Stats (view) counters not working

Hi, The view counters ar nor working. All the new instructables stays at zero.

Posted by awall99 2 years ago

counter surveillance

How can one hide the location of a mobile phone in order to avoid being tracked or surveillanced?

Posted by deltasec 7 years ago

Help creating a counter

Hi all, I'm new to creating circuits and to instructables Here is my problem. I'm trying to create a Circuit that will count to 30 as fast a LED flashes that uses a 555 IC, once it gets to 30 you will need to press a button to reset it or the LED will stop flashing. Thanks in advance.

Posted by spike314 10 years ago

Ideas for DIY solid surface kitchen counter top?

Hi all, I need to replace some counter tops in my kitchen and I love the solid surface materials like Corian, but it's also very expensive so I was wondering if we could collaborate and come up with a DIY solution. I know concrete is one option for a DIY counter top. But it's very heavy, prone to cracking and a little to industrial for my taste. Maybe someone who knows more about synthetic resins will have a suggestion. I'm imagining pouring a mixture into an upside down mold the way it's done with concrete. It would be great if we could figure out how to mold a sink into the counter too, but maybe that would add too much complexity.

Posted by SteveGerber 10 years ago

Build Counter

An additional feature that I would like to see would be a build counter. I know you can favourite things, but a lot of people dont actually get round to building these things so I'd like to be able to see how many people have actually built the item. For example, I built a lightbox table from one of the links; I left him comments telling him I built one, but I think it would be a cool feature if I could look at an instructable and see how many people have built it. You could even link to a gallery where people photos of their build.

Posted by Mr_o_uk 5 years ago

Request For Feature: Duplicate counter/next near top of page

. I'd like to see:1-20 of 10871 next>>duplicated at the top of the list when viewing forum topics (eg, right below the "new topic" btn on;=all] ).

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Electronic counter help

I need some help, the basis of my invention is that my friend is always having countdowns (going away, birthday ect,) and i wanted to build a countdown clock for her. I was planning on using the countdown kit from qkit and was gonna wire it up with buttons so she can manually move the counter up/down. my question is for saving power how wud i wire it so that it wud turn on when there is light but shuts down when there isnt (ex. when she opens her locker it turns on, closes it, no light, so it turns off), and i was also gonna have it say her name so any suggestions on where i can get a good easy to bulid/program led text screen,

Posted by Jfaranda7 9 years ago

LED Countdown

HELP! My son is doing a project for one of his classes. He wants to have a group of 5 LEDs on a board about 3in X 3in 1 led in each corner and one in the center. The ones in the corners needs to light up one at a time for 30 seconds then the one in the middle needs to light up for 1 minute. Needs to turn on at the push of a button (preferably on the board, or by pushing the board) can run off AA or AAA battery or 9 volt. HOW DO I DO THIS? I would be willing to pay someone to do it! HELP

Posted by Lynn30yellow 10 years ago

I want to build LED or LCD counter (basically a scoreboard)

I want to build LED or LCD counter. I do not have any experience in this at all (but general electical knowlege) I want to build 2 of them in order to create a scoreboard. I want to be able to prews a button to increase score by 1 and also a nother button to clear - any help would be extremely appreciated

Posted by swicked 10 years ago

trail counter Help

Ok I need some help. I am a trail steward on a local mountain bike trail. We want to make a counter so we can find out how many folks are using the trail. I thouhgt I had a good idea, but can't seem to make it work. I have access to a bunch of garge door photo sensors(neighbors a garage door tech), and a bunch of thoes pocket pedometers(got them from a manager of a Mcdonalds when they stopped giving them out). I have figured out how to make the pocket counters work as just plain counters thanks to another instructable (remove hammer, wire across with a switch or relay...). What I have not been able to figure out is how to use the garage door sensors to make the circuit work. All I need is for the circuit to make a relay close to act as the switch for the counter. I was able to do it with an LED emmiter and detector and it's circuit, but for soome reason I guess the garage door sensors have something inside their glued box that won't let it work with the circuit. Any ideas?

Posted by pkhakes 10 years ago


Ever spend time with someone and can't remember how many times they say or do something that you HATE? How about making a small push button device that allows you to push the button each time you want to say "I hate/love/ whatever", along with a sound and a visible counter for number of times the button is pushed? Easy way to decide at the end of the day if you really like this person or not............ The components must be small enough to be able to carry the device in your hand for instant counting. Just a :) Any ideas on how to costruct this idea would be appreciated: P.S......I'm not much of an electrician or engineer so the simplest of plans is a neccesity. Thanks in advance Sam

Posted by samdotcom 6 years ago

Search Engine

The web guys should write a search feature that counts the number of times a word or phrase is searched and then displays that value whenever that same word or phrase is searched. A separate page containing the top searched words or phrases could be added. A feature such as this would allow members to create instructables about topics in demand.

Posted by HuggyBear 9 years ago

How can I count how many ppl walks into my store?

Hi ev1, I'm trying to build a sensor to put at the door of my store to count how many people enter in the store. But I have no clue on how to start, anyone can point me to the right direction? Many thanks in advance Bruno

Posted by bruno 10 years ago

Stats about downloaded files?

I have some files attached to my Ibles and wanted to know if there have been any downloads of the files. After all, with no feedback I thought I could see if people actually use it (or collect the files for fun). But either I am blind or there is nothing in the stats that would give me this info. Did I miss something or this just not implemented? Also: What the size limits for uploads/attachments and is there a way to restore them in case the got lost on the servers?

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

Replies not showing up

I am sure someone already noticed but anyway.... The replies in the forum section no longer show up in the overview. Before I could see how many replies were made or who made the last reply. This seems no longer to be updated. Using Win7 64. Tested with the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers. And just becuase I got reminded by the garble below: When making a reply or new topic there is the upload section below. The text "Tip: select multiple files....... Try the old uploader" is still garbeled with the two lines printed with a slight overlap.

Posted by Downunder35m 1 year ago

Favorites counter

Is there any chance a favorites counter could be added to the bar where the view count, best answer, featured count is? And is there any chance of adding a favorite medallion set?

Posted by JM1999 3 years ago

Homemade Scoreboard/Counter

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to make a scoreboard or counter out of two screens from old discount "touch screen" organizers, brand name Ultronic. They are 32K memory devices that used to store phone numbers, had calculators, etc. Anyone have any idea what I would need to start this project?

Posted by Higgler 9 years ago

Contests forum

On any browser, the contests forum topic shows zero entries- despite it not being.

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Inbox (PM) trouble? UPDATE...

Is anyone ELSE having difficulties with their PM INBOX? Mine says there is a new message to display, but when I go there, there is nothing before 19 hours ago. Yet the indicator says there is one new message. UPDATE: I found the new was down in the list a bit (next page), but why it popped up there, I haven't a clue....

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Cheap calculator hack

I put together a Solarbiotics Magbot Pendulum and it has a period of one second. I measured this by using a stopwatch and counting the swings for five minutes. . What I would like to do is count the number of times it swings back and forth over an extended period of time, for example 24 hours.   I came across an article showing how to use a cheap calculator to count the number of turns a shaft makes. A cam attached to the shaft presses the "+" key each time the shaft turns one full turn. to use it, you clear the calculator and press the "1" button. Then every turn the cam presses the "+" button and 1 is added to the sum being displayed. Every cycle of the pendulum causes the LED to flash (pulse)  once. I'd like to use these pulses to do the electronic equivalent of pressing the "+" button.  It might be possible to count these pulses using electronic circuitry (decade counters) but electronic calculators only cost about a dollar of two and I'd like to give that a try. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by dickb24 5 years ago

Cheap calculator hacking

I put together a Solarbiotics Magbot Pendulum and it has a period of one second. I measured this by using a stopwatch and counting the swings for five minutes. . What I would like to do is count the number of times it swings back and forth over an extended period of time, for example 24 hours.   I came across an article showing how to use a cheap calculator to count the number of turns a shaft makes. A cam attached to the shaft presses the "+" key each time the shaft turns one full turn. to use it, you clear the calculator and press the "1" button. Then every turn the cam presses the "+" button and 1 is added to the sum being displayed. Every cycle of the pendulum causes the LED to flash (pulse)  once. I'd like to use these pulses to do the electronic equivalent of pressing the "+" button.  It might be possible to count these pulses using electronic circuitry (decade counters) but electronic calculators only cost about a dollar of two and I'd like to give that a try. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by koyescha 5 years ago

Slot car Lapcounter/timer

Good morning wise folks, Looking for ideas for a Slot car lap timer. I have a great set up using an old PC,but we are going portable and moving all that stuff is a pain. What would be cool is a stand alone for 3 lanes that could count laps,display lap time and remember fastest lap time. Oh and it needs to cost less than $20 per lane. Have some ideas?

Posted by 2FER SLOTS 7 years ago

WANTED: someone to draw circuit

Here is my project  "Design a counter that will count the from 0 to 99 on two 7-segment indicator (display)." I need someone to draw me circuit and draw how to connect everything on breadboard. I will pay

Posted by dario1 7 years ago

How do I preset a 4029 counter?

Hi all. I am having trouble finding how to preset the minimum output of a 4029. Meaning that I want it to start at an output of 5 (0101) and count up to 15 (1111) and then have it start counting at 5 again. My project is an ASCII counter to check that the ASCII displays with 7 bit binary inputs that I have are functioning correctly and I want to use the 4029 as my input. The problem that I am having is possably misinterpreting the data sheets but is seems that in order to preset the input, the preset pin has to be HI but to run, it has to be LO. Does this mean that I have to set the prest HI, input my preset value of 5, and then bring it LO again to run?   Any help would be appreciated. Thank you much in advance. 

Posted by professorred 6 years ago

Help making laser trip wire with LED counter

I have seen a few different laser trip wire instructables here, but they are usually for triggering a nerf device or other projectiles. I am interested in a laser trip wire that would count objects as the laser beam was broken, and display the count on an LED screen. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to create an instructable for this. This has real world applications, such as counting cases moving along a conveyor line. I would like to use an arduino with a shield for this, and be able to plug it into an outlet. I am a complete Noob when it comes to arduinos. This is a project that I would like to get my feet wet with. I learn best by working on something that interest me. I know it isn't as much fun as a nerf Gatling gun, but it would get plenty of use every day.

Posted by babycody 7 years ago

Glitches -- who can fix them?

Two problems:   One, my latest instructable,  shows zero views, yet it has comments and a 4 star rating.  Who can get the views counter going? Two, sign-in.   When I log on, I always check the "keep me signed in" box, but it never keeps me signed in.  Every time I leave the site and come back I have to log on again.  Does anybody have the wrench to fix that?

Posted by Thinkenstein 6 years ago

Newby needs some help with arduino code for kids party

OK, I'm kinda new at the programming part for my projects. I was wondering if anyone can help me with (what I assume will be a simple code for a veteran) a code for arduino and maybe with a little explanation of the code. Project is simple. I have a toy laser gun shooting at a target with a photocell attached and connected to a relay. What I would like is that every time the relay switches, a counter adds the shot so I can keep score. It's for my son's 9th birthday party and I've already built the targeting range (with  Lego Movie theme) and even some servos to knock back guys down.  I just need a way to keep score.  I have some Arduino Uno's, some nanos, some trinkets, some LCDs (2X16 and 4X8) and 4X 7segment displays so I have some options for parts,but at the moment I do not have a lot of time to go through a self-learning curve to get the coding to work.  Can anyone please help?  It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. .  

Posted by jedii72 4 years ago

Touch Sensitive counter project question

Hi everyone, Great to be part of this community. I am trying to make a touch sensitive counter, the sensor has to be as flat as possible, something like a thick cardboard, or I can put a flat sensor in between two sheets. It needs to handle about 10-20lbs of weight. It will go under fabric like carpet, so it cannot be super sensitive, clickable is fine. It will be connected to a very simple 1 or 2 digit counter. Any suggestions? PS: Eventually I'd like to upgrade this with a system that can instruct something else, for example 5 counters, display etc. Or be able to use bluetooth or wifi or arduino, and be able to count back. For example input 10 and it will count 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc..

Posted by tees_deney 3 years ago

Rotary switch w/ direction based contacts??

I'm looking for a specific type of switch... I believe that it must exist, but I have never seen it... I need a rotary switch, where each clockwise "click" (partial turn) makes one circuit momentarily, and each counter-clockwise turn makes a different momentary conection... example with two light bulbs ( L1 and L2 ) connected to each direction of travel, respectively: If you rotate the knob one "click" (say 15 degrees) clockwise, L1 flashes for a moment, as the knob is in motion. if you continue clockwise, L1 will flash at each "click". If you rotate the knob one "click" counter-clockwise, L2 flashes for a moment. if you continue counter-clockwise, L2 will flash at each "click". There is no center-point, so any clockwise travel corresponds to L1, and any counter-clockwise travel corresponds to L2. does anyone know where I could get a couple of these??

Posted by gschoppe 11 years ago

I want to make my own change sorter/counter.....

I'd like to make a change sorter/counter that I can use with my PC to figure out how much money I have in some 5 gallon buckets of change that we gathered while cleaning some old fountains. (Yes, they said we could have what we found under all the gunk as long as we got the fountains clean and back to working order.) I want to be able to dump some coins in a sorter/counter and have my PC tell me how much there is in a given bucket of change. I don;t want to use estimating techniques like calculating the approximate number of coins of a given type by average known weight of the coins. I want an actual tally - a count - of all coins of each type and unknown coins (slugs). Any ideas?

Posted by squishyalt 10 years ago

Published Intructables Count Is Incorrect

At the time of this posting I should have 19 published instructables but the count shows 9

Posted by TabLeft 3 years ago


I was wondering if anyone had made a new alien vs humans one you know AVP AV-P =AVH mod on counter-strike 1.6 and if so I could find it.  I wasn't asking for the skin stuff? but the actual gaame mod thingy.  Like with waepon skins things and sounds.  Please reply!

Posted by kenexinator 9 years ago

need low- tech medication taken/counting device,multiple strands , like a ranger klic bead counter

I have tried many of the sync programs including telephone call in reqall syncing with evernote. i may have to give that i try again, but there are times i don't have my phone /itouch within arms reach, I also have had problems where the syncing in evernote seems off and i need to keep a better count of pain meds,One is an extremely powerful very fast acting buccal tablet.. 5 to 15 minutes for breakthrough pain. Due to the change in pain daily and sometimes extreme breakthrough pain, my cognitive mind is shot and i am still trying y best to keep my daily count accurate, and counting helps me try and lower it by changing my activities. My ability to focus and write has gone downhill.. i have one med i may take 3 times a day at 10mg, or many times try and break it up to more frequent times but same dose, rather than 10mg(2 tabs) at one time i may take 5 and 3 hours later take the other 5 mg, i do this to avoid the side effects of the other meds, so i don't get as sleepy ,lethargic, i have another med i take usually 4 times a day, but sometimes 6 times and difference lucky 3 times.. so i need a 3 to 6 string. Another med i take usually 3 times sometimes 4, and may also break them in half it avoid the sleepiness,, that would be a 3 to 5 beads. i also have another that i may take 1 a day or 8 a day, that is the one that ruins my memory, so lately only taken before sleep, since 30 minutes after taken it , i will forget, and have done things like put the bottle in different places or turned it upside down, but doesn't help wherein i am out. Needless to say mu cognitive mind is very bad. i have plenty of leather and different beads so i have the supplies. i cant figure out how to do it, and since i have million things to do, 2 years behind schedule with a lot of medical procedures that take hours to do. plus need to figure out how to modify equipment so it works better for me. I cant focus on how to make this simple Aztec/Inca counter . I know it is simple, which kills me to ask, but i hate waking up dead. Which has almost happened too many times., i have to get ready for doctors so excuse any grammar errors please. thanks in advance , i lose my pens and papers all the time so that method became unreliable. i figure beads that i can snap on my belt loop would be the best fix.. A bead counter for one strand and i should be able to figure out the rest. i hope  

Posted by escapefromyonkers 7 years ago

Help Making Digital Ammo Counter For Nerf Gun

I'm looking to make a digital ammo counter for my Nerf gun. Mainly, I want a digital display to countdown from "6" to "0" each time two contacts touch. Is something like this possible? I've searched all over the internet and I have no other resources I would really appreciate any help on this subject. Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry if I broke some "first Post" kind of ethics in your forums; I could just really use some help. Thanks again.

Posted by aloysius241 10 years ago

My CS Clan Youtube Channel

I want to share my counter strike community main intro. Just only link if embeded code gives error Link: i like to use female models in my counter strike 1.6 server but Cristmass time and we have santa girl. other character, nemesis and so friendly :D anyway i know many people say negative comment but we are good people and why i dont know bad characters love more and be more popular. Creat a community hard thing also find real team members. My most popular server zombie but i like to play Gungame, almost i have all games but i play gungame. here my zombie sv. gametracker link: if you want to join My community just do simple goole and search "Rebel Uprising Clan"  half - life, cs:go, cs: source and counter strike 1.6 server all i have. comminty forum:  

Posted by gunzn 4 years ago

My Total Views counter stopped updating a few days ago

Counters of individual posts are still increasing but the Total has been stuck for a few days. Thanks!

Posted by ChipsWoodShop 8 months ago

Please check my answer - Combinations problem.

  Hi all, would someone with a maths brain check my reasoning and working here please . . . Imagine a game board with 11 squares and three counters, which can be placed on any unoccupied square.  The counters are equivalent so it matters not which one is where.  There is also a fourth counter which can go anywhere on a square which is not occupied by one of the other counters. How many possible combinations of counter positions are there? OK,  the first part is a 3 from 11 combination problem solved by : n! / (r! (n-r)!) which is 165. For each possible 3 counter combination, the fourth counter can be on any of the remaining 8 spaces, so the total number of possible 'boards' is 8 * 165 = 1320.

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

Join Team Deadlocked

Hello All, I Am wanting to Start a gaming clan for games of all types some are cod4, cod ,counter strike source, and other games that have Internet multi player. Except for world of Warcraft, I dont like that game. Pm Me If you Are In favor of The Creation and would like to join.

Posted by Steamdnt 10 years ago

LED message sign turned into counter

I need some help... I have a bunch of LED message signs that I would like to turn into large counters (1,2,3,4 ). Anybody have any insight into how to do this? I am really stumped. Daniel

Posted by danrocks 11 years ago

Published Instructables Counter Stuck at 300

For two weeks, I have noticed published instructables counter has stuck at "300" when it should now read "302" instead. I haven't noticed any problems with functionality, but I figured I'd report it since it is a malfunction.

Posted by OrigamiAirEnforcer 3 years ago

Principles of aerodynamics

The forces and counter forces of flight

Posted by SoDDiggerCpl 11 years ago

Suggestion: Contest Vote Counter

So I recently entered the hidden doors/compartments contest (my first), and was thinking that it would be nice to know if people are voting for me... just suggesting the addition of a vote counter (unless it exists and I missed it), not necessarily to see other peoples popularity, but just to see how you yourself are doing.

Posted by LordBenjamin 4 years ago

View counter not matching with stats

Hello I guess i'm not the only one here who likes graphs and data. But If I compare the view count on an instructable and compare it with the stats view. The values don't match up not even close. For the screenshots please check this link because I've trouble uploading the pictures. 

Posted by geo bruce 2 years ago

How to make a Geiger Counter?

Ok so I just read the book "The Radioactive Boyscout" and I am now interested in making a geiger counter. How would I go about doing this? I mean I am pretty sure gas is used somehow to measure radiation and such but how is it done? It cant be that hard can it? and where and what could I test it on, I was thinking possibly an old radium clock maybe ? HELPZ

Posted by jackillac92 10 years ago

Need a clock pulse switch circuit!

I cannot not for the life of me figure out how to make this circuit.  The circuit needs to do this: I push a button that sends a single signal to the circuit.  With each push of the button the circuit activates a seperate relay in sequence.  I need 6 relays to activate with 6 button pushes in sequence.  I know this is a very simple circuit to design.  I just can't figure it out nor find out how to make it. I'm not sure what the voltage of the relays coil should be.  My goal is to make bottle rockets launch off of my RC helicopter.  I'm going to use a 9vdc power source, a couple capacitors and some nichrome wire.  The relays are there so that each rocket launches seperately.  Hense the need for the circuit.   So with each push of the button on the transmitter...a seperate rocket is fired.  Thanks for any help ya'll.

Posted by rock0nman 8 years ago

7 segment counter

Hi everyone , i have a project that include connecting two 7 segments together to display an input that makes one of them for the units and the other for the tenth but i can't connect them together in a way that makes them count exactly correct as the tenth 7 segment usually starts by 1 whenever we try it and when the unit reach 9 then the tenth gets 2 not 1 as it already started with one

Posted by mina edward 3 years ago

Ideas for a counter balance

I am looking at ways to replace the weight of the batteries in a cordless drill (the batteries leaked, and they are not sold to my knowledge anywhere in THIS country); after wiring in a power supply (making it corded).   Any suggestions?   I have thought of a few but nothing seems overly viable at the moment.

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Rig something to prevent toddlers from reaching over table/counter lip

I'm trying to think of how to rig a simple form, maybe using an old refrigerator box, which would prevent a toddler from reaching over the lip of a table or counter. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

Posted by bluescrubby 4 years ago

Creating an LED score keeper? I need something more simple...

Greetings! This is has been bothering me so long I've finally created an account to ask the Instructable gods for help, first time poster! So I'm creating a table for Magic: The Gathering and would like to add two small LED counters. This project is the closest I can find: The problem is I'm not extremely well-versed in micro chips and this project is much more complicated than I need. Rather than 4 counters, I just need 2; they need to start at 20 and I need to be able to increase/decrease each counter individually. My questions: 1. Would I need to learn programming/printing chips? Would this project be hard? 2. Should I run the counters off separate systems, each counter having two buttons? Would that use too much energy? 3. Where should I look for resources? Any help y'all could give would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Duckserto 5 years ago

Counter Cheating

I'm SURE I'm not the only one who thinks this I, like many, entered my guide in a contest What kills me when I'm viewing the competition is how there's a bad guide thats like 5th in voting, only has like 50-100 views, NO comments Now, something tells me that these people cheat the system by manufacturing accounts and voting for themselves. What they could do is just make it so that you can make one account per IP address in a given time like a day or two or something along those lines If cheaters replace legitimate guides in the finals for a contest, they falsify the legitimacy of the contest If you think Instructables should make some counter-cheater thing, comment, rate, whatever

Posted by ishmal1103 8 years ago