Is there anyway to create an EMP that could take down a whole building that is handheld?

Posted by gsyme13 3 years ago

why don't EMP's disable themselves?

I was thinking recently about EMP's and how they disable electronic equipment and i realized that if an EMP generator is charged and fired with an electronic circuit doesn't that mean the EMP generator itself will be disabled?

Asked by Dave6 6 years ago

how to make an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) ?

i want to make an EMP without (transformers , high voltage capacitors , and of course not nuclear)

Asked by top.boy 7 years ago

Can anyone help me with making a small EMP device? Answered

I want to be able to build an EMP device that can scramble other small electronic devices.

Asked by PyroMonger 9 years ago

How do you create a miniature emp generator (NOT FIRECRACKER) that disables electroinics?

I found some pages on emp's but I would like so clarification on them an some simpler instructions http://www.wikihow.com/Build-an-Emp-Generator http://www.gizmowatch.com/entry/howto-create-an-emp-bomb-of-your-own/ http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_create_an_electromagnetic_pulse_EMP

Asked by Myers Technology 7 years ago

Need emp help

I've seen videos on you tube with emp devices that can light up light bulbs without pluging them in, I really want one but cannot find how to make one. Dose any one know how?

Asked by Jewson 5 years ago

Help on how to build an emp

Hello I am an Italian boy, and found this site because I was looking for a way to build a emp. or I tried to build it with the disposable cameras but with poor results, I would know to pass through a scheme to build a

Posted by gemz-ita 6 years ago

how to make a powerful, cheap, pocket-sized EMP device?

I am looking for a pocket sized device that is powerful and cheap (50-75$)

Asked by rene02 5 years ago

Ok, well i wanna make some kind of simple EMP gun. Is that possible?

I saw some other forums that talked about it, and i would just want some that could disrupt something at close range, or something like that. I have heard of using a firecracker... but i don't think that i want to do that in public... xD maybe a disposable camera and some wire?? I have some enamel-covered solid-conductor copper wire, 30 gauge....

Asked by charchar97 7 years ago

Trying to build an EMP generator for school demonstration, anyone know how?

I have high voltage capacitors, as much wire as needed, switches, LED's, giant iron core, batteries, and slightly above basic knowlege of electronics, electromagnetism, ect.

Asked by baldou16 6 years ago

Can i take these objects to make a splinter cell emp gun?

How would i make a splinter cell emp gun? i seem to think i would need a laser and phototransistor and the thing used to make the emp and some high voltage capacitors but i dont know what else. what other stuff would i need? my email is ilovewinter1@peoplepc.com.

Asked by ilovewinter 9 years ago

Schematic of an EMP?

I am making an emp but I broke the Disposable camera's chip. So decided to make my own circuit, but it doesn't work. I am attaching my schematic. I know I am missing something, so please can anyone tell what it is? or just direct me to a simple schimatic? I have transistor... transformer and everything form the chip. I just don't know how to connect them.

Asked by RishabhM13 2 years ago

Creating a temporary EMP device

I'm new in this site. Anyhow, I want to create a EMP that can temporary disable electronic devices. I read some articles that producing one can  permanently destroy any electronic devices when activated.  I don't know if its real in the Dark Knight Rises where Bruce used a device to disable the cameras or even the lights and vehicles in the tunnel but I want one. The purpose of its creation is for killing some time and having experience in making one. Technically, I found a way to make a step by step temporary EMP however it does not show much like how much power produce or some voltage adjuster when you want to increase or decrease its potential.  In such case, if i happened to make one, how can I determine the radius of its effects? Does the voltage produce counts to determine its radius?

Posted by DianS1 3 years ago

I have a faraday question. Answered

I have a laptop that is an hp pavilion dm4 and it has an aluminum covering on the lid and some of the key board, so I was wondering if I could protect my laptop from emp and stuff just by grounding the lid. If anyone could answer this I would appreciate it. Thanx

Asked by techno guy 6 years ago

How do you make an Electro Magnetic Pulse Device? Answered

I would like to make and EMP device to blow an RFID. I understand that it is a capacitor and a coil.  And that you charge the capacitor up and then discharge it through the coil.  But what size and voltage should the capacitor be, and at what what voltage do you charge it and how thick does the wire need to be? Is it all about the voltage of the cap (12 volt or 400 volt)  or is it more about the size of the cap? Thanks

Asked by Aussie14 6 years ago


Ok, i'll be frank. i need to find out how to build an electro magnet with and effective ranger of about twenty or so feet i find it very interesting. and have always wanted to snatch up a small object/scramble a crowd of cellphones. former more than the latter. any help would be very appreciated. THANKS

Posted by blingity 10 years ago

Would this EMP cause temporary or permanent damage?

I am thinking of making this EMP. Would this EMP cause a temporary damage? Or Permanent? http://www.wikihow.com/Build-an-EMP-Generator And if someone can find out the blast radius, that'd be great.

Posted by ArcAngelZz 5 years ago

how do you make an EMP? Answered

How can you make a little EMP, only strong enough to disrupt (not destroy) electronics? i would be nice if re-usable, or pocket size.

Asked by necropolian 9 years ago

How to make a mini EMP deivice with capacitors?

Hey guys, I'm really trying hard to make a small EMP device so I can at least turn off a calculator or something. I have 4 capacitors in parallel , and four 9V batteries , but I can't figure out the wirei part, how do I wrap it, and what do I have to put inside of it? I would really appreciate your help...If you find some photos it would be awesome.

Asked by Drake140 6 years ago

How Can I Make A EMP Emitter? Answered

I would love to make an EMP, but i have no idea how to... I am sure i have the right tools and surely enough of the resourses to do so, i have a plethera of capacitors, some that are like 300,000 micro farads... My friend told me that those would come in handy... what else would i need and how powerful could i make it? Also, size does not really matter to me, as long as it works, I would be quite happy with it :)

Asked by Caboose98 7 years ago

EMP for cars

So, if cops had a thing to shoot at cars, that sent an EMP through them, would it turn off the car? Would it harm the people in the car? Is it a ridiculous idea?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

EMP Gun or ???

How do i destroy the chip in my dog.., i need to change chip do to rules in my contry.. ( paper woork ) the camera thing on youtube does not work, please help me to build a EMP gun...?

Asked by Martens 8 years ago

question about an emp and a electro thermal plasma expansion arc chamber.?

If i took the basic idea of using an emp that uses a flash camera and attached an electro thermal plasma expansion arc chamber mentioned here at instructables around the coil (of the emp replacing the epeac's coil)and instead used all the wires to connect to the capacitor and the other ends (not the coils ends) to the switch, with the coil seperated from the epac with insulation, with the nail in the middle of the coil what would happen? scientifically? anything?

Asked by ilovewinter 9 years ago

Who/how Build a EMP to destroye a human Chip implantat?

I Need somebody who can build a EMP or rfid Killer to deactivate a human Chip implantat. I live in Germany. It don t have to be dangerouse for my live if it deactivate my Chip. And it don t have to damage other Things. Only my Personal Radius. I would Pay much for it if someone would safety do this for me. 

Asked by DELETED_flyer9384 5 years ago

Creating a handheld Emp device

Has anyone been able to create medium sized nonexplosive EMP generator? i recently purchased 4 oil capacitors each rated around 5.5KVDC and 32uF, from what i have learned, in order to create an EMP generator, you would need a to feed it a large amount of power in to  a heavy gauge magnetic coil. I believe my caps could do the trick. I will be charging them with a  ZVS driver coupled to a self wound ferrite transformer, then rectified. As for discharging i' will probably use a mechanical spark gap. I am hoping to create something like the shock pulse generators in amazing1.com, does my setup look feasible ?

Posted by tazerboy 6 years ago

EMP shielding "SAFE" ? How to build or find?

Is there any type of EMP shielding "SAFE" you can get to put your hard drives or memory sticks or other like items into? Like a money safe, but for electronics.? Just wondering if there is a way to make one or something in the house already to use.  I have boys who run with magnets instead of scissors.

Asked by tukas 7 years ago

Protection against EMP ...

Hi !Data :Let's say that I want to protect some important electronics devices against EMP.Let's say that they need to work 24/7 and that they are, thus, connected to an external source of power (electrical socket before EMP, and solar panel after EMP).Let's say that they need to emit and receive RF signals.Questions :1) As there are electrical connections with the exterior, a Faraday cage would be pointless, wouldn't it ?2) Would a solar panel survive to an EMP ?3) Is this possible to use the Faraday cage as an antenna for RF communication ? (I guess it's a stupid question as connecting the cage to the device would make the cage part of the device ...)4) Are thin and transparent gold foils enough to act as a Faraday cage ?_Edit : Interesting readings found thanks to the links Nachomahma provided :http://www.todaysengineer.org/2007/Sep/HEMP.asphttp://www.spectrum.ieee.org/archive/1543_Edit2 : an article about EMP protection.The first part is about EMP from nuclear bombs. The last part gives some clue about HMP.http://www.aussurvivalist.com/nuclear/empprotection.htm

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago

Microwave Transformer To EMP

Hello, my question is simple. If I connect about 3v to a microwave transformer and then to a coil, would it make a efficient EMP wave (shutoff a calculator). I know that I can use a disposable camera, I just am learning different ways to do it. (Sorry for the pic, done with my phone haha)

Posted by Skydazz 1 year ago

EMP and Solar Flare Protection

I uploaded the videos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X_KkbqtcJg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U2ogTzGXqY Make sure to look at the description below the video for more information on forums and links. Tell me what you think. Mac

Posted by macb6497 8 years ago

A powerful EMP generator, to disable (temporarily) stereos in my neighbors house.

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a portable EMP generator, which will be powerful enough to knock out (temporarily) my neighbors stereo (if he plays it on loud at midnight again). My setup is as follows: 8 330v 160uF Capacitors wired up in series. 8 330v charging circuits for the capacitors with their outputs in series wired to the capacitors through a switch. The 8 capacitors are wired up to a coil through a switch. The coil is made from 6 gauge wire (or a 1/16" copper strip) that is coiled 5 times. I would really appreciate any feedback because this is a fairly large undertaking for me, and i'm kind of nervous at working with over 2000v of electricity. Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor by throwing it into a swimming pool???

Posted by recon506 10 years ago

kick out lamps with emp

Hid lamps (sodium and halide) are used for outdoor lighting they are sensitive to momentary power interruptions (even the smallest ones that dont make computers reboot) and mechanical stress (like beating the electrical pole with the lamp). they extinguish and need some minutes to cool down before they strike again i thnk it should be possible to kick out the lamps with emp (electro magntic pulse) as well. how strong pulse is needed to affect this kind of lamp ? is it possible to pack such energy in a portable device ?

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

Dose anyone know how to make a emp generator? Answered

I have been looking for plans for a good emp (as in electromagnetic pulse) plans for months. I need it to be small, but effective. Also I would like it to create a field for a little while and not just a quick blast. Any  suggestions of where i could find plans for some thing like that?

Asked by Tobor 2.0 7 years ago

how can i turn a magnetron from a microwave into a herf gun? Answered

Hello i am feeling particularily creative at the moment and would like to go down to the beach and pick coconuts from the coconut trees, using a herf ray , in which i would blow up the coconuts with the microwaves being emmited from the magnetron. what i want to know though, as it seems to be missing from every single webpage which mentions the construction of a herf ray using a magnetron is, how exactly would i set up the magnetron so that it would create a directional beam capable of frying a coconut abbout 10-30m off the ground? i have seen this being done by a guy on the beach before, making the coconuts explode using a herf ray, when i asked this person how he was doing it he simply said that he was using a microwave gun made from a microwave also, i have no intension of climbing the trees to get the coconuts

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 7 years ago

geeks of instructables i call upon you help me make a powerful, portable, long -range emp generator

It needs to be cheap, long range, easy to make, no cameras, portable, and preferably directional                                                    and how can i make an emp shield

Asked by DELETED_madscientist167 7 years ago

[IDEA] Would this work? Answered

Hello, this is a theoretical question, as i have neither the time nor the money to do it. Assuming that your electromagnet would not melt with the power of the lightning and is made of suitable electromagnet material (copper wire and soft iron?). What would happen if somebody connected a large electromagnet to a lightning rod and to the ground? I do not know much about this field of physics, so please explain your answers! thanks in advance, jonathan

Asked by jonrb 8 years ago

Any ways to block the EM waves from my solid state Tesla coil?

Hi guys, I'm working on a small solid state Tesla coil (Slayer exciter) and every time I test it, the internet router stops working and peoples don't really appreciate it when it happens. The router is about 25-40 feet away but my brother's computer is in the same room about 10 feet away but is connected with an Ethernet cable that might act as an antenna? I know that all the touch lamps in the house goes crazy so I really need to find a way to stop the EM waves to interfere with the electronics in the house. I thought about putting the coil in a earth grounded metal cage but have no idea if it would work and if there is any other ways to do it. Any help?

Posted by Electrospark 3 years ago

EMP notworking,i followed every steps on tutorial. Can you find where goes wrong? Answered

Tutorial i follow: http://teslaundmehr.de/2015/12/05/emp-jammer/   Componet : single 18650 battery 3v to 40v boost convert  1.2mm coil 2sc2078 transistor 47 and 220 pf capacitor 10k resistor i can hear some weak sparkish noise from top of the coil, and transistor goes hot too. but just nothing happens to lightbulb and calculator April 18 update: i connected the losing end( pic10). but still nothing, any other thought ? new diagram at pic 8 i'll keep updating as i soldering componets using no wire April 22 update: it worked, with a other small test coil i made, (pic 1,3,4)i swaped several transistors made sure only problem was the coil. where goes wrong with the bigger coil (pic2,5) ?  also, i've switched winding lead on big coil, still goes nothing (small one works with either way). i was guessing perhaps i've made too many turns on L1 somehow changed behavior of coil (another interesting phenonenal i've noticed is as you stick an iron cord inside coil, EMP field despairing rapidly to 0. which is bit different then i learned in high school)

Asked by EthanY 1 year ago

Can you charge a capacitor from the collapsing magnetic field of a coilgun? Answered

I was thinking about making a coilgun; not too powerful, only a small, compact (ish) version. Problem is, the capacitor takes a while to charge. What I was wondering is whether you return electricity from the collapsing magnetic field of the coil (after firing a shot) back to the capacitor, thus reducing charging time? And another thing; does a coilgun produce a weak EMP or something when it fires?

Asked by .Unknown. 7 years ago

electronic speed control based emp?

Is it posible to use a 20 amp 8 khz esc to power an emp? as far as why, the induction pipe from origin clear i found out runs at 4.8v 20 amps and 2-4 khz. it would be amazing to have my own low scale model of their machines for research and testing. unfortunately my research funding is slim to none otherwise i would try this my self .  if anyone has a good esc that they could try this i would love to see the results. i cant im broke, therefore forced to live vicariously through others

Asked by snowfox222 1 year ago

ElectroMagnetic Pulse Generator

Does anyone know how to make an electromagnetic pulse generator and im not talking about an EMP

Posted by cvm726 10 years ago

Can you help me with my mini E.M.P. generator design? Answered

Hello everyone! I am new here so tell me if I have broken any rules :) I am currently planning on bulding a handheld E.M.P. generator (it's dangerous, I know, sorry) that is capable of killing a small devices (e.g. a small camera) at close range ( - What is the bare minimum to kill such devices? - Does it normally take 90 secs to charge a 90uF bank to 2kV (using a DC boost converter)? I have never designed a high voltage charging circuit before so I don't really know if I'm doing things right. - Is my capacitor configuration good enough or does it need tweaking (e.g. more voltage)? - How do I protect my circuitry from getting blasted by the coil? - Is a single pulse sufficient? - What kind of switch should I use for high voltage? - Should I use lithium-ion batteries for supplying power? - Should I make the frame of the device out of metal? - Should I be using a DC boost converter for charging capacitors? If not, suggestion? - Should my coil have a little or a lot of inductance? Again, I am fully aware this has "Darwin Award" written all over, sorry about that, but I think this is safer than guessing around. Thank you for reading this! Looking forward to your responds!

Asked by mr.derpinton 3 years ago

Book: Elelctronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius Updated - added a (COMPLETE) Table Of Contents

This book has several high voltage gadgets to build, and if you are familiar with the "evil genius" series, presents a plethora of information on each one.  There are 28 projects in all;  and the front cover also says:  * illustrated instructions & schematics * lists of materials & part suppliers * science & math behind each project The author is Bob Iannini The book cost me $24.95 (USA) new.  It will cost around $3 to ship in the USA, so if anyone feels it is worth about $15-$18 that would be grand; otherwise, make a reasonable offer. I underlined one word in the introduction, but have made no other marks in the book. My reason for selling it is that I do not see any way in the foreseeable future, of me building any of this kind of project. Contact me by way of PM  to work out the details if anyone wishes to purchase it. Thanks ahead of time.    Table of Contents: There are 28 chapters (one for each project)   Chapter One:  Anti-gravity Project   Chapter Two: Low Power Electrockenetic gun   Chapter Three: High Energy Pulser   Chapter Four: Mass Accelerator   Chapter Five: Plasma Thermal gun   Chapter Six: Wire Exploding   Chapter Seven: Magnetic Can Crushing   Chapter Eight: Hand-held Burning CO2 gas LASER   Chapter Nine: Hand-held Burning Diode LASER   Chapter Ten: Long Range Optical LASER   Chapter Eleven: Hand-held Ultrabright Green LASER   Chapter Twelve: LASER  Property protection Fence   Chapter Thirteen: LASER window Listening Device   Chapter Fourteen: 12"  Spark Tesla Coil   Chapter Fifteen: Two inch spark Tesla w/timer   Chapter Sixteen: Tesla Plasma & Ion projects     Chapter Seventeen: Sold State Tesla Coil   Chapter Eighteen: 30 "  Spark Tesla Lightning generator   Chapter Nineteen: Jacob's Ladder   Chapter Twenty: Plasma Tornado Generator   Chapter Twenty one: Plasma Light Saber   Chapter Twenty two: Ion Ray  & Charge gun   Chapter Twenty three: See in the Dark project ( IR night vision)   Chapter Twenty four: Fish stunning & Wormer (brings em to the surface of the ground) project   Chapter Twenty five: EMP Generator   Chapter Twenty six: Ultrasonic Microphone   Chapter Twenty seven: Phaser Pain field gun   Chapter Twenty eight:  Pain field Property protection guard          

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

orthonormal_basis_of_evil- Finalist

Orthonormal_basis_of_evil is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:EMP shopping cart lockerThis is a forum post created by Instructables on behalf of the finalist. Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Check out all the finalists in the master list or in the Laser Cutter Finalists Group!

Posted by orthonormal_basis_of_evil 11 years ago

Turn off lights around you

Does anybody know a gadget that when you are in the presence of an electronic device will shut it off. Like EMP or something. And if you know a store that sells them online please give a link. I really don't care if it's illegal. Which it may be, I don't know.

Posted by Alphaviking 11 years ago

The lure of the laser cutter

Keeps me coming back for more! I don't even know how to use one. But I do have projects that would utilize the laser cutter. I plan on submitting either 1 or 2 and I think people will love em. Look forward to seeing the amazing ones, the ones cast a light on things you've never even thought of or noticed before, like EMP shopping cart locker.

Posted by FreakCitySF 10 years ago