what can i do with old golf clubs?

I have many out dated golf clubs, there has to be something creative i can do with them to sell at a flea market , i need bucks help

Asked by cybwin 6 years ago

Green Clubs

This is to spread the word about green clubs. They are a great way to get together with people and talk and do green things that help our planet. They are also a great way to raise awareness to people about our what could be destroyed earth. Great places to have them are libraries, schools, and even meeting places like local coffee shops. Please help start green clubs. P.S. I am not a Hippie or a tree-hugger.

Posted by weirdo62 8 years ago

How do I login after a password change?

I asked for a password change. Instructables emailed me an access # I used it change my password When I try to login, I can't as PRO Help!

Asked by benji 3 years ago

Music Clubs and Bands

Hey all, I was just wondering whether anyone did any bands or music clubs. If so, what? I play Guitar to Grade 4, and I am in the School Jazz Band, but nothing else =/ Does anyone do anything similar? Also, if you are, what grade are you at instruments, or do you just not do them?

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Parkour Clubs

Does anyone go to a parkour or freerunnning club? I find it really helps you keep fit and get better. Within an hour I was able to do a kong vault much better. Well, anyone out there go to one?

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

masters club

Anybody can join this club.

Posted by jveselka 10 years ago


Are there any tech deck/fingerboarding clubs near lancster uk???

Posted by mountain island 10 years ago

Duct Tape club

Join the duct tape club

Posted by AwesomeSwordGuy 7 years ago

Duct Tape Club

Also join the duct tape club woooo

Posted by AwesomeSwordGuy 7 years ago

Homemade Juggling Rings? Answered

Hey folks,Ive been wondering... I'm a juggler, and in addition to the props that I've bought, I have made my own balls and clubs. I've never seen instructions for homemade rings, however, and these are the only other props that I want to use that I can make at home (unless someone can show me how to make juggling knives...)So anyways, that's pretty well it. How do you go about making you own juggling rings.Thanks!IaC

Asked by I_am_Canadian 8 years ago

Please join the Climbing Club.

Alone. So alone.

Posted by randofo 11 years ago

How can I motivate lazy club members? Answered

I'm president of a club at my college. For the most part we just sit around at watch cartoons but as a college club there are certain things we have to do. Like raise money for charity. If we don't do these things, we lose our club accreditation. Most of the members do nothing to help out, even when I wave the threat of no longer being a club above them. They want all sorts of benefits and extras and things but are unwilling to put forth the time to earn them. How can I get these lazy students to care about the club and help out?

Asked by Captain Zesh 8 years ago

More club buddys needed!

We need more club buddys!(Sorry, my imagination just went dry and that is the only phrase that I can think of.) Does anyone want to help and does anyone agree with me?

Posted by will421 9 years ago

How do I start a community origami club? Answered

After this summer I am going to be teaching an origami class to the public at my local library, but first I would like to create a community club for origami. Anyone know how to start a group?

Asked by CrafteroftheArts 2 years ago

Pokemon Club

Hello this is Mplinnc showing you my latest club!!!! :D this is the pokemon fan club and I mplinnc need members!!!!! UPDATE: jwad09 has joined! So to join you just need to PM me telling me: Whats your favorite pokemon for Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and Sinnoh And whats your name. and when I say pokemon I mean real pokemon. not Missing No. or glitch pokemon. ;D

Posted by Mplinnc 8 years ago

I want to start robotics club with students with no experiece. help!? Answered

I want to start a robotics club in school and children are very keen but have no knowledge what should I do?

Asked by sdrobo95 11 months ago

local lapidary CLUB?


Asked by georgie.smith.311 2 years ago

Do You Have Midnight Club Los Angeles For The PS3 (With Map Expansion, Premium Pack, Vehicle Pack 1 and Vehicle Pack 2)?

I'm currently playing MC LA (Midnight Club Los Angeles) a lot, and wondered if any of you K'nexers have Midnight Club (With Map Expansion, Premium Pack, Vehicle Pack 1 and Vehicle Pack 2) for the PS3, if so.. LET'S ROLL!!! (lol) -Viccie.B1993-

Asked by Skreetsha 8 years ago

New Job, New Club

Some of you know, some of you don't, but I started a new job today, at a local new high school. Instructables came up in my interview, and as a result we are starting an Instructables club, starting Thursday lunchtime.  First project will be my paper catapult, but we may start encouraging them to publish their own projects over the next few weeks. Weeee....

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Any Club-Mate drinkers out there in the NYC area?

It is being imported from Germany special for anyone that may want the high caffeine drink Club-Mate. For those familiar with it from overseas, you may post as to your like/dislikes of the beverage and what you think about it overall. This link was the first I got wind of this and forgot to mention it before or forgot that I DID mention it before?

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Caftsman Club 3D Printer Sweepstakes - won't accept email address with dash

I tried ot enter the Caftsman Club 3D Printer Sweepstakes but the form will not accept my email address because it has a dash in the domain which is valid.  Please fix.

Posted by rwollin 5 years ago

in my engineering club i was asked to build a driver circuit push-pull emitter follower.

I have no idea what this is. I have recently started an engineering club ( i am 14) and wanted some help with my homework. I am using my older brother account because he told me to found it out myself. i have until tomorrow to find the right circuit and then build it when i go to my club using a software called multisim. 

Asked by MohamedN3 3 years ago

Instructables Club for School?

Hey everyone, I am in high school, and I was just thinking it would be quite fun to have an Instructables club in our high school. I was just wondering if I have permission from the Instructables staff to start a club, because of all the copywright and whatnot. I was thinking of having annual contests, and the winners could get an Instructables Leatherman or something like that. I was also thinking of having the joined users from my school make a group to gather all of our ideas. Maybe the contestant in the contests could join our group and submit their Instructable, and the leaders of our club could decide a winner. Is this is good idea? And do I have permission? Suggestions are always welcome! Oh yea, when everyone sees use walking around in Robot-T-shirts, who wouldn't want to join? -Thanks -Brennn10

Posted by Brennn10 11 years ago

DIY Beading Club Membership Package

Hi guys! To all jewelry makers out there I am offering a membership package that includes NEW and original tutorials personally created by me and my design team. The tutorials are in PDF format and you'll receive 10 tutorials for newly registrants and then 5 tutorials every month. You can visit Handmade Jewelry Club to find out more about DIY Beading Club Membership Package  Here's what we have for our First Month Lesson Plan Here's what we have for our Second Month Lesson Plan   

Posted by diylesson 6 years ago

Golf club travel case

Has anyone turned a golf bag into a golf travel case. Looking for suggestions for perhaps a hard top to go onto golf bag so I can put on a aircraft or move to another location.

Posted by deeboz 7 years ago

RFID lap counting and timing system for school walking club?

My elementary school has a weekly walking and jogging club. It would be nice to have an "automated" system to tally the laps and times each week. I do NOT want a commercial option, and hope to partner with the neighborhood Middle School tech elective to create the system. In a perfect world, I'm hoping another user has created a system like this and could share their tips (even if for remote control cars) or an instructable. There might even be a way to use an entry system that records the times.

Asked by edmondslibrarian 6 years ago

New feature -- see your fan club!

I see that a new feature got deployed over night. On your login page, there's now a display of everyone who is subscribed to you, just above the I'bles of people to whom you subscribe.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

fan club Traistariu-contact-0722.410.597

Cu Tornero, Mihai Traistariu s-a impus imediat in peisajul muzical din Romania. Este prezent pentru recitaluri in Romania dar si in strainatate, si este permanent invitat la spectacole, lansari, campanii electorale, petreceri diverse, manifestari orasenesti, nunti, botezuri si revelioane. Contact impresariat artistic si programari-0722.410.597 sau 0745.503.350 ori trimiteti e-mail la tvbucuresti@yahoo.com

Posted by traistariu 9 years ago

Arduino programming group / club Staffordshire UK?

There are many places on the net where I can ask a question and get answers, however it helps if you know what questions to ask and the consequences of doing one thing in a sketch that will stop another part. This normally means a lot of questions! I have been looking around for groups or clubs local to where I live, the closest (thanks to a quick Google search) seem to be Manchester, London and Western Virginia, Not quite sure why that one popped up but that's the beauty of the internet! So, the question is does anyone know of a get together, group, club (not swingers though!) local to Stafford, Cannock or Rugeley that wouldn't mind a middle age newbie popping along every now and again? Hopefully I can stop asking so many questions then :-)

Asked by Djandco 5 years ago

Science Olympiad

Hey! Is anyone here in the Science Olympiad club in their school? If so, post about your Scrambler, Robot Ramble, or Sumo Bot!

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 11 years ago

Duct Tape Guns

Hello members of the Duct Tape Club I have a mini contest for you guys. Lets try over our Thanksgiving break to each make a Duct Tape Gun of some type. It can shoot or not. Do whatever you want and post it on this Club page and the Duct Tape contest of course. Happy Thanksgiving.                       -AwesomeSwordGuy

Posted by AwesomeSwordGuy 7 years ago

knex ball machine's new vip system

This is the groups offical vip club for people up to the stadards. It is a invitational club only knexperts can join. if you like to join you have to send a reply with a picture of your best ball machine and I will accept if it's up to my standerds Thank you

Posted by dance1212 9 years ago

Like Club Workshop in Denver, Co but in chicago

Are any of you familiar with Club Workshop in Denver, CO? If so, do you know if there is something similar in the Chicago area? I would love to be in Denver, believe me, but right now i am living in chicago's suburbs and i just need a good place to hang out and gain some skills. I don't quite have the money or space to go and create my own awesome workshop... Any leads, or suggestions. I am willing to google, but i'm drawing a blank as to what i should put in a google search. Thanks, Tbonestone

Posted by Tbonestone 7 years ago

faverite gun sword or hammer

My fave gun is sniper,fave hammer is golf club,fave sword is energy sword.

Posted by nfk11 7 years ago

join fee

I am unable to make a payment to join as the page refuses to open correctly. How do I join the club in order purchase a program.

Posted by Gr8Gr1000Pop 3 years ago

SF Pillow Fight - Valentine's Day

For those of you in they SF Bay Area, here's a chance to release some pent-up aggression this Thursday. Cut & pasted direct for your enjoyment:Pillow Fight is being planned for 6pm on Valentine's Day (February14th) at PeeWee Herman Plaza (at Market and Embarcadero). Wait untilthe Ferry Building clock strikes 6!Bring your own damned pillow.Rules:1. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.2. You do tell everyone about PillowFight Club.3. If someone whines or has no pillow, you cannot hit them.4. Everyone joins in the fight.5. The one fight starts at the designated time - No earlier.6. No tar, no heavy things in pillows.7. PillowFights will go on until they're done.8. If this is your first night at PillowFight Club, you have to get feathered. Image from flickr user presta under Creative Commons license.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

paracord weaving?

I would like to know how to use 550 paracord to weave a ball at the end of the cord. basically making a billy jack club. thanks

Asked by bgbrannon 5 years ago

2009 fischertechnik Club Meeting Schoonhoven NL

SCHOONHOVEN fischertechnik Club MeetingWHAT: A convention where fischertechnik fans meet and show off their creations.This is one of the primary events every fischertechnik fan should attend. These fans show off some incredible projects!WHERE: Schoonhoven NL(Hall "Beyond", Wal 34, 2871 BC Schoonhoven, 0182-383140)WHEN: Saturday, November 7, 2009 The hall is open at 08:00 to fans with models. All visitors are welcome from 10:00 to 16:00!COST:' FREE! (Admission is free as always)NOTE: For those with large projects, the great hall is good 3 meter high, the room is 4.25 meters high.CONTEST THEME:' Who moves a single pallet the quickest?WEBSITE: http://www.fischertechnikclub.nl/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

Posted by ftking_83702 8 years ago

Old Skool Or Next Gen Video Gaming? Answered

I was just wondering, i was listenin' to some old tunes from Burnout 3 Takedown (PS2), and figured; it was an awesome game and still is, but i like GTA IV (PS3) and other new games too, so what do i like best?

Asked by Skreetsha 8 years ago

International contests?

Can anyone tell me if there will be international contests...ever? I see all these new cool contests but unfortunately they are all US+Canada (-Quebec). Is this site slowly turning into an exclusive club?

Posted by ZoDo 6 years ago

making a Club

My father and I make model trains. In one of our buildings i want to make it like a club, with colour changing lights(hoping to use a 2 leg RGB. Im still new to designing circuits and wondering if there is some-one out there who could help me make a circuit that would allow me to control the speed in which the LED will change colours and also have a on/off switch. If there anyone out there who can help me feel free to e-mail me on here or at parker66@nzmail.net. Cheers Daniel

Posted by parker6611 10 years ago

How to start a High School Radio Station?

With some friends at high school we have started a radio club. We are currently just streaming over the internet. I'm interested to know how complicated it actually is to broadcast over the FM radio. I know its possibly to receive a low power broadcast much easier but I still don't know how expensive that would be and difficult to acquire. I'm sure its a bit out of reach but i do know other high schools broadcast.

Asked by zigzagchris 5 years ago

does anyone know how to make a truncheon without using a lathe? Answered

Hi everyone i need to know how to make a thumper

Asked by daniel123456789 7 years ago

Are there any ideas to replicate pistols and a assault rifle at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake?

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely disappointed after speaking with a few clubs in Vegas.  There is no way that I will be allowed to enter a club with my plastic guns for my costume.I had called the Vegas police about this and they are ok with me walking around with it as long as I am responsible enough.  Are there any ideas anyone may have to replicate pistols and a assault rifle but at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake? Thanks!

Asked by icongfx 8 years ago

Classroom and Students? Answered

Would we be able to have a pdf file of this lesson to use in a classroom and / or after school STEM camp? We do summer camps and after school programs with kids and hope to be able to use this with your permission.

Asked by Cats Science Club 1 year ago

Soup & Salad

What is your favorite soup and salad combination for summer? I'm looking for some recipes to write and would love to know what you all love to eat!  Personally, I love a good butternut squash, with a turkey, bacon, and avocado club.

Posted by garnishrecipes 5 years ago