Electrical excitement (not)

I was going to fry some potatoes, but my electrical ring failed with arcing, smoke, noise & sparks... I'm not happy. I've got the ring to replace, a pan, and I've got sooty-oil to clean up. And no fried-food. And the place stinks of burned-oil. And I've lost / spoiled half a bottle of fresh oil. Oh, and I'll have to pay for the electricity that did this too. And I need some 30A fuse wire.

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electric motors

I am considering motorizing my bike for my work commute. However I don't have enough knowledge about motor output as in torque / rpms to be able to determine what kind of characteristic I should be looking for. For many of the electric motors I am finding online, it doesn't really say the torque output. Is there a spec such as watts that I can judge a motor by? What specs should I be looking for in a motor that can assist in moving my weight. Or an links to good knowledge sites would be great too. Thanks.

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electric bicycle

Ok, i wanna take a old bike and put an electric motor on it, with a solar charged battery. what i wanna know is, what are my options on motors if i wanna use recycled components? can i use a motor from a; washer, dryer, blower fan, ect? i would like to be able to have something i can get around town with(not assisted)

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I need help with few things and the main one is that i need some electrical components which are not available in my locality.If anyone living in india is ready to help me i will  be very thankful.

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Convert magnetic to electrical? Answered

I am trying to find a practical way to build a device to convert magnetic energy into electrical energy, some kind of generator or other device, there are several ways in which this might work in theory but actually building the device would be more difficult to figure out.

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Electric muscle stimulator

As part of my therapy for a painful shoulder dislocation I receive electrical muscle stimulation on my shoulder. I wonder if someone knows how to safely build a home made one.

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Looking for Electrical Engineer

The company I work for is looking for a full-time in-house creative EE. We design products for commercial and consumer applications.Here is our website:Griswold EngineeringWe need one innovative Electrical Engineer with experience programming electronics, as well as designing boards and circuits.Metro-Detroit area.Contact me if interested.

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Electric Motorcycle batteries

Hi, I have an electric e-motorcycle (Road Runner -several years old) and I need to get new batteries ASAP. Inside it has 2 rechargeable batteries. Does that mean I need to get 2 - 12V batteries, whatever Watts I like, based on however much horsepower I need.

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Build an Electric Car

Want to convert your car to all-electric on the cheap?  Check out bennelson's awesome Instructable, Build your own Electric Car!  Ben walks you through the steps of converting a Geo Metro (purchase price $500, gas-requiring parts sold for $550) to run on a forklift motor and 6 12V batteries.   According to his calculations, the car gets the equivalent of about 130 mpg.  Not bad for an entirely self-taught mechanic! Check out the video of his converted Metro going up hills: Sounds easy, right?  So when are you planning to convert your car or truck? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Electrical Engineering Schools

I want to go to a good electrical engineering college. I've been looking at schools like Georgia Tech, and University of Michigan Ann Arbor. I'm leaning toward Georgia Tech, but which college would be the best. My Reach is MIT, considering my scores are high enough. So if I magically get accepted to all electrical engineering colleges, which should I go to?   My potential college list: Boston U Bucknell U Carnegie Mellon U Cornell U Franklin W Olin C En Georgia Tech MIT Miami U Oxford Penn State U Park Polytechnic I of NYU Rensselaer Polytec I Stanford U U Calif Berkeley U Illinois Urbana U Michigan Villanova U Virginia Tech All offer Electrical engineering and rank in the Top 100 based on various US surveys and ranking list for Graduate Education 

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Electric Arc Furnace?

I'm trying to make a furnace that can melt metal.  I've done a lot of thinking on it, and I decided that I'm going to make an Electric arc furnace for a multitude of reasons. I plan to use an arc welder as the power supply, with two carbon rods as the electrodes, creating an arc just above the crucible to melt the metal. I was wondering if anyone has done anything like this before?  I plan to have the furnace body made out of firebrick and refractory cement. Would this pose any problems? Also, how much strain does this put on a welder? Will it need to be shut off after a while due to overheating, or can it sustain it's own? Finally, How much power does a typical arc welder use? (in terms of watts) 

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Lego Electricity Generator

Now i was cleaning up my room and found this lego generator. So i opened up the lego block and got the generator.I don't know any of the specs for it, and don't have a multimeter or something handy to test the out put.I assume the black thing is the capacitor, it has this written on it:15BC437Some is hidden against the casing of the generator.What's the point of the magnet i move around in the video?Well aswell as helping me with that is there anything i could use this for?Video:Pictures:(Which is side is + and - ?)

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electrical question

How do I rewire the power cord to a Thermadyne 38 plasma cutter power switch, not having a cord to begin with?

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Electrical in code?

Hi, I came up with a new way of doing lighting and would like to post it as an Instructable. There's only a slight modification of existing components and standard electrical hardware is used, but I'm concerned I may be called out for possible electrical code violations. Are these checked by the Instructables crew or every project is treated with a warning that anyone using each project needs to be aware of electrical code issues? Thanks.

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Electronic schematics?

I need a free electronic shcematics Program that checks my circuits.

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Can the NEC Handbook be downloaded for free anywhere? Answered

Since the government requires us to wire everything to the current National Electrical Code's rules and guidelines, why is this information concealed for a great ransom? (the price of a hard copy of the book) As a citizen of the US, aren't I entitlted to the information if it can be obtained without undue hardship to the government or public? If one poor devil sits down and puts it all into a PDF, then millions of other poor devils only have to click the link.

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Can I switch xenon puck lights for LEDs and use the same 12 wire from the supply

Re doing our cabinet puck lights 

Asked by Baaryd99 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to find DC capacitor for single phase active power filter?

I am designing single phase active filter, I want formula for Dc capacitor (inverter side) with explanation. Plz........

Asked by ssawant4 7 years ago

What causes a front blinker on a car to blink fast when the rear blinker globe blows?

Why does the front blinker blink fast when the back blinker globe blows.Is it somthing to do with the load of the circut.

Asked by legend4930 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Battery Power Capability (C)

I'm trying to understand a little bit more about batteries. I've learnt so far: "Volts,  amps, and  watts measure electricity. Volts measure the “pressure” under which electricity flows. Amps measure the amount of electric current. Watts measure the amount of work done by a certain amount of current at a certain pressure or voltage." Now I'm interested in knowing the maximum amount of energy you can draw from a battery at any one time. I presume you can't instantly drain a batteries full energy capacity at any one time. I have read that: "The way the power capability is measured is in C's. A C is the Amp-hour capacity divided by 1 hour. So the C of a 2Ah battery is 2A. The amount of current a battery 'likes' to have drawn from it is measured in C. The higher the C the more current you can draw from the battery without exhausting it prematurely. Lead acid batteries can have very high C values (10C or higher) , and lithium coin cells have very low ones (0.01C)" Am I write in saying a 1.2V 1200mAh has a power capability of 1.2C? In which case I should only ever draw 1.2C or less to preserve the battery? How do I increase this amount when using 2 batteries, if I wire two batteries together does the power capability increase to 2.4C for the above example batteries? If so do I have to wire them in parallel or series for this to work? Thank you.

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If a switch is rated at 50V 0.5A, can it handle more amps at a lower voltage?

If a switch is rated at handling 50V 0.5A, can it handle more amps at a lower voltage? could it handle say 3A at 8V? (50v/8v=6.25 x 0.5A = 3.125A)

Asked by supramp 6 years ago

I wanna frequency converter transformer ?

Hi Everyone I wanna to know where can i get frequency converter transformer that it's input is 2 wire (220v-50hz) and it's output is 3 wire where the voltage between any wire and com. is 110v and between the two wires is 220v

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i need to boost 12v dc to 18v dc can i do that?

I have a sensor that I would like to run in a engine Im building but its a 12volt system and the sensor runs on 18volts. How or can I do this? Oh thats dc volts

Asked by Joekirs 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Anybody have any clue how to hook one a wind turbine to help power my home.? Answered

Ive been looking through a bunch of instructables but all the wind turbines only charge batteries. I would deeply enjoy if someone could explain how to attach it to a house on a grid. thanks.

Asked by CrawdadMan 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

help me make an innovative thing?

Hai friends,                   i want to create an innovative thing. i am having the components as listed below 1.12volt solar panel 2. Breadboard 3.5v voltage regulator 4.batttery 5.inverter 6.mobile display. with th help of these what can i create. please give me some good ideas

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How can I regulate amperage from going over a set point?

I have a very expensive IP addressable thermostat and the relays can only handle .5 amps, not very much at all, but for a 24 volt thermostat it is plenty. The house was hit by lightning 1 year ago and now I am getting spikes of .75 amps and I have fried 2 more $400.00 thermostats, can I use a resistor or some type of regulator to control this?

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Can someone explain the workings of this charger schematic?

I took apart my Black and Decker cordless drill charger, and drew this schematic to my best ability. I am trying to understand it to my best of my ability and what each component is responsible and how it charges the battery. From my understanding D1 only allows energy to flow to the battery. But if the potential of the battery is lower then the charger's shouldnt that be not a problem? Since it will always be more and push the electrons to the battery? The resistor and the LED are understandable, but the job of NPN (might be wrong ) transistor is a mystery to me.

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how to attach electrical box to lolly column? Answered

Is there a clamp, bracket, etc that I can buy or make to facilitate the attachment of an electrical box to the lolly column in my basement?

Asked by dagdon 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how Accelerometer work in Electrical car to measure acceleration ?

I am working on electrical car sensor system . i have many sensors in car for different purpose. one of it is accelerometer. My task is to measure the acceleration of car using accelerometer or gyroscope by Microcontroller . Please give me some brief idea about it .

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Electric shock device Answered

A friend of my fathers had a dry cell powered device with two metal handles you gripped while the operator slid a rod in a coil to increase voltage. the idea was to hang on till you couldn't. These drunks would hold on till the thing made their wrist muscles contract their hands into claws. How would you build this thing? Thanks, Zappenfusen

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why are transformers centre tapped to earth ?

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Electrical timer for a water heater

I would like to have a water heater of mine turn on and off with a timer.Its important that the range of the timer is from 0 - 20 minutes. its also important that it can switch on an element that will draw 2000 watts. The timer must be a simple dial and knob type not a digital programmable. It can also be a press button for the amount of minutes example: press 7 times for 7 minutes? any ideas Dino

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Does electical tape melt easily?

I've coated my usb (the circuit board, split the case) in electrical tape, but the USB gets warm (as expected. Will this damage my USB, despite the fact that it's a useless 128mb one anyway?

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Electrical components

Is there any components that set the minimum energy to pass through? When the energy is lower than the fix amount , no energy will be passing through.  I'm trying to make a project. I'll put a dynamo on my bicycle, and it will be connected to 3 LEDs. When I cycle in low speed, only one LED will light up. When I increase my speed to certain level, 2 LEDs will light up and if it passes a certain speed all LED will light up. Any idea?

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Planning to make a electrical device ?

Hi, basically I am planning to make a device,  like a elongating stick/rod. Based on a meter (scale) it should keep elongating, when the current is supplied. For instance say we have  rod of 3 feet  in length (3 pieces).  The rod will be in the device, when I supply the power to the device, it should protrude to 1 feet and then again for more power another 1 more feet and more power another one more feet. Can some one pls help. Thanks.

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why can't we store the the weather lightening in any reservoir?

Asked by varun saxena 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

E-Bike project (How to choose a suitable DC motor)

Hi Guys, I am currently doing my school project on electrical bicycle. Mind teach me how to choose a suitable e-bike motor to be used and what is the calculation that I needed. I plan to enable the e-bike to support the weight of 100kg with people riding on it.

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Learning about electrical dohickies

I'm not proud of this, I don't know very much about electronics, electricity and the components used. However, what I do know is that when there are three poky things on the end the thing-a-mabobber you either have to put it into a thingy with three holes or, if there are only two holes, you have to get a hammer and beat in the third hole. After that my electrical knowledge wanes.So I'm trying to find an avenue to increase my knowledge about the subject but I'm having a hard time at it. I've checked out books from the library but, being that those books are written by engineers, they're coded so that only those who posses the engineers genome can understand them. I stopped by a local community college, explained to an instructor there what I was wanting to learn and after a few minutes he tells me that I'd have to spend the next year or so learning electrical theory before I could even get started doing what I'm interested in doing. Maybe he's right, but I just want to cover all my bases before diving in.I have no urge to become an electrical engineer, but I would like to know things like how to repair an extension cord correctly and safely. I'd like to know how to hook up a small DC motor to an AC power supply, use a bread board to make blinking lights or something then transfer them to something more permanent. I'd like to know how to wire up a light table, know what rating of switch I would need and why. So nothing all that difficult, or should I say nothing I think is all that difficult.I know the standard reply here is "just start playing with stuff" but considering that this is electricity and components can add up money wise, there is a risk of fire, and I have no urge to give myself electroshock therapy, I was wondering if anyone here could at least point me in a direction to start. I've considered getting one of those electrical sets that you get for kids to learn with but I don't know if that's a decent place to start or not.So any feedback would be very much appreciated.Take Care, ChrisP.S. I'm just joking about getting a hammer and beating in a third hole. Instead you get a pair of wire cutters and cut off the poky thing that doesn't fit ;)

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make led light without soldering?

Can i make led light without soldering? and plug it into an outlet. jerry

Asked by boss44 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

pinball machine

I have a 1973 gottlieb pro-football (EM) pinball machine,(EM) stands for electro-mechanical i`m really hoping to get this thing working this year.

Posted by mr.origami 9 years ago

Questions about linear actuators?

Im looking for some info on how to make some small (10-20cm) linear actuators. or if anyone knows were they can be bought that would also be helpful.

Asked by bamphy 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Is it possible to fix or revive a car jump box starter?

I have 2 dead one's at home and can't find anywhere on the web that describe how they work...

Asked by kimxtc 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Flat Wall Plug Adapter? (for DIY extension Cords)

There is an extension cord (3 wire) which has a flat wall connector - great for tight spaces.  I've bought some over the years (about $12 each at Amazon) - but want a supply of the plugs so I can make my own custom/length cords.  I looked at a few electric parts places but no luck.  Any ideas/sources for a less expensive flat plug adapter? One option  is to replacc the wall outlet with a recessed outlet - but that does not work for me. thanks

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