Confusion about ipod GND connection; how many?

Hi everybody :)I'm a bit confused about something and I thought some of you might know the answer. When looking at the ipod pinouts at there are several different GND connections. The thing I need to know is this: are all these connections the same? Is there one common ground?ThanksDaniel

Posted by Twellmann 9 years ago

Hitachi LCD laptop display connection

K im trying to make a HITACHI LCD PANEL TX31D33VC1CAD into a lcd projector using an old overhead projector. however, im having a hard time looking for the schematics on which wire connections control the display (meaning which wires makes the picture.) any websites or pointers on where i can find it?

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago

Cannot connect to my home network unless a specific laptop is connected first

This is the strangest problem. My family has 3 laptops: a Samsung laptop (Windows 7), a HP Elitebook (Windows 8) and a Macbook pro.  All of a sudden, the HP and the Mac cannot connect to my home network unless the Samsung is connected first.  Once the Samsung connects (which it does automatically), both other devices will connect as well.  If the Samsung is turned off, I will receive an error message saying that the computer (HP or Mac) cannot connect to the internet--it will try troubleshooting (resetting the wireless adapter) but still will be unable to connect. If I turn off the Samsung, the other two laptops will stay connected, but if they are turned off, the Samsung has to be turned on and connected to the internet before they can connect.  I have spoken to the ISP provider and they cannot provide me with a solution. I have deleted and re-installed the home network on all 3 devices, but that hasn't solved the problem.  The computers are not set up on a HomeGroup.  One ISP technician told me to have all 3 computers on a Public network. (The Samsung automatically is set for Home Network.) The options for the HP windows 8 are Private or Public.  I have switched them all to Public and/or Home-Private, but that hasn't solved the problem.  (I don't understand why I should have my computers on a Public network if I am using my home ISP--I just moved to this town and am using a different internet provider--my previous ISP always said my computers should be on Home Network) I am not very computer literate but I have looked at the command prompt to see if the IPv Address was the issue. It appears to be correct--the only number that is different is the last one. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  If the Samsung laptop breaks or is taken out of the house--the other 2 computers won't ever connect! Thank you!

Posted by shetterley 5 years ago

slow connection and page changing

For the past 2 weeks or so instructables has been very slow to open initially or to open new pages within the site. I have a highspeed connection and a fairly new computer which have no problem with other sites or pages and didn't have any difficulties with this site until I also started having to log in each time I opened the site. I use internet explorer, google chrome and mozilla firefox as browsers with the same results (sign in and slow speed) I have even tried my daughters brand new computer with a different isp and a friends ipad with the same results...did someone try to fix something that wasn't broken again ?

Posted by l8nite 7 years ago

Laptop Keyboard Connection

Does anybody know how a laptop keyboard connects to the laptop? I'm having some trouble finding out. Also, more importantly, is there a way to convert this connection to USB or PS/2? I'm thinking about an awesome keyboard mod... so any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by bomberman3 10 years ago

HELP! I need help with connecting to my internet due to the new router that I purchased.

So I just bought a new router, and everyone else in the household is able to connect to the internet. We set up the router on a different laptop from the one I use. I am unable to connect to the internet. I have tried running an instillation of the ASUS Wireless Router Utilities of the router with a disc that was in the box with the router. I have entered and re-entered the password several times. My computer has windows 7 (I believe), it is an IBM  thinkpad The router is an ASUS the encryption is a WPA2 personal When the new router was set up, we changed the name from our previous internet name (that is what an employee of our internet provider told us to do) When I try to connect to the internet it says the connection failed with a red x by the words waiting for association. I use Access connections to connect to the internet. A window also pop-ups when the connection fails with the title ThinkVantage Access Connections. It says: "Unable to connect to teh selected wireless network. You may need to configure your sustem to support the authentication method that is in use. Contact your nework administrator." Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you can help!

Posted by 19hockey28 5 years ago

Videos are switching off my internet!

Some video postings have been making my internet software shut down.I am using Firefox, on a Linux EeePC.The following is an example of a video that has been visible to me in the past but is now switching me off:

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Optrex DMC40457 LCD

I recently picked up a bunch of junk from a friend including 2 Optrex DMC40457 LCD's (and a bunch of what looks like telco circuitboards) I have never worked with LCD's before and I am looking for some ideas/ beginner guides for this model. The controller chip is a HD44780 if that helps.(bad) Picture:

Posted by wizdum 10 years ago

Strange Internet Problem (Udate: fixed.)

Am I missing something? Unusually, Instructables appears to be the only website working on the internet. Any other website I try to connect to except ibles just times out on me. BBC, Google (including groups and gmail), Notcot, Birdguides, Hotmail, XKCD, QuestionableContent... They all tell me that Firefox can't find the server.  I've tried reloads, restarts.  What next? Edit: as I've been typing this, ibles has been slow and won't upload a screenshot to go with this post. Edit: Trying with my laptop, I can't even get on ibles. (PC using Windows XP & Firefox, netbook using Linux and Firefox) Edit: multiple clearings of the cache and deletion of the entire browser history, plus a period of total shut-down of all associated hardware seems to have fixed the problem.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Need an 8 foot super rigid tube that needs to beak down into 2 foot sections

Hi -- I need to create a tube that is as small diameter as reasonable, relatively lightweight, and very stiff. It will be supported only on the extreme ends (thus the need for stiffness). There will be a comparatively light load, equally distributed over the entire length of the tube when in use.  The thing needs to build up to 8' overall, HOWEVER, no single section can be longer than ~2' when broken down. My first thought was 1" PVC - it's NEARLY stiff enough, but a trifle bulky, and it does droop in the center by about 1.5". 3/4 EMT tube is great, and stiff over a 10' span (when in one piece). Problem is how to connect the sections together. Typical off-the-shelf EMT junctions tend sag just trying to support the tube with no load. I have a number of ideas that are likely overly complex and stupid, but was wondering if y'all might have a something that I have not thought about. Thanks! Ted

Posted by morgan834 1 year ago

Error 503 Connection timed out

Was trying to download a file from RC Motor Dynaometer V1.0 but I get a Error 503. Suggestions?

Posted by agbell118 1 year ago

Rotary dial phone

Hi all, Yesterday, my grandma gave me an old telephone. My mother used it as a toy, so my grandfather disconnected the wires (for safety). I wanted to connect the phone, but I don't know which connections I need. I attached some photo's to make the situation clear. It would be great if you could help me! Arnout P.S.: English is not my mother tongue so it would be fantastic if you didn't use a vocabulary that's too difficult ;)

Posted by arnoutdejans 7 years ago

My internet is down a lot recently, so don't expect immediate replys.

Imagen, my local web provider, has been down a lot recently, and I am losing my internet connection. I am not going to be able to post anything big for a while, so hold tight (because of not being able to upload...) I hope it gets fixed, and am only able to do brief things such as this. Thanks, and I hope it's fixed. BB

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

how can one incorporate multiple USB-like connections to/from an arduino?

Hello All, I am hoping to create peer-to-peer connections (essentially a network) of multiple arduinos (or for that matter, ATMega's). However these do not have separate power supplies and each one will be powered up when connected to the other previously connected one. At the same time I would like these units to know about each other's existence when they connect (each chip should know if another chip is connected to it). I was told to think of a USB-like connection where you can share both the power and the data on the same, say, bus line. My question is how do I create multiples of this connections (more than one) and how could I make sure they work as OTG (e.g. hot plug) and can be used as both host or client at any given time? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Karim.

Posted by karimskarim 3 years ago

wired video connection from an FPV camera

Could FPV cameras such as the Foxeer Predator Mini or Micro (intended for wireless use on drones) be set up to send a live wired video feed to an android phone or tablet via a micro usb cable of some description? for context, i intend to build a bulky costume which effectively blocks my view out so after googling a bit i found some mentions of people using these (surprisingly cheap) cameras with (very expensive) FPV goggles so i figure i could potentially use a tablet/phone i already have with a long cable connection instead but i don't know if it's possible...

Posted by ambientvoid 10 months ago

Malware - netstat

Quick one:Check what your Windows machine is connected to with netstatRun a command (cmd) prompt and type "netstat /?" for the options.Then run netstat with your choice of option(s)Pleased to find nothing causing me concern on mine (i.e. no Russian mail-servers...)(Idea from an article in PCF)L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

projecting my laptop

Ok so i decided to build the overhead lcd projector But i would really like to be able to project my laptop screen, how would I make the lcd screen show what my laptop is showing. My macbook has a mini-DVI port in it. can this be done?

Posted by astrozombies138 11 years ago

Avoid wires from touching each other?

I am building a Guitar Distortion Pedal. I have made a case for it. When all of the contents are inside the case - sometimes there are misconnections, and 'scratchy sounds' i get through the amp. I'm assuming this is because some wires are touching OR some wires are NOT touching. In any case, I need suggestions as to how to avoid wires from touching each other. I know there are rubber wire sleeves that can protect the wire from other wires. I've used some of those. But, is there such a thing as a "Blanket"  to lay across the circuit board so it doesn't touch or interfere with the case? If so, please let me know! Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.  Thank you. - Grizzly_Bear

Posted by Grizzly_Bear 6 years ago

Conductive Paint in RadioShack!

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that our conductive paint pens are now available in RadioShack stores across the US! (and online too) If you're not already familiar with what we do you can think of the material as a paintable wire (but there is a lot more to it than that). Check out our new group page for some of our Instructables or you can take a look at our site for more info about the material and applications. Can't wait to see what everyone gets up to with it!

Posted by Bare Conductive 5 years ago

Why I can't connect

I cant connect your web page with 3G connection but i can connect it with wifi connection, why?

Posted by mr.zawzawhtet 5 years ago

IC connection with Arduino .

How to connect IC L298n with Arduino ??

Posted by manjusulagna154 1 year ago

Get FREE INTERNET Connections : How To


Posted by ZGH-FILMs 11 years ago

my laptop can't see a wifi connection but my android phone does..

Please anyone help me.   the problem start when we change the router.. we change the router because it has a limited gadget can connect to it,but then after changing the router  we notice that the old router exist  so now we have 2 wifi connections the first one is the old connection.. and the second is from the new router..  im just confused , how come it has a two connection, my mobile phone can connect for both available connection but my laptop CAN'T connect to the new router connection but can connect to the old Connection.. i hope anyone can help me  TIA!

Posted by justins63 3 years ago

Connect arduino to HP Laserjet

Hi, i want to connect a USB printer to an arduino to control it, i know that i can connect a Printer by using the Parallel cable, but my printer only works with usb. Any ideas????

Posted by gastonbr100 4 years ago

connect PSP to computer?

I got a quick question. Is there a way to connect a PSP to a computer to share the internet connection? Like establish an adhoc connection or something or do i need a wireless router. Also is there a way to put games onto a psp without using a custom firmware.

Posted by thematthatter 10 years ago

Transformers connected in reverse

Hi can a transformer connected in reverse. if 230v to 12v transformer is connected in reverse,. will it generate around 230v Just some silly doubt. Actually i was trying to find a step up transformer.. which converts 6v to 24v. what exactly its called.

Posted by nominds 8 years ago

Connecting Yellow and blue Rods???

I have a cube made out of Yellow rods and one made of Blue rods. Each have part of a ball machine connect to it. Is there an easy way to connect the Yellow and Blue parts? I have been trying different things, but nothing makes me happy? Can anyone help??

Posted by imans314 8 years ago

Facebook connection

When I click "connect with Facebook" button here is what happens: it tells me to sign in, then to accept instructables (witch I did) and then the window closes...2 seconds later instead of your Facebook account badge on instructables it just says "connect with Facebook" again! PLEASE FIX THIS

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Is it possible to connect multiple usb thumb drives to be one drive?

If I had like 10 thumb drives could I connect them all as one drive somehow? I know you can create a usb hub and connect many that way, but when you connect the hub to a pc it sees many drives and not one.

Posted by Jester_boy2 10 years ago

Man constructs 16-XBOX mobile LAN gaming center.

This giant Winnebago showed up outside our dorms today. There was a maker inside. More photos at the blog.

Posted by JamesRPatrick 7 years ago

Connection to Laser 5mW

Hello, I wanted to ask you guys where should connect +3V and ground from this laser pointer assemly, I have 10 of these lying around. So please tell me where I should connect +ve and -ve

Posted by atwajid123 2 years ago

How to connect multiple computers

I am trying to learn how to connect multiple computers so that they work together as one. How do I do this?

Posted by PlainsPrepper 10 years ago

How do you connect multiple Inputs to an Arduino?

I need to connect 4 toggle switches and 1 pressure switch to an Arduino duemilanove. How do I do this and what is it recognized as in the arduino programming? pictures would help!

Posted by Buzzsushi 8 years ago

Voltage Drop

I have a 12v led bulb, I need to connect the led bulb to 12V rechargeable battery  and connect bulb for  long distance from battery and i connect the bulb i won't  work, i think the voltage drop would be the  answer and how can i solve that????

Posted by rshan 4 years ago

"unable to connect" screen

I have attempted to sign up for Pro membership from 2 different locations but when I push the Pro Membership button I am directed to a "unable to connect" screen. Any idea's why? Suggestions on what I could try or is it on your end?

Posted by jetringer51 6 years ago

how to connect game consuls to a smart tv

I have a samsung led smart tv and want to connect games consuls to it, can this be done?

Posted by Joe Revie 3 years ago

Connecting the Arduino to the Matlab

Hello I am a student electronic engineering I'm working on a project (the ball - on - plate) and I am having trouble connecting Arduino with matlab please help

Posted by aljaur 1 year ago

Cheapest way to connect arduino with wifi

Can anybody tell me the cheapest way to connect an arduino over internet via wifi

Posted by amansinghaljpr 4 years ago

How would I connect a GSM SIM900A v3.1 with Arduino UNO?

How would I connect a GSM SIM900A module with Ardunio Uno This is an image of it:

Posted by ahmad.almasriTTu 3 years ago

connecting via facebook

I wont be able to log on via facebook. tried everything and nothing works

Posted by mizka90 6 years ago

How do i connect a Knex chain with my Knex gun?

Hey i was wondering if anyone could to tell me how to connect a knex chain to my knex gun below or connect a knex chain to just any gun in general?Btw Should i Post instructions for this gun? Knex Sniperif u want some stats they are on the link

Posted by KNEX BUILDING IS FUN 10 years ago

Water gun alarm clock: where to connect it?

I'm making a water gun alarm clock where I'm connecting a wire from the sound box in the clock to the button on the water gun. Would it be easier/more effective if I connected it to the motor in the water gun instead of the button? The tutorial that I'm following says to connect it to the button but it didn't work the way I had hoped when I did that.

Posted by hthnc-student 6 years ago

Can I connect a cell phone to an old touchtone landline phone?

I want to connect my cell phone to an old 70's touchtone landline phone. Can this be done. I know you can connect a reciever to a cell phone but I miss the old touchtone keypad. Any advice?

Posted by paperseal 11 years ago

iPhone charger connection to sound?

How do you connect an amplifier to amplify the sound through the charge connector and still be able to charge the phone for an iPhone4 instead of using the headphone out to amplify the sound?

Posted by bricabracwizard 6 years ago

Looking to connect my Samsung Epic with a itouch together

I want to create something to connect both somehow. like a book or back to back, or something. Any ideas on items i can use?

Posted by redguardian 8 years ago

Connect a cordless phone to a computer and use over Skype/Google, etc

Has anyone come across a way to connect a cordless phone to your computer and use to talk over Skype, Google Talk, or similar?

Posted by awascholl 3 years ago

TI-connect for calculator

I'm having trouble loading "TI-connect" on my mac so that I can write programs for the ti-84 on the computer. After downloading ti-connect, I click on it, and it seems to want to install it again. I've done the complete loop, repeating the download process about 4 times.  Do any of you know what to do?

Posted by Toga_Dan 6 years ago

Connecting a 12v led computer fan to a biltong maker

Hi All, Please can someone help me, I want to connect an led computer fan to my biltong maker, and in order to do that I need to connect it to the power that i switch the light on. CoolerMaster A8025-18CB-3BN-F1 It is a DCV   0.18A it has 3 wires, none of which show positive or negitive, and I need to connect it via the positive/negative wires in a 2 pin plug. Does anybody know how to do this? Do I need a transformer?  Please could you assist.  Annie.J

Posted by annewynne.jackson 5 years ago

connecting a breakout board to a strip board

Hi.  A basic question; I need to connect a breakout board to a strip board. What is the best method?  PCB Latch plug header? I have tried putting a wire through the strip board, through the breakout board and then soldering into place, but I do not get good connectivity.  Any help is much appreciated.

Posted by NathanDavey 4 years ago

Weird HDMI trouble

Hi! I'm having some weird issues with my HDMI connectivity... I have a SHARP tv (aquos, 52"). The PS3 and other stuff is working as intended when connected via HDMI to the TV. However, when I connect my computer to the TV the computer recognizes the connection, but the TV doesn't, or whatever the heck it might be. To try and solve the issue I just bought an HDMI switch, connected my digital box and PS3 to this, which works just fine, and tried the same with the computer. Nothing. The computer wont even recognize that connection, as it atleast did when directly connected to the TV. However, the real issue at hand is the first one, why the computer recognizes but won't send signals properly or otherwise why the TV wont accept the signals (but seeing as the HDMI switch doesn't acknowledge the connection to the computer, the computer should be the issue?). Im thinking it might have something to do with the computer? Anyone got a clue?

Posted by Urkedalez 6 years ago