DIY-Lamps. pdf not working

Https:// Not Working

Posted by SITHLORDVADER 6 years ago

Share your DIY Electronic Creations

Share your DIY electronic creations!

Posted by Detectingdragon777 2 years ago

DIY Rifle cleaning Rest?

Looking for a DIY rifle cleaning rest. Plans and or drawings. Thanks, Arley

Asked by Sorcererar12 8 years ago

DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine

Can someone post an instructable on how to build a DIY brick making machine or DIY compressed brick making machine? Cheers!

Posted by rickyt 3 years ago

DIY sconce diamond shaped.

I've attached a sconce to this post. Does anyone know of a cheap DIY kit to craft such sconce?

Posted by hensor 3 years ago

diy tin ideas

Anyone got any ideas for a diy tine im making to solve little jobs around the house any ideas are helpful?

Posted by sharlston 8 years ago

DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

DIY musket challenge

I have a challenge! Who can make the best DIY musket and instructable on how to do so. I will be the judge but I still need contestants.

Posted by blackholeseeker 3 years ago

Best way to eradicate termites by DIY?

Beat way to eradicate termites by DIYf?

Asked by TAXED! 7 years ago

What are some cool DIY stuff to make for your iPod Touch?

I'm looking for some cool DIY stuff to make for my iPod Touch.

Asked by dannyswrld 8 years ago

What are some good new DIY ideas for airsoft?

What are some good new DIY ideas for airsoft besides silencers, grenades, gillies, DIY guns, and claymores?

Asked by Shadowhunter111 7 years ago

DIY PS2 guitar question

For the DIY ps2 guitar what kind of wire would i need? and what kind of wire would i need to wire LEDs?

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

NPR Article: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure

Just read an interesting article about DIY hacker spaces, and the emerging DIY culture around the country.  I love how NPR has always embraced the DIY community, and recognizes the projects of makers alike.  You can read the article or listen to it here: DIY 'Hackers' Tinker Everyday Things Into Treasure Photo taken from

Posted by Brennn10 7 years ago

has anyone done the DIY solar progam

Just wanted to see if someone has bought the diy solar program offered by greendiysolar or 4earthsolar or something like that was the program worth the money ?

Asked by leepinlarr 8 years ago

Diy soldering flux

Quick question regarding diy soldering flux can i use gum rosin to make the flux

Asked by nikko_47 4 months ago

i need one DIY CNC ready use

I need DIY CNC, for help my job.  This CNC will be use for make SHAPE of Teflon as like degree that i need. So pls give me information who can supply DIY CNC ready use and the price?

Asked by pakdanang 6 years ago

Is it possible to combine the DIY projectors AND the DIY touchscreen (which needs a projector) ? Answered

Is it possible that this project : use this projector ? (or similar ones)

Asked by miguelmx 9 years ago

DIY Kits For Projects

There are a lot of cool projects on this site.  Are there any DIY KIts for these projects?  

Posted by llmcd 5 years ago

What does it mean DIY?

Please explain meaning of DIY which appears several times but never saying what it stands for?  Thanks.

Asked by Adelap 8 years ago

DIY rotary processor

Any body know what sort of motor you would use to make something like this?

Posted by sharktopus 6 years ago

My DIY site got interviewed on the survial podcast tommorow

My DIY disaster preparedness project site is the subject of tomorrows interview on the radio show.  We are going to talk about the DIY mindset, how DIY'ers keep on track, problems and benefits of DIY, as well as talk about diy lessons I learned from inmates when I worked in the corrections field. I think it will be interested to those who DIY, or are interested in disaster preparedness.  my site is, and the show is the show will be on at 11 central, but you can also get it on iTunes, or download it from the site.

Posted by tngun 5 years ago

DIY programmer for PIC16F88?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a relativley simple DIY programmer for the PIC16F88. All the programmers I have come across on this site dont support it. Any help will be appreciated.

Asked by XxShadowxX14 8 years ago

Radio Snark DIY popup

The popup for the Radio Snark DIY site forbids navigation between steps on the 'ibles.  I am using an android tablet. I have visited the sponsor's site.  Please let me finish my work.

Posted by hardlec 6 years ago

Is there a way to make a diy surround system?

Remember, this is for a computer

Asked by teh_noob 9 years ago

Is there a DIY activity that involves light/LED that can capture people's attention to DIY in 10mins?

I would like to begin an innovation class with an activity that catches the attention of the public, but very quick and that anyone can solve, showing that DIY and the maker mindset is for everyone and that it is empowering! I think all people like lights, that's why I thought of LEDs...

Asked by LuH2MH 11 months ago


I want to know about the DIY ROBOTIC HAND CONTROLLER second step the hand structure how it makes and work what is use to make hand and how it will connect to glove to hand the process is very confusing  

Asked by aniket 369 2 years ago

Regarding the DIY music box... Answered

I was considering getting the DIY music box at thinkgeek and I'm wondering if there is a website with song blueprints and if I have to buy special paper to use for it.

Asked by Fizzxwizz 8 years ago

anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Asked by tocatech 6 years ago

DIY Pocket hole jig [plans or how to] [for DIY furniture projects]

Pocket hole jigs are really handy for DIY furniture but also expensive. I'm looking for some good plans to make my own with basic tools (hand saws, miter box... that kind of thing) any suggestions?

Posted by B_____Squared 3 years ago

Information on DIY Electronics

Hey everybody, I really hope someone can help me. I'm PJ, a social work student that's organizing a sort of DIY electronics meeting in Belgium. By school policy, i have to write something in between an essay and a thesis and i'm doing it about DIY as a scene within subcultures. Now because DIY as a scene or culture is so enormous i'm writing it about DIY in electronics/hardware fiddling/hacking/modding/bending. Now what i'm trying to ask: Do you know any essays, thesisses, papers, books about DIY as a culture, scene, phenonemon?,... Not just a link to Wikipedia I need a base, where i can start from in writing this essay so i can explore DIY some more. Thanks a lot. PJ

Posted by Peach 10 years ago

MAKE Magazine DIYs vs.Instructable DIY's

I received a MAKE mag  and am curious  about their projects- Are they one up on our Insts? Can we publish in their Mag without repercusions from our published Instructables? Any one.

Posted by mistic 8 years ago

diy bdsm collar?

I cant get leather

Asked by spockck 9 years ago

Enlist all the sites like instructables containing DIY stuff n all?

Enlist all the sties which contain DIY stuff, experiments etc etc.

Asked by electrosam 9 years ago

What is the meaning of DIY?

I am not an English native speaker and do not understand the meaning of DIY. What does it stand for? I tried to find on the site without success. Tks.

Asked by josilvino 8 years ago

Elemental LED talks DIY

Elemental LED hosts office DIY Challenge, names Instructables as their source for DIY inspiration and help Elemental LED recently posted an article about their office DIY Challenge to see who can create the best LED projects. You might remember Elemental LED as the sponsors to our summer LED Contest.  The video talks about Elemental's place in DIY culture and why sharing creations on Instructables is important. In the video you can see some of the projects they created during their DIY Challenge party, they also mention how Instructables is their place to come and get inspiration and guidance for their creations. The video includes footage filmed at the Instructables lab, and appearances by our very own Bilal and Carley! via Elemental LED

Posted by mikeasaurus 5 years ago

How can I get started with DIY projects? Answered

I am really bad at DIY projects and was wondering if there were any sort of extremely simple projects mainly involving electricity and I was also looking for some tips on DIY projects. Thanks! 

Asked by solarblade90 8 years ago

Magnet strength for DIY VAWT

Hi, does anyone know if it is better to get stronger magnets for a DIY turbine? Is it always better, or only to a certain degree?

Posted by elmejor06 8 years ago

50k RPM with DIY Motor?

Has anyone built an electric motor that can reach 30-50k RPM? Would you think it is possible to build one?

Posted by Tyoon 5 years ago

DIY CNC pdf download broken

I am trying to download the pdf version of the DIY CNC instructable, and getting zero length file.  The link is  I tried using both Chrome and Firefox.  Machine is running Ubuntu 13.04.  Also tried creating a custom download, and this fails also.  Ideas?

Posted by rspanbauer 4 years ago

DIY Hatchback Subaru Legacy

Check out this DIY Hatchback I caught a few pictures of coming off the Bay Bridge in Oakland, CA. I think the guy driving was a woodworker, and needed a couple extra cubic feet to fit things like dressers and wardrobes.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

DIY mini mishwasher

I got this idea of a DIY dishwasher. I couldn't find any one ever done it before, and i thought i any of you had seen/made one. So if you have links or any other knowledge, it would be interesting!

Posted by bjarkethomsen 7 years ago

Is it possible to DIY a new Control Pod for Logitech Z4?

I gota cracked Logitech Z4 Controller, tried to look at ebay but found nothing! Can I DIY it?

Asked by tvũ1 7 years ago

DIY Electroluminescent Paper

Can anyone post a DIY instructable about this? I'd love to learn how to do this, I have many ideas that hinge off of the electroluminescent paper idea. Thanks in advance.

Posted by antonzedd 10 years ago