Fixing a Windsor chair

I have a few Windsor chairs that are about six years old, and over the past few years spokes on the chairs have started popping out the top of the chair and causing cracks. I was thinking about using a glue called wonder lockem to fix the problem but I dont know if it is really going to fix the problem.

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Racing Chair

How can I make a racing chair. I've seen some with car seats and some with out car seats. I'm looking for some one that can show me or link me some where to make a racing chair. I got a chair just looking to make everything else. If I make the chair I'll make put it up on Instructables. 

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How can I get plans for the library ladder chair?

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Do we really not have one? Answered

Do we really not have an instructable for a ladder/chair?see a ladder/chair here

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can someone show me a cheap flight simulater gaming chair rig ?

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Desk chair with bicycle shock?

Can it be done? I want the shock to be used for the tilt back mechanism. Any suggestions on how it can be accomplished?   I want it to be suitable for up to 150kg (currently I'm at 100, and I'm trying to shed some weight. Thank you all in advance 

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what voltage motor is needed to drive a 30x30cm chair

Actually i'm making a wooden chair of 30 cm height 30 cm width and 30 cm long and attaching wheels to the legs of the chair.I wanted to know the voltage of motor that should be used.For example whether 8volt motor or 9volt motor

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Spray painting over chrome

There is this chair I've always wanted but it had chrome feet. I do not like chrome. Could I spray paint it and if so what are the steps? Or could I diffuse it so it is duller? Thanks

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How to go about designing an ergonomic chair?

Greetings, I have been unable to find a chair that is as comfortable as I want, and I would like to design my own. I want it fully support all parts of the body. I am trying to figure out a system for making one. To figure out the shape I need to be able to sit in it and adjust it at any point from head to foot to see what is the most comfortable to find the perfect shape. I need to be able to raise, lower, move forward, and move back every inch of it. Any ideas on how to do this? The best thing I can think of is a huge amount of clay. Thanks

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can u teach me step by step?

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What is causing the deep cycle battery charger fuses to pop?

Mobile Wheelchair battery wiring: Two young 12v 26AH wired in ceries? is poping charger fuses. with newly accuired controller The chair contoller has been newly doneup and could be the cause Look at Mobile chair battery line diagram operating with newly acuired reconstructed second hand controller it pops charger fuses, the battery's are near new the, motors is not connected yet in fear of damage from a dead short somewhere.The motors operated fine whith previous

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so i stumbled across this today would anyone have an idea on how to create one? Answered

Its called the  Feel Seating System, i found it while surfing the web and i was curious if anyone had an idea on how i could make my own because to buy them its over 4,500 dollars..just a little out of my price range

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reupholster chair?dinning room chair? Answered

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sound chair

How much and how hard would it be to build a sound chair like the syramat s2000

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Knitted Chairs

I've created an open source pattern for knitted chair! The aim is to let individuals use knitting as a creative media to personalise the ubiquitous plastic chair. It's been great to see how different every single knitted chairs are. Join me in this revolution!

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slipcover for a resin chair?

Has anyone made/designed a template to make good looking covers for inexpensive resin chairs?

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What's the best chair you've ever used? Answered

I am going to build a chair and I'm in the design/research phase. What are some standout examples of chair design both in terms of functionality and style that you've encountered?

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Adult Baby high chair and crib?

I am looking for plans on making a simple Adult Baby/Littles high chair and crib. I will most likely make the high chair first.

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Wheel chair project

What are the parts required to make a wheel chair project?what is the total cost of the parts?

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Do you know a source for chair glides that can be used for the emco ( good form) aluminum chair?

The chair legs are 1 inch square with a 5/8 to 3/4 inch hole in the bottom. The original glides were metal and were held in by a compressible rubber gromett. The only chair glides I have seen made today are metal inserts for square or round chairs with a screw in metal glide. I wonder what replacement type would be most suitable for these chairs

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Old chair restyling

I have 4 antique chairs that are too rickety for seating. I don't want to throw them away or repair them as chairs. Has anyone done anything to rework a chair as a new object? Table, box, shelf, photo frame, etc? Anything but the old planter idea. Two of the chairs are oak pressback and have LOTS of decorative spindles.

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Outside lounge chair

We have an outdoor lounge chair used for sunbathing. The one we have has a metal frame with fabric stretched across. Recently the fabric part ripped, leaving the chair unusable. It kind of looks like the one in the photo, except on ours, the fabric on the 'back' of the chair is separate from the fabric on the 'body' of the chair. (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to post an image. :P) Surely there is an instructable teaching how to make an outdoor lounge/sunbathing chair, though I couldn't find one. Anyone know of one or know how I can fix the old chair?

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Suitcase Chair

ok so i want to build a suitcase chair. I found an old suitcase on the side of the road and want to make it for my gf as a present. I wanna make it like the ones in the link below. Any tips would be very helpful or could someone point me in the direction of some plans or a guide on how to make it. If anyone is down to help me ill post pictures a little later today

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Old tire rocking chair

Found randomly on Flickr: just LOVE this! It looks like it ought not to be too difficult to make, if one has a junkyard to pull bits from.(The note on the chair's back says something about don't play on this as wasps have taken up residence.)

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Suitcase Chair

ok so i want to build a suitcase chair. I found an old suitcase on the side of the road and want to make it for my gf as a present. I wanna make it like the ones in the link below. Any tips would be very helpful or could someone point me in the direction of some plans or a guide on how to make it. If anyone is down to help kinda guide me through this ill post sum pictures later today.

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HELP?! I need some advice on chair restoration!

I have spotted this chair in a charity shop, I have been looking for a similar style to this for my flat to restore/up-cycle. I plan to either have the cushion restored or to recover in a soft furnishing for a different look However... I am a total novice to this kind of this so I was just wondering: 1. What I should pay for a chair like this, in this condition? 2. How much would it cost to reupholster both DIY & by a professional? 3. How much it would be worth when finished? Any help and advice given would be much appreciated, as I really am unsure! Thanks!

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Anyone have any input on building a homemade PC Chair/Monitor Mount gaming rig?

Basically I'd like to make a nice semi reclined PC Gaming chair with a monitor mount that wraps around from behind the headrest , and a keyboard/mouse surface that is adjustable and swivels.  SInce a picture is worth more than 1000 poorly used words, here is a product thats similar to what I'd like to build: I'd like to get a nice chair built for $300 or less, I'm fairly handy, and I also have a few friends that are professional welders and sheet metal workers that will be willing to give me a hand.  Does anyone know of any plans or blueprints out there for a home made gaming rig similar to what I've linked to above?

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Please help me, I am trying to figure out how to take apart this office chair so that I can reupholster it?

I dont know where the screws are that I need to take out. I am scared that I will break the chair if I pull the plastic too hard, or does it pop back into place? I just really need to get this apart asap...thanks

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Handmade recliner workstation

I am concerned about the health of my son because he spends a lot of time playing computer games.I want to make for him a workstation with adjustable tilt of the chair and monitor as in Altwork Station or Human Touch Zero Gravity Chair, but without  complicated electric mechanisms. Unfortunately the price of such things in Ukraine is incredibly expensive, so I want to do it myself. Can someone help with ideas or plans ? Tnx Google translater was used 

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Does anyone have a pattern for a hammock type sling chair for backpacking? Lightweight 1lb or less

 Am looking for something really lightweight that can be hooked to a pack that is quick to set up for lunch breaks or any type of break.  And I guess it doesn't really need to be a "hammock" - just something easy to set up that is sturdy - needs to hold 200+ lbs and is stable on uneven ground. Thanks - figure someone here can figure it out if they haven't already.  I've looked at some of the chairs but they don't quite fit what I'm looking for.

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Hoverchairs for floating senior citizens

Hovercrafts are great ways to reuse a leaf blower or shopvac for goofing off. Now some folks in Japan are using the same idea to float senior citizens around. These chairs designed at Japan's Kobe Gakuin University can lift up to 330 pounds. The next step is to find someone who can manufacture them so we can get everyone floating along, softly bumping off each other. Related: Hovercraft Autonomous, Wirelessly Controlled Hovercraft Simple Rideable Hovercraft Link

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Turning a simple task chair into an ergonomic chair

Greetings Instructables Community!  I have an issue finding a nice ergonomic chair for my desk at home. I'm currently using a task chair that looks like this mildly crude cartoon (blue chair with fuscia burst). I was thinking of disassembling it, using the back rest and the seat to make an ergonomic chair, much like this one (the kneeler with the chappy gent on it). Or I could save myself some trouble from building the frame from scratch and make a chair like this (the black office chair-esque kneeler). So, any tips? I've been turning it around in my head for months and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I guess I don't want blood clots in my calves. Thanks! - Jules

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need pattern for a bean bag chair?

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Can I use an office chair as a virtual carousel horse ride?

My daughter loves carousels, so I want to try to make a unique ride for my daughter. I was thinking of taking the chair top/seat off of an office chair, and mounting it on a machine that makes the chair go up and down slowly 2-3 inches in height, kinda like a carousel horse would.  How can I make a chair go up and down like that?

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Building an Aeron Chair at home

Hello everyone on instructables! I have a computer chair currently but the entire thing is breaking. I need to get myself a new chair or build it. I'm deciding to go towards the building chair route. I want to make myself a Aeron Chair chair. What I have are the mounts on which the seat and back support can be fixed on. They are fine but the seat and back seat are what need to be replaced. The cushion on the seat has flattened, the back seat is broken. Does anyone have the profile for seat and back seat which I can build? I'm planning to build the outer frame with wood and cover the entire seat with leather. I just need the Aeron Chair profile. I have attached what I want to build.

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Self Assembeling Chair Robot

I found this on Youtube and thought it was kind of silly but at the same time pretty cool.The robot chair breaks and then reassembles itself. What do you think about it?

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Dc motor for a stair climbing wheel chair?

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Cardboard Chairs

Check out these finalists in a cardboard chair competition. Only corrugated cardboard (preferably reused) and glue could be used as materials. The entry below is particularly cool as it only uses one shape for all the cutouts and it can be flipped for a different angle.Link via Core77

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Good Repurosing for an Old Office Swivel Chair?

I bought an old office chair at a garage sale today for a buck. Now, after rolling around the neighborhood in it like a maniac, its time to figure out a way to repurpose it. Any ideas? I was thinking ethier using the base to make the Car Seat Office Chair ( ), or combine it with a bike, still with the office chair wheels on it, for a unquie ride. Any idea how to do the second one, or any other thoughts on how to repurpose it? Thanks!-xD

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How do you make a haunted hair salon chair?? Answered

   I have one of those hairdressing chairs that pump up with your foot.  I was thinking of making the chair "Haunted"... as in having some kind of mechanical machine that (When turned on...)  moves the height adjustment foot lever up and down... causing the chair (And anyone sitting on it) to go up, up, up in height.  What parts do I need to make this fun project?

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Need help in designing an electric wheel chair for a little kid

I am trying to make a light and safe design of electric wheel chair for a kids age 2-3 years. ill need help selecting the material, chair type, battery type and how to make it safe for daily use around other kids. ill be grateful if someone points me in a right direction. your help is appreciated.Thanks,Uzair.

Asked by ukhan4 25 days ago

Extending Office Chair?

I want to raise the height of my office chair, about 4" or so, but I don't know how to do it. The piston is already maxed and its still too short. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

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how can i build a wheel chair from an old bike a skateboard and a chair?

My friend recently broke his ankle and all he does is sit around the house i want to build him a wheel chair but have no money and limited parts...keep in mind i have no welding tools or experience please help asap !

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Desk chair fix? Answered

So, I put my feet up on the desk while sitting at my chair. And then this happened. How would I go about fixing this? (Sorry about scrappy phone pics)

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Instructables on this chair??

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me make an instructables or have an instructable on how to build this chair for personal use??? I wanted to build it for my aunt who is turning 40 and a bibliophile :) will be willing to donate to someone who had made something like this before. 

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White Glue problem

Does anyone know how to remove white glue from a fixed chair? I'm fixing chairs for a pub around, but lately interchanged the wood pieces of the upper left and right. I noticed this 6hrs later, when it was too late to disassemble/tear things out. I know, basically it's possible to do so with water or heat, but in this case the glue is in the chair itself, so i guess, i can't heat it up - i thought about putting the chair into to a tub to soak it with water, but then i'd have the problem that even the chair's wood itself is soaked. Any suggestions?

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