan behind one end of the cage to increase air flow. Is there any way to wire it so it turns on when the hamster runs on the wheel/at a random time?

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Model bridge

Hello,             What is the best way to construct a model bridge out of small wooden icecream sticks  The requirements are as follows: 1) the icecream stick dimensions are 2mm deep 10mm wide by 115mm long 2) the bridge has to be 1 metre long and about 20-30cm wide 3) the only materials are the wooden icecream sticks , wood glue and cardboard to form the deck of the bridge. The idea is to construct the bridge so as to be able to hold the most weight.The most weight achieved so far is 450 kg before breaking

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what is the best material to insulate your walls with? does styrofoam work well for keeping your house warm?

I have thick brick outside walls that will freeze in winter. I want to cover them with wood and some insulation material from the inside, hoping some of the heat from my oven will stay in the house. I can imagine styrofoam would work -which would be nice because it's cheap-, but i've never tried it. glasswool is too nasty, I'd rather not get into that. does anyone have experience with this?

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what is the building line?

What is the building line?

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how do i build a "chicken tractor"?

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How can I build a little building of some sort with rocks I find around my house and from a previous torn down chimney?

So even if there is a way to build like a little shelter to hang out in using wood from trees and branches, I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks

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How you build knex guns

How do you build knex guns? I make a frame, make the internals and tweak the frame as I go, and make the frame again. So I repeat, how do you build knex guns?

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Knex building ideas

Hey guys i want to build something big out of knex no guns cause theyre not big but anyway i need help coming up with ideas so go ahead and comment any ideas. thanks!

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Whats Best For Scale Model Ship Building PVA or Elmers Wood Glue ?

The Ships are Either Plastic or Wood

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How to roll a building

If you want to move a building a little over to the side and, oh, upside-down, then it looks like all you have to do is set off explosives on just one side. That's what it looks like what happened in this video in Turkey, anyway. Wish it also included what led up to this amazing building barrel roll.

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Free Boat Building Classes in Berkeley Marina

Free Boat building Classes for Youth Mon.-Wed. from 3 to 7 p.m. at Berkeley Boathouse, 84 Bolivar Dr., Aquatic Park. Classes cover woodworking, boatbuilding, and boat repair. 644-2577. www.watersideworkshops.org

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building a guitar

My son is building a guitar and has done a great job building the body an old teacher gave him a neck from an old guitar and we ordered a bunch of parts from a web site.Is there a specific distance there should be between the pick ups and bridge and neck? I have searched all over the net but have been unable to find any specifics. he has bought a set of dual humbuckers. any help would be appreciated I will send photo's as it progresses  

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Can anyone give some simple tips on how to build small plastic enclosures for electronics projects?

I have so many ideas for things I'd like to build but anywhere beyond the electronics I'm resorting to duct tape and cardboard. Where can I get plastics? What's the best way to cut it and glue it?

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how to make an HF ham amplifier?

I want to know how to build an amateur radio amplifier for the HF bands

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Man Crashes SUV Through Local Building.

This is huge news, a man crashed into a building right in the middle of town at over 75 mph. It is probably hard to understand it's importance if you are unfamiliar to Gig Harbor, but I've walked past that building and driven down that road thousands of times. The building used to be a restaurant, but the owners sold it and it became a fitness gym. It's right at the heart of Gig Harbor, basically. GIG HARBOR, Wash. - An SUV crashed into the 1-2-3 Fit gym at Pioneer Way and Harborview Drive early Wednesday, killing the driver.Witnesses said the driver was traveling at about 75 mph when the vehicle crashed into the building at about 6:30 a.m.The SUV came to rest on a desk.The 26-year-old driver, who was not wearing a seat belt, was killed instantly.Four or five people on exercise equipment narrowly escaped injury. Gym member Ryan Ryan was doing push-ups at the time of the crash."The odd part about this is there was no attempt to miss the building, no attempt to brake, and the vehicle speed was three-four times the speed limit," said Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff's Dept.Link and Video.I know it's a few days old. I was unable to post a topic earlier because of homework.

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rc car building

I am interested in building an R/C car for the first time but i don't want just a standard bought kit i was more interested in buying all the parts individually can any one suggest where i start and what parts will be needed do i start with the motor or the chassis i really don't have any idea. So if anyone can give me some serious direction and helpful information on how to start and possible parts that would be great. Also could i just purchase an instruction manual for a kit and buy the parts individually instead of the kit and upgrade certain parts. thanks very much and no clever comments about how to use google my self i have tried but it just keeps sending me to self build kits and this forum site with other questions about self build kits thanks again

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Advice for Building My First Electric Guitar

I'm trying to build my first electric guitar. I figured building a neck is not something that I want to get into my first time, so I'm planning on buying a stratocaster neck and fitting it to the body shape I've designed. I'm probably going to use 3 single coil pickups and a typical stratocaster 5 position switch. However, I want to have the gibson style bridge and knobs. Am I in way over my head for my first time? Does anyone have any advice on how to set the neck at the perfect distance from the bridge? I'm assuming I want to 12th fret to be exactly half of the length of the string, but I'm not sure. Also, if you have any other general advice, I would highly appreciate that.

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Instructable: Worklog

Greetings all, I am working on my New Project, but it won't be finished till spring of next year. But I would like to build it with community support, ideas, suggestions. Is there a WORKLOG section, or a place for a 'in progress' instructable Jonathan

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wtf is going on

I just found out that the deathcircle near the empire state building is true and dam my car didnt work there so what do you think we should do to make it easier to get a car to park there. go to shockwave.com for fun and games

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BBQ Burner?

I'm thinking of building my own Pig Roaster / BBQ, the problem is I want it to be 60" long and I have not found a propane BBQ burner that is long enough. Can you make it out of Black Gas Pipe? If so what diameter should the burner holes be? Regards, Dennis

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H i - how do I build a platform that can carry an electrical current? A "shocking" dance floor?

Hi - I am trying to make a gadget that gives people a shock on a platform if you stand on it - I want to find a way to connect a current to a metal table. I don't want this to be physically damaging, just uncomfortable. That said, I'm having problems aith It's for a gag show. Please let me know if you can help!

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Answer this question and be featured on my next instructable.The first person to answer correct wins. Answered

Brad lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Every day he goes down to the 1st floor on the elevator and rides back up to the fifteenth on the elevator and walks the remaining five floors back up to his apartment. Why?

Asked by Bert99 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

line-x price? Answered

I had an idea for a house building process involving the use of line-x, however, i cannot find it's price anywhere, so i would like to know how much does it cost to apply a layer of it on a wall per m2. Also, does it take any special equipment to apply it or just any spray paint gun?

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How to cool my little workshop? Will this work

I have my workshop building i am trying to cool without spending a 1000.00 bucks. I havea small chest freezer forget the cubic feet but it is around 2 ft. by 3ft. in size. I was wondering if i fill 75 5 full of water and instal a coil of 100 feet of 3/8 copper tubing in a coil on the inside running to a 36 inch fan with 75 ft of 3/8 coil on the front and set it to pump 32 degree water to the fan . Do you think this woudl bring a 10ft by 16 ft building down from 100 to 80 degrees ? This would probably be cheaper on electricity over all than a a/c if i could afford one. Can anyone share there thoughts? Thanks alot Andy

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need some help with my project (boombox)

Hello guys so i have been working on this project for some time (i know its not complicated) and i need some help with it. So i bought this old-school suitcase it was mainly made out of plastic so i glued some plywood  on the inside of the suitcase, ive cut  some holes for the speakers and vuala its semi-completed. So im using 4 mid-range speakers and 1 low-range speakers, so i yesterday i made the first sound test and to say the least the sound quality was terrible (i know it wont be a high quality sound boombox but i have made one some time ago). So my question / request would be if you guys have any suggestions maybe you know some cheap but decent quality amp or know anything about building speakers or stuff like that ( because i have pretty close to none experience in building them) BTW im using lepai lp 838 I would really appreciate any advices or suggestions. THANK YOU! ohh and sorry if this thread is missplaced or if my english is horrible.

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Distant projects with the kids

Hey everyone. So I'm back on the road for work and hundreds of miles from my amazing wife and awesome minions. It's hard traveling for work and being the husband and father the family expects you to be. So my wife came down to visit for the weekend and I got to thinking. My daughter loves building things and doing electrical projects. So I took the wife to the local hardware store and sent her home with parts and pieces. This week my daughter and I will be building a lamp for her nightstand. I bought her a 1/2" NPT flange, a 10" 1/2" galvanized pipe, a 1/2" coupling, a 1/2" to 1/8" adapter, a 1/8" nipple, an 8' lamp cord, and a lamp socket with a turn key switch. She put it together tonight to get an idea of how it will go together. She's super excited and happy to be doing a project with dad albeit over facetime. It should turn out pretty good. Guess why I'm posting is I just need some community. The hotel room gets lonely and there isn't much to do unless I'm working. So I'd like to strike up some conversations and just learn some new stuff. Thanks for the support and the great uploads. You're all a huge inspiration. Thank you.

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