how does one make a burn finish like in image or similar?

I saw this finish and as a novice craftsman wandered how it would be done?

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Is there any way to permanently change the finish (color) on a shower-head? From Brass to Bronze? Or Chrome to Bronze?

I would like to get a Grohe Freehander ( ) shower system for my bathroom, but all the fixtures I have are aged copper or aged bronze.. The fixture comes in chrome, nickel or polished brass, the cheapest being the chrome or the nickel. Is is possible to alter the finish after I purchase it?

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What makes a good cheap crackling medium for painting? Answered

What can I use to make my paint "crackle"? I just can't see spending 14.99 for a teeny tub of stuff that smells like hair bleach....and I tried some hair bleach I had lying around..and no dice. Tried Elmers and the cracks were weak....Thanks for any help.

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Exterior finish on a plywood canoe?

I am building a plywood canoe. I would like a waterproof, durable finish on the outside, and had the idea to spray it with truck bed liner. Thoughts?

Asked by zerrodach 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Lacquer or Varnish to finish a guitar?

Hi, I've just had an artist do some work on one of my acoustic guitars. Its done straight onto the sanded bare wood using sharpie, all I have to do is give it a finish to stop the design getting damaged and to give it a glossy shine. A lot of people recommend Lacquer but what type should I use? Nitrocellulose? Poly? Others say Varnish but I've heard it can become tarnished from sweat and heat. This coat needs to stay on indefinitely as I cant sand it down again to apply a new coat without removing the art. Please help!

Asked by Boba Jett 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

what kind of finish to use on a sign that is made with a wood burner

I recently got into wood burning and don't know what to use as a finish wax, oil, etc  the project  is a piece of drift wood with some words burnt into it so the finish needs to stop the ash from being weathered away  any help is appreciated ill make an instructible on it soon     

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Applying the right finish to a wooden knob? Answered

I was wondering what finish i could put on a shift knob i made out of purple heart. It is something that i will be touching every day, and it isn't light use. At first i was thinking linseed oil, since i heard people use it on gun stocks and stuff that people like to keep natural looking. But my father suggested some sort of wax instead of an oil. He's got some goddards cabinet wax i could try. Also i sanded it smooth and went to 800 grit sandpaper so it is very smooth. I was even wondering if it is possible that it is so smooth that it doesn't accept a finish well. Any and all advice is welcome, 

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How to get a finished look on bare electronics by coating? Answered

Hello and thank you for the help. See image, forgive crude rendering... I'm going to to connect two USB females in order to hold two USB males. I want to disguise the ugly metal part which is usually inside the PC port with some sort of material. The only electronics involved might be bridging the females, but not a must if it will disturb the coating process (e.g. if heat is required). I'd appreciate a pointer, and thanks again for your help. Y.

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What does "surface finish: 4-8 rms" mean? Answered

I'm looking through parts on McMaster Carr's website, and I came across one of their shafts. What exactly is an "rms" and what does it look like?

Asked by The Ideanator 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

What's the best way to sand and spray paint particle board?

Hi All, Trying to make replacement bases for my floor-standing speakers.  The originals were made out of particle board and appear to have a black spray-paint finish.  They were destroyed in the post when the person sending me the speakers failed to package them properly.  I now have the particle board cut to the right shape and I have begun the process of sanding.  It is my intention to spray a primer on, sand, spray a top coat, and then spray some sort of finish.  so here are my questions: (1) I have sanded the board down with successively finer sandpaper and finished with 1500 grit wet and dry.  This is a very smooth finish until you wipe away the dust at which point it becomes rough-ish again.  Having done a bit of research I am now concerned that I have sanded the board down a bit to much, some forums suggest taking the board down only as far as 250 grit before spraying on the primer.  What should be my finishing grit before spraying on the primer?  My assumption was the finer the better but I'm not too sure now.  If the finish should be fine then how do I remove those stubborn fibers? (2) what type of spray primer works best with particle board?  There seems to be a multitude but most of the information related to car/auto body work.   (3) what grit of paper should I use on the primer? (4) what should I use as a top coat? Much thanks in advance Ross

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I just had new wood frame windows installed and they are unfinished. How/with what would you recomment that I do this?

The manufacturer says you can optionally stain or paint the wood and then seal with a polyuerethane (sp?). I was thinking about just sealing the wood because the oak color works but is there a reason not to just seal them? How many coats of everything would be needed? BTW, I live in Minneapolis with weather/humidity is a factor. Also, it is just the inside that needs finishing. Thanks. Jay

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How do I get rid of the scratches that I made on the inside of a dishwasher door that has an almost mirror finish? Answered

I scratched it with a brush when trying to clean some discoloration that had happened. Now it looks horrible. It doesn't need to be perfect, but it needs to look alot better. I am the cleaning lady and it is not my dishwasher which is a Miele. I feel really awful about what has happened and hope that I can somehow make amends. Any suggestions?

Asked by marcopola 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can a photo finish image produce a false result in a race or other circumstance?

Whether a 100m dash, a cycling race, or boats, cars or motorcycles going in excess of 200mph many times these close finishes are determined by high speed photo finish cameras or even less accurate low speed digital video. My question relates primarily to alignment of the camera in relation to the finish line but also other variable such as the surface of the finish line which could be either crowned or banked. Racers crossing over the line a few mm above another just because they are on either side of the centerline of the racing surface. Water finishes produce even more variables. Using a simple bike race where bunch sprint finishes are common with speeds approaching 40+mph I would place a bank of 9 (or 3) cameras on opposite sides of the finish line. Each camera should in theory produce a slightly different image of the finish with variable determinations of outcomes and results based on the resulting images. How would a judge or anyone determine the "correct" image and true result having only the digital picture? Second - of the photo finish images I have seen it seems the finish line is rather subjective? Is the actual finish on or more frames before or after the determined finish? If photo finish and photos in general admissable in court (myth???) how often is the perpective of the camera being judged considered? i.e. Someone who is significantly off the perpendicular snaps a photo producing an image that is quite different from another person's who is at a different angle in relation to the finish. Thank you!

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How should i stain and finish a cross section of wood? Answered

Hey, So I've shaped and sanded a cross section of an ash tree. The wood has been sanded to a smooth finish but that's usually as far as i take my wood working. I want to use this to cover a base of an old desk lamp that lost its original base over time. I want to use a dark stain and a gloss finish but I'm unsure as to what type of products should be used and how the process of finishing should go. Any suggestions?

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How do I apply a finish to as well as paint plaster? Answered

I made a large sculpture out of styrofoam, which was then covered in some kind of plaster. I would like to paint it. I'm not sure exactly what kind of plaster it is, but it's white, and powdery, and you could chip off little dried pieces that can be crunched up into powder, but it's not weak, like it's on a pretty tall, thin sculpture and it hasn't cracked or anything after transport and sitting in a garage for months. I think I would have to apply some sort of sealant, or finish in order to paint it properly, but I have no idea! Also if you are going to reference some sort of resin that I should use please tell me common brands or whatever so it would be easy for me to find at say, home depot or wherever

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I'm Done

Hey everyone in the knex community, I have come to say that this message isn't pleasant. I am done with building knex guns now. I have focused more on real life and I am planning to join the military. I want to serve my country for a few years after 1 year of college. I don't want to play with knex or toys anymore, and I will focus on more important things.  So, thank you all for your consideration, especially my subscribers. You are all great people. After some time, you won't see new CODawesome knex guns. i know that I am not a popular instructables user, and I know that many people will be like "ugh, no one cares!"  This is a message for all to those who supported me in the past. Well, goodbye knex guns.

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Finishing raw edges without sewing?

I've kind of gotten myself into a pickle here.... I ironed interfacing on to the back of my fabric, and then cut out fairly small (2" or so) geometric shapes, thinking the interfacing would keep the fabric from fraying. Unfortunately, it is fraying a bit and I want to fix that. I am horrible with sewing machines though and it is too thick to sew through...I was thinking of maybe finding some magical kind of super sticky fabric tape to cover the edges? Any other suggestions? 

Asked by shortone 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to finish wood with linseed oil?

Can linseed oil by itself be a good wood finish? The instructions on the can say that a buildup will be gummy, and I don't want that.

Asked by gizmologist 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Whats a cool way to finish the outside of my garage pond?

I throught together this pond before winter out of a plastic pond, a liner and a couple cinder blocks. Before a clean out any junk and stock it with fish, whats cool way to fishish the outside. Its got the liner hanging out and is a eye sore. Id like to tack cinder blocks around it but I would need 50 and at 2 bucks a piece thats a bit expensive for me. Any ideas to do it cheaply?  

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Material to build Project Box? Answered

I've finished a couple of circuits and I keep bumping in the same problem. Making a decent box for them. Its hard to find anything ready to use and i'd rather make my own stuff. What your advise on wich materials to use to build stuff?   I think it would be an awesome instructable, having someoen explain how to make your project a little bit more permanent with its on caseing. Acrylic tends to be a bit expensive. someone suggested ABS plastic but i cant seem to find anyone selling ABS plastic sheets near by. Thanks!

Asked by SgtOneill 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What Adhesive and or Sealant to decoupage a car with fabric, paper, & ...?

Hi Guys, Maria in Florida here. Bought a 2013 Honda Fit which I love but is all black. Did I mention I live in FLORIDA? It would have to withstand relentless Sun & Water, dry slow enough so that I can manipulate materials and remove air bubbles before they harden, be flexible enough to accept movement within the frame and dry hard as diamonds.  Oh, and if it could take a coat or two of wax so I can keep up the shine that´d be great too. I don´t plan to put anything 3-dimensional so at least there´s that?! Many thanks for any suggestions. Cheers and Can´t wait to hear from all you brilliant ¨Instructablers.¨ :)

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Do you have any experience with using PURE beeswax as a wood finish?

I recently saw some really cheap pure beeswax on eBay, and was wondering if anyone has ever tried using purely it as a wood finish (without adding anything else). Has anyone tried it? Does it work well?

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Finishing my turbocharger jet; Just a few questions!

Hey all, I'm currently building a turbocharger based jet engine, and i'm nearly done. The one problem stopping it from becoming a finished machine is how to get a good reliable spark. Is it possible to use a glow plug in the combustion chamber and a glow starter insted of a spark plug? All my attempts to use a spark plug have failed so far, and I would love to be able to avoid the issue of 555 timers and electronics needed for reliable sparks, since I haven't a clue how they work.

Asked by OldManMahoney 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

DIY From start to Finish Step-by-Step Velomobile?

Hello all! Just joined after hearing great things about i*.com. For a long time I wondered: Can I build my very own velomobile on a cheap? I think this is possible, but how, a bigger question.... I did some research and an average DIY pack costs around €2500, way to expensive for me.. So my question: Is it possible to build an velomobile for 250€ or less? Thanks Thomas

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What is the best way to finish red oak MDF plywood?

I am looking for a matte finish - but have heard that MDF can be really hard to stain.  Will I be ok if I just apply a satin finish or tung oil?  Anyone yielded good results with other methods?

Asked by twin8885 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how do i get the best finish for a wooden jewelry?

Asked by macwan 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Will layering chrome vinyl wrap leave "seems" on the finished product?

I'm making helmets that will require a mirror-like chrome finish. I've done a bit of looking, and have found spray paint (wont work, as the mirror finish is not there), actual chroming (WAY too pricey for me), or vinyl wrap.  From everything I have seen, this [chrome vinyl wrap] will work wonderfully. However, the issues is that I do not know if I will have "seems" when/if I layer the vinyl. I'm sure I can avoid having to put seems on the helmets, but I would like to have my bases covered before I spend the money on the wrap itself. Also, on a related side note: will it [vinyl wrap] chip if applied to a car? I have another project that would require a decent chunk of vinyl wrapping on my car, and again, I would like to know everything before spending the money. thanks in advance! 

Asked by DoctorWoo 3 years ago  |  last reply 6 weeks ago

Can I use WD40 as a wood finish, or am I an idiot? Answered

I did it once and it seemed to semi-work. I have no idea what the properties of a wood finish are and am limited in my woodworking skills

Asked by Sir__Walter 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how do I make magnetic ink to finish my payroll checks?

Asked by kevin brock 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What is the best way to finish a plywood board that is going to be used as a desk top? Answered

So far I have tried sanding it down and applying a poly based stain.  But I still feel like it could be much smoother. 

Asked by twin8885 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Wanted: Some one to finish a code for Arduino and A6 GSM module. Will pay.

Hi! I need some one to finish/rewrite a code for A6 gsm module. I want to make one button SOS system with voice call. I found a working code that can dial one phone number and display returned information from A6 module, but i need to do something more. I need to dial 3 numbers in a roll, based on a returned information from com port.(BUSY, ERROR, etc). I`m total noob, and the code is NOT mine. So i`ll pay 20$ for your help. Bitcoins or other method. For more information contact me. Thank you.

Posted by trifonoff 2 years ago

Finished Soldering press! check it out

I finished my soldering press. it has a video too!

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Finish for Bowl

I am wondering what finish is good for a bowl other then mineral oil.(It has to be food friendly)Will polyurethane work?

Asked by MatthewGal 11 months ago  |  last reply 11 months ago

finished tesla coil

I'm a self declared electrical engineer going to school finished tell supplies come in. What do you think? And are this appropriate rf chokes

Posted by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What will give a hard glass like finish to scrabble tile art?

I make scrabble tile jewelry and the Diamond glaze is great, but I saw some with a stunning resin looking finish. Looked like clear glass!

Asked by tillierose 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do you know if a capacitor is finished charging to its full potential capacidence?

How do you know if a capacitor is finished charging to its full potential? Also if you were to have a group of capacitors linked together in a series or parallel fashion how could you determine whether or not the capacitors were charged completely? I am mainly referring to polarized capacitors. 

Asked by Dr. Kreap 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to make a rc plane recovery parachute for type firebird comander 2?(finished) Answered

Firebird comander 2 hobbyzone plz help thnx

Asked by pilotwebb 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

can i enter an almost finished project into a contest?

Asked by knepic 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Geeetech voice recognition module how to import group 2??

Hi everyone i am using a geeetech voice recognition module for a project. i have read the manual and been able to train and import group 1. But when i train group 2 then try to import group 2, there is no response only group 1 is saved see AccessPort below. How to train group 1 and 2 and import both?????? i need 10 voice commands that is why i need those 2 groups. ================================================================= Common Mode START AGAIN START Different START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group1 finishi! START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group2 finishi! Group1 Imported!

Posted by keshavcanaye 1 year ago

pipe suppliers for color anodized finish?

Anyone have a go-to site for listings of pipe/tube suppliers that offer the product with anodized color finishes? My searches aren't yielding much. TiA...

Posted by valrith 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Can not up load my finished project

My project is finished and when I click: upload it says    Please add keywords.  even though I put in three words. It stays in draft.    Thanks

Posted by myrmac 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How do I finish beading a necklace so that the ends don't show? Answered

Asked by entap187 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I just finished the inside of my how to build a cabin on a budget .

I just finished  and posted my how to finish the inside of a cabin on a budget instructable. Please take a peak and see how you like it .Thanks Jim

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Is the iCreate scholarship judging finished?

. I haven't seen anything on the results of the iCreate Scholarship. Did I miss something?

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How do I make finished compost indoors?

I can't have a compost bin or pile or bury food scraps in the garden due to bears & raccoons. Can I make finished compost indoors?

Asked by DottieM 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago