Hey everyone does anyone know any good ideas for making a portable ham radio transmitter and receiver that can fit inside an iPhone case (the cardboard case you buy them in)? It would be good if it was a kit, but it would be better if it can be made using a breadboard and other bits and pieces. Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by simonyu 5 years ago


I am currently building an RC hovercraft, I plan to use a single 12 volt 2.1 amp hr lead acid battery to feed both the lift fan for the skirt and the power motor for the drive. However the fan for the skirt is 12v 0.3 amps. How can I reduce the feed to the required amperage with out affecting the other feed from the same battery that will power the drive

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I want to cover a stairway.  The motion detection camera that is in the library here is a very good start.   I want to add the following functions. 1. long battery life 30 days min. 2.. Rotating photo storage.  i.e. when the memory is filled up, the camera will overwrite the oldest photo. 3.  Date and time stamp A unit like this could be left in place for a long period and only accessed if something has happened that need to be checked.   

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Http://www.taskled.com/techbflex.htmlI wonder if anyone can helpI want to make a bike light using CREE leds (*4) and have spotted the bflex (see here - http://www.taskled.com/techbflex.html - I was going to go for the UIB2 version) as it has battery monitoring facilities built into it. You set two voltage values v(low) and v(med). There's a connection on the board V(stat). S is the voltage from the battery.V(stat) = 0 if S is higher than v(med) => State 1V(stat) = 3.3V if S is between V(low) and V(med) => State 2V(stat) = alternates 0 and 3.3V between 0V and V(low) => State 3So I was thinking (of displaying this via 2 LEDs (green and amber))State 1 - green on, amber offState 2 - green off, amber onState 3 - alternating between green and amber.I was hoping to combine the LEDs into one bicolour LED. If anyone has any cunning plans or improvements they'd be appreciated.. whatever it end up with though it mustnt use up too much battery power.

Posted by EXM 10 years ago

what electronic part is this??

What electronic part is this .What is it used for and some more details on it?!

Asked by imakethings 8 years ago

what is meaning of PCB in electronics? Answered

somebody called this wire board

Asked by warengadia 7 years ago

Please let me know the basic electronic book to learn about electronics. I am very interested in learning.

 Now a days after looking at the electronics items in the market, I am very interested in learning the electronics but I am zero in electronics.  Since my interest lies in that I am confident that I will learn as soon as possible. Hence suggest me a very good hand book for reading & experimenting.

Asked by kabirahmed 8 years ago

How should I get started in electronics? Answered

I want to start figuring out some basic electronics and robotics. I dont need to know anything major, but some knowledge of these things is good. Thanks, Gnome

Asked by The_Gnome 8 years ago

i know very less about electronics stuff.can anyone leave me any e-book or any material/link on the net...? Answered

Being a mechanical engineering student, i have no idea about the electronics. if someone needs to make any RC robot then he should be aware of the electronic circuits(as i feel). so kindly guide me regarding this...

Asked by meshrammanish 9 years ago

Electronics Basics: where to learn?

 Can anyone recommend a book/website where I might learn the basics of electronics? As basic as possible would be nice. I'm just tired of seeing wonderful things on this website I can't make because I don't understand the first thing about voltage, etc.

Asked by 5m17h 8 years ago

Are there any good online electronics suppliers that ship from canada?

i ask because the import fees on stuff coming from other places nearly doubles the price of my orders.

Asked by 9 years ago

i would like to learn about electronics...? Answered

You know the basics of it and electricity too V W O A all the odd letters that I kind of know but would like a better explanation

Asked by cassiorichiniti 9 years ago

Can someone who knows electronics look at my questions on the Build Automated Blinds for $15 instructable?

I don't know why my relay is buzzing when I try to reverse the motor.

Asked by kd5crs 9 years ago

i am electronic Engineer, i am doing working on a musical ic chip, did any buddy know how to build a circuit diagram ?

Circuit diagram of a musical chip IC and how to burn a music in a IC

Asked by jawedalikhan 6 years ago

FRIENDS I want a good model related to electronics and mechanics

Last year i made a robot arm plz i want a better idea this time plz help me plz also  MENTION ITS DETAILS AND PICS.... I WILL BE THANKFULL

Asked by pverma4 5 years ago

Beginners' electronics books for kids?

Any suggestions for titles? I'm a beginner myself, but would like simpler material for kids age 8-12 and simply haven't found any really good ones at the local library - but then again, I might not know a good one if I found it :P Thanks to all.

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Where can I find out if a limited range, electronic jammer is legel in my area?

A neighbor of mine is using some sort of electronic device to eavesdrop on me. And, to harrass me to the point of militery style torture. I have been unable to gain law enforcement support.

Asked by clairecctx 9 years ago

Is it safe to use the 3v ac adapter

Is it safe to use the 3v ac adapter to power up a small electronic equipment witch operating with 4.5 volts batteries or will damage the device

Asked by NickS322 11 months ago

I am a computer tech and have really became interested in electronics.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? All I know how to do is hook a 9v to a LCD. LOL?

Asked by HowIdoThisStuff? 9 years ago

How to repair electronic choke for 4' tube light?

Tried to repair to electronic chokes of 4' tube light but cdn't succeed. I'll be grateful if any one can provide a step by step guide with test voltages etc. at important points in the ckt.  Already done/checked - Physical checking of any damage/burn marks etc., DC voltafe after rectification is OK, Filter capacitor after rectification is chkd OK, other electrolytic capacitors chkd. OK, one of the 13005 transistors was found defective - changed but no result, Voltages at the transistor terminals chkd and seem to be OK. May pls contact bnber_2004@yahoo.co.in B.N.Bhattacharya

Asked by bnber3451 1 year ago

electronic project problem

I am making a project  and i want a  way to make two devices that one of them has an LED on it and when the other devices goes out of a certain range 30m lets say the LED either comes on or goes of and i dont want them to be  connected.It's for a school project and i wanted it to be small so I could attach them on to bicycles let's say and then if my brother goes 50m ahead of me the LED will come on/go off on his device so that he is aware of the distance between us I know nothing about electronics at the moment, this might put you off helping that's okay  i hope that makes sense to somebody and that someone has an idea. thanks

Asked by vitusvenon1 5 years ago

Metal detector schematic? Answered

 I'm looking for an amazingly simple metal detector schematic, anyone?

Asked by 2tautges 8 years ago

how rechargable mosquito hunter bat works? i need the circuit diagram of it....?

The bat in my home is not working.. i want to troubleshoot it.. (i am electronics student) the bat is charging well.. but it doesnt provide enough voltage to kill mosquito.. so help me ............plz

Asked by b_vignesh 8 years ago

What and were is the best place for a noobie Like me to learn the basics about electronics? Answered

As I stated in the question I am totally new at all this, I am mechanically capable of tons of stuff , for example my mechanic has never seen my car :), I have always been a wonderer what if , I come up with these ideas and nothing Mainly cause I have no idea were to start, so I am seeking Guidance in every aspect of electronics and I am also willing to start from the beginning.

Asked by linc5885 8 years ago

What are these electronic parts for? Answered

I was taking apart this toy car called a formula fueler from hot wheels and found these to parts that look like leds but on a board. They each have a led thing and two wires on has red and black wires while the other has  purple and black wires. The red and black one has thes letters on it "LED REV:03 B4048-0030050" and the one with purple and black has "PHO-TR REV:00 C4331-003-5000". What are these and what are they used for? Should i keep them for future projects?  

Asked by redlizard5 7 years ago

What type of transistor is Q1?in the link below. Answered


Asked by jbaker22 6 years ago

Any projects that use the ethernet port, etc. from an old cable modem? Answered

Have several old working cable modems and I would like to see if I can reuse any of the parts inside. i.e the ethernet port magnetics to make my electronic project work over LAN.

Asked by thb43 9 years ago

amp + speaker for my ipod and mobile........?

Give me the amplifier circuit and tell the range of speaker

Asked by b_vignesh 8 years ago

i need to do project for some competetion

I never done anything that to within august can you help me and give ideas I am in my 2yrs of electronic and communication engineering? I am interested in research and want to work with great scientists so please help me I don't have much financial support

Asked by tsusadivyago 9 years ago

24 Volt AC volt to 12 volt dc?

Hi guys i have a 24volt ac motor and want to reduce it to 12v dc. I have worked out how to change it to dc but not how to reduce the voltage. Is this easy to do or do i need to purchase something from the electronics store. any advice would be appreciated sam301

Asked by sam301 5 years ago

3W LED driver?

3W LEd driver with 9V dc and 350 mA output runs on ac mains supply.

Asked by gaurravi11 4 years ago