Dry Freezing.

 Can you dry freeze something when its a liquid?    could you take a liquid solution and submerse it in dry ice to dry freeze it?

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Dry Ice

I need some dry ice. Does anyone know where to get it?

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"dry box" for drying clothes in humid weather

Hi all,I'm thinking of building something helping me to dry my laundry in the amazingly wet weather that I'm getting in the place I live now.I searched instructables for a while, but did not find anything that really applies. This might be due to the fact that I'm both new to instructables, and not a native English speaker. I might be using the wrong keywords.So I live in a very humid and foggy place, and it's winter now. When I hang my clothes out to dry, the process takes ages. Sometimes I think it might be working backwards: the clothes become wetter. Also, an unpleasant byproduct is that my clothes become smelly, despite they are clean. Sometimes, as a last resort, I hang my clothes inside the house. But my house is very small, and I do not really have a place for the clothes hanger. Plus, the house gets very humid and I am afraid I'm going to get mold. On the other hand, I have a rather large balcony, with a lot of place for the clothes hanger.Of course I could buy a clothes dryer. I actually use a coin-operated one for large items, such as bed sheets and large towels. But I'd rather not use a tumble dryer for my clothes.However I recently learned about heat recovery ventilation for houses, and I started wondering whether the same concept could be used to build a small-ish enclosure (a box) where air is kept warmer and dyer than outside, possibily in a controlled manner. Also, it would be very nice to get energy from the sun. Surely the walls of this box could be transparent, or black, to create some kind of greenhouse effect. Then I need a fan, to have the air circulating. The air could go through a heat recovery unit. This could probably solar-powered. On the other hand, I am not sure that solar panels would be helpful for heating the inside of the box by night (energy should be of course stored, but I do not think that would be enough).I see that something similar to what I'm thinking about is already on sale e.g. on amazon. These are called "portable clothes dryers", but they do not seem really optimized. They look like a combination of a hair dryer, a clothes rack and a tent. I do not think there is a real heat exchanger, or humidity control...Plus, they do not seem really safe, especially if operated outdoors.Can someone give me some advice, e.g. pointing me to projects that use similar ideas possibly for different purposes?Thanks a lotFrancesco

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Dry ice in microwave?

What happens when you put dry ice in a micro wave? Im just wondering cause a local grocery store is now selling dry ice for Halloween effects (yes i know they cant sell to minors).Are the result any thing like this? (i dont think that microwave was turned on)

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Drying towels on clothesline

I have just started using a clothesline and I have a problem with the way the towels dry.  They are very rough, kind of like sandpaper, and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make them dry softer.

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Graphite as a Dry Lubricate? Answered

I know that graphite is sometime used as a dry lubricant, can I just use ground graphite from pencils or is there more too it?  Presumably the finer the better, is softer or harder 'lead' better  (4H HB 2B etc.) Expert advice appreciated,  - Tom

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How to dry wood?

I've picked up a horse-chestnut branch, 2-3 inches thick. It's fairly fresh (I think kids climbed the tree & snapped it off). Without specialist equipment, what's the best way to dry it out (season it?) without it splitting and cracking? It's currently standing in the corner of my shed.

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Spray Paint Drying

I'm hoping someone here knows something about spray paint. Specifically why some spray paints seem to take forever and a day to dry. In the attached picture the paint on the left (Metallic) dried quickly, within about 45 minutes whereas the paint on the right (Gloss Protective Enamel) is still so wet at 24 hours that I can scratch it with my thumb nail. FYI, I used both paints, one right after the other, on the same kind of metal. So if someone could let me know why some paints dry slower than others and which kind of paints to avoid if I'm in any sort or a rush I would be most appreciative. Thanks

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What to do with dry ice

I have a little bit of dry ice and I can't think of what to do with it.I have alreadythrown it into the poolmade bubbles with itpointed my laser into itfroze a quarter in ita bunch of other things that I cannot rememberAny Ideas? I have an hour left with itNO DRY ICE BOMBSthey are illegal you know

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where do you get dry ice from?

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What can I do with a lump of dry ice? Answered

I don't have a lump but I am curios all the things I could do with one if I bought some.

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what happens if you hold up a lighter to dry ice? Answered

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Lead Acid battery repair?

I have a dead  6  volt 4ah   lead acid battery and 12 v 190 amp  liquid  battery some one help me to bring it back to life 12 v battery i used with ups

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Production of minute amounts of dry H2 gas

I need a relatively simple way to produce a few milliliters of dry H2 gas. I do NOT want HHO and I do NOT want electrolysis of water, I also would like this method to produce little to no water as a byproduct. I'm looking for generators because  the minimum tank size of hydrogen I could buy (unless someone could locate a supplier in the UK that would sell me something the size of a propane tank or smaller) is far too large. I'm Interested in a chemical reaction or hydrocarbon cracking method that would require a maximum of 200 degrees C if it requires energy input, but I don't mind if it's terribly exothermic (unless its an thermite-like reaction, then we have a problem) since I have a very effective cooling system in place for it and the rest of the system. I forgot to add what its for, glow brazing. It'll be ionized and remove surface oxides while simultaneously heating the parts to be brazed.

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how do i keep dry in the rain if i dont have a unbrela? Answered

I dont have a unbrla and i only have a shirt and its rely cold and im tring to keep dry and im not at home im at school so what do i do

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How do you dry your hair quicky without using a blow dryer? Answered


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Keeping canoeing gear dry

I'm about to go on an overnight canoeing trip with my scout troop, and we were wondering about the best way to keep our gear dry. I know that there are those dry bags that you can buy at places like REI, but I was trying to come up with a cheaper option. We'd be storing tents, food, personal gear, and backing stoves, and a few other things. If you have any ideas and methods you have previously tried, please tell me!

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Dry Ice Air Freshener

Michael Natkin writes a culinary blog Herbivoracious which includes hundreds of recipes for a vegetarian diet. This, however, is an experiment using dry ice to create beautiful clouds of smoke while filling your home with sweet scents.

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Where to get dry ice? Answered

Where can I get dry ice?

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Bacon problem (too dry)? Answered

I have had some trouble cooking bacon. When I bought thick sliced bacon, my roommate stored it in the freezer (I think this was the problem?). The next day I had to moved it down to the normal side, took like 3 days to become pliable. However, when I try to cook it, it become so dry but I don't know why. Here's what I did, I left the slices on the pan (without heat) for 10 mins, then I cooked on medium heat, flipped till they became golden brown, then I pick them up by chopstick and leave it in my dish. First the bacon still have a little grease on it, so it's glossy; but a few moment later, it turn bone dry, no grease, no gloss, no nothing. Can anyone tell what my error was? I'm still new to bacon so sorry. PS: I wasn't able to take any picture cause my roommate ate them all because he was too hungry....

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Shortest poly dry time?

What is the shortest Polyurethane drying time before i can wet sand? 

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hot to sun dry tomatoes? Answered

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Duct Tape Dry-Erase

Just a little helpful note, that you can use dry-erase markers on Duct Tape. While I have not experimented with all brands it has worked for me in the past.

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Dry Compass Needle Making

Hello.  I've been working on a project that I foolishly thought would be fairly simple.  It's a decorative compass, kind of.  The body was simple enough to make, but now I'm stuck on the needle.  I had researched the making of a permanent magnet and thought  the process was definitely do-able, but found out that with such a small piece of metal it's actually very difficult.  Then I did a little more research into compasses and learned that dry compasses do not work the same as wet compasses, mine is a dry compass.                 My question to all of you physicists and engineers is:  is it possible for someone to make a dry compass needle at home and, if so, how?                  I realize I could find a cheapish compass and pirate the needle, and will if I have to, but what fun is that? 

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Some time back, it occurred to me that a sufficiently strong vacuum would be useful for drying wet electronics. After all, water boils at lower temps at higher elevations, and in space, water will even boil at 33F ( 1 C) Freeze-drying coffee is another example of using high vacuum to desicate stuff. I hooked up a vacuum pump which had been marketed for bleeding hydraulic brakes and clutches to a pressure chamber for extending the life of tennis balls.  It did not seem to work when I tried rapid drying a damp paper towel. Indeed, my control, another paper towel left out at room temps dried before the one in the vacuum chamber. I think I've heard of repurposing a refrigeration pump to act as a vac-pump. Someday, I may try that, but would prefer not to have to deal with the freon. Besides that, if someone is scrapping a fridge, and I can pick it up free, will the pump be any good?

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Freeze drying flowers at home????

Ok, so I've done a little searching and so far no one has said this can be done without expensive equiptment so I'm not getting my hopes up.   Here's my idea:  Place my flowers in a container with silica gel, seal it, and put the whole thing in a deep freezer for a couple weeks.  Then I would unplug the freezer to allow the temperature to slowly rise.  I THINK the silica gel will eliminate the need for a vacuum by absorbing the moisture instead of pulling it out.  Its a long shot, I know.  Has anyone tried this?  Does anyone think it would work?  Has anyone found another way to preserve flowers so they maintain their shape and color? I plan on coating them in resin to use in jewelry designs so they need to look as fresh as possible. Thanks for any ideas you can give me!

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How fast does Dry clay dry?

How quickly will the clay dry, and how can i slow down that process?

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Best way to process / dry / store walnut tree's for furniture & woodturning ? Answered

I tried to make the question as descriptive as possible. I have six large, and quite old walnut trees in front of my house. They need cutting down because they are starting to grow over the house and will soon quite seriously interfere with the power lines, and are quite old also ! Otherwise I wouldnt think twice of cutting such beautiful old tree's down ( I will be replacing them also:-) ) Im also a semi skilled carpenter and starting to learn woodturning , so I am thrilled at the chance to keep this walnut, and make some beautiful things with it, especially with how beautiful the color and grain of walnut is , not to mention how expensive ! I was wondering if it would be better to take it to a small local mill and have it all cut 1st , then stack and dry store ??? I guess the pieces I would need for woodturning can be left in log form ??? Im just after any general tips and advice on how to go about it all , if leaving the logs as they are until dry , or having it professionally cut into planks 1st is ideal.

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I remember it, sort of.  I loved it!  How was it made?

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Stuff to make with my dehydrator

I'm so excited about my new dehydrator, have made great nuts, persimmons, apples and tomatoes. I have one of the thingies to make fruit leather and can make jerky. I'd love to hear any instructablycreative ideas of what to make. If you're in the San Francisco area I might be willing to lend it out too!

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Is drinking water with dry ice in it dangerous? Answered

In Science class we had some dry ice, and a friend put some in the bottom of a class of water, then drank the bubbling water. He said it was safe, and others did it with no apparent ill effects. I tried a little taste of the water and it tasted like mineral water. Is this safe?

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Volume of gas from given weight of dry ice?

I'm rusty on basic chem. specifically, molarity, molecular weight... Dry ice, frozen CO2 is sold by the pound. I'd like to know by working formulas, how much volume a pound of dry ice will fill once it returns to gas. Carbon has molecular weight ~ 12.  Oxygen ~16.  But I don't recall what those numbers represent. One mole of gas occupies 22.4 liters, but how much does a mole of CO2 weigh?

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Does anyone know how to make FIMO modelling clay supple again.?

I just opened a new package of FIMO and it started to crumble as I molded it. Does anyone know how to make it supple and moldable again. I tried water,no good, warmed it a little, no good, still crumbling. Maybe it has some kind of oil in it? It doesn't have any ingredients on the package either. * I just found one way to re-activate (make soft) FIMO and SCULPY. A small amount of vasseline worked in to the stuff works wonders. Now to see if it still bakes in the heat and hardens. Will let you know when I know!

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what is the fastest way to dry clay?

Clay drying

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conversion of wet air into dry air?

There is a really very intresting topic about the conversion of wet air into dry air and vice versa with very less circuit design. the moto behind doing so is that i want to convert the wet air of any closed room into dry air and feed that dry air into my project on which i'm working.

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dry out jetted tub pipes

How can I dry out the pipes in my jetted tub after use to keep them from growing??  I'm thinking maybe using an old computer fan blowing into the intake would be enough...???

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slow drying art paint varnish? Answered

Can any artist help me find an art paint varnish (clear, matt)  that has a longer drying time? I have nothing to compare with but I'm thinking of ways to mix luminous powder for watches. I really have no idea about varnishes in general so any pointers or websites will be helpful. I need the mix to stay wet and workable for at least 15 to 30 minutes. I am looking at Winsor & Newton varnishes. Any other suggestions and options would greatly help me.

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I didnt find polymer clay, so what can i use instead of plymer clay?

I didnt find polymer clay, so what can i use instead of plymer clay air dry clay, oven dry clay out of any common type of clay, what can i use instead im using it for charms

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Is there a way to get sculpey back to a more pliable state if you have left it out in the air to long? Answered

I have a ton of sculpey that I apparently didn't seal well enough.  The clay is dry and brittle.  Is there anyway to get it back to it's former glory? 

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How can I make paint less sticky?

I spray painted a hollowed-out book from Pier 1 Imports using Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Satin Paint and Primer about a week ago, maybe two, but one side is still a too tacky deal with, but not enough to mess up the coat. One side was the same way for awhile, but it solved itself after I left it sit face-down for a day or two, but that didn't work on the other side. What can I do to dry the paint?

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for the ultimate budget fog chiller, would dry ice perhaps raise the affectiveness of the cooling?

Because dry ice is coolder than ice, if you sort of,..shaved it doun to about icecube size, would it cool the fog faster than the ice? and it would last longer too right?

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Increase room humidity without a humidifier?

Its the middle of winter and it gets very cold and dry here.  In my dorm room, the humidity is usually around 18%.  We aren't allowed to have humidifiers, so how can I increase the room's humidity?  Also, there isn't an air duct heating system; we use radiators.

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Does Plaster of Paris shrink? Answered

Does Plaster of Paris shrink as it dries? I would like to make a mask out of it but I don't wan't it to shrink and crack. Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

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Can you freeze dry food at home?

I would like to know how to freeze dry food. Could some create an Instructable How-To,... Can someone build a machine that freeze dry food? There are essentially three categories of freeze-dryers: the manifold freeze-dryer, the rotary freeze-dryer and the tray style freeze-dryer. Two components are common to all types of freeze-dryers: a vacuum pump to reduce the ambient gas pressure in a vessel containing the substance to be dried and a condenser to remove the moisture by condensation on a surface cooled to -40 to -80 C (-40 to -112 F). The manifold, rotary and tray type freeze-dryers differ in the method by which the dried substance is interfaced with a condenser. In manifold freeze-dryers a short usually circular tube is used to connect multiple containers with the dried product to a condenser. The rotary and tray freeze-dryers have a single large reservoir for the dried substance. Thank You

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Convert sound signal to dry contact signal?

This might be a bit of a strange question, so will try and word it so someone can follow along. I posted a thread previous about getting my doorbell chime to work with SmartThings.  What I now have is a sensor with external input.  The keep it simple, there inputs are GRND and IN.  When the 2 inputs are joined, the device reads CLOSED and when they are apart, the device reads OPEN...perfect. I've been trying to find a point on my Chimes circuit board that would create a dry contact between 2 points to trigger the sensor, but I'm not having a great deal of joy. There are however, 2 wires running from the board to a speaker in the unit.  Is there anyway I can get convert the signal to the speakers into a signal which would connect the 2 wires? I know a speaker is an electromagnet that responds to electric signals, but wasn't sure if there was something preventing the contact being made between the 2 sensor wires

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Is there a formula for calculating the evaporation of water on dry land? Answered

     I have pigs and during the summer they get hot. I've tried misters and timer controlled sprinklers but neither suited my needs, the pigs either got ahold of the mister line and ripped it down or i just forgot to head out and turn it on and off, and the sprinkler on a timer was never right, on hot days it underwatered leaving the pen dry and dusty which is unpleasent for the pigs and on cold days it overwatered leaving the pen a muddy mess which was also unpleasant for the pigs (contrary to popular belief pigs actually don't like mud its just something cool for them to roll in and natural sunscreen. Pigs would much rather have clear water raining down on them). I decided I'm going to make a simple Arduino controlled pig sprinkler. I'm going to equip it with a temperature and humidity sensor and I want it to plug the data it gets into a formula which calculates how long it will take for the water to evaporate, it will then take that data and use it to calculate the time in between sprinkler runs. But the obvious dilemma here is I cant seem to find a formula which will work. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch.            Harry88

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How could keep my shoes dry when riding my bicycle and it's raining ? Answered

I commute everyday by bicycle and I can't keep my shoes dry when it's raining, I don't have any fenders on my bike though.

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How do I make my hair thicker?

My hair is thin and flat. Is there a way to thicken it up and help the shine? I don't eat meat (except for fish); would that affect my hair?

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How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher?

How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher? It doesnt have a top rinsing thing. Would I just create a hole, adjust water pressure, and connect tube to where i would install a spray arm frame? Also, any way to overwrite the regulations to let my dishwasher dry without needing a rinsing agent? I know on some clothes washing machines, you can "cheat them" to use more water.  Thank you!

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Got some dry ice in a delivery, any ideas?


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