Dell E173FPf

My Dell E173FPf is without life

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Nice ! Dell lawsuit

From a blog By Michael Krigsman | June 30, 2010, 4:54am PDT "According to a recently unsealed lawsuit, Dell shipped approximately 12 million computers containing faulty components and then tried to hide the problems from buyers." More here:   Dell lawsuit: Pattern of deceit  

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Dell Digital Jukebox

Well, I was cleaning up my room the other day and found an old Dell Digital Jukebox lying around and was wondering what I should do with it. I was at first thinking about installing linux onto it, but then decided to ask if you guys had any better ideas on hacking the Dell, whether it be soft mod or hard mod.

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dell dimension 2400 help?

Hi I recently brought a dell dimension 2400 for $20 from a garage sale. There was nothing wrong with it but now i want to set it back to stock settings. How do i do this. I contacted the origanal owner he said he does not have the disk anymore. What should i do.

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dell poweredge sc430 help?

i got my hands on a del poweredge sc430 server  but when i fire the thing up it says memory type or speed not supported it needs a bios flash from a03 to a04  but as i cant get into windows i cant do the things i find  anyone elce got any tips to get it runing thanks

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dell poweredge sc430 help?

i got my hands on a del poweredge sc430 server but when i fire the thing up it says memory type or speed not supported it needs a bios flash from a03 to a04 but as i cant get into windows i cant do the things i find anyone elce got any tips to get it runing thanks

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i have an dell inspiron, what can i do with the mouse and the keyboard?

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Uses for old dell laptop

So my work throughout out this old dell lap top and I recovered it from the trash. It has no hard rives or ram and the screen is half disconnected from the body, but I want to take it apart and find something to do with it. Im mostly interested in the touch pad on it and because I'm into music I want to find a way to use it to control sound, perhaps by controlling the volume or pitch of a audio signal. Any ideas.

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Dell INSPIRON 5100 Battery

Http:// Buy Dell INSPIRON 5100 battery 6600 mAh 14.8V ( Compatible with 14.4V) Li-ion now! Rechargeable, removable Li-ion battery pack designed to work with Dell inspiron 5150, Dell INSPIRON 1100 SERIES Laptop Batteries and more. Overcharge and short circuit protection. Factory price, fast shipping, full 1-year warranty and 30-day money back!

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My dell won't turn on?

It have a dell laptop and one day I opened the sims 4 and it just turned off. I could only get it to turn on twice after that and both times it said there was a problem and I could either restart it or troubleshoot. I made the mistake both times of restarting it. When I try to turn on my laptop i hear the usual noises it makes when I turn it on, like the fan and stuff. But the power light is the only one that lights up, the cylindrical light next to it only light up the two times I could get it to turn on.

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Dell 48Wh Battery circuit Answered

Hello, Below Pics are my Dell laptop battery circuit board where i circle in yellow mark, since i don't know what is this part, so i am wondering if anyone know what is work of said thing on circuit, why i want to know this, here is reason, i open battery to change its old cells with new and i did changed but after finished soldering new cells i find out i loss these two small wires from circuit board that place some where, i search alot on my table but not found, than i put two wires my own & try to check battery but after that battery not working & Dell Laptop showing battery is bad, so i am sure this thing is responsible & what i put two ordinary wires not working as per circuit it should work, so if anyone help me to tell what is this so i buy one new from computer hardware store & replace it,  Hope will get some help from someone who know what i am asking, Thanks.

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Dell inspiron 1800 wont boot porperly

AHH this is like the 5th time my friend asked me too fix his WINDOWS computer... windows users just don't get it.... But anyways when the machine shows its startup screen, the loading bar fills and it goes to a gray screen asking for a password. he says he hasn't set a password. I am positive I cant blame this on windows though. I am not on dells side either though. Anybody got any ideas ?

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Whats the song for that dell commercial? Answered

I feel stupid asking this, but you know that dell commercial that has the people walking out of the building holding their computers??? Theres a song playing and im not quite sure who the artist is... its been bugging the crap out of me, so can anybody help???

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What is a Dell Poweredge Server?

What is a Dell Poweredge Is it a desktop?  Can it run servers like minecraft? Can you Play Games like minecraft on it? Can it be plugged into a monitor/keyboard/mouse. does it work for everday use? Can you record/edit videos? is this item Bad? Heres an example of what im looking at :;=item27f7381dd3 Can you add google chrome to this? (my guess is no for all the questions i just asked but i still wanted to ask them cause i dont know much about computers) Main question tho: can it run a minecraft server

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Dell computer question?- not turning on

I have a Dell dimension 2400 that while using it turned off and never powered back on. It was raining that day and I was on the computer and I heard what it sounded like a spark and I kinda saw it too behind where the computer case is(light was off so I saw like a small spark on the wall). I have the computer on a protected surge power strip. This happend before a month before and it was fixed with a new power supply. It didn't turn on also the next morning and it was raining also in the night. I'm thinking a voltage spike cause it .So this time I put in a new power supply and it wont turn on. The power supplys both work(new and older one). So what could it be that is causing it not to turn on? Anyone ever had this problem before? There is a green LED inside that turns on when pluged in but thats it. The power buttons LEDs don't turn on when pushed to power on.

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What pins do i need to short on a dell battery to get voltage? see details for what i have already found please?

Ok, so my though was to take an unmodified Dell battery (11.1v), attach an iPhone car charger to it and use it to power my phone without having to buy a commercial battery. Plus I can put it in my notebook to charge it. Last night I was using spade connectors to probe for voltage, but all I could find was 3vdc, not the 11.1vdc it is rated at. So I poked around some other sites, and found one where a guy used a notebook battery for a robotics project, and that certain pins had to be shorted to make the battery "activate". So, I then probed the connector on my notebook (the one the battery is from) and found the following: There are 9 pins on the notebook side. Pins 1, 2 and 4 all have continuity between them. Pins 8 an 9 have continuity between them. On the battery side, I get 3vdc between pins 1 and 4, 2 and 4, 8 and 4, and 9 and 4. My question is, does anyone think i will get 11.1vdc on another pin on the battery if i short 1, 2 and 4? Unfortunately I cannot open the battery because it is a spare I wish to keep around, but still would love to use this.?

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What can I do with ancient laptop?

I found a working Dell Latitude LM in the trash, any ideas on what I can use it for, comes complete with floppy drive attachment. Thanks.

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Why wont my computer boot? And how can i fix the problem? Answered

I have a Dell Dimension E521 and i try to boot it and all that happens is the power button blinks. any ideas?

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How do I remove a hard disk drive and install another one?

My hard disk drive is a mess so I bought another through ebay.  It has windows pro all ready on it.  I paid $30.00 extra for that.  I have a Dell tower and I am really confused how to change the disk drive.  After I change it will it work then?  Thank you,

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problem in watching online videos in laptop?

Hello i am using Dell laptop. From last few days i am having trouble to watch videos from websites like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. its not a net connection problem because I can watch online videos smoothly with my mobile phones and other laptops by using the same wifi connection. I videos  start when I click on a video link in any webpage from my Dell laptop but they stop just after few seconds. Can anyone guess what might be probable reasons. I am having this problem with all browsers such as google crome, firefox mozila and internet explorer.  kind regards  

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Dell Dimension 4700 cpu heatsink removal?

Hi! I am having a really hard time removing my cpu heatsink. The computer is a Dell Dimension 4700 and dell's site didnt help at all. WHAT TO DO???

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Problem with trackpad on Dell Latitude D820 Answered

Is there a way to turn of the 'tap to click' feature on my Dell Latitude D820? It's really been bothering me. For example, I'll be typing a paper and then my hand will brush the trackpad, moving the cursor to elsewhere on the page. Any help will be appreciated. 

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Where can I get parts for a Dell W5001C Plasma TV?

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How to fix a Dell 15" LCD monitor?

I have a Dell 15" TFT LCD monitor (E153FP) which appeared to stop working recently. It flickered for a while and then went black. However, when you look close it is displaying the images but not being lit up. Therefore it must be something to do with the backlights. Also, I took it apart and there seemed to be some black dust on the power circuit board. I can't afford a new monitor and can't really afford to take it to a repair shop. So, the question is does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have little to no experience in circuit board electronics but I reckon I would be able to pick it up with a good walkthrough. Thanks for reading my question and hopefully you can answer it! Harry.

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Mount a Dell ST2420L Flat-Panel Monitor on 2405FPW Base?

Hi Everybody.  I just bought a Dell ST2420L flat-panel monitor to replace my old 2405FPW.  It's a better monitor, but its base is terrible.  The old monitor's base could be raised and lowered by several inches, the screen could be rotated 90 degrees, and it tilted farther.  The new base isn't adjustable vertically, won't rotate, and tilts only a few degrees.  I was hoping I could mount the new monitor on the old base, but the mounting hardware is all different.  The attached pictures show (1) the 2405's base with mounting bracket removed, (2) the 2405's mounting bracket, which bolts onto the base, (3) the place on the back of the monitor into which the mounting bracket slots, and (4) how the ST2420L connects to its stand (I'd rather not take mine apart to photograph, but I'll do it if anybody who wants to help needs to see the hardware more clearly). I wonder if anybody has successfully adapted the base of a 2405FPW to mount an ST2420L or similar, recent monitor, or anything similar?  Or would be interested in taking on the project?  Thanks for any help or ideas. Regards, Jim Crutchfield Long Island City, NY

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Dell M70 laptop with windows XP i need to reinstall windows and am confused ?

Hi Everyone  First my name is Rob and i am sorry to trouble all you guys with my problem, i continue to be astounded by genius on this site and the brilliant hacks, solutions and inventions that you guys come up with. I am an engineer in motorsport (rallying) and am reasonably good with anything mechanical, But i must be dyslexic when it comes to computers, i just dont get them i really dont.   To my question my dell m70 laptop with windows XP and many "motorsport type" data logging engine mapping software that have used over the years, the computer is 6/7 years and is now very slow many programs do not work eg "excel " i am told i need to reinstall my disc which i have                        my questions are 1how and where do i back up my current information to ? 2 can i back up/save the software i have on it and reinstall it after disc  (i dont have original software cds etc) ?                        Rob

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Dell indicator light? Don't throw it out!

I'm working on a project that will become an 'ible when it's done, and I need a little help from fellow sysadmins. If you come across a Dell-server indicator light, please don't throw it out! Send it to me instead! See, Dell servers all come with an indicator light on a cable (it's really just a blue LED connected to a 4 foot cable, and it ends with very thin barrel plug). The light is intended to be plugged into the server, then clipped to the side of the rack, so you can see if a server is off or on without looking at the back or front of it. Nobody ever uses the light as far as I can tell. Where I work, we generally throw them out. I've been collecting all the ones that I come across for awhile now, and have only gotten together 16. The project I have in mind needs at least 60. You can think of sending them to me as recycling :) Thanks --Kyle

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MY Dell D520 Laptop keyboard is broken??

MY Dell D520 Laptop keyboard is broken yesterday, I must change new Dell D520 keyboard, just I go to “google” and find Dell D520 Laptop keyboard online store: about this D520 keyboard, can you tell me your best idea??

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my dell charger is not working ....?

I have a dell lattitude c840 ..its charger suddenly stoped workin there any other go or should i hav to buy a dell there a cheaper idea?

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Dell Inspiron (works...ish) for raspberry pi

Will trade a working black dell Inspiron for a working raspberry pi of any kind.the dell runs windows Xp but has no keyboard and is unhinged.Pictures by request.

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How can i turn the bluetooth on from a DELL Studio 1537?


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Switch graphics on Dell XPS 15?

I'm wondering if it is possible to manually switch the graphics on a dell XPS 15 laptop.  It automatically switches on intensive tasks (like games), so performance is fine, but all of the benchmarking tools recognize the graphics card as "Intel HD (integrated) Graphics" instead of the NVIDIA 420M.  Is there a way that I can manually change the graphics for benchmarking purposes?  Thanks.

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Playstation 3 or Dell Inspiron Laptop ?

From the title you can all see i need some help.(don't worry it's not gils)I can't choose between the PS3 os the dell laptop.Basically its this deal with AOL that if you sign up to their broadbrand you get a free PS3 or laptop - your choice.(i know all the terms and conditions so you don't need to explain them to me)But the problem is i can't decide which free gift to take?To tell you the truth my heart is set out more to the PS3.But i do/ could use a..... ,need a laptop aswell!So please help me decide!*PS3* is only 40 gig and not bacword compatible. (check the carphone website/aol deal for details)I need to sign up before the 17th. preferblally friday.

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Dell Ibspiron 1501 lan drivers? Answered

Ok.. i re-installed winxp on my inapiton 1501 and i cant fine a dl for the driver for the nic... NOT THE WIRELESS ONE... the cat5 one. :D Can someone link me to it plz? thx.

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taking the stand off of a dell 1702fp monitor

Hello,I have an old dell 1702fp monitor.Anyone ever take off the built in stand. So it can be wall mounted?here are some shots of the monitor:,1425,sz=1&i;=8422,00.jpg;=1910&ID;=88518&P;=Fthanks on any help

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Looking for instructable to place RAM in Dell Dimensions 2400:}?

What type of RAM do I use as well as how much? I currently Have 256 mb in my computer.

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Dell Inpiron 8000 wont start?

I have an old dell inspiron 8000 laptop that wont start. when I go to turn it on, the power light comes one for about five seconds and then the drives stop spinning and the light goes out. I took it apart a while ago, but I put it together exactly as i found it. could this be a static problem or a cpu failure? I use this computer for testing out older OS's and it would be nice to be able to use it again. can someone help me? thanks.

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How can i wire up a Dell DPS-500CB A REV 10 for a 12v. power supply?


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how to reimage dell wyse wt3125se?

Hi i have using dell wyse wt325se thin clients in my office  two of them shows flash memory error i tried to reimage it using netxfer but it wont work please guide me...

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Do You have any idea how to make a dell 2007wfp display to look like a mac cinema display? Answered

Like, how to make the logo and the stand , etc

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dell imspiron 2200 umbutu help

I have an old inspiron 2200 i put umbutu linux on but i cant get the wifi card to work anyone got any help thanks

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Can someone please help - our Dell Inspirion 1525 Vista Integrated Webcam is not working?

Hi. We have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, running on Vista 32-bit. The integrated webcam packed up today after it was working yesterday. Just keep getting advice to connect webcam before accessing various things we need webcam for (esp Skype). No Imaging Devices folder in device manager, so can't enable through there, so we have tried uninstalling/re-installing the drivers, tried updating the drivers, tried using the original drivers, all to no avail :o( Can anyone advise anything to try, other than upgrading to Windows 7 or buying an external webcam please? it's driving me mad!!!!?

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i have a old dell latitude CP can you help me find me a way to hack mod it? Answered

Its a dark navy blue almost black type color its a microsoft windows 98 second edition genuine intelpentium processor 32.0 mb of ram its a fast computer i never conect it to the internet it has a 1902MB (1.9 gigabytes) on hard drive

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My Dell Inspiron 1525 webcam has stopped working.

 I have tried reinstalling the driver, but when I go into my control panel, the "Laptop Integrated Webcam" isn't even listed. Please Help, any suggestions would be helpful. 

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I am looking for a cheap motherboard that will fit a Dell Dimension E520 case (BTX). The socket is LGA 775. Can anyone suggest one that will fit. Secondhand fine

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Can anyone help me turn a dell axim into an e-reader? Answered

I want to buy a dell axim x50 or x30 and turn it into an ereader as well as take notes on it at school.

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forgot administrator password . how to bypass and get in ?

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