an antenna to boost my cell reception?

I will need and antenna to boost the reception of my cell

Asked by 8 years ago

how do i disconect my text to landline? its charging people?

I do not want text to landline

Asked by 9 years ago

any ideas for fuel cell pem?

Any ideas for fuel cell pem, homemade ones, for any kind of fuelcell

Asked by pedroxl 7 years ago

How i built a pv solar cell ?

How can i make the solar cell from diode?

Asked by haibat haibat 5 years ago

transfer cell phone messages to other cell phone

A friend of mine once played her voice mail messages from her phone to mine while we were talking on the cells. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help!!! Thanks

Posted by happy2baliven05 9 years ago

cell phone to computer.?

I want to transfer pictures from my cell phone, which no longer has sevice, to my computer.I dont have any cables or cords that came with the this possible? thanks.

Asked by mark6822 8 years ago

Is there any way to salvage cell phone parts?

I have an old picture phone that I took apart. Is there any way to salvage the screen and camera without the whole cell phone?

Asked by Default117 9 years ago

how to build a Cell signal booster?

I live in an area with really poor cell signal. If I stand in one spot with one leg up I can sometimes get a signal. Of course it is outside the house. Is there a way to build a cell signal booster cheap?

Asked by awelch 9 years ago

fixing display on cell phone

I have 2 flip cell phones.(motorola and sony ericcson). i dropped both of them and now the display will light up as usual; however i cannot read or see anything but a blank lit up display. is there anyway to fix the inside display on cell phones?

Asked by johnshericosmo 9 years ago

betavoltaic cell anyone?

Has anyone built a betavoltaic cell? Tell us about it! I could imagine someone collecting the isotopes from old smoke detectors,painting them onto an old solar cell and making electricity in the dark. I'd try it myself if I wasn't such a lazy old fart.

Posted by etimm 9 years ago

Does the ceiling cause interefence for cell phones? Please help?

I have noticed that when my cell phone rings and I'm in the building (with ceiling), the signal is interrupted every so often. However, when I go outside,the signal is clear. What else could cause intereference in cell phones?

Asked by kalokwa 8 years ago


Phone fell into the sea

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A lady made a cell phone signal jammer. Where can I find the plans? or info on this topic?

A lady made a cell phone signal jammer. Where can I find the plans? or info on this topic?

Asked by 9 years ago

does anybody know where you could get free cell phone ringtones?

I would like to know were to get free cell phone ringtones without having to sign up or anything

Asked by winslow121 9 years ago

cell phone flash

So i have this old broken cell phone , i think all of it works but its no longer connectable , the body and the screen . it has flash so i thought to somehow make a little flash that i could just flash around for fun , and maybe some other cool stuff with old phone ? thanks

Posted by avatardub 6 years ago

Cell Phone Jammer

I have alot of Cordless phones with the handsets and i have the bases, i have answering machines , regular phones.  Old cell phones....Is there components in there that i can make a cell phone jammer with?   Im teaching myself electronics by taking things apart,lol  but i still have trouble figuring out what parts are what.    Any help?   thanks.   Ps, i would love to make one with a altoid tin if possible.

Posted by valmont325 6 years ago

How do I stop cell phone use in the college classroom?

Assume that I cannot confiscate them, and that I have already asked in polite ways. I have also tried logic (cell phones rot your brain) and religion (have damned them to Hell, etc.). Many thanks in advance!?

Asked by Wade Tarzia 9 years ago

big telephone receiver for cell phone

Friends, I hate talking on the cell phone; it's too small, especially when I'm talking from home. I keep a land line so I can chat for hours on a regular sized telephone. However, I'm moving next week and won't be able to spring for a land line. Can anyone help me use an old-time big phone receiver with a cell phone? Blue tooth maybe? Or perhaps attach something to/around the cell phone that allows me to hold it between my head and shoulder and talk into a mouthpiece that's near my mouth? Thank you, evil geniuses, all... xo

Posted by rachydee 7 years ago

help me to made my own power bank

Can i make power bank with button cells battries ?

Posted by alireza8858s 3 years ago

I just got a new Boost mobile cell phone...i776w. I can't open the battery door. Can anyone here help me? Thank you!?

I just got a new cell phone from Boost mobile today. It's the i776w. I am having trouble opening the battery door to put in the battery the 1st time. Can anyone here please help me out? I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

Asked by pmlhmmnd 8 years ago

how to convert a mortor in toy car into a dynamo & how to make a easy solar cell which can charge six volts battery ?

What should be done to make a dynamo . where can i get the parts required, suggest me necessary parts to make a solar cell and solar panal easily

Asked by vamsi srinivas 9 years ago

How to make a key beeper that can be activated by a cell phone?

Is there a device that that can be somehow activated by 'some' signal produces by today's cell phones (bluetooth, wifi, infra...) and then make a beep sound? Preferably it should be small, light, cheap, with low consumption of energy. It should work as a beeper to find a thing that it is attached to more quickly.  Any ideas?

Asked by xsustek 7 years ago

My cell is dead??

Well apparently my mother dropped my cellphone, now when you turn it on, the screen lights up, but it's blank, it vibrates when I turn it on because it was on vibrate before (startup sound). But it won't do anything else, I tried changing the ringer, hitting buttons, and it didn't make any sounds. Display cable popped out? Any ideas? -Punk

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Cell phone repeater for my home.

I'm looking into getting a cell repeater for my home. I live in a rural area with not a lot of service inside my house, but four bars outside. The repeater I'm looking at uses an omni directional antenna that draws in signal from multiple towers for multiple carriers. My question is, since this system uses an omni antenna, wouldn't any antenna do? Such as a CB antenna? The way I look at it the antenna draws in all types of signal but its left up to the inside receiver what type of signal to use? Am I wrong on this?

Posted by cladner74 8 years ago

How to splice cell phone charger?

I am trying to connect 2 cell phones to one charger. I'm not sure if the factory charger will produce enough current, but I know how to figure that out if I get an answer to this question: If I were to simply splice the two connectors that go to the phones together (red-red, black -black) would there be issues caused by the two being connected in parallel? I guess I could technically put them in series, but either way the thought remains on whether or not I need to use anything to "isolate" the phones from one another.?

Asked by ryukyu 9 years ago

New Cell, Pictures look good on the screen, but not really.

I got a new cell phone in the mail, my v220 died (and then came back to life the day I got the new one). So rogers, the cleaver folks, sent me a v360, knowing that's not what I asked for, and the v220 being a $500 something phone, I know for a fact that this one is only worth a few $$ (I would know as my sister has the same one). The buggers eh? But on the the main part, the pictures looked impressive compared to my v220, well on the screen they do. But actually on the computer? Complete shit, you tell me? Ps.- Yea, that's my buddy, holding his new "toy", a water pipe, but lemonie should know exactly what it is.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

what can I do with an old razor phone?

I have a cell phone that I can text on but its broken. Can someone tell me how to use this old razor to take the place of that one. I am contracted with straight talk (Walmart brand).

Asked by sharrison6 6 years ago

Can I repurpose a 3G Microcell from AT&T?

Several years ago I received a 3G Microcell from AT&T. I am now with a different cell service provider, actually an AT&T MVNO. Is it possible to repurpose the microcell to work with my current (or any) network operator? Thanks.

Asked by BenM262 1 year ago

samsung galaxy data transfer?

I want to transfer #'s from my samsung flip phone to my Galaxy

Asked by rons22 5 years ago