What type of capacitor are these? Answered

Hello . I just get some non-polarized capacitor .But What type of capacitor are these? Thanks!

Asked by login721 5 years ago

i connected two terminals of capacitor and they produce the big spark is the capacito still works? Answered

I connected two terminals of capacitor and they produce the big spark is the capacitor still works...or it get destroyed ......the capacitor is from flash of camera???

Asked by rachit59 8 years ago

What are capacitors for? Answered

What are they for I've seen them everywhere... are they used to hold power?  

Asked by RelientOwl 8 years ago

what is capacistance of 20k code disk capacitor???? Answered

I have a capacitor with code 20k but i don't know its value please help!!!!

Asked by Atul009 5 years ago

single lead capacitor

How can i make a single lead capacitor for this https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Lightning-Wand-a-Handheld-Van-de-Graaff-Genera/

Posted by taterkiller 8 years ago

Wiring Capacitors In series?

What are rules for wiring multiple capacitors in series? Especially when The voltages are different. If i wire two 80v's with a 200v what would my WV be?

Asked by erncar 6 years ago

how do a 1.5v battary charge 330v capacitor in a disposable camera?

I got a capacitor from my disposable camera but it was damaged so i buy a 330v 120uf capacitor but i cant charge it on my 1.5v battary i wont to know how do a 1.5v battary charge 330v capacitor in a disposable camera

Posted by omartech 4 years ago

Replacing a disposable camera capacitor with a bigger one what would it do?? how about a (6V) bike?

Function and application of capacitors; what to use for high and low voltage applications, what to use for the bike?

Asked by BobS 9 years ago

charging a 450v 1800uf capacitor?

Hi how would a charge a 450v 1800uf capacitor? i used to charge it with a photo flash circuit but the small capacitor would burn out making me unable to charge it. i do not know how to read schematics. is there any step by step video any one can provide?

Asked by justin.espinoza.790 3 years ago

How to use capacitors?

So I just received my sample capacitors.  They are supposed to be 5 kv and a significant capacitance but I don't believe that they are. they are way too small.  I also want to know how exactly to use them, any ideas? 

Asked by jj.inc 5 years ago

uF difference interchange capacitor question

Hello everyone! I got a microwave, Sharp R21LCF with a bad capacitor. A friend of mine used to have the same Sharp microwave, but older model, R21JCA. When his R21JCA broken and could not be repaired; he took out the parts that still work and save them. So he has a spare capacitor. I compare both capacitors and found his good capacitor has a 2400VAC with .94 uF comparing to my bad capacitor, which has 2300 VAC with 1.00 uF. I understand that you can replace the capacitor with a higher voltage rating, but not sure if .6 uF difference would be ok for replacement? May i ask for your expertise opinion/input? Thank you very much for yr time! attached are the two links for those capacitor I am asking about. Bad capacitor from R21LCF http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/5430/nve5.jpg Good capacitor that we want to use from R21JCA http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/721/d4f5.jpg

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can a fully charged capacitor from a camera kill someone? Answered

I mean like a healthy teen to 30 year old

Asked by miiwii3 9 years ago

can electrolytic capacitors catastrophically fail or explode if they are shorted out? Answered

My father (an electrical engineer) told me that if a capacitor is charged and than shorted out than it can fail, possibly with explosive results. However I have seen way to many Youtube videos of capacitor banks being shorted and nothing but a big spark happening. Who is right? Can anybody help me?

Asked by junits15 9 years ago

What happens when you install electrolytic capacitors backwards? Answered

I built an ignition coil driver with a ne555 timer I think I may have installed the electrolytic capacitor in the circuit backwards. The circuit oscillated then started to die out would this be the capacitor failing?  

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

How to make homemade capacitor charger circuit?

I cannot find any disposable Kodak cameras in our place,I need it to take power from a single 1.5 V battery and turn it into 160 V DC

Asked by ZiDB 4 years ago

If it is not shown, how do I know which lead is positive on a capacitor?

I don't know which is the positive and negative lead on a capacitor. I want to know how to know which lead is positive or negative.

Asked by eeeXsmart 9 years ago

Charging in Parallel and discharging in series capacitors? Answered

Most people (okay, well tech guys :P) know that if you put 2 identical capacitors in series you can double the voltage they can handle and you cut in half the capacitence. These 2 capacitors together have 2x the Joules as one capacitor alone. But if you charged them each seperatly, and then connected them in series, would they have 4x the joules as original? For example, lets say I have a 16 volt 100uF capacitor, if each was charged in parallel to 16 volts and then connected in series, when discharged would it have the same amount of power as a 32 volt 100uF capacitor, or would it still have the same power as 2 capacitors charged in series (from a 32 volt power supply)? This question seems kind of stupid, but using what seems like good logic (or bad if your on the other side) you could argue this both ways. But there's only 1 right answer.

Asked by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

What amperage will I get from these capacitors?

Alright I am finally getting around to making a coil gun, I made a measly bank of 30 330v 100uf capacitors, totaling 3k uf. However, I just took apart a big ass power supply for battery banks, now I have two coke-can sized 250 volt capacitors, each rated 4400 uf, and I am going to hook them up in parallel, making it an 8200uf capacitor bank, to charge with camera flash circuits in parallel as well. Thing is, I need to find a relay that won't blow up from this, so what kind of amperage will I be getting sending this through a coil?

Asked by XOIIO 5 years ago

How to calculate time required to charge a capacitor?

I have a 1.1μ capacitor with voltage capacity of 440V. I am inserting a 1000Ω in series. My question is how much time will it take to almost completely charge if I'm applying 12v at 0.5A?

Asked by IshaanP5 5 months ago

How many mAh = 1 farad?

Asked by 7654321 7 years ago

I need to make some capacitor?

I need a bunch of high power capacitors and I don't have the money to buy them.  I have a couple ways I have seen and I have done one that kind of works. 2 L bottle - I don't drink enough pop to make enough of these ?pvc? - could I substitute a thin pvc pipe for the 2 litter bottle Leyden jar capacitors - I saw these cool ones that have a tube like pringles uses, al tape around the outside, and then they just push the can into it as the storage. ?pvc? - Could I also substitute pvc for this. Styrofoam cups - I have read about, but not seen this one.  Could I just wrap a cup in foil and then stack it.  Apply positive to top cup and negative to bottom

Asked by jj.inc 7 years ago

is 470 mf close enough to replace a 500 mf cap ? Both are 25 volts

Is 470 mf close enough to replace a 500 mf cap ?  Both are 25 volts

Asked by eafrymer 2 years ago

How to measure capacitance?

How do I measure the capacitance of something, I looked at the local ACE and none of the meters have a farad reading or anything else similar to capacitance.  We have an analog one, and I was wondering if there is a way to use it I just don't know of.

Asked by jj.inc 7 years ago

Beer bottle capacitors? Answered

What is the average capacitance of a salt water beer bottle capacitor?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

capacitor control

I was just wondering if anyone knows any methods of controlling the energy discharge from a capacitor..

Posted by nuncoop 10 years ago

Tesla coil tank capacitor? Answered

Ignoring resonance what should the average capacitance of a Tesla coil tank capacitor be? In what  appliances can you find large high voltage capacitors, preferably above 10nF? And can you use microwave capacitors in series for a Tesla coil tank capacitor?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

Tesla coil capacitor? Answered

Made a Lynden jar capacitor and my TC won't spark at the gap but I can hear my capacitor trying to work what do I do

Asked by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

capacitor based battery replacement

I was wandering how big does a normal capacitor have to be to replace a AAA battery?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

How to charge this capacitor? Answered

I got this from a lightbulb. (three way)

Asked by Xixfas 4 years ago

How can I build a capacitor tester?

I want to test an electrolytic capacitor in an old guitar tube amp.

Asked by pjmclach 9 years ago

What can I do with a homemade capacitor?

It is simple enough to make one, but what can I do with a homemade capacitor?

Asked by Salted_Flame 9 years ago

Recently aquired a BIG capacitor

I need some ideas to use this capacitor for. the ratings are 120,000 MFD @ 25 VDC Thank you.

Posted by newwarhammer2 6 years ago

Capacitor Pin Extention

Good day everyone, I am sitting with a issue of changing a capacitor on a board but the factory default pins are to short to reach their holes. Is there a way to make them longer other then needing to get another new capacitor? I am using a 450V 150uf(M) capacitor. 

Posted by ChristopherC297 1 year ago

capacitor resistance

Why is it that as super capacitors capacitance goes up the internal resistance goes down? I'm looking for a tiny capacitor that can supply 0.3 volts20mA (I'm going to be powering flexinol, not an LED) for 1 second. I don't want the capacitor to be huge because I'm making a beam bot where size is a factor for charging time and because of it's physical size.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Capacitor Charging?

How do I charge a capacitor rated for 450v at 1150uf using 2 AAA batteries? I tried using a mini transformer but it takes a very long time. Is there a quicker solution? Thanks in advance, IndianHacker

Asked by IndianHacker002 2 years ago

Grid Capacitors or Other Surplus Caps?

I am looking for some extremely powerful capacitors, I know that you can buy old grid transformers and I wondered if there was some kind of capacitor they use one the grid which could also be available.  If not, what industry would have old capacitors cheap that still work, I'm looking around 300 volts 1 Farad or more 

Asked by jj.inc 5 years ago

How to charge up a capacitor? Answered

Hi, i am new ,  i want to know How to charge up a capacitor?  i have a 10v capacitor when i link it to 1.5v or 9v its only charge 1.5 or 9v and no more how i can charge it full ? thank you

Asked by BoudjelidaA 2 years ago

does voltage matter in a capacitor or is it only uf? Answered

Ive seen volt numbers on capacitors but people mostly just mention uf. but the uf is the same but the size of the cap looks different. does voltage matter?

Asked by JustModIt 7 years ago

Explosive Fun with a Capacitor Bank

Watch a 24kj capacitor bank as it discharges through various objects. Maniacal laughter follows each one and a slo-mo montage finishes it all up. via Make blog

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

How fast do capacitors discharge?

Do they discharge to 0 volts? pls and thank you (for my school expo project)

Asked by mulan2015 6 years ago

What can I do with 49 47uF Capacitors?

I needed a 47uF 35v capacitor for a project and ened up buying 50 of them for like a dollar. I don't know what to do with them.

Posted by Clayton H. 8 years ago

How do resistor-capacitor circuits work? Answered

I know this is a basic question, but it has bugged me, and is in two parts. The first: Are resistors like reduction valves for electricity? i.e. Do they simply absorb and dissipate excess electricity, or do they restrict its flow, as in making a large capacitor discharge its energy through a resistor to prolong output from the capacitor? Also, do capacitors store electricity until it is full, then release it, or is that only when they fail? Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 9 years ago

HV capacitor leakage? Answered

I have just built a high voltage glass capacitor for my Tesla coil at a 0.03uF 50KV rating and I have found that the leakage is quite high, the stored energy is almost completely gone in 15 seconds does anyone know how to resolve this?

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

metalized polyester film tank capacitor for a vacuum tube tesla coil? Answered

Can you use a mpf cap in a vttc for the tank circuit?

Asked by electricfan 8 years ago

how does a flux capacitor work O.o? Answered

Like it said in the title, I wanna know how it works so I can go Back in time.

Asked by 64bitgenius 6 years ago

Build a capacitor (proper dielectric)

Hi there, I need dielectric with very high "Dielectric Strength" (a few 10s or 100s of kilo volts per mm) and also high "Dielectric Constant". Can anyone suggest me one? I would like to build a compact capacitor with high capacity and I need advice how to do it. I would be happy if someone can help me and for that purpose I will describe what I need: - The capacitor must be "Parallel Plate Capacitor". - The capacitor must be very thin with small distance between the two plates. - The dielectric must have very high "Dielectric Strength" (a few 10s or 100s of kilo volts per mm) and also high "Dielectric Constant". - The capacitor will be connected to a DC current circuit which purpose is to charge the capacitor and to keep its charge sustainable in time. - The capacity of the capacitor must be a few micro Farads. Taking into account the above, there a few important questions (correct me if I am wrong): - What dielectric to use and where can I buy it? - Is the building of such capacitor achievable in home environment or there are manufacturers who can do it for me? - Is there anything important for the building of the capacitor which I have missed to mention? Thanks a lot! ;)

Posted by paveltashev 2 years ago