EL Wire Needed

Is anybody giving away free EL Wire?

Posted by Loganbo 7 years ago

Disposable camera flash and a EL sheet or wire - Will this work?

If we replace the capacitor of a disposable flash with a EL sheet or wire, will it glow? (this is since EL wires can be hooked up straight to the main voltage, which tend to use over 200volts. A camera flash that uses a capacitor that charges at a high enough voltage might be good enough for powering a EL sheet.) anybody willing to give this a shot?

Posted by akimbo m 8 years ago

EL Wire Troubleshooting

Hey everyone, I use EL Wires to make small neon signs and I've never had any problems with them until I started shipping them places. I have no idea how to fix these things and one of my customers told me the wire is detached from the transformer. Is this fixable?

Posted by kaybee71 4 years ago

I submitted my instrutables into contest but it isn't showing up?

I submitted my instrutables but it isn't showing up? It said pending, but now says no entries.. Anyone have an idea as to what is going on? Thanks!

Posted by fastedos3000 8 years ago

Coming Soon: EL wire contest

Starting soon, very soon, here on Instructables will be an EL wire contest! We'll be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of EL wire to the best ideas! In case you don't know, electroluminescent wire, EL wire, is a plastic-coated wire that glows when current is run through it. It comes in many colors, can be powered by batteries, can be used in costumes, and can create animations when controlled by a sequencer. It's really, really fun to play with. To get to know more about EL wire, here are a few Instructables to help you out: how to add EL wire to a coat or other garment How to Solder EL (Electroluminescent) Wire Fire Skirt! Light Up Costume How to make EL Wire Art

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago


Ok so whats going on with the El wire contest. Wasn't it supposed to end on august 23th at midnight? Why did instructables change it to august 24th at midnight? When will the winners be announced?

Posted by chaoschao99 8 years ago

Not enough time

Hello, I live in Mexico City and just saw the EL Wire contest. The deadline  for proposals is Aug 15 and the material will not arrive by then. Can I submit my idea in drawings? or it has to be done already? Cheers H

Posted by jalinx 8 years ago

attaching EL wire to the conection clips

Does any no how to attach EL wire to those clips?

Posted by steven123 8 years ago


The EL wire Contest seems expensive and how many people actually have EL wire?

Posted by MACKattacksnipe 8 years ago

Maybe Found Cheap EL Wire?

Hey,  I was doing a quick search on ebay and found this. Its cheap el wire. The best part is its orange,(Clemson Stuff). Its about 10 bucks including shipping. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item;=110416611409&Category;=71537&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D1 Is there any problem with this stuff. 

Posted by imthatguy1125 8 years ago

Bringing Steampunk and El Wire Together

I recently took a class on El Wire and got a hold of some to play with, so I pretty much know what I'm doing with it. It seems, though that the creative juices have stopped flowing and I can't seem to come up with a way to combine it with anything steampunk. I just figured I'd throw it out there and maybe start up a discussion. Thoughts / ideas?

Posted by BanasLabs 7 years ago

is anyone gonna enter?

the deadline's coming up and there is still no entries... possible explanations?

Posted by GianniMora 8 years ago

"EL" Category under the Technology section

I think there should be an "Electroluminescence"/"EL" Category under the Technology Section Is it possible to do that?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

EL-Wire Stickman costume

Very cool idea, simple yet amazing - a "Stickman" made for a child, using EL-wire and black jumpsuit. Video preview here (http://youtu.be/GkBDRUO8hAo) Happy Halloween!

Posted by CrLz 5 years ago

How to change diagram for EL Wire Inverter

As you all know, building it yourself is almost always cheaper! I've been doing a lot with EL Wire recently and I want to make my own inverters since the ones online can be pricey. There seem to be a LOT of ways to make an inverter. I liked this one in particular: http://www.timercircuitdiagram.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/cqs1263343377k.jpg What would I need to change to achieve an output of about 200v at about 500hz? I've read that this is optimal for EL wire.

Posted by theqwertman 7 years ago

El Wire AC inverter

El wire is cool and all but all the circuits that come with them are so half assed made it isn't funny. I have yet to get a circuit that is up to spec's that even closely adheres to any of the soldering tips and ticks, good soldering joints, anything. crap crap.  i have the components but the board is whack. how do you go about making a AC inverter for Elwire?

Posted by Chingasman 7 years ago

Advice- Need a Hack for Motion Sensor and LED

I am new to this electronics thing and could use some advice. I am trying to build a very simple prototype for a ceiling made of LEDs or EL panels that would light up when people walk below.  It will need some kind of motion sensor or infrared sensor. I was hoping to hack an existing product that has both parts. I am not very experienced with this kind of thing and don't have a lot of time to learn before this project is due. Anybody have any ideas?

Posted by rosstar 8 years ago

Odd problem with EL Wire... Help?

I’ve been working on this circuit and I can’t quite get it to work right. I wrote out all of my diagnosis in detail, so it’s a bit of a text wall, but perhaps you can just look at the drawings and skim the “odd part” and know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks so much to anybody who can help me out with this. Description: It uses a remote controlled LED controller to turn some EL Wire either on, off, or flashing to music. There is also an override button, to use in case the LED controller stops working. The LED controller requires 12v and outputs the same voltage. I put the diodes in to protect the controller from the 12v that would come across the override button if it was on and the controller output was off. The transistor is a TIP31. The wires going to the override button and to the EL wire are both detachable (using a molex connector). Diagnosis: The override button turns the wire on just fine, but the LED controller does not. When I did a quick test before assembling things by attaching only the controller to the power source and the wire to only the controller, it worked just fine. Additionally, when the override/EL molex is disconnected, I am able to get a +12v reading from my multimeter coming out of the LED controller. When it is connected, however, I am not. The LED controller outputs no voltage, and when I switch the output on, there is often but not always a small blip of voltage. Here’s the odd part: If I turn the controller output on while the override button is on, it DOES output 12v. I can then turn the override button off, and the wire remains lit, the controller continues to output 12v. As soon as I turn the controller off, it will refuse to turn on properly again until the override button is activated (even though I detect 12v going into it). I tried replacing the diode on output 1 with a transistor (generic npn, a BC337 if I remember correctly), and adding an LED between the output and ground. Neither fixed the problem, but I think that I will keep them because the transistor does not have a 1v drop like the diode does, and the LED is an easy way for me to tell whether or not the controller is outputting. One thing I did notice is that the LED did light dimly when the override button was on yet the controller was off.

Posted by theqwertman 7 years ago

Location matters?

Does the EL wire for this contest have to come from thatscoolwire.com? Becase it can be found cheaper many other places.

Posted by DELETED_cdousley 8 years ago

Where can I find power supplies for EL wire...

...that are powered by a bicycle, as mentioned at the end of this article? http://hubpages.com/hub/Dress-Up-Your-Bike-For-a-Safe-Ride

Posted by mrshow555 8 years ago

non-online EL wire shopping

Ive seen a lot of websites selling El wire, but im not very big on buying online( i know, i know). i need to know where i could get El wire non-online.help please?

Posted by JustModIt 8 years ago

A 'simple' sound activated LED.

Soooooo, I don't have a whole lot of knowledge about electronics. But I'd like to make/have someone make a single LED bulb that lights up when a microphone recieves sound. I'd 'actually' like to fit a small microphone into a helmet's mouth section, and have an LED activated on the outside. If it's possible to incorporate a speaker on the outside as well, that'd be incredible. And even more-so, if it could change/amplify your voice on the way out, that'd be simply orgasmic.

Posted by Wrel 8 years ago

Electroluminescent panels

Greetings, Anyone have any idea how electroluminescent (EL) panels are made? I see in this video https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-EL-wire-at-home/ that EL wire has a wire wrapped around another one, but what about EL panels.  They don't have wire wrapped around a sheet of copper, do they? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 8 years ago

EL Wire Questions

Does anybody know if it possible to make your own El wire controller thingy? Ohh and how many volts does El wire operate on. I want to put some on a pair o headphones to make the glow.  Around 3 volts maybe??? And if anybody has some El wire scraps laying around could I use them?? All I need is at most three feet. My budget is rather limited. Thanks everyone!!!!

Posted by jackjackboom 6 years ago

electroluminescent panels: can i run one from one or more CR2032 batteries?

I need to add some lighting to a project with very limited space. i dont think i can fit a large enough led in there so i want to cut a small disc out of an el panel slightly larger than a CR2032 battery, bend some contacts around from the edge of the panel onto its back and attach one battery to make as thin and light as possible. i also need a panel about 15 inches by 5 inches, again would it be possible to run it off one or more of these batteries for a couple of hours?

Posted by ambientvoid 5 years ago

Controlar el puerto paralelo de una computadora.

1. Si me pueden ayudar a realizar un código en Assembler para controlar el puerto paralelo de computadora.

Posted by carlospanez 9 months ago

my stuff came in today

My Blue LED fan and my EL wire came in today, i should take pictures

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

How to assemble the el wire

EL wire Assembling Instructions 1 Recommended Tools for Live Wire Assembling 1. Wire-Stripper. 2. Scissors. 3. shrinkable tube 4. Hot heat gun. 5. Glue gun 1.EL wire And Power supply wire 2.EL wire And EL wire 3.EL wire Self-contained 4.Attention 1. forbid to connect power supplier without its driver 2. the flash function control by driver. 3. forbid to cut when connecting power. The electrode forbid to connect together, and should prevent it from water. 4. When making shape or connecting, do not to drag and bend emphatically. 5. the wire need match the suitable driver to work, otherwise may break the wire and driver, even dangerous. The driver should operate in power properly. The driver forbid to work without connecting wire. 6. If the wire or driver is very hot, cut off power immediately, call the distributor. 7. keep far from tinder, causticity goods 8. install and connect with professional’s guidance

Posted by amazingbest 8 years ago

Momentary flashing lights

What is the easiest/simplest method of making a flashing light (preferably a small string of LED's or a piece of EL tape) connected to a momentary push switch? no timer or any other complication just lights that will flash on and off until the button is released. i want to make a flashing indicator light and switch small enough to mount on a ring that i can wear on my pointing finger so that the button hits the back of my hand as i straighten my finger to point and the light flashes only until i curl my finger to release the switch.

Posted by ambientvoid 2 years ago

wiring lights into car speakers

I want to add some electroluminescent tape and panel to the portable speaker i built in such a way that it lights up when i turn the speakers on. my question: would it be possible to achieve this by popping the power leads of the 12v inverter into the positive and negative woofer terminals on the crossover along with the speaker cables already there? 

Posted by ambientvoid 5 years ago

Switch on EL wire with Raspberry Pi

I have bought a small 3 m length of EL wire along with a portable 3v controller like this one: http://www.elwirecraft.co.uk/340/portable-inverters/portable-driverinverter-for-3-metres-of-el-wire-2xaa-batteries/ there is a tactile push button which cycles through the operating modes (on, flash, off etc) id like to be able to turn the EL wire on using my raspberry pi.  I have opened the controller and soldered 2 wires over the push button contacts such that when you touch these wires together, it has the same effect as pushing the button. thats as far as I have got.  Has anyone got any idea on how to us the raspberry pi GPIO to switch this on?  Transistors are a bit foreign to me, especially ratings and required resistors!

Posted by Bananaman100 5 years ago

Programación de Modulo De UltraSonido

En esta prueba de la programación del Modulo de Ultra sonido hubieron varios inconvenientes al al principio, por ejemplo al programarlo por 1ra vez y al colocarlo en el suelo el robot no detectaba los objetos que se aproximaban a el, creímos que tal vez faltaba calibrarlo.Al programarlo por 2da ocasión el robot ya detectaba los objetos, el problema era que no daba la vuelta, simplemente se quedaba estático, creíamos que fue porque la batería estaba descargada. Al pasar 20 - 25 minutos tal vez el problema era que se necesitaba aumentar la velocidad del coche. Eran simples errores, esperemos que al hacer esto y les pasen los mismos errores que a nosotros,

Posted by ReneSantana 4 weeks ago

Greetings New Members

Put any questions you have here.

Posted by El Chucko Norris 10 years ago

EL wire for bike, scooter and skate board

I was looking at some Instructables in regards to EL wire and how to use it on bikes and similar. Some look quite interesting, while there was one using the high voltage generated and stepped up from a stepper motor. So it is is either batteries or risking electric shock - not my liking. I finally got my hands on an old dynamo, output is around 6V and I want to combine it with some EL wire. My thought is to fully convert the bike to run on the dynamo rather than on battery lights. For the EL drivers that run on 3V I will use a voltage regulator with no batteries inside the driver. The front and rear lights should run on rechargeable batteries, but only small ones to provide the juice when stopping at the lights or similar. I am quite good at getting stuff working they way I want to but no so good in putting all of it into a readable and easy to follow tutorial. So I was wondering if there is some interest in some old school mods to get some proper light on the bike (or scooter)? If so I would take some pics on the way and try create something others might be able to follow. Of course like usual I will stick mostly to recycled parts for the project, except for EL stuff that is. Might even include some instructions on how to refurbish a stuck dynamo as I had to face this problem too. Let me know what you think....

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago

Powering electro luminescence wire (EL wire)

I was planning on doing some work with EL wire, but I didn't want to use a battery powered system.  I wanted to be able to plug the whole thing into a wall outlet for power, because I thought that would be nice and convenient and all that, but I had some questions: 1)     Would I need to reduce the voltage of the outlet first?  It's a standard 120 volt outlet. 2)     What components would I need between the outlet and the wire itself to make it work? 3)     What length would of wire could I expect to light with this setup?  What is the limiting factor? I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me.  I haven't ever tried this before, and haven't really explored EL wire before.  Thanks!

Posted by Avren5 8 years ago

Build Night Jameco en The Inventors House

El pasado jueves 24 de Agosto se llevo acabo la segunda Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Jameco En esta ocasión decidimos realizar la build night durante el día, para ser precisos a mediodia, nuestra intención fue que la familia se reuniera para hacer inventos con electrónica, El evento comenzó a las 12:00 hrs. se coloco todo el material electrónico en el centro de las mesas, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, arduinos, GPS, Xbee y algunos tutoriales visto en internet. Lo mas genial de todo fue que contamos la presencia de niños, papas, jóvenes y de hasta la TV local!! Que hizo un reportaje Enseñamos un poco de electrónica a pequeñas niñas que encendieron su primer led,  varias personas tuvieron su primer contacto con la electrónica y crearon geniales proyectos. Para ver todas las fotos tomadas durante el evento no olviden visitar nuestro album de facebook Estamos listos para recibir el material de la próxima build night de septiembre patrocinada por Lumi Sin mas, gracias a Jameco e instructable por la experiencia, saludos desde Aguascalientes, México.

Posted by sabas1080 5 years ago

Help: LCD backlight EL

I have a cracked nokia 6280 lcd screen lying around. The backlight still works. I would like to see if I can get it powered up with a power supply. Is there anyone out there who could point me in the right direction? How can I figure out what voltage/frequency it needs? Thanks.

Posted by abaybas 11 years ago

Particapants in this contest

Is it just me or do you all also think there's only going to be 7 contestants in this contest.

Posted by RelientOwl 8 years ago

Make: en Espanol

A todo el grupo de Instructablers de Mexico los invito a visitar Make: en Espanolhttp://es.makezine.comEstamos abiertos a recibir sus opiniones, dudas y comentarios, al igual que cualquier proyecto que hagan. :)Pasen la voz!!(disculpen los acentos y la "enie", pero el sitio me las cambia)

Posted by magopo 9 years ago

EL wire help

Hello, I was wondering whether someone could shed some light on this. I'm making a coat with a design in EL wire. I want to use two colors, and I want to have them both on the strobe setting, so that they flash opposite the other.. so one color being on while the other is off. However I may have to use more than one 'spool' of wire per color. I have a bunch of 9 ft. segments already hooked up to batteries.  You may have to bear with me, I know very little about electronics.. But is there a way I can hook up the segments of one color to each other so that they all flash simultaneously? Or is it worth it just to get longer segments/ make my own, and would the battery have to be much larger in that case? Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated! 

Posted by ohhelloooooo 5 years ago

Need idea's for a shooting thing

Hi, I have some el cheapo airsoft guns that don't work that good so now, I'm looking for idea's for some other shoothing contraption that can be used for airsoft type battles. and something that doesn't hurt like hell(like the el cheapo airsoft that does work)and that can be made by a 14 year old(the youngest kid in this small village) any idea's?

Posted by spacessj 12 years ago

Clone Trooper Pops, Keyboard Wallet, Dorm Decor

Clone Trooper Pops Keyboard Wallet Dorm Decor EL Wire Guide Camping Crescent Rolls Natural Playdough Dye Evaporative Drink Cooler DIY Air Ionizer EL Wire Spiderweb Slow Baked Bread Money for Old Rope Micro TV-B-Gone CD Pendant Charm USB Laser Duck Desktop String Art

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Embedded video bug

I updated a video in my I'ble for the EL wire contest judging period. Now the video is gone and alas, I am not a finalist! Sadness :-( Whether or not the video had to do with the judging, it looks like embedded videos are not displaying from Vimeo. I tried a couple times with a couple videos and none will display in my published I'ble. (https://www.instructables.com/id/EL-Levitation-Wand/). Thought you'd like to know.

Posted by izzyinsf 8 years ago

Que les parece un burning man Fest aca en Colombia....?

Ha sido mi sueño dorado, un festival en el que el arte libre se exprese ante la violencia e ignorancia que abunda en las mentes Grises y polvorientas de algunos colombianos...es simplemente una inquietud y a la vez un llamado a los artistas y creativos interesados en  un formar el primer Burning man Fest aca en colombia...cuenten conmigo....lo q sobra es voluntad...keep in touch. INSTRUCTABLES IS ON THE HOUSE...

Posted by Mr.Sanchez 8 years ago


Bueno se que puede ser un poco difícil pero me gustaría intentarlo con vuestra alluda.Se trata de un simple juego para "adultos" y creerme tiene su gracia.El juego consistiría de cuatro mandos de metal (ya que se trata de pequeñas descargas eléctricas que no sean peligrosas para el cuerpo humano) que serian cogidos por los participantes,  estarían a la espera de que la luz de color que abría en medio de la base de los mandos se apagase, el ultimo en apretar el botón de acción reciviria una pequeña descarga indolora.

Posted by tenzo 7 years ago

Payment receipt

It would be useful to have a link to a "receipt" of the payment for the pro account. Would it be possible to incorporate that? (or at least generate one for me ;-) ) Thanks! El Gus

Posted by guolivar 7 years ago

Locating ELS Fiber

Good afternoon! I've been browsing, and tried to look up information on ELS fiber, short for Electroluminescent fiber. Googling it will get plenty of links to the initial article or two about it's creation roughly a year and a 1/2 ago, but nowhere can I find any information on where or how one can obtain any of it, outside of ready-made outdoor recreation clothing. I'd hoped someone might be able to assist me in this? I'd dearly love to get a hold of some for use in costuming. Thank you in advance for any info you could provide. Regards, Bronwyn "I've not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work." Thomas Edison "There's a fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'. I think I tripped over it a while back."

Posted by whiteraven 10 years ago

Lighting a background surface

 Hello everyone,  I've been looking for options to light a surface for a garment.  I would like to obtain some sort of EL panel effect with something simpler.  I have never worked with EL panels, and they seem really complicated to use for me. Is there anything I can use to make a surface lit?  Is it possible to have a surface of 10 x 15 inches lit, that's portable without huge amounts of power? Thank you for your help. All the best,  Jen.

Posted by jndopazo 8 years ago

Make It Glow Challenge Rules

The header says "LEDs, EL Wire and Lightbulbs".  Does your project have to include at least one of those, or can it be anything that glows? Thanks!

Posted by technoplastique 7 years ago

1ª Build Night por Sugru en The Inventor´s House (Mexico)

El pasado jueves 18 de Julio se llevo acabo la primera Build Nigth en The Inventor´s House patrocinada por Instructables y Sugru Una noche en la que a pesar de la lluvia que cayo en la ciudad hubo varios participantes que dejaron volar su imaginación y crearon cosas geniales. El evento comenzó a las 20:30 debido a la lluvia, se les entrego a todos los participantes un sobre de sugru, varios venían preparados con material extra como cautín, partes de fuentes de computadora, plugs de audifonos, controles de playstation, madera entre otras cosas para hacer sus creaciones. El evento estuvo genial incluso contamos con la presencia varios niños todo en un ambiente colaborativo y de creatividad. Estos son algunos de los inventos realizados en esta Build Night te mostramos el video y la liga al instructable. Un cubre polvos para tu celular: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Cubre-polvo-para-celular-hecho-con-Sugru/ Un Joystick mejorado de control Nintendo 64: Un mouse USB/PS2: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Ratn-PS2USB-con-SUGRU/ Base para ventilación de laptop: Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Mejorar-el-enfriamiento-en-Laptop-con-SUGRU-Im/ Fue una experiencia genial, que nos dejo bastante conocimiento para seguir mejorando el evento, ya estamos organizando la build night de agosto, en esta ocasión primero impartiremos un pequeño curso de como crear un instructable y así mejorar nuestros post. Sin mas nos despedimos desde Aguascalientes, México. Saludos :D

Posted by sabas1080 5 years ago