I Had a samsung broken phone lying around and it was a camera and a monitor that are just connected with a plug. I want to know if i conect the camera to the pc/tv and use the monitor has pc monitor. ... tiagoadias

Posted by TTSDA 10 years ago

Cellphone camera into working camera? Answered

Well i just took apart this cellphone and i found a camera. i want to use the camera but i dont know how to hook it up to video outputs. if the is anyway to make it work plz tell me below are the pictures

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External Camera

I was thinking of buying an external Camera for a laptop even though it already has an built in cam. I would like to use the external so that I can point it toward a table surface and use it for animation purposes.  I was wondering, would  the external interfere with the other? Thank you for your answers. -T.T :)

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emaxx camera?

Hi, i have a traxxass E-maxx and was wondering if there is a way to attatch a camera inside the body? I have a few ideas, but i wanna know what you guys think. Thanks!

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Camera Lucida ?

Hi has anybody made a Camera Lucida or Camera Oscura to aid with drawing Cheers Dave

Asked by frigiliana 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

camera obscura

I've been trying to figure out how to make a camera obscura. i have seen a diagram of one but i can't find any instruction on how to make one. the cheapest one i've seen for sale is $198. i want one so i can use it to draw, so preferably a small camera obscura as opposed to room sized. does any one know how to make one or where i can get more information on doing so? thank you!!

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Camera Suggestion

I do ALOT of youtube videos, but I also need still good quality still pictures and my camera just died. I have a budget of around $400.00 and need something that takes HD video I would like something that either has an external mic jack or takes good audio, my subscribers complain of a high pitched whistle in my current videos (I cannot hear it) It would also be nice if it could be set up to stream directly to a computer, as I would like to record classes, and some of them are 8-12 hours. If the Contour +2 took still pictures I would compromise on the picture aspect because I shoot a lot of outdoor action stuff, and a waterproof helmet cam would be nice.  Right now I use a Nikon S8000, and liked it, but it just wasn't durable (plus the sound issues) I know I am asking a lot, and will have to compromise something, but I cannot go over $400-$500 budget. Please recommend something you think would work

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Rear view camera?

I'm trying to figure out the best route to make a wired rear view camera for a project I'm working on, it'll essentially work exactly like a rear view camera just like a car, just button activated and small and simple. Any ideas?

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Light field camera

Came across this interesting camera that fuses the images from multiple lenses.  I suppose it is a "light field camera" as described here Any suggestions on possible solutions, or links to similar projects? Prefferable that uses lenses from disposed of smartphones. 

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Getting a camera to record.

So I have this cheap waterproof reversing camera. And I want to set it up and record video with it, kind of like a security camera.  Can anyone tell me what I need to get, or what I need to do to record? Thank you in advance for the assist.

Posted by Cfitz4 2 years ago

inverter on a camera flash

Ive been studying the intertubes for a bit now and I cant seem to find an explanation on how a disposable camera flash works in detail. I mean I understand that it runs with two transformers, one at 300v output to charge the cap and the other to help discharge the payload through the xenon bulb run at 2000v output. but a transformer doesn't work with out a pulse or rapid continuous change in voltage. so how is it inverting to ac or am I missing something stupid

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Camera Flash capacitor

First off I'll tell you to NOT TOUCH A CHARGED CAMERA CAPACITOR, IT HURTS. I had a disposible film camera that I took apart. How do I discharge it? If I cut one of the leads off the compacitor would it discharge or explode, damage the circuit board? How long would it take to self discharge?

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USB Power For Camera

Hello All- Big problem here and I'm way stuck. I have a Digital camera that is great however the part where I put in the batteries is bad. Ok so I have a cigg. lighter thing that has a USB slot and wen I plug my camera into it I can power it up in the truck just fine. I can also power it up from the USB on computer. Ok so I ordered a thing from Ebay that takes 4 AAA batteries and its supposed to power up USB stuff. It will not power up my camera. it just turns on then off. Then I went to home depot and they have thing thing called power to go - its also supposed to power up anything USB. Once again my camera wil lturn on then right off again. I'm not getting his at all - maybe someone can tell me why and perhaps help me find somethnig that will work as I do love this camera so much - Thanx for your time

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Disposable camera innards

I was taking apart a disposable camera today and found this thing. It looks like it is probably a coil of some sort, and it has a little brother hanging out on another part of the circuitboard. The big one is about 1 cm across, and the little one is about 5mm. What, precisely is it, what does it do, how does it do it, and if I replaced it with a bigger one, what would happen? In idiot-english, please, I'm not well-versed on electrical devices. The little one, especially, reminds me of an ultra-small high-tension coil. Is that what it is? Does it perform precisely the same duty in this circuit?

Posted by Rishnai 10 years ago

Building Wireless Camera

I am trying to build a wireless camera. I have a cheap little camera and software for it to run on the computer, but I have to have it connected by the USB cable. Is there a way I can do it wirelessly? Is what I am looking for just called a wireless transmitter?

Posted by Sherman315 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Video camera pedestal

I want to know how these camera pedestals work, see example here: Has anyone tried to build something similar? What I would like to achieve, is simply a tripod system where the camera can stay level at the height I choose, and it should be easy to change the height without loking the center column. Is this a very hard thing to do?

Asked by lpm 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Camera Flash Circuit

I know that it's pretty easy to cannibalize a camera flash to do some pretty simple things...but i find it difficult (probably by design) to solder things to these prebuilt boards (especially the "charge button"...that things not built for soldering)...i was wondering if someone could work up a circuit schematic with part numbers (or at least part identification) for a flash circuit like those in a disposable that someone could build it from scratch in whatever form factor they choose.

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Make a CNC with Camera

Hi my friends.I want to make my own CNC Router,but i want to add an Camera for point positions and cutting through black lines using mach3.\I will send an youtube link from one CNC that has this function.If anyone has an idea how can make something like this please write to me.

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gopro camera and gunfire? Answered

Hello, This question is aimed at anyone who has used a gopro near guns. . . . If I make a chest or head mount for a gopro hero, to use on a shooting range does anyone know if the gunshots are likely to damage the microphone ? If not, is the recording likely to sound like a gun shot or will it be just a clipped phut. Thanks

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Is it possible to convert an old twin lens camera into a digital camera?

Would it be possible to take an old twin-lens reflex into a digital camera? My idea would be to take an old TLR and gut it then take a pocket sized digital camera and stick it inside. I would probably take apart the digital camera so I can position the LCD where the view finder would be. Anymore ideas?  I really like the look of the older TLRs and wish there were digital ones. There's a 5mp miniature one, but that's not the same "/. And I know the second lens wouldn't be used, but I still like the look.

Asked by tieguy 7 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How to jam a wireless camera?

Hello, I am using a wireless camera connected by coaxial cable to my computer but it still is interfering with my internet router as they both work on 2.4 Ghz. Does anybody know how to jam the camera signal? i was thinking of covering the camera antenna with foil. Regards  

Asked by lonzu 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Helmet Strap for Camera Case

How could I create a helmet strap for a camera case so I can attach it to my head while bodyboarding?

Posted by bearsfan654 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Converting NTSC camera to Webcam?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use NTSC camera as a webcam by converting the output to USB. I want it to be a webcam so that I can play around with it in MATLAB. Cheers, Jas

Posted by jasubhi 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Cheap High-speed Camera

Yes, I know, It's an oxymoron. I've always wanted a high-speed camera, but they are way too expensive. I was wondering if any of you fellow Instructablers have a high-speed camera that you've lost interest in, and are willing to sell for a low price. Alternatively, if any of you know how to make a cheap, high quality, high-speed camera, could you post an Instructable? Edit: I bought a Casio EX-F1 a while ago, and even made an iBle about it. I also have a bunch of videos here.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Free disposable camera's or their capacitors

I want to try my hand at making a very powerful coilgun but I live in a small town and our photography store doesn't sell used cameras for less than $3 each! Which means $30-40 or more for the coilgun I want and I don't have that much to spare :( So I'm hoping someone in Australia can possibly send me as many used cameras or capacitors as they can spare, I'd be willing to pay for them as well as shipping

Posted by grantdevine 10 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Making an external camera for smartphone?

Hi, everyone. My smartphone's camera is really bad and i wanted to change it but when I thought about the risks i changed my mind. Then i got an idea, which is to make an external mini usb camera for my phone from another phone's camera. I searched the internet but there is no results (I found some videos where they use a webcam for this but I am no sure if it is the same thing) . So, is it even possible?

Asked by Rayane05 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

Sunprint paper in a pinhole camera? Answered

I bought some sunprint paper  at a toy store today and I want to use it in a pinhole camera I made. Sunprint paper is pretty much the same thing as a cyanotype, which this site says can't be used in pinhole cameras. I've only seen evidence of sunprint paper in one place, and that was in a camera with a normal lens. This person said they left it out for a few hours. The only other mention I found of using sunprint paper in a pinhole camera had  said one day.   Anyone think otherwise? Thanks in advance, Noahh (I also posted this on Flickr) 

Asked by noahh 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Intercept traffic camera signals

I know a guy who knows a guy (I know, cliche) who was able to combine a cantenna, a lunchbox, and a small monitor, (and some other stuff) and when they stopped at a red light, MacGyver was able to display the image from the camera on the screen. Basically, they were looking at themselves from the point of view of the traffic camera. So, my question is, how easy would this be to do? I'm guessing the right software on a *laptop with a wifi card would suffice. What does everyone else think? *Edited

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micro camera for Rc planes

If been wanting to film some of my Rc flights iv been thinking of two ways to do this: A.) buy a mini camera (not wireless could cause interference with other planes or mine although it should only affect 2.4GHZ or spreed spectrum channels which are designed to handle this kind of interference but i dont want to cause any accidents) or B.) Buy a cheep digital camera and mount it to plane Things to consider:Any thing will add weight to the plane which will affect balance (to solve this add weight till balance)I want to avoid wireless. How to power; battery's weight a lot and take up lots of spaceDragSize of cameraIf i do use micro camera where will it record too?Dose any one have any suggestions or ideas on the best way to do this on the cheep?*update* i found a Camera called the flip video camera it has every thing iv been looking for its cheep about 150$, has a tripod mount, records 60 min of video, comes with editing software, runs on 2 AA batteries, and has a small (1.5inch) Lcd screen

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Camera Stabilizer (Physics related)

I had an idea for a camera stabilizer a while ago which involves some basic rules of physics. I've done some thinking on it and I can't seem to figure out if it would really work or not. It involves two principles: 1.) Torque (t=f*d) 2.) Inertia (p=m*v) ---- The idea is to combine a gimbal design found on camera "gliders" like these: -Commercial product: -Homemade design: ...with some sort of see-saw to counter the effects of up-and-down motion.  Ignoring the fact that this might be somewhat hard to hold such a thing, I just want to know if this would work. ---- Any balanced see-saw will have an equal amount of torque on either side of the pivot point. Therefore, a balanced see-saw will work with 500g hung 10cm from either side of the pivot point, OR 750g 5cm from one side and 250g 15cm from the other side (750*5=3750; 250*15=3750).  With this concept, I thought of designing this part of the stabilizer like a small camera jib ( That is, the camera on one end with a counterweight on the other. The pivot point would have a handle or some kind of vehicle mount on it.  The stabilization occurs (or so I'm thinking) because of inertia. Inertia=mass*velocity. So, when the pivot point (the handle) moves up or down, one of the sides of the see saw should move up faster than the other. The side that moves up slower (the longer side of the see saw, I'm thinking) should have the camera mounted to it.  ---- Is there a flaw somewhere in my thinking? THE QUESTION: Would both sides of an uneven length, balanced see-saw move up at the same time when the pivot point is moved up or down? I'm not really sure and I'd like to hear your input. 

Posted by John Smith 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Remove sunscreen from camera? Answered

Well, while on a camping trip last week, I accidentally happened to close my bag on a bottle of spray sunscreen that happened to be unlocked, which then happened to spray onto, and into, my panasonic FZ-100 camera. After attempting to clean, and a bit of time in rice, everything worked perfectly, albeit a bit sticky, until I had used it for about an hour. I believe one of the buttons/zoom levers has developed a short, keeping the camera pretty much locked up. Is there a way I can remove the sunscreen completely from the damaged parts? I got home and have taken the back casing off, and have access to all controls.  

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Stop motion camera crane

Ok. I need to create a camera crane. It dosn't have to be very big since I'm using it for stop motion. Just a simple pan and tilt crane with a counterweight to off-set the camera. Now, I can make a regular one very simply using a video crane method that you can find on this site. However, this crane must do 2 things. 1. It must be able to move at incredibly small increments. Only fractions of an inch at a time. 2. The crane must be able to hold it's position in a very sturdy manner. It cannot move even in the slightest because stop-motion requires that the camera does not move at all while individual pictures are being taken. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. Traditionally, a "step motor" is used to create the individual movements for things like this. But they are incredibly expensive. I've had more luck with gears and servos, however I want to figure out the logistics before I just go buy gears individually on a website that may or may not work. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Motion Detector Trail Camera

Motion Detector Trail Camera motion, detector, detection, surveillance, security, trail, camera, webcam, webcamera, wildlife, IR, arduino, cheap, inexpensive, spy, cam Hello everyone. I'm planning on building a motion detector triggered "trail" camera, as inexpensively as possible.  I want to use a cheap IC (integrated circuit), if possible, not a $45 Arduino.  I've learned that the most expensive component of this project seems like it will in all likelihood be the digital camera module (the lens and CCD, which is a pixelated digital sensor for the brightness and color of light).  However, I have an old webcam from which I could salvage the camera module out of, if reasonably convenient.  And this is the primary thing I think I'll need help with. Beyond that, my plan is to get a cheap IC, plug the camera module into it on a breadboard, find (hopefully find and not have to delve into learning how to program this) some programming code for the IC to capture the image data and turn into some kind of conventional image file, and then capture the digital camera files on an SD card via SD card shield plugged into the IC via the breadboard.  After the initial project is finished, I'm thinking of taking it a step further by transferring the image files directly to a computer, and upload them immediately to the web but that will come later. And of course write some code to signal the camera to shoot when the motion detector detects motion.  And do some research about which kind of motion detector I want and get it.  But this part seems relatively pretty easy.  Oh, and also get some kind of battery; probably a Li-Ion cellphone type battery with a shield or 'holder' for it.  Haven't yet researched about the shield / 'holder' part for that, but seems like it should be easy. Questions: 1) What kind of programming would I need for the IC to capture the image data from camera and turn it into conventional image file?  Where would I get it?  ...or what?  I just want pictures, not video. 2) How do I salvage the 'camera module' from a web camera for this?  Or rather, perhaps I should ask, once I salvage it, how exactly do I plug it into the IC to send the image data to the IC...? 3) What is a cheap but effective IC for this? Anyways, thank you; cheers. Jack Oh, also wanted to note that I indeed have been looking through many tutorials about this stuff.  I guess I'm at that point where I feel like it would be worth it to write down where I'm at and ask for further directions.  Lol.  Thanks again.

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How to power a rear camera ???

Hi ... could some one help with powering up a rear camera ??? I bought this one for my car ... but I'm not sure about how to power it. I know, that I have to use the "cigarette lighter" socket. But do I have to use any resistors to protect/not to burn the camera ??? Or its just fine to buy a car socket adapter, solder the wires and that's it ??? Camera : power supply 12V, current consumption 50mA. Thank you very much. Zholy

Asked by zholy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

About arduino camera ov7670

Hai there, i have some question that i don't know the answer.... i want to ask about arduino camera ov7670. is it possible to sending a picture from this camera to user via wireless using arduino? if it is possible can you tell me how?. Thx before

Asked by waskiton 9 months ago

Used 35 mm cameras

As I was looking in a thrift shop recently, I realised that all the ones I had been to had these old 35mm film cameras for a really cheap price.  The burning question I had was what could be done with these cameras and the parts in them?  Are there sites where this is addressed?  There must be a ton of things to be made with them and they will become re-purposed materiel.  How about a contest? Anyone?

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DIY smartphone camera trigger?

Hi, So I just broke my friend's selfie stick while playing with it. I'm wondering how to make the trigger for that stick (wireless or wired is OK). I knew that Apple's Earpod paired with an iPhone would work as a trigger but how about Android phone (I've seen some bluetooth camera shutters but don't know how they work)? Also, if possible, suggest me few things about that monopod because this is my first time in Photography and stuff. Thank you guys. 

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hardwiring a wireless camera to a tv

I need some help figuring out how to hardwire a wireless antena to my tv. The camera came with a black and white 5 in. display and I want to connect it to a 13 in color. Any sugestions... ANYONE? I connected The wires from the antena to the corisponding wires on the tv, but that had no effect. So then I thought maybe I needed to use both boxes.??

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Disposable Camera Flash Circuit? Answered

I was making a coilgun through the flash circuit of a fujifilm disposable camera and multiple other capacitors I had laying around and I wanted to have the capacitors in a separate spot from the charging circuit.  However, I accidentally nudged the capacitor that was already on the circuit a bit too hard and ripped up some of the copper connections underneath.  Typically I can usually find another place to solder the ends of the component back to the circuit by looking at the circuit board and connecting the leads to something that is also connected to where the part is supposed to be. But there happened to be some sort of blue plastic film covering that specific part of the circuit board which i cannot take off and is preventing me from seeing where else I can place the leads of the capacitor.  If someone is familiar with this could you please tell me where I can solder them on?  The flash circuit is from a QUICKSNAP-FLASH400 model fujifilm disposable camera. Thanks! 

Asked by snyeric 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How can I convert a 35mm SLR camera body into a digital camera?

I have an old 35mm SLR camera and an old digital camera.  I'd like to marry the digital camera to the SLR and take advantage of the better lens.  Is that possible?

Asked by Toxictom 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

is there a way to reuse an old cell phone camera and make it a mini video camera?

I have an old cell phone with a pin hole style camera on it.. I think its a 4 megapixel camera on the cell phone. I wanted to see if i could some how use the camera to put in the rear of my car as a small back up camera. I was thinking it could run off the same display as the cell phone or is there a way to maybe attach it to a larger display?

Asked by defadelorean83 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 months ago

Reuse a Mobile Camera? Answered

Asked by Aadhithyan 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Modifying camera?

I have an old analog cartridge camera Panasonic PV-IQ203D and would like to modifie it to logical imput.Thanks:Mogho

Asked by xinematik 9 years ago camera turns off when I zoom in.?

Whenever I zoom in on my camera it almost ammediatly turns the camera off. Any suggestions of whats going on and how to fix it? (the cameras a kodak EXoptical zoom)

Asked by transuranic 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What does ISO mean regarding DSLR cameras? Answered

No need.

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Olympus camera question? Answered

I have several Olympus lenses for my old SLR camera. If I buy an Olympus DSLR will the lenses fit it? (unless anyone can direct me to a way to fit the lenses to my Fuji finepix S5500

Asked by rickharris 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

i wana modify my web cam into a wireless camera. i want to connect. a usb drive 9 wolt battery and webcam.

I want to convert my web cam into a wireless camera.

Asked by izharhussain 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to reload the Software of a Digital camera,and where to get the Software for Power Shot A410 Canon ? Answered

How to reload the Software of a Digital camera, and where to get the Software for Power Shot A410 Canon ? I think the software of the Camera is corrupt so I wish to reload it.Please suggest.

Asked by Dipankar 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

just curious?

Is there a such camera that has autoadjust, auto zoom, infrared and has high mega pixels?

Asked by Newbie216 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago