Tin case

Ok so i need a dvd tin case if anyones got one just comment

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Finding a certain size case

Anyone know where i can get a case (empty or made for it) that is 24"X4"X4"? cause im trying to restore an old metal clarinet and the case that came with it is shot. anyone know where i can get that size case (if so, with a bag built into it or some kind of compartment inside the case)?

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I recently acquired this old government case it looks waterproof and shock resistant and i was wondering what ideas you guys could think of for this thing, i dont want to throw it away because it looks very useful for something. this is a ZERO HALLIBURTON case

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Instructions on the construction of an 8 space Rack Case?

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Old VCR Case

I have an old VCR, and I took it apart and scavenged for useful parts. I sold a couple, and threw out the rest. I kept the empty case in case I though of something to do with it, but so far I've had no ideas. I still kept the plugs and other parts from the inside which you can see from the outside. If anybody has an idea for what to do with it that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Recyled pencil case uses? Answered

I have recently worn a hole in my pencil case so I decided to cut the ends off and break the zip to fully unwrap/unfold it but now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it. If you have any ideas I would gratefully receive them and I promise that if I make an 'ible then I will include a link to the profile of who ever gives me the best or most workable idea. Thanks.

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i need to make a case for a tablet, i though of abs plastic, or carbon fiber, any sugestion would be good, thanks?

I´m trying to make a tablet out of a old laptop, going to put a touchscreen, so keyboard won't be needed, so i just have to mod the current case or make a new one, the laptop is a siemens fujitsu amilo pro v2000, i also don't need the cd reader. i´ll need to plug a usb touchscreen, but the connections part is all set up, so the problem now is the case and the os, any help will be apreciated, if the project takes off, i´ll make my first instructable, help please, and forgive my english please, i'm portuguese

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The Ultimate Man Laptop Case (While going green!)

Hey everyone, I recently just had the idea of making the ultimate man laptop case, and once i get some $$$, it will be put into affect. Its body will be made out of a harbor frieght tools case (metal), gonna cut out the front and reinforce with wood, then goes on (2) 6v solar cells. Behind on the inside there will be foam surrounding the DC Volt reader, and if i can manage, two cheap portable speakers that i have that run off a USB cable/aux. They can easily be converted though. Im going to cut out a slot for my SSD to be placed as well as some headphones if theres room. On the bottom part, im going to send those wires to the power controller for the /solar/ and the /battery/ which will be a 12v Gel RC Car battery (long ones that are fairly big). After that comes the DC-AC inverter which will be disected to save space and the plugs will be movable. SPDT switch comes next to switch from 12v to the 5v USB hub thats gonna be installed. Foam will encase everything, then im throwing some .25 aluminum sheeting on top for a nice finished look. This whole project should run me about $350 or so. I realize this case might be heavy, but I think once most of the parts have been sheded of there cases then I think it might be a little lighter. Going to overheat and/or short circuit something? I plan on making a channel for each seperate item in the foam, and throwing 2 USB fans on them. Any help would be greatley appricated with this project :)

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Can I get something a little bit larger?

I want to show my friend how awesome instructables is, and I want to show him the power of 3d printing as well.  So I wanted to print him an ipod case, but it is just barely too long.  It isn't like it is tall, just a little bit too long.

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Can't Decide Which Zippo

I cant make up my mind between these two Zippos'Hidden Dragon''Patriotic Version'What do you think?What would you get?OrIs there a different zippo you would get?below are images from zippo case museum (offical websight)update i go the Patriotic version and i love it. added some pics

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What category would you put this instructable in?

THIS I cant make my mind up which category it is most suited to

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Pre-drilled shelves?

I would like to know where I can purchase the pre-drilled melemine shelving upright boards in order to construct some custom built bookcases.

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Creating custom plastic project boxes/cases and the screws for them?

For the awesome people that look at the answer sections to give out help: yes, this question is related to my other. I'm looking to make a hide and seek-esk device, and I would like to make a meter to hold the finder system. Said finder system will be custom made. As such, I would like it to look a touch more professional, mainly, but adding screws to be able to screw the parts together (kind like a TV remote). I know it's probably a stupid simple answer that I just spaced on, but if someone has it, that'd be awesome!!

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can i make a transparent cellphone case by myself ? can i ?

I want to make a transarent cell phone case .....help me!

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transparent laptop case

I want to build a laptop from scratch with a clear acrylic transparent case, I'm having an extremely hard time finding a case, and i know they are out there somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,  Spaz

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how do i open the case on an 80gb ipod classic? Answered

I have an ipod classic that is 80 gigs and it has suffered hard drive failiure. i want to open the case to change the drive but the case is aluminum and i don't have ipod opening tools. the clips on the case are aluminum

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Golf club travel case

Has anyone turned a golf bag into a golf travel case. Looking for suggestions for perhaps a hard top to go onto golf bag so I can put on a aircraft or move to another location.

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Can anyone recommend a good Raspberry Pi case?

Hello! I am looking for a good Raspberry Pi case for a project.  I will be selling it so it needs to look smart, be highly robust and not be expensive.  Any recommendations?

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Custom MP3 Player Cases and Case Mods here

This is where you can suggest cases for iPods, such as a carved out book that holds an iPod and headphones (like the one I made last year) or maybe have an idea to make a secret iPod holder out of a pop can. If you have any ideas/pictures of your case (hand made or store bought) post em here. I'll get this started... One idea I have is an iPod case for my 1st gen 4GB apple mini of mine, I am currently making an instructable on it so it will be published once my camera gets back so I can take the finishing pictures of it. Descriptions/ideas/how to make one from an idea listed/pictures/ect. are all welcome here (MP3 player related).

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Zippo case, made from an altoids small tin

    Hey I have this Altoids case, it's one of the smalls. I was thinking of what to do with it, then I looked at my zippo. I hate the case my zippo is in right now, it's old and worn and for some reason makes your hands stink if you hold it at all. So my zippo fits almost perfectly in the smalls case. But I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas of how to make it where you can light it when its in the case. I was just thinking about cutting some holes in the top with my dremel.  But I would maybe like to try to keep the original flip top aspect of the case. So some how make it flip open like a zippo maybe. Anyone think this sounds interesting. And know where I might be able to get the mechanism. Or is there a way to take it off my old case.     Thanks in advance, maybe I could make an instructable on how I do it.

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Clever gadget sock case idea, need advice

I just made my first instructable!!!, which is a clever little play on the quintessential "ipod"/gadget sock case...I have an idea to make the same type of case for something possibly as large as a laptop... Unfortunately, I do not have a sock that wide, nor am i willing to knit my own sock that large.. Any ideas on what sort of available alternative I could use? (I was thinking of cutting up an old hoodie...)Instructable here

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What material to use to mill iPhone case? Answered

I am going to attempt to make an iPhone case out of metal as part of my local shop class. I have most of the milling (I think) worked out, not entirely sure how it will result due to the thin walls of the case, but its a project :) I am wondering what metal I should use to make the case. Titanium would be cool, but the solid chunk of titanium block used would cost around $100. Not really my idea of affordable. So I have the choice of either aluminum or steel/stainless steel which are around $15 to get a couple iPhone-sized bars. Any recommendations on a strong metal that might survive being milled to tight tolerances? Also, I will most likely be milling this on a Benchman XT mill, if that helps any.

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what is a good cushion? Answered

I am looking to make an Ipod case but I need to know what is thin, light weight, and pretty cushiony. P.S. this one is based off of my own Ideas.

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Artistic project with bulk cd/ dvd cases?

Couldn't decide if this was more of an art question or a craft question... but... You know the ones... the clear cylindrical cases that encase the 50 count blank cds/ dvds? I've seen a few projects here and there, but most look pretty ugly/ college dorm-ish. Guess I'm hoping for some magical suggestions for something kind of artistic? Modern art-ish? Esthetically pleasing in some way? Just plain fun? Doesn't have to be practical at all if it's interesting enough. I've got quite a pile going if it helps the juices. Any suggestions gladly accepted! Thanks!

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Looking for an iPad 3 case that will hold my Keyboard?

I am looking for something similar to other projects to make. I got one of those aluminum keyboards that double as a case, the only problem is when folded out. It is not that stable and if I need to shut down in a hurry, I have to clamshell it together again. Plus it is not the warmest on bare skinned laps. The two pics are how it "sits" no way to secure it so if you lean, it slides This is how it closes like a clamshell. It protects, but is clumsy I also have one of these folding ones, the pic that has the black one, and it would be perfect if I could mesh them somehow. Thanks in advance 

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how to desing a case (box) virtualy ? Answered

Hello everybody. (Dr. Nick accent) I'm currently doing some electronics projects (atx PSU, clocks, getting my brother into electronics, ...), and i reach the inevitable step of where to put them. I want to put them into nice cases (boxes), tried to find some already made and adapt them to my needs but TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! so i thought, if my PCBs for my projects are DIY why cant my cases be DIY too? I tried to make case projects manually but there was allways some thing not right (most of times i forgot the thickness of the materials D'OH), so i tryed Google SketchUp, and now i caught up 123D by Autodesk, both not very through investigated. I'm trying to get a piece of software that let me do my plans (3D if possible), and if let me deconstruct the project into some printable layouts  to guide me cutting some wood derivate or plexiglass (no acess to a laser cutter). What do you think i should use, one of the already mentioned or a new 1? thank you in advance instructables community (for all the english communicators i must apologize for the grammer)

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What do you do with old computer cases?

I have several old computers. I can recycle most of the disks, power supplies, floppies, motherboards, etc. But eventually, things die. This leaves me with a box. In some of the older ones this is solid steel. Others are a mix of steel and plastic. The boxes are not air tight or water tight. They have holes in odd places. It's criminal to dump them in a land fill. What do do? It would be nice to make something beautiful or useful out of them.

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What do you have near you when using an iPod touch? Answered

I'm making a special case for ipods and I want to know what do you like to have with you? I have a pocket for earphones and a cleaning thingo (glasses rag). But what else do I need??

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New one with some questions

Hello everyone, I'm a new guy from Austria, sorry if my english is bad sometimes. I think about getting a Ipad2 in 2 weeks (yes 2 more weeks to wait in europe) and I can't stop thinking about how to craft a beautiful case, my Idea was to produce something surfboardlike, like a fiberglass layer around the back of the ipad, and then coat it with White topcoat, also a bit structure would be nice to feel like a real surfboard. Has anyone ever done something similar to this? I have never worked with fiberglass, and i think it coud get a bit tricky (especially when sanding it). would be great to hear some ideas! Greetings Bruno

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Secure method to attach a phone to wall or floor?

I would like to figure out an inexpensive and discreet way to attach a smartphone to the wall or floor (not directly - slightly set apart with e.g a rod or a lead), in a way that it is secure, and can't be easily stolen. The phone will be used as a display screen and will be resting on top of something, so needs to be relatively manouvreable. I have access to a laser cutter / clear perspex / workshop tools / ebay.

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Things to do with a broken flash drive

Hello there. I just broke my 16GB Strontium Pollex drive and I'm left with nothing but the circuit board (Pics below). It doesn't fit into the USB port (too small, push up=on, remove support=off) smugly, and well, this is my only 4GB+ flash drive (I have another broken 1GB one, but at least it doesn't wobble around in the port). What do I do with this to make it usable again?

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How can I keep my netbook dry? Answered

There's a possibility that in a few months I'll want to have my netbook while living in a tent for a week, which I can't guarantee against leaking or flooding. Thus, the requirement is basically that the netbook remain dry if wherever it is sitting has an inch or so of water on it. I have a water-resistant neoprene sleeve, but it doesn't seal, so it won't help in submersion. I've considered a Pelican 1080, which would work brilliantly but costs $70 or more, and a large Ziploc-type bag, which can hardly be beat for cost but is rather crude and doesn't offer the same level of protection. I suppose I'm looking for options somewhere between the two. The netbook is 10.25" x 7" x 7/8"-1 3/8", but something that would let me fit the power brick in too would be great.

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Recommendations for mounting a 2.5" HDD in a small space

Hi, I'm currently trying to put together a small computer. I have a very limited space in which I can fit the motherboard and a few other components. Most of it kinda fits, but i'm not entirely sure how to mount the hard drive. The HDD is a 2.5" one like this one, with those dimensions: L:  100mm W: 70mm H:  8mm And once I exclude all the space taken by the other components, i have about that much space to fit it in (including the mounting parts): L: 170mm W: 40mm H: 75mm See the attached illustrations I made to get a rough overview of the space in the box. Note: I can technically extend a bit out vertically (height-wise) as the cover has a bit of gap inside but probably no more than an extra 15mm. The drive has screw holes on the sides and on the back (cf. the linked WD page) so there's a couple of options there. I'm not really sure how to go about this. I may be able to salvage some metal mounting parts from an old desktop but I would have to do some cutting to it and I don't have much room to move around for the mounting part. Another of my concerns is it'll be difficult to attach/remove the drive if I need to, because the bottom screw will be very hard to reach. Maybe there's a way to make a mounting rack where one part slides off to make the screws more accessible, I don't really know. Do you guys have any suggestions? How would you go about this?? I would much appreciate any tips, suggestions or even comments. Thanks Ben 

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Are there any guides for making my own cases for electronics projects?

I.E. a new micro ATX style case or case for a games console Especially clamshell cases! (Would love a crack at making my own laptop...)

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should I post an ible for knex pc case??? Answered

Should I post an ible for knex pc case???

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Knex Computer Case

Heya, I made some computer case! Instructions are on knexflux, over here: http://knexflux.net/instructions/knex-computer-case/ Along with it there is a nice stop-motion video to show it off :P

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pattern for leather case, canon powershot g10?

Excuse my english, does somebody know how to make a pattern for leather case for canon powershot g10 looks like the SC-DC60A original case or similar thanks

Asked by gastonrmoreno 9 years ago

Duct Tape PC Case

These geeks loved duct tape enough to make a whole PC case out of it. It's am impressive feat, but all I can think of is how horrible the smell must be to have it right next to you during and extended FPS session. Duct Tape PC case

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Repurposed Cigarette Case

Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case.  Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards. This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.

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I just got a transcend JetFlash V35 4GB flash drive, and i was wondering how to get the case off of it.?

The case is transparent green. There is a clip like thing i found but i don't know how to get the case off. I do not wish to damage the case so I wont use drills or stuff like that.

Asked by Rikasu 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Any ideas for a PC case mod?

I've decided to clear out my assorted computer detritus (Love that word) and have decided to build myself a teamspeak/ventrillo server from the various pieces. Thing is, i have many small form factor components and no case in which to put them. I previously tried putting the PC into a Frosties (Cereal) box , with success, although the case was too flimsy. This leaves me with the following question:What can I put a small PC in (besides buying a case) that is around the size of a 1kg cereal box or larger?Pictures of Frosties mod

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laptop screen case mod help

I have a 14.something laptop i dont use and would like to mod my side panel to acomodate the screen how can i make it work with my computer and what would i need to do this

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Wall of case fans?

Hey guys, I have been thinking up ideas all night for wind power. I've been messing around with a decent dc motor I found in a printer, but I'll have to wait till tommorow to make some kind of proper blades for it. I however, have an interesting idea. I was thinking of using just one case fan by itself to generate power (see video below). But then I got to thinking, what if I made a wall of case fans in my back yard? and wired them all up in parallel or something. I measured the output of one case fan I have here and at most I could get was 0.100v DC turning it by hand as fast as I could. I come along so many case fans and throw them out all the time, so why not re-use them?? I'm not sure winter time would be the best time to put something like that out, but I think it would work.

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GBA SP Case Modding

I have an idea, you know how you got some laptops (macs) that when turned on you get the glowy picture on the back the screen. Well I want to do that with the GBA SP. Has anyone attempted this, or think its a "bright" idea? Any and all feed back would be great

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Inflatable iPhone Case that opens upon Impact

Hello everyone,  I am not sure if anyone has made something like this but I thought it might be a cool idea for a weekend project or product. Here's the pitch: Have you ever dropped your precious iPhone in the water or on the ground? Wouldn't it be great if someone could create a simple case that inflates like an airbag before the phone hits the ground or water. The case could read accelerometer data from the phone and when it detects free-fall, if could use a Co2 cartridge to inflate an air bag type device that saves the device from sinking into the water or hitting the hard sidewalk.  It's just an idea. If anyone wants to discuss this idea, feel free to comment below. I'll let you have all of the rights to this idea if you want it. Kyle

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DIY Waterprrof Iphone case.

Hello, I have an iPhone 5s and want to make a durable waterproof case for that, specifically for white water rafting. So I have an outline plan and want your inputs if I am doing something wrong or if you have a better suggestion. 1) Get a plastic box in which iphone cases come (some thing like this but which is strong http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v3/1574895035_1/iphone_5s_case_hard_plastic_box.jpg) 2) Get a rubber seal and fit it exactly for the size.     http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/z/AlwAAOxyOalTYCK2/$_35.JPG 3) Make a wrist strap with some elastic and make a holder for iphone with it.       This holder is needed to keep the phone in place on hand and when I want to take the pic I can easily get it off, shoot and put it back. 4) Fish wire.      This will be used to connect the actual phone case and wrist strap so if I drop the phone it still remains with me or use a retractable cable to make it more professional. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51ZbiJQuOsL._SX466_.jpg So far this is my idea, what do you guys think about it ?

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Http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/ I am attempting to make this laptop case. But I've run into a few troubles.  -What would be the best glue for vinyl fabric to wood. -What's the best way to attach the zipper so that it is strong enough to last. (I'm trying not to use exposed rivets, bolts, etc..) Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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What should I do with this old Air Force radio case? (Opportunity for collaboration)

I have this (steel? it's heavy) case for an army radio set that I found dumpster diving with my Dad more than 10 years ago. I haven't used it for anything, and am now noticing it has great potential for being a case for some kind of project. It's got a rim on the inside with screwholes that I could mount a plate on, and I beleive it's watertight. I always love doing cool stuff, but I don't really have the technical imagination to come up with something. I'll take any and all ideas, and once I clean out my garage and get my workbench built in there, I'll get to it :-) I think it would very cool to collaborate with some people closely and build something unique here... Thanks PS: Also, if anyone has any knowledge relating to what kind of radio gear this might have held at one point, please share it with me. I've transcribed the contents of the plate on the front, maybe have a look and see if anything pops out.

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