Photoshop digital art, needing advice with detail.

Hello all, Ive begun to crack into digital art in photoshop. This is mainly refering to painting and not manipulating photos. Im not having much trouble with lighting or coloring. My main issue is with Texture and detail. I can make shapes and lighting and coloring but that all means nothing if it doesnt have any texture. So any and all advice within these regards would be awesome. and i will be starting on grass and nature and im trying to make high quality photos so if you have any advice on ground texturizing (like grass or trees) you can also help me out there. -Thank you for taking time to read this, Liam

Posted by Poobert 6 years ago

Can you 3D print in beeswax?

Hi there, I'm looking to have a conversation with someone who might know how to 3D print in beeswax and in reasonably fine detail. There's a couple of Dutch guys who have already done this, but other than talk in forums, I've not seen much else. I would like to find someone who actually can either do this now, or is in the process of already finalising how to do this. If you can, would you consider contacting me and discussing further. Regards, lexip

Posted by lexip 2 years ago

Misaligned photo details

The detail boxes in photos are now appearing to the right of their obvious intent.  This is occurring in IE9 (Vista 32-bit).

Posted by Strider3019 6 years ago

Need a detailed guide about Solar Energy

Can someone share in detailed about Solar Energy? I want to know in detailed about these solar topics likes- Sun's Energy Supply, Photovoltaic and about sun radiation. Please share in detailed so that I can clear my doubts. Thanks

Posted by AlexanderK11 3 years ago

Fun Box

I think someone should make a detailed instructable for a fun box it would be awesome cuz im always looking for detailed instuctions!

Posted by zero0928 11 years ago

Craftsman Tool contest: I can't find any details on it, did it start on Nov. 8th?

I am unable to locate the details of the Craftsman Tool Contest Enter any project using tools to win a $5,000 shop upgrade! Starts November 8th That I got notice of awhile back.  Can anyone help? Ok, found it.... Craftsman Tool Contest.... 

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

A Little Detail Awareness Training For Ya

You know the drill, find the five differences. Click here for the interactive version

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Link: Some details on a DIY pong watch seen at the Maker Faire

Http:// thought some of y'all might be interested.

Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

Wrong comment timestamp

See image for details.

Posted by WildOne1985 3 years ago

Construction Equipment in Loving Detail

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye has approached construction equipment and reimagined them with an obsessive amount of detail to create new gothic items that need to be seen to be believed. With laser-cut and carved materials, the "vehicles" are far from functional, but still amazing.That's it, I need to plan a trip to see some new art in other countries. Linkvia Core77

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

String Theory,..this is not detailed, but what do you think?

Here is a short video (not embeddable, sorry) on the Higgs-Boson and string theory by Dr. Michio Kaku.  Comments?

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

detail level of metal milling machines? used for making two part mold

I;m trying to make a metal mold of some warhammer products, due to thier extreme expense, and yes Iv'e checked every ip law and it's legal.  I want to know how fine detail wise milling machines can go?  Also where could I go to get a 3d scan of the sprue done.

Posted by Lucinator 7 years ago

Vivax vicam 5 not working

The light on the camera head is not working. Video camera works fine. I need detailed instructions on how to remove the head assembly to further T-shoot I can provide more details if needed tks Tony

Posted by atsman 7 months ago

Cannot use my Google+ user login details on android app on my mobile phone

I am able to use my google+ login when i am logging in using web browser on my laptop. But i am not able to use my google+ login details on the android app on my phone. I am only getting facebook login option on android app. Google+ login option is not available on android app. Thanks. Amitabh

Posted by AmitabhS 3 years ago

Urgent problems!!

I can't upload images, I can't submit bugs ! Details available if it's not trivial to reproduce.

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

how to make potpourri

I need a detailed `ibl on how to make potpourri.

Posted by bdblock94 7 years ago

Batch High-detail Text Pictures

Okay, I was messing around with batch files when I came across a way to make high detail text pictures! All you have to do is these steps: 1. Create your text picture as big on the the screen that you have to scroll up and down. 2.Create a shortcut to the file and then choose properties on the shortcut. 3.Click on Font and set the size to 4x6. 4.Then go to Layout and set the window height and width to 100 each. 5.Click apply, and then............. YOUR DONE!!!

Posted by krujh2 9 years ago

wrist timer

Can anyone build me a wrist countdown timer? PM for details

Posted by gio_13 10 months ago

[GUIDE] Raspberry Pi 3g Internet Wifi Access Point (Optional script to sniff login details)

Wasn't sure where to put this, thought it might be of interest to someone in here :) As a project, I set up my Raspberry Pi as a 3g internet Wireless AP to strip SSL from secure websites and harvest the login details. I wanted to show how easy it would be for someone to set up wireless AP providing free internet, with the equipment hidden - maybe in a backpack - and sit in a public place grabbing login details without anyone suspecting a thing. In the future I would like to do this while running the Pi from a battery bank. Guide to set up Raspberry Pi as a 3g Wireless AP Tutorial on writing BASH script to harvest login details

Posted by BigCowPi 5 years ago

Hack a bat

How can I purchase the wiring diagram and/or detailed instructions to build the hack a bat?

Posted by 3D STEREO 10 years ago

Looking for Seamstress

I am looking for someone to sew an idea that I have. Please message me for further details.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

MakerBot are hiring in NYC

Fancy a job working for MakerBot?  They're hiring in the NYC area - check this link for details.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Coming Soon: LED contest

Coming soon, very soon, a new LED contest. Details to come.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Skype blackmail!

Hey is there a way to find out details of someone on skype that try's to blackmail u even if it's a fake profile???

Posted by Mykl89 4 years ago

Game Design Team Needed

Hi, I am looking to create a multiplayer game with high detail, i will be looking for a team of five with experience in designing, modelling, texturing ,unity,coding and animation. If you have these skill then please post your skill, and I will get in contact with you. The details of the game will be revealed once you have been accepted to work on the project.

Posted by The Puffy 3 years ago

Cutting brass sheets: replicating Christmas ornaments

I'm looking to replicate a brass ornament for a dear friend. The ornaments in question are similar to these ( Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get the precision for the concentric rings as well as the detail inside? I thought about using a Dremel for the detail work, and snips for the outside, but I'm having trouble coming up with a solution for the rounded rectangles.  Thanks!

Posted by RamboBrite 4 years ago

Search Bug

Bug while searching: When searching for something with not many results (ex: bertwert) the page will after the results, on a new section, 50 random instructables. Then it will reproduce the page after and after infinite times. This does not happen when there are no results but other then that it always happens. See images for details. System details: Windows 8.1 Chrome 39 Reproduction: Search a term and scroll down to the end. (ex: Thanks :-)

Posted by DELETED_bertwert 3 years ago

Nice Little Speed Contest Starts Today

New speed contest to start later today. More details soon.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Instructables and Squid Labs have moved!

We ran out of space and moved!Full details here:

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago


I just answered this question in a personal message, but it's only fair to make the information public: We will be having a Halloween contest this year. Full details will be announced in a few weeks.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Posting an instructables on an unbuilt design?

Can I post an Instructables on an idea that I have designed in detail but don't have the funds to build?

Posted by Cabla 3 years ago


Hai sir,          i am udhaya engineering student.i have one doubt ............ HOW TO INSERT A PROGRAM IN INTEGRATED CIRCIT?         please send me about this details...

Posted by udhaya anandh 4 years ago

New change?

I have noticed that when I go on an instructable, all of the details and related 'ibles are now to the left, instead of the right. Is this just me, or everyone?

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Arduino Specifics?

Could someone please explain exactly what an Arduino is and some details about it. e.g. cost, common uses, where to get one, etc From what I can understand (and I'm not sure if this is all correct) an Arduino is some sort of programmable multipurpose micro-controller, and it controls  different electronic components (servos, motors, etc) following some pre-set program. Is this correct? (Side Note: This is my first ever post to the Instructables yay!)

Posted by bocaj90 8 years ago

Halloween Contest goes live today

That's right, the contest details will be announced today. Prizes and categories and all that fun.Stay tuned.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Coming soon: Flashlight speed contest!

On Monday we'll be starting a flashlight speed contest! The only rule is that a flashlight must be involved.  More details to come! 

Posted by Culturespy 8 years ago

A question on the Party contest....

So is this contest about a "lot of money saving ides" from each person, or one major one, to be explained in detail on each instructable?

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Detailed Lego Gun Instructions

Hello everyone, I have recently created a lego bolt action, magazine fed, streaty121 type gun that i will be more than willing to share with all of you who also want to build a lego gun. The reason the instructions are not already up, is the long recording process of showing how to build the gun, so I first wanted to make sure that people were going to view the instructable before I went through all the process. The gun is fairly simple, easy to use, and doesnt require many "special" parts. If anyone is interested in instructions for the gun, please either private message me, or comment on the topic saying that you would like instructions. Thank you :)

Posted by CrashMGD 7 years ago

Inspirational Interior Design Photos eBook

EBook having images of interiors designed by professionals. Click the link below for details and download link.Interior Design Ideas

Posted by aurictitan 9 years ago

Robin's birdarang from arkham city

I was wanting to make an arkham city birdarang using pictures of it. if you have any detailed pics send me a few.

Posted by Dzucky 5 years ago

Need to build a circuit board

I need to build a small circuit board, with a timer and a led light, small as a nickel, I will provide more details. any idea?

Posted by danielm 10 years ago

Austrailian Electro!

An Australian site detailing almost 200 high voltage projects, and a few others.Some excellent photos, and lots of cool projects that could be put on here!!LINK

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

Does anyone here have an etsy store?

How do you like the site? Give some details, general info, etc.

Posted by ChineseBakery 7 years ago

[Help question] Funai W4D-D4180DB of "ATX Power Supply" convert

Now I can be understand about a DVD Players (+12V) anyway -> (Not my Clip,Just I watched this.) ----- But I had a problem about a Addition (or maybe not) but I will be had of a Motherboard detail question about a Volts: +44V +16V When how are be possible to start without a "+44V" problems of a ATX's pins...? ----- When I do be had a Good think that will be (maybe,but I doesn't be had a sure) possible of a 34-to-20pin convert because that's can be work. (Stock power supply of Combo Recorder are be a 35W of 230V) - but maybe Connects are be questionable anyway... ---- In Photos: 1. "PSU" write signet detail of Motherboard for Help respond' 2. Motherboard (If you want of a Volts Detail, then I will be can a upload addition photos)

Posted by Illutorium 10 months ago

12" Alien vs Predator set with Display Stand - 50.00 OBO

Grid Alien, a vicious member of the Alien species whose mindless killing is a threat to both Predator and human alike, is sculpted with movie-accurate detail and comes with a custom detailed base. Base joins with the 12" Scar Predator base to form a larger battle scene. Two beautifully sculpted figures which comes from a smoke free, pet free, dust free environment.

Posted by InvaderDig 9 years ago

Instructables visits Etsy: 12 November, NYC

Eric and I are visiting Etsy Labs in NYC for Craft Night on November 12th. Come visit us!Details here.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Faux-Telescope Idea

Could mounting a pair of binoculars serve as a telescope capable of viewing the moon in detail? Not that in Phoenix, AZ there is any night sky... the binoculars' specs are 7X25 376/1000YDS 125M/1000M Thanks.

Posted by Doom_Goat 11 years ago

Record Ball Threatens to Crush You

It's a huge ball of warped records. OK, so there's not much on detail here, but just check out the picture. Link

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

instructables being blocked by PhishTank

Please remove the offending file that is causing your site to be blocked by many products that use PhishTank's data. Details:

Posted by JP 7 years ago

Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB Back in Stock!

Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB are back in of stock now!!! Thank you for waiting! Click here for the details.

Posted by ledartist 6 years ago