how does one make a burn finish like in image or similar?

I saw this finish and as a novice craftsman wandered how it would be done?

Posted by clarky0149 4 years ago

what kind of finish to use on a sign that is made with a wood burner

I recently got into wood burning and don't know what to use as a finish wax, oil, etc  the project  is a piece of drift wood with some words burnt into it so the finish needs to stop the ash from being weathered away  any help is appreciated ill make an instructible on it soon     

Posted by MakeShiftMaker 3 years ago

I'm Done

Hey everyone in the knex community, I have come to say that this message isn't pleasant. I am done with building knex guns now. I have focused more on real life and I am planning to join the military. I want to serve my country for a few years after 1 year of college. I don't want to play with knex or toys anymore, and I will focus on more important things.  So, thank you all for your consideration, especially my subscribers. You are all great people. After some time, you won't see new CODawesome knex guns. i know that I am not a popular instructables user, and I know that many people will be like "ugh, no one cares!"  This is a message for all to those who supported me in the past. Well, goodbye knex guns.

Posted by CODawesome 5 years ago

Finished Soldering press! check it out

I finished my soldering press. it has a video too!

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

finished tesla coil

I'm a self declared electrical engineer going to school finished tell supplies come in. What do you think? And are this appropriate rf chokes

Posted by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago

Geeetech voice recognition module how to import group 2??

Hi everyone i am using a geeetech voice recognition module for a project. i have read the manual and been able to train and import group 1. But when i train group 2 then try to import group 2, there is no response only group 1 is saved see AccessPort below. How to train group 1 and 2 and import both?????? i need 10 voice commands that is why i need those 2 groups. ================================================================= Common Mode START AGAIN START Different START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group1 finishi! START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group2 finishi! Group1 Imported!

Posted by keshavcanaye 1 year ago

pipe suppliers for color anodized finish?

Anyone have a go-to site for listings of pipe/tube suppliers that offer the product with anodized color finishes? My searches aren't yielding much. TiA...

Posted by valrith 3 years ago

Can not up load my finished project

My project is finished and when I click: upload it says    Please add keywords.  even though I put in three words. It stays in draft.    Thanks

Posted by myrmac 2 years ago

I just finished the inside of my how to build a cabin on a budget .

I just finished  and posted my how to finish the inside of a cabin on a budget instructable. Please take a peak and see how you like it .Thanks Jim

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

FINISHED EXAMS !! Let the 'ibles roll !

Hi everyone, I finished my last exam today and now i have an 11 week holiday completely free (well -1 week for life-gaurd training :P) Im planning on making LOADS of instructables :D Who else has finished exams/school year ??

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

Is the iCreate scholarship judging finished?

. I haven't seen anything on the results of the iCreate Scholarship. Did I miss something?

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago

How do I get back to an unpublished Instructable I saved to finish later??

I saved my first 2 steps to finish later and can't seem to find anywhere to get back to them to edit o finish!

Posted by bkr1969 11 years ago

Some finished parts: Chromehounds rebuild

I just recently finished up a batch of parts. The order of the screenshots is:   1.) Render 2.) Screenshot from SketchUp 3.) Screenshot from Chromehounds  ( I didn't make this) Any critique or suggestions are welcome.

Posted by ry25920 8 years ago

Matt finish Tshirt Prints

Well, I know there are a bunch of tuts out there teaching you how to make your own personalized tshirts but what im looking for specifically is how do i make Permanant, Matte finish tshirts? i gave up doing stencils.. there just too hard to make ...i used to buy iron on prints but they give of a glossy finish.. cant find a matte finish :(all i have is a sucky inkjet printer thats 4 years old.. i get the feeling its gonna break soon..soo.. looking for a way to print stuff like this : a matte finish.. and it must be permanant.. with wahtever medium excpet spraypaints...

Posted by xaeroevo 10 years ago

Help finish the Electric Trike instructable

Hey, Cavemen Feel free to chip in and review / edit / expand the trike instructable...

Posted by Garreth 10 years ago

Nightmare coaster finished

This way over due. This coaster has been built and taken apart all ready. Here is it's video.

Posted by GTRPLR1995 9 years ago

Recover previous work

Hi, First time using instructables. I was finishing a tutorial and found out that I wouldn't be able to finish it that time so I closed it to finish the other day. When I came back I found out that it is not saved anywhere. Is it possible to recover it or do I have to do everything again?

Posted by vitor_vs 10 months ago

Regular Knex Bow

Soon the instructable will be availlable via the search function, but it is not finished because that camera i used sucks. I will finish it as soon as i get my different camera, and from what i can tell now, its gonna be nearly indestructable XD. EDIT: Its is completely finished and posted, it will appear soon :D

Posted by Wicky 11 years ago


I finished it but i need to get some pics. and its still the prototype wich im going to post in a forum not yet an instructable it works like this: the trigger pulls apuller back wich turns like killerks sr-v1 then the puller goes to far back in order to release the ram.(the puller pulls the ram back)

Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

Need Help

I'm also new here and I'm looking forward to learn from you guys. How to Finish a Basement: Framing and Insulating?    What are the other phases to finish a basement?

Posted by greatwindowsss 3 years ago

Homemade Holiday Contest - When will Judging be finished?

Does anyone know when the judging for the Homemade Holiday contest will be complete? Thanks!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

K'nex Dragunov [Finished]

Will post

Posted by Katarukito 10 years ago

I finished!

Well, before I wanted to know if anyone wanted my to make an instructable on anything. And I am done!!!! Please correct any mistakes if you see any... to go there, click this link! Tell me what you think as you read this (comment below) Are you excited? Uncaring (LOL NOT A REAL WORD)?

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

project update

Project updates blimp: standstill top secret:draft finished collecting materials S.S.A. crossbow: prototype complete making finished product D.P.C. canon: plans complete collecting materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

3D etching on Carboard questions:What sorts of finishing can I make on top of interlocked carboard (123dmaker) to look professional?

 I want to make a 2 meter tall sculpture of a face but  I need to know what are the possible finishings for this sculpture,  and can I put the borders on stacked carboard and the interior on interlocked carboard.? how do I do that? is there a finishing that looks as good as this? maybe crazy textures finishings, do you know any? this technique is massive in terms of carboard usage, can I use grided technique on the interior? How would I do that?  

Posted by DIAGONALLIS 1 year ago

need help fixing an image

Need help fixing/ finishing this plz help, would really like 2 fix / finish it

Posted by thelastonekills 6 years ago

Furniture finish made from LP's (vinyl, not wax)

I remember an old episode of The Furniture Guys where the hosts melted old wax (gramaphone) phonograph records and used it as a really nice Asian-style furniture finish (high gloss black, piano worthy).  I wish the same could be done with more modern vinyl records, of which I have a lot. Any ideas of how this might be done? P.S. No, I won't destroy any records that should be saved for future generations. Will my progeny really profit from The Bangles or Heart?

Posted by pingeltont 3 years ago

Maze solver with arduino

Hi guys..I want to make a LFR maze solver with arduino.i am gonna use a l293d IC for the motors,IR sensors,arduino uno,12 v battery and can travel in any route from start to finish,but it must return in the shortest distance from finish to start..plz help me with the coding part..mainly in the reverse route from finish to start

Posted by VijayS36 3 years ago

Finished with online German

Yeah!!!! done with online german!!!! just had to tell somebody... I can honestly say I've learned almost nothing from an online german course... But next year I get to be in german 2 and I won't be stuck with the same lame class i had this year. The principle actually had to come in for about 2 weeks it was that bad. As in students revolting, walking out the class, not doing assignments, etc.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

I finished sorting my knex!

I finally finished my knex after some weeks full of procrastinating. If you haven't already sorted all your pieces, I highly recommend you do so. When all of your pieces are sorted, it makes building much easier. The only problem is the fact that you have to re-sort everything once you've taken something apart.

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago

What is your biggest challenge to finishing a project?

Hey Guys, I have struggled with procrastination in the past, and its always been a constant challenge for me to finish a project due to it. I was curious if you lot had similar struggles when tackling a project. What is the biggest obstacle in your path to accomplish something? Is it just starting the work/project? Is it distractions? ADD? How about lack of motivation? Do you reach a plateau and eventually stop working on the project when your 60% done? If so, what goes through your head? How do you deal with it?

Posted by sal.afzal 4 years ago


Im leaving.  dysprosium will be finished, but not shared. oh well. bye.

Posted by coolknexcreations 8 years ago

What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

Posted by Grathio 9 years ago

Magnus Magnusson syndrome

"I've started, so I'll finish"Sometimes I've started a project, and reallised that it's going to involve a lot of tedious work, and a lot of time.But, having started, I've had to finish.I'm interested in other people's projects which may have been a drag for a while, but were finished with persistance under the catchprase above.e.g. This helmet took a long time, and a lot of papier-maiche, and sanding, and varnish etc.L

Posted by lemonie 11 years ago

need help finishing circut

I need to turn 3v into 6v with out messing with the frequency and to figure out what capacitor to use (this is for wireless power transfer). any other advice or comments on possible mistakes I may have made. all help appreciated

Posted by tykora 3 years ago

Class bug

I have completed three classes and it says that I have only completed one. After I finish the class, I look back and it says that I only finished about half of the lessons. I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I am doing something wrong.

Posted by random_builder 1 year ago

M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle


Posted by MotaBoi 8 years ago

How do I get back my saved but un finished instructable?

I had 2 steps done to my first instructable. I saved it a few times. But How do I get it back so I can keep working on it.

Posted by artmule 10 years ago

Valentine's Day is almost here!

I hope everyone is busily finishing their projects!

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

my crossbow done to scale

Check this out, am almost finished instructible.

Posted by paulm 11 years ago

Show, Tell And Brag

Okay, i know that an acronym of the title of this forum would be STAB (sort of appropriate, really. Heh.) but seriously:What's everyone been up to?I think i'll start this off by posting a pic of my 2 newest knivesWerl, actually, the integral one's been finished for ages, but i only got around to finishing it off lately, but the triangular-ish bladed one's been made in only 2 days (usually i take a break of a few weeks before finishing, so that's out of the ordinary for me)The handle slabs are an unidentified hardwood (padauk, i think), the bolsters are mild steel, with mild steel pins, blued with bluing solution, and the blade's 440-CIf anyone wants me to, i'll put up an instructable on how to make one like this, and on how to make a kitchen paring knife.Post your pics here, tho make them pics of FINISHED jobs, please.That way, i'll have to post far fewer. Just finished this...2 weeks ago, hence the rust.Nice persian-y slicer.

Posted by Vendigroth 11 years ago

Parser error

Almost finishing a long instructable I got repeteadly the following error message: There's been a problem updating your                         Instructable                         parsererror        SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad              character in string literal I am using Windows XP Navigator: Firefox 12.0 I can not edit the instructable to finish and publish it.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

How do you finish you projects? (Arduino)

Whenever you want to finish a prototype, what kind of checklist do you go thru? things like: How do you decide what case design to use, what materials for that same case, how to solder everything up, what makes you decide if you "lock" the Arduino on that project forever by soldering everything around it. If you decide to make it modular, what techniques do you use. What kind of material do you use to attach everything together: Hot glue? close everything down with screws, nails, staples (...)? How would you make it water-proof or make the project resistant to the weather (if it was something to be outside for a long time). If you have to use a lot of cable, is there any good pratice you would suggest? When do you use connectors and what kind of connectors do you use? I would love to see a video tutorial on how to properly finish up a project, and make it look beautiful inside a case. :) Thank you all.

Posted by SgtOneill 7 years ago


Oh, My... GOD!! :) :) i just finished my very first sweet potato tenor(?) OCARINA!!!!!!!!!!!! well, actually, i finished it about 3 days ago. i just couldn't tell anyone about it on the internet because i was grounded! back to my tiiiiiiiight ocarina. lets see, details -- 10 holes, blue, painted.

Posted by the_TRUE_LINK_OWNZ! 9 years ago

My Red Crystal Star Pendant, with tutorial to share too!

Hi All,I just finished drawing out the tutorial for this beaded red crystalstar pendant - sort of using the beaded bead beading technique.See the free tutorial at:Pendant Tutorialthe finished photo of my pendant:PhotoThanks for looking!

Posted by beadangel 10 years ago

project conditons update

Projects: blimp:standstill-need mylar top secret:designs finished gathering materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Okay. So i didn't finish my pump action..UPDATE1

BUT. Here's some more candy. What's that.. About 40 rounds in the hopper? 2 firing pins? Hmm... UPDATE1: Okay. I didn't actually count 60 rounds in the hopper. Not 40. Trigger is similar to swagboss. Because it's a good trigger. When tweaked enough.

Posted by ajleece 8 years ago

"Giant Rail Gun o' Doom" - Knex Cannon (Un Finished) Entry To TNKIT

Well. Here it is. Thanks to running out of pieces and rubber bands, i haven't finished. Video'll be done when i get more peices. And more rubber bands. The trigger isn't complete. But it works.

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

Tips for finishing cut bottles

I bought my boyfriend a Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and Bottle Cutting Inc. sandpaper kit because he was interested in recycling bottles into drinking glasses, candles, etc. He was really excited about the handmade gifts he planned to make, but the sanding/ finishing of the bottle rim has turned out to be such a laborious process he's only finished one glass in 6 months. The sanding papers range from 80grit to 220, I believe. It just takes so long to get a nice smooth edge that your arm is killing you and it's difficult not to give up before achieving a truly professional result. Anyone out there have tips or tricks to make the finishing process faster or less tiresome? Any secret tools of the trade we should know about?  We don't have a garage or big power tools to work with, though I've considered seeing if maybe there's something we could rent for a day(?) I've also looked into BC inch's new "diamond' sanding pads but we're hesitant to drop more money into the project unless we hear those are totally amazing. I welcome your thoughts!

Posted by ashleyjlong 3 years ago