What does in mean: CNC?

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Low Cost CNC? Answered

Does anybody know if there is a small, personal CNC in the range of under $1000? I do not feel I am ready to make my own, though I know there are plenty of 'ibles about them that I'm sure are good. I am looking to purchase a CNC, software, cabling, bits and all. Is there even such one as cheap as this? if so, where would I find one?

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what is CNC? Answered

What is CNC?

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how to make cnc milling?

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Cnc controller Answered

Im building a cnc machine and want to know whats the best free milling software i dont have a parralel port only usb

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Cheap cnc/laser cutter kits?

Are there any cheap, $200 or less, cnc or laser cutter kits out there?

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How do I make CNC moving table?

How this kind of cnc machine maked how the table moving ? any good books about that ?for example

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Can anyone help me making cnc controller??

I want to make a cnc, I have bipolar stepper motors and l293d ics can anyone help me making the pcb layout board for bipolar cnc controller with db25 connector(printer port). I have tried making my own but it didn't work. So plz help me out. 

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How do you get an answer?

Easy build cnc tom mgguire

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how to download cnc software for free

Hi,m doing the project of table top cnc milling machine.i have done all the physical part of i need software to run the machine,so plz tell me how to download that software as the circuit design is  given on this sit .

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Can you use the stepper motors out of small printers for cnc ?

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I need 3 identical stepper motors

I need 3 identical stepper motors for a cnc

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I have the mach3 raster vect and cut 2d all with licenses ,looking for an exchange of one of my programs for v carve pro .with license also looking for any free to download art type dxf drawings ,you do get about 50 in the free to download power draw church rabbets cow ect contact at

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Why can't I download the DIY CNC machine? Did I waste my money on this 2 year subscription?

I cannot download the DIY router project.  I click 0n the link and it just goes into La La land...  I can download other projects, but not this one.

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would like to build a CNC machine the would be able to cut identical patterns in vinyl fabric.

Hello , I own an automotive upholstery shop.  I would like to start mass producing customs seat cover.  In order to do so i need a machine that can cut identical patterns from vinyl and sometimes leather. I'd like to be able to scan the pattern (a cardboard template) and the CNC machine make the clean and precise cuts to the fabric. Could someone please help me!!!

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stepper wiring EM-463(epson)

I have 3 pcs stepper motor used Epson printers with code behind the EM-463 to find the color that how,, the plan will be created mini cnc .. tanks

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do you sell any concepts?

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Help with CNC Control Board (HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board)

I purchased a HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board from and I have some questions on how to use it. The instructions say that I need to use a power supply that can provide 50% of the TOTAL current draw of the steppers. It also says that a 2.5A stepper will draw 5 amps. So if I have 3 steppers that say 1.3A on them does that mean I need a power supply that can provide at least 7.8 amps or? And finally, it says I have to adjust the current coming from the board to each stepper. It gives the equation: desired amps times (X) .14= Vref. So since I have steppers that say 1.3A on them do I use that for desired amps or am I supposed to use double that?????? Anyone who has used the HobbyCNC EZ Driver Board, PLEASE help I am very confused.

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how do you download dxf files?

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how to figure power supply needed for stepper motors?

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Make my plasma cutter into an automated plasma cutter?

 I am wondering if anyone has taken their plasma cutter and outfitted it with an automated system? I use a Miller 625 unit by hand. Can this be adapted into an automated cnc outfit? Many thanks, Nicholas

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CNC mill Q's?

Papa is looking into getting a CNC machine for his business and asked me about what to get. I looked into it for a little while but really I have no clue what is going to be needed. We receive imprints (negatives) of people's feet in a floral-foam like substance and normally clean it up a little and pour a mix of plaster into it to get a positive mold, which needs intensive course and fine sanding in a sink, (as well as adding things like metatarsal pads and other custom things depending on the order) and from that point the ordered material is vacuum formed over and the rest of the insert is made. Because of the shape of the feet and added features, it seems like we could cut out the use of the heavy plaster entirely if we use a 3D scanner to scan in the molds and then mill them out with a very basic 3 axis CNC out of cheaper/more light material for the rest of the processing. The question is, what equipment will be needed? I see some of the cheap 3D scanners are really nothing more than glorified webcams and fancy software, while (guessing the much better) laser scanners are pretty $$$. So how can we scan these imprints into the computer as a 3D file? And what are some good cheap CNC machines that can do the main 3 axises and enough to do 6 to 10 molds at a time?

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How do I down load the e-books here?

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With no response from Tom Mcwire, how to proceed?

No response to a request for a parts list. Without it, it is anything but "easy"?

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need a diy CNC that MILLS STEEL, what do I need?

Hey I'm preparing myself for building a DIY CNC MILLING MACHINE. right now I'm at the "shopping" part of the project- buying parts (motors, drivers, misc. electronics) can you help me buy give me a hint of what I need (preferably EBAY links/ prices)? requirements for the machine: - MUST be able to mill/cut (stainless) STEEL (time is not a concern so it's ok if it runs slowly as long as it's able to make a (small)stainless steel part) - would be nice if I could run it manually aswell (no computer, no cnc, just hanles or remote controller) WHAT DO I NEED?: - would this be sufficient? - what do you recommend for the spindle? (is there anyway I can connect a professional servo motor? as I might have one of those) - was thinking square steel profiles for the frame, what do you recommend? - for starters I cant afford ballscrews so I'll use trapezoidal treaded rods, other sugestions? - any thing else i need to know? - thanks!

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Urgent Technical Assistance Needed please!

Hello! Everybody. Please I need your urgent response. I'm trying to make the 3d CNC milling machine displayed on the home page, but I mustn't be shy to say it on the roof for that I need technical assistance. All I understand is how to put up the physical components, pls I need assistance on the electrical aspect of it, the programme that will be controlling it and how to command it to mill a particular Job. Thanks

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How do you get the 3D model into the CNC machine

I've been threatening myself with thoughts of building a small 3 axis CNC machine for a few years now. Although I've done some research on it, I don't understand what software takes a 3D model and spits it out to control the motor circuitry? I'm hoping that some kind soul will help me get this concept, it's the last part of the machine that I need to know about before I can start. I've seen lots of instructables on building the CNC machine, but am struggling to find any info on the control software. Here is the 3 axis CNC process as I understand it , please correct me if I'm wrong: 1. Model is designed using software like Blender, 3Dmax, and so on 2. ??? Magic software takes this model and translates it into tooling paths 3. ??? Magic software converts tooling paths to control pulses. These pulses are sent over the parallel port. 4. Control circuitry receives the control via the parallel port and sends pulses to the coils of the stepper motors, moving the tool carriage and cutting the model. 5. Much rejoicing. Bonus Question Parallel ports are lame. How could I use a hip young USB port? My best guess is that the magic software can be configured to spit out over a usb port, and then an Arduino could be used to receive and process it into pulses for motor control? Extra Super Bonus Question What's a "G-Code" and where do I get one? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this!

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How can we get more detailed information, than is already given in the body of the work ?

How might we get a complete parts list for a particular project?

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My friend can you please send me the list with what i need???

Can you please sent me the list with what parts i need ?

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I am looking to build a cheap (under $300) CNC machine that won't involve too much precise cutting... Answered

I have been interested in CNC for a while now, and now that I have a fairly good supply of money I think it's time to try my hand at building one. My criteria for the CNC are: *It has to be smallish (about 20" deep and up to 36" wide...) *I don't want to do too much precise cutting as I don't own a bandsaw. My cutting methods are hacksaw, Miter Saw, Jigsaw, and Circular saw... A kit would be nice (as in one with all parts included like the one oomlout will eventually come out with...) *I would only use it for foam most of the time, but it would be nice to be able to cut and carve wood and other materials as well. *A Hotwire machine might be nice... *I would like to build my own controller for it, because the prebuilt ones are expensive, right? *I would like it to have 30 inches x travel, 20 inches y travel, and up to 6 inches z travel. Like I said, it will probably do sheet foam most of the time, so even 6 inches or less z travel would probably be fine. Any of these sizes could be adjusted, I'm not set on the exact size... This machine would have to be able to work off of free or relatively inexpensive software. It would also have to be able to be stored 4 inches off the ground. I might bring it up to my benchtop when I use it, but it would be nice if it could stay down there on the shelf.

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What changes need to be made to a 3d printer and or software to mill/route with it?

I have a Robo 3D R1+, and am about to mount a rotary tool flex shaft on the carriage, other than mounting the dremel what other changes need to be done.  My biggest concern is the software, mattercontrol is what I'm using atm (the stock software that came with it). some of you may wonder why or what I'm going to do with it, yes,  1) because 2) whatever I can do with it.  (to clarify further, will I be milling pcbs or making neet figurines out of brass, aluminum or wood?, yes to those as well)

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CNC remake candidates

The work of Jeff Muhs is excellent - and ripe for a DIY CNC remake.

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Lego CNC machine

Just what it says - a CNC machine built from Lego! From YouTube via Notcot.

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how to make a cnc machine with servos as drivers?

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5 axle cnc

I have plans for a head that adds the c and a axles to a cnc, allowing it to be a 5 axle cnc, but I can't build it. does someone can and send me pictures? the plans are below

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i need one DIY CNC ready use

I need DIY CNC, for help my job.  This CNC will be use for make SHAPE of Teflon as like degree that i need. So pls give me information who can supply DIY CNC ready use and the price?

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Suggest me the difference between CNC milling and CNC grinding ?

I have been researching CNC milling online at and other sites. I want CNC milling for the removal of metal by feeding a work piece through the periphery of a rotating circular cutter. But, I did not know the difference between CNC milling and CNC grinding and which one is suitable for shaping a material, Does anyone have any suggestions for CNC machine that would meet these needs? Thanks.

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cnc mill vs cnc router

Um two questions whats the difference between a cnc milling machine and cnc router is it that the mill moved the work and keep the tool stationary and the router moves the tool and keeps the work stationary and the next question is which do you think is better to build i want one for mainly small gears and pcbs to make a larger machine and some gearboxes? 

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CNC autocad drawings?

I would like to know if there are AutoCad drawings for the "Scratch" CNC Machine?

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can i make a CNC machine out of a Lexmark X1185 printer?


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I'm trying to build the cnc machine from momus design.

I'm trying to build the cnc machine from momus design, the author suggest using xyoltex drive board. is there any better option for the stepper motor controller ?

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Cnc questions

Hi, I saw this post at instructables about building your own cnc machine at home and i pretty much got interested.I have just few questions though. Can i make a medium sized cnc machine using that method ? Are there any standard dimensions for the cnc machine  or i can use my own ? I am new to G code so where should i start to learn ?  Which material is best preffered for a medium sized(should fit on my desk) machine ? Sorry if these questions sound a bit odd to you but i have no knowledge about cnc. Thanks

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Where can I get a laser to construct a laser CNC cutter? (I'm geared up for the CNC system- All I need is a laser)?

 I am a papercrafter and want to cut paper(many layers at once), board, wood and thin sheets of copper/ galvanized steel etc.

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Which CNC build is the best for a beginner?

Which CNC build is the newest and most successful? Many of the ones I have seen are many years old and the technology keeps improving and I would like to give it go building my own, but I am not sure which design is the most straight forward and durable.

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where to get FREE CNC software (for XP)?

Hey, I'm building a 3-axis CNC milling machine. right now I'm looking for a FREE ( or VERY CHEAP) CNC software... I would like something "common" since that'll be the easiest for getting help later on... I'm thinking of MACH3 (since that's what I've seen that diy'ers use mostly) ... anyone knows where to get it? (I'm using XP, because I've got a computer for free, since my usual computer is a laptop and doesn't have a parrallel port, and i wish to use a computer ONLY for CNC)

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can any one give me suggestion "on what basis the type of CNC is used "

On what basis which type of CNC is used example :for turning machine FS0i Mate-TD,of FS0i TD is used

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just wondering how to use some of these cnc stepper controllers with usb ?

I dont have parrallel ports on my computer only usb. i would like to run a machine from my compaq presario laptop.

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