What are ya gettin for Christmas?

Posted by T-man 11 years ago

Merry Christmas!

In a few days it's Christmas, and since Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! I also realised Christmas and creating are very much alike: they both bring joy, happiness and gifts, so that makes Christmas and Instructables an even better combination. Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by emilyvanleemput 4 years ago

Happy Christmas!

That is all I will say.

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

Christmas Gifts

Ok so this is the thread were you get to post everything you got for Christmas and what you gave people for Christmas!!!Have Fun=)

Posted by bigdylan91 8 years ago

What do You Want for Christmas

What do you want for Christmas.

Posted by Fin the human 3 years ago

Merry Christmas!

I'll try my best to be back soon! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Posted by GorillazMiko 9 years ago


Hey everyone! this is knexsniper1 wishing everyone a great Christmas this year and best wishes for all! I hope you all got what you wanted this year :) this forum is just for everyone to share their favorite experiences about this christmas or any  past chrismas. you may also share what you got from "santa" this year or what you wanted. Again, best wishes for all, and i wish everyone a happy new year :)

Posted by knexsniper1 8 years ago

Christmas preview


Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

Save my Christmas Tree!

My Christmas tree is no longer sucking up water,and it is beginning to droop.I remember hearing on Mythbusters that bleach helps the Christmas tree last longer. Is this a good idea,or do you have another suggestion?

Posted by Sedgewick17 11 years ago

Duct tape Christmas

I had some duct tape lying around and was wondering to myself 'what stuff for Christmas can you make out of duct tape!' If anyone has any ideas about possible duct tape Christmas decorations or other Christmas related crafts, please let me know...I really want this Christmas to be a little more interesting than last years...

Posted by Kidz_Creator 8 years ago

Christmas stories

Merry christmas everybody! In the meantime, lets share some amusing christmas stories that you have had! anything from annoying relatives to dad having to use a chainsaw because he couldn't find the meat cleaver is fine!

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

merry christmas!

I would just like to wish everyone a merry christmas...ive had a good first year on instructables and hopefully i will post more in the new year thankyou everyone!

Posted by bedbugg2 10 years ago

Book Store Christmas Tree.

Look at the picture.  Enjoy the festive simplicity. Source.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

What do you want for Christmas?

So, what do YOU want for Christmas? I want to know

Posted by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

what did you get for christmas?

Title says it...what did you get for christmas? i got a new mountain bike-specialized hardrock sport disc 2006

Posted by bedbugg2 10 years ago

xmas greeting

Just practicing photoshop. Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by SlickSqueegie 4 years ago

Instructables Robot Christmas Ornament

Check out this awesome robot ornament we've been giving away as Christmas/New Year/Holiday presents!

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year :D

First, I'd like to wish everybody a great christmas for tomorrow. Second I'd like to thank everyone here for a great year on Instructables, and encourage even more productivity in all areas of the site. We're advancing so much. Merry Christmas! -J

Posted by The Jamalam 7 years ago

Christmas present

I cant think of what i want for Christmas i like tech stuff what are some cool things i could ask for because if i don't ask for anything ill end up with a bunch of clothes under my tree :-(

Posted by Tanners 9 years ago

Helpful tips giving gift christmas and new year are environmentally friendly

Christmas and new year is near. What have you prepared? hmmm … christmas and new year celebrations are usually synonymous with giving gifts to family, friends and people we love. Here are some tips for gift-giving is still ‘green’ in order to maintain sustainability of the planet  more details : tips giving gift christmas and new year are environmentally friendly

Posted by ling-ling lia 7 years ago

Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree

Y'know, I've always wondered about this. An aquarium filled with exotic fish here is using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.Each time the electric eel at the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium touches a copper wire in its tank, it sends power that lights up globes decking a Christmas tree.From the Mainichi Daily News. Can't get the link to work to verify, so possibly a hoax.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Christmas break

It's that time of year again - off to the in-laws for The Season Of Good Will. I'll be largely absent, so have fun, don't drink too much, and please remember to vote for the Kite Family in the various contests ending soon. Roger-X Conker-X (And don't forget me!)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Merry Christmas!

I wish all the k'nexers at Instructables a merry Chrsitmas!

Posted by jollex 9 years ago

I'm bunking off!

Goodbye, peeps! Plans have changed slightly for Christmas, so I probably won't be near a broadband connection very often, if at all, until the New Year, just in time for my second anniversary as an Instructableer. In the mean time, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, enjoy the Solstice and the New Year and any other holidays I've missed.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Merry Christmas! (plus sneak peek at recent project)

Hey guys! Before i say anything else, Merry Christmas! I know I've been quiet, but that's because I've been working on something big. I have a good idea of when it will come out(about jan 3). And here's a tip for you guys. When things get quiet, things start to get crazy(crazy for me anyway lol). If I'm gonna finish this, I'm going to need a little more knex. I think that I am going to make a mag fed rifle that shoots green rods. Pics are handle. Third pic is handle attached to something.

Posted by tinyhooman 1 year ago

Christmas Appetizers

Ok guys, I need some help. My mother has decided to throw a Christmas party, and I need help coming up with things to eat. Just little appetizers and finger foods. She wants to go ahead and get a menu together, so that we can kind of price everything (money is a bit tight this year). I'm drawing a blank as to what kind of goes with the holiday. Especially given the restrictions: No tomatoes, No corn, No shellfish. Some people coming over are extremely allergic to them. I have been asked to make a cheesecake and some bacon wrapped chicken. So that's two things. I need a few more. Any suggestions? Really any food that goes with the holiday, or just social get togethers with be appreciated.

Posted by its a lion 10 years ago

Post your Presents !!

So what ya' get !!??!!Post any cool presents you got here and add pics if there really cool !Also if you have any cool Christmas pic's post them !P.S. This isnt a competition !Dont degrade other peoples giftsDont LIE !

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

any ideas how to make outdoor chistmas packages for decorating

I would like to make packages for outdoor christmas decorating. i intend to wrap foil like wrapping paper over something. but im thinking carboard boxes will get dilapadated.any ideas are welcome.

Posted by feltingirl 6 years ago

Time to Vote!

It's time to vote on the Christmas Contest entries!Click here to see the decoration contest entries, and vote for all those you think deserve it.You can vote for more than one entry, but don't vote for them all, or it's not worth voting at all.(And don't forget that the Gift Contest closes on the 4th as well.)

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Xmas Contest

Hey Everyone, Any idea, if instructables has any Xmas contests? That involve Xmas stuff. As in, maybe, ornaments, yard sculptures, tree decorating, etc... Anyone?

Posted by Greasetattoo 7 years ago

Is There Something Wrong With My Tree?

I just checked the water level of my tree. When I pulled my hand out, it was covered in tiny white and black squirming bugs (about the size of a grain of sand). Is that, well, natural for a Turkish Fir tree.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 11 years ago

What I truly hate about the holiday season.

It's when the new shows start telling me how much to tip everyone. The serious "advice" from these people ranges anywhere for a day's pay to a month's salary for everyone from the garbage man (there are four on the trucks in my neighborhood, does each receive $100?) to each person where I get my haircut, not just the barber, EVERYONE. The suggested tips run up into the thousands of dollars. Hey Christmas, go to hell! And let's not forget the office gift exchange, we are strongly encouraged to participate, since they can't make it mandatory, to bring a new $10 gift. Last year I hand made something and caught a firestorm of crap for it. This year, being my last, I bought a $10 gift and gave it to Toys for Tots. Materialistic, self centered BS that's the holiday spirit.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 10 years ago

Were you THIS excited this Christmas???

My burning question, is were you THIS excited this Christmas? Check out how mad this kid went when he realised what he got for Christmas....

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

'Tis the Season to be Missing...

.. fa lalalala la la la la! OK folks, I'm off to the wilds of Northern England in about 18 hours from the time of typing, spending Christmas with relatives who don't really grok modern technology, so my access to the inter tubes will be sporadic. Just in case I don't get online before then, I'd just like to wish you all the best for whichever version of the season you choose to celebrate.  Whether you are celebrating with family, friends, I wish you a relaxing time with your loved ones. If you are celebrating alone, I wish you a hug from a stranger and a phone call from a distant friend.  If they don't phone you, you should phone them, just to wish them a happy holiday, and to remind them that they are in your thoughts. The tree was posted on Laughing Squid. EDIT OK, so I didn't end up missing so much, but I will definitely be offline for the next 24+ hours. Happy Holliers, one and all!

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Merry Christmas!!

I made this in dedication to all the great people in my life. The text version is for all maccies and linuxers out there. Note that I finished this at 1:16 AM, and wanted to get it out for all the people who have Christmas tomorrow, and so errors are expected. I also know that it is not politically correct to say "Merry Christmas," but I don't really care.

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

How do you hang Christmas lights?

How do you hang up your christmas lights? On our fence I used zip ties, but when I went to put lights around some windows, I saw the Window christmas light frame but I didn't have the right lights for it and used Duct Tape. Any ideas?

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

Cheap Christmas presents

Hey.... any ideas for christmas presents that aren't for your close friends... (parents of b/f, b/f's frieds... etc.) I need some crafty cute inexpensive ideas.

Posted by hethlee 12 years ago

Nightmare before christmas party

I want to have a nightmare before christmas halloween party in a couple years, but in the years i wait i want to make some custom decorations. Does anyone have any ideas? They must be fairly inexpensive i am fifteen so i dont have very much income, but the can be time consuming since i have years. And how about some christmas style decorations too. thankz in advance! P.S. my favorite materials are paper, popsicle sticks, and duct tape so if it includes those materials it is that much better.

Posted by N8C 6 years ago

I want to make christmas lights blink!

I want to take a string of LED Christmas lights and add some form of relay that causes the entire light string to blink. I'm sure this can be easily achieved by adding some kind of in-line relay or circuit, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to add. Any ideas?

Posted by Erind 9 years ago


Here you go! Another christmas present! My top loading rifle is awesome! I will be posting this around christmas!!!!!

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

Looking for a wii this christmas need reviews

Hello everybody  my family and I are researching the possibility of getting a Wii for Christmas and we just want your reviews and ideas my mother wants the on the Wii fitness package with  weightlifting  a main priority on the wii so if anybody has any ideas/reviews please let me know you can. P.m. me if that suits you Thank you. Bye

Posted by fidgety2 7 years ago

Happy Merry New Christmas Year!!!

It's that time of year again, whether you be in the cold of Canada or in the sunny beaches of Australia, Christmas Fever is sweeping the nation like an epidemic on steroids. Even if you do not follow the practices of Christmas, you still get that warm feeling that is only attained by a holiday at this time of year. I would like to say, open up your hearts to a fellow man and and do something nice for Christmas, and then post it here if you wish! Whether it be a personalized card or a new Honda Accord with custom paint job for your mate, I, and I am pretty sure I can safely say many others, wish to see it! And I wish to finish here with a more heartfelt note, addressed to every one that reads this: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and every one you know. ~K

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago

Merry (early) christmas!

Hey all, I decided that since so many people were wanting to see my new gun, I'd post it early. Besides, there are so many christmas guns because people were following the trend, that mine would be overlooked. So, take a look, tell me what you think. (PS I know this is a bit spammish, but since my last instructable wasn't posted for 4 days, I'm thinking that this might not even come out for christmas.)

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Merry Christmas

Just a quick festive greeting to one and all, rushing to beat a dying battery and get you yet another huge meal. Bird books as expected, but also my father in law gave me a book that should end upp becoming the source of a really major instructable over the Easter / Summer breaks... Oh, and we've been invited to stay with friends in Summer. In Geneva - the Swiss one. Anyhoo, hope you've all had as grand a Christmas as Family Kite and all associated families.  "See" you all later. >K<

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Christmas Ornament Patch: Ho Ho Ho!

'Tis the season to be decorating with ornaments! If you want an ornament patch, leave a new comment below saying "Ho Ho Ho!" This is open until noon PST. I'll be giving out patches when it closes. UPDATE: This is closed! Purple ornaments have been delivered! Stay tuned for more ornaments.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Cutting brass sheets: replicating Christmas ornaments

I'm looking to replicate a brass ornament for a dear friend. The ornaments in question are similar to these ( Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get the precision for the concentric rings as well as the detail inside? I thought about using a Dremel for the detail work, and snips for the outside, but I'm having trouble coming up with a solution for the rounded rectangles.  Thanks!

Posted by RamboBrite 4 years ago

Christmas Ornament patches! Get one now!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed. We need to decorate this place a little bit. If you want an ornament patch to liven up your profile, just post a new comment below saying "Happy Holidays!" below. Oh, and this is only up for a few hours. Get a comment up before 3pm PST (that's just over three hours from posting time) to get a patch! UPDATE: Patches will be assigned after 3pm.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Christmas Knex Guns!!!

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! Okay, so i wanted to make a list of all the knex guns coming out at christmas, so could you tell me them? I would like a list, (i think i already said that) soooo, give me a comment! List: STLR Seleziona's top loading rifle KFSA Knex freek's semi-auto TJASTR2 The jamalam's gun TBBR2 The burrito master's gun  PP19 Logic Boy's gun Silent assassin's secret replica Another Replica by Killer~Safecracker Dutchwarlord's bullpup t.a.r. 21 Raikou-san's new slingshot Mr.muggle's oodammo caliber sniper rifle The Dunkis' oodasault V3.6 (maybe)  Owen mon 82397's gun Ksc and knexfreeks repeating crossbow collab Knex mad's new turret breach loading gun Kinetic's pump action sling gun (maybe) Erikos kostariko's sr-v3 (maybe) Master dude's MAR 2  Which ones are you waiting for? I really want the KFSA, and the TBBR2!

Posted by Seleziona 8 years ago

I posted a New Instructable.

I Posted a holiday related instructable, Check it out here or here

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Christmas Gift Ideas

Ok, I'm not a big one for receiving gifts.  I like telling me people to get me this or that, that if the need for something was that great then I would already have it. Well my wife won't leave it alone, so she is making me make a list.  I have nothing nerdy or diy oriented although I've always loved everything about instructables / make. Basicly I'm hoping people on here can give me an idea of where I can start.  First off maybe suggest a book to get me started in circuitry / electronics, don't really need one probably due to online tutorials. Also I need tools, tell me what tools a novice electronics hobbyist should invest in first. Thanks!

Posted by JmGrant 8 years ago