Drum instructables

Why are like 90% of the instructables on this group drum instructables? Does nobody play any other instrument?

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drumming artists

Who is the best pro drummer i vote Travis Barker

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Copier drums...

I need ideas of stuff I can make out of my copier drums that the awesome ppl at my church keep giving me. they suport my making stuff.. I love that, but anyways. I need some Ideas of waht to make out of them lol thanks guys.

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Electronic drums/real drums to wii

How do you hook up an electronic drum set ( medeli dd402 if that helps) to a Wii

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diy drum set?

Since i have built plenty of guitar and a new bass i'm planning to build a drums, just to know how much work is put on building drums. is it possible to build a drum set from scratch? how are they built? and on what materials? and what are the things to consider.

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Awesome drum bot

Anyone know how to make it?*Cough cough*

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Making a drum kit?

How would I go about making drum heads for cheap, and a hi hat and cymbals? I play in a metal band (lots of metallica, megadeth etc.) but even the simplest kit could help since our drummer currently does not have a kit. 

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Homemade hang drum?

I can't get empty used propane tank. Hardly and rarely someone uses it in estonia. So I was thinking to use pot from homedepot.  I have no idea what else I can use. Any ideas someone?  I think that right types of metal gives right sound.  

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How do I make a drum stick holder that hangs on a drum kit?

I have an electronic drum kit and I need a removable drum stick bag.I need one that will hold at least 6 to 8 pairs.I have bought bags before but,I have to take apart the drum kit to get it off to use on my acoustic kit.They have some with velcro but,they are usually to big and floppy and then I need to dig to find sticks in bag. I need something that will let me see the sticks and that are easy to grab and won't all fall out when I grab one.

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How to make sound activated lights for acoustic drums?

I want to make my bass drum light up every time it is hit. How would I do this? Thanks.

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the little cord that connects to the yellow cymbol on the drums of guitar hero world tour ripped off how can i fix it?

It was the little cord that connects to a little plug and the plug connects to the symbol

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how do i reskin my calf skin drum?

I'm using a ludwig with skins that are glued to flesh hoops and the flesh hoops are tightened with wooden rims. i need to reskin one of the flesh hoops and i'm not sure how to do it!

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How can i get in a band? Answered

Well I've been playing drums for 5 and a half years now and i really want to get in a band. And ideas how I could do this?

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DIY electric drum set

Here's an easy way to make an electric drum set for about 150 dollars that sounds and works great. I am going to post instructions, but this should tell you enough. Get two rock band drum sets. Open the drums. They are easy to open. Just put your hand in the little gap about halfway through the drums and carefully lift up. In the center, there would be a circular area. Keep those clean. Buy nine of those tiny recorders that you press a button to play. They are about 4 dollars each. Record a tom 1 sound, a tom 2 sound, a tom 3 sound, a bass sound, a snare sound, a crash cymbal 1 sound, a crash cymbal 2 sound, a boom cymbal sound, and a hi-hat cymbal sound. Glue each drum sound inside the center of each drum. Glue the bass one underneath the bass pedal. Turn all the volumes on high. IT WORKS! All for pretty cheap.

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how to make a cymbal for an electric drum set? ?

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Will rockband or wii drums work with a proper electronic drum module?

I have a set of RBWT drums and a set of Wii drums... can I use these pads with a regular Electronic Drum Module? .. I know I would have to solder jacks onto the wires that would be compatable with the receptacle in the Drum Module... but do they have the right pulse to signal the module?

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how to make cheap guitar hero drums (wii)? Answered

Well, here in holland these drums cost about €119 (more than $150) and i was wondering if there was a way of making these completely myself. not only the drum pads, but also the software, electronics and all that. can it be done/is it already done? and if yes, how/by who?

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how can i make my rockband drums quieter for free or cheaply? Answered

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which software i should use for my diy drum kits?

I m planning to make my own drum kit using atmega32 microcontroller. i need to know which software to use connecting it to my pc and playing the same??

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What projects can you use used 55 gal. steel drums for?

What can you do with a used 55 gal. steel drum besides crushing it and sending it to the recyclers?

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How do I make a drum from a bongo base and an unshaved skin?

I have a gorgeous hollow base of an old bongo and a very hairy piece of skin that is supposed to fit it. I'm not sure how to put them together and what other parts I need to make a functional drum, not to mention shaving the skin. Any help would be appreciated.

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How to put LED lights into a drum kit and on cymbal stands.

My boyfriend is wanting to put blue LEDS into his drums and under his cymbals. For right now I think he just wants them on steady. But eventually I'm thinking he'll want the ones inside his drums to come on when he hits the drum, so a way to trigger those to do that would also be good. Right now I was looking at the single light LEDs that they actually have to put on your car, these of course run off your car battery, so would also need a way to convert them to run on regular AC from house outlet. Any advice on this would be great. Any ideas and tips would be welcome. I'm a power novice so any detailed information ie(brands, stores, etc) would be welcome also. I'm so glad I found this forum. If anyone is interested you can find my guys band on MySpace, their name is Desidero. Thanks for any help in advance.

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How / Where do I plug in the yellow symbol for drums in guitar hero?

Might seem like a silly question but I just got my ps2 back and world tour. Tried to set up the drums, I could see where the orange symbol went and the foot pedal but for the life of me cannot find a place to plug in the yellow symbol. Could some one please get back to me so I can rock on. Thanx...

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rockband 2 drums broken?

Hi, my rockband drums are broken, the red pad9far right0 is totally off. i can still use them. but i would like to know how to get them to stay on. any help/

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I need ideas for a cheap drum booth or vocal booth for a band

I have absolutely no money and i want to build a vocal booth or a drum booth for recoding tracks. What can i do?

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Cracked Guitar Hero World Tour Cymbal (Wii)?

My Wii Guitar Hero World Tour cymbal broke. It is not wiring, it is where the rubber part meets the plastic that mounts it to the pole. I tried super glue (bad idea), but it will not hold up to the shock. The cymbal is still hanging there and sort of works, but it keeps me from getting any multipliers because it bounces around too much. I have played drums my whole life and know how to hold the sticks properly, so I am not overly beating on these things. I just got them this xmas. Played on them quite a bit but not enough for this to break so easily. Suggestions?

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Where can I find free sheet music for "Send me Out" by Fee( for the drumset)? Answered

Even if it will cost me between 1 and 5 dollars I really need this music. so please help me

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How do I make my double bass pedal move smoother and faster? Answered

Okay, I bought a used pdp double bass pedal single chain. It is very stiff and I play better if it is smoother and/or faster. Any ideas for how I can lubricate it?

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Blank Drum Tab Sheet

This is a file to help write drum tab music. All you have to do is just edit it then post it here. So get posting!

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How can i make a tom for the drum?

I was thinking.... Why shouldn't i try to build a drum tom... Hope you can help me... cheers :D

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I was wondering if you could tell me a couple of good brands of reasonable priced electric drum sets.

I'm just starting out playing so i don't need a pro series or anything. and I only think that i need electric, because my parents are all for my being able to play quietly if not silent. (kind ironic don't you think?) but if there is another way to make acoustic set be quiet then tell me please.thanks.

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Hello all! I am in need of help! I am putting LED strips in a drum set. I've been brain storming but can't seem to come up with a solution. Here's what we have: 4 Drums Here's what we need: A battery powered, remote controlled LED strip in each drum. I can not put holes in the drums to run cables of any kind. These strips need to be solo-powered but also have to be able to be turned on and off without touching them as the drums have heads on the top and bottom. There will be no way to access the strips. I was thinking of some sort of magnetic switching device, but i don't know if this exists.... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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iPod Touch Rail Mount

Hey!I got a Roland V-Drum kit last year and there's an aux input for mp3 players. I use it with my iPod touch to play along with songs.My problem is, I rest my iPod on the control module and not only does this then block half the controls, but it sometimes falls off with furious drumming.So I though to myself, I wonder if I can buy a rail mount so I can have a cradel attatched to the stand. I knew you could buy motorbike iPod cradels, but all of these weren't wide enough to accomidate the 35-40mm diameter of the stand. So I thought about making one.But I can't come up with any ideas.The stand I have is this:http://www.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/BATTERIE+DRUM+ROLAND+TD+9+KX.JPG(not the drums though... I wish)The rail mounts I have been looking at are like this:http://www.mountguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RAP-274-AP4&click;=21Any ideas guys?

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Testing out my friends BEATBOXING website!!!

Can you go to my friends new website and check it out, the web address is www.choiboi.webs.com can you maybe just look around and see what needs to be improved, he's going to post pictures, videos and songs, it's mainly a beatboxing and drumming website.

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Using a Piezo to trigger lights?

Hey all. What I am trying to construct is some kind of circuit that will trigger an LED when a piezo is tapped. The reason I would like to create this apparatus is to trigger lights using acoustic drums for my band's live show. I would like a light to go off every time a drum is hit and I figured that using a piezo would be the best way to do this. Any help that anyone could offer in this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. P.S. I found this diagram for a piezo switch but I am unsure as how i could use this or even how to make it in the first place. I am very new to electronics.

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What are some tips/pointers/well-thought-out-advice for making a band and keeping it together? Answered

My friend and I are trying to make a band so we can play at our schools variety show. (read: talent show). By the way, any suggestions for songs to play? Thanks

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can the ion drum rocker be modded so ghwt thinks it is the "official" drum kit?

Can the ion drum rocker be modded so ghwt thinks it is the "official" drum kit?

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guitar hero drums white plugs?

What are guitar hero drums white plugs that connect to circuit board what are they called? any part number for it?

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I want to build a drum set. are you feeling it?

I want to attempt to build a drum set with circles (drum heads) of cardboard. will this work and how would i attempt this?

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how can I make a home made drum kit? Answered

How can I make a home made drum kit out off bukets

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I want to make a floor drum in my garage, how would one go about doing that?

I'd like to make a drum with decent acoustics out of wood, leather and other assorted "genuine" drum materials.

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Has anyone tried using adhesive vinyl as drum rap? Answered

I want to refinish my drum kit and i was wondering if adhesive vinyl would work or any other ideas for a low budget

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Need help removing a sticker from a drum!?

There's a bumper-sticker style sticker on the side of one of my drums, and i need a way to remove it that won't damage my drums! Oh, and if the sticker could stay in one piece, that would be even better!

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how would i clean a sharp ar-c240p drum

How would i clean a sharp ar-c240p laser color printer drums, Their four toner each with it's own drum so their are four drums to clean

Asked by Bentic 9 years ago

How to fix a broken band hero drum?

Well, I was playing Band hero, on the drums, then one of the drum pads stopped working! (it was the red one) You have to hit it REALLY REALLY hard to actually make it work, and i can't live with that. If any of you had this happen or have any ideas on how to fix this, that could really help. Thanks.

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How to interface piezo electronic drum to the computer without using drum module?

I used arduino uno to make edrum using piezo plates. Also, hireless serial to midi converter to convert arduino signals. With that, i installed loopbe1 internal midi port. I used addictive edrum kit along with the reaper by using loopbe output as input to the reaper. But still i didnt get any sound, whether i missed anything?

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How can I fix a Band Hero (YES, BAND HERO, NOT GUITAR HERO) Drum kit?

Well, I own a Band Hero Drum Kit, and the Red Drum stopped working, it doesn't respond now. I'd like to know how can I fix this? Oh, and by the way, let me recall that it's a BAND HERO DRUM KIT and it is NOT A GUITAR HERO:WT DRUM KIT! They ARE DIFFERENT!!! Because I checked the instructables manual concerning the WT Drum Kit and the images of the GH:WT drums and BH Drums ARE NOT THE SAME! I hope you can help me out :]. Thanks in advance. PS: Recalling again that is A BAND HERO DRUM KIT, NOT GH:WT.

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