Fire/ pyro guide.

Can an admin make a cool guide with the good pyro instructables? That would be awesome.

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i wanted to know how does starting fire with a water bottle really works Answered

I have pick "starting fire with water bottle" for a science fair and i need to know how does it really work? like does it matter what bottle or angle whats the reason for the fire to start

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Hey! Can someone that can make an awesome fire/pyro Instructable? That would be awesome.? Answered

 I just want an instructable with all the good fire instructables.

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how could I light my arm on fire without getting burned? Answered

The title is kind of is self explanatory.  I would like the "safest" way to do this, I've seen it done but I don't know how they did it.

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What are the 2 liquids for this reaction?

I remember watching a documentory (survivorman i believe) and he mixes 2 liquids together in order to create a fire. What are the names of thoes 2 liquids and where can i possibly find them?

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How can i generate electricity from heat?

I've got a water heater that runs on fire, plenty of heat escaping through the chimney, is there any way that i can harness some of it? I'll be happy if i could run a light or something small

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For all you pyros out there

For all you pyros out there, and everyone else too. :-)

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i need a c code for image capturing and comparing with colour?

Its my project.. i need help

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Ammonpulver (explosive)

Hey, i was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. it is ammonium nitrate and charcoal. i hear it is hard to ignite? does anyone know the ratio?

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how to sharpen up a ferro rod?

How do u sharpen up a ferro rod thiny magig that u use to hit against the rod

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where can i get a diode thats not a blu ray or dvd burner diode?

I need to no so i can mmake a burner laser

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Aerosol Flamethrower

I've searched almost all words associated with "Aerosol flamethrower" on instructables, yet I see nothing of the sort. Where I come from in England, they're very common, has anyone else ever made one and would the subject be to easy to make a whole instructable out of it. (even if other ways of using them were included?)-=EDIT=-I've established it IS a bad idea, but also just to clarify:~Spray~ can flamethrowers will NOT randomly blow up unless (to my knowledge)You hold it the flame so it burn the nozzle.You pierce the valve.You douse it in and light or chuck it in a fire.

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what are some good riddles?

Post them on here if you have the answer and let everybody try to guess them. i have an extreamely easy one to warm you up                 I can get stronger with food but water kills me. what am i?

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What gases are producded while maing charcloth?

I wish to make charcloth on my single burner propane stove using a tin can on my patio. My question is....will the gases be of a dense smoky nature so that everyone is calling 911? Or are they going to be of an inconspicuous water vapor so I can carry out the process in my patio without bothering neighbours?

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DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

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New Category!

I want instructables to make a category about fire   anything fire. Change fire color, different household items that start fire. Just anything!

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how do i build the best fire for my fire pit naturally?

I want to build a fire for my fire pit with all natural materials,no gas or lighter fluid. I have alot of wood and i want to fill my pit up

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how to fix kindle fire charging port?

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Knex fire starter

I made a Knex firestarter, let me know if u want pics or an instructible.

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Instructables involved with fire?

Anybody who has any insructables involving fire or kinds of reactions similar to fire join my explosions group please or PM me with an instructable you have or know of!!!! Its new and i want people to join with some fun projects!

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Like I'm bored and I want to blow some stuff up any 1 have any ideas of what I should do?

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does a fire extinguisher last a long time or not ?

Like does only last one skirt then you have to empty it 

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How much easier is it for a fire to start with pollen in the air? Answered

In a town near where I live, three houses burned down. With pollen season around, it made me wonder.

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How would I go about making a fire pit table like the one's sold at lowes?

I am looking at making one of the fire pit type tables sold at lowe's and other stores. Have access to cheap steel and cheap aircraft grade aluminum up to .375 in thickness.

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Fire Kit

Here's an idea for a fire kit, not necessarily for survival or emergency. Someone want to make an ible out of it ? The idea here is that a coke can, once  completely dry, could provide both lightweight waterproof storage for tinder and lighting , and  also be an item to help structure the fire layout to provide proper draft and heat containment, . After the can is  dry you could stuff in some matches and cotton lint or vaseline balls, maybe a magneium stick. Maybe an obviously small candle.  Some items may need wrapping.  Then duct tape the hole When it came time to use, open with a knife. How exactly I would use the can to structure the fire is an open question.  

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does the right trigger work after modding a 360 controller?

After modding the controller for rapid fire does the right trigger still work?

Asked by graphic81 8 years ago

Burning Man Accidentally Burns Early

Burning Man update:The Man caught (or was set) on fire early this morning during the lunar eclipse. The BRC fire crew extinguished the blaze, and they're rebuilding the structure and replacing the neon now. The fireworks and fuel hadn't been added yet, so the damage wasn't total.Story, photos, and more links from Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

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fire sleeve?

Fire sleeve is a common term for a Silicone coated fiberglass sleeve, generally used in industrial or aerospace applications. Fiberglass acts as an insulator or barrier for constant temperatures up to 540ºC. Silicone is generally able to withstand temperatures up to about 260C degrees continuous. Silicone, however, has the added benefit of being able to withstand and repel much higher temperatures for short durations, including liquid molten metals. Fire sleeve is used as a protective sleeve on industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, cables, wires, etc. Fire sleeve generally refers to two variations: An aerospace version is made with a braided fiberglass substrate and is commonly used in the aerospace industry. Its construction enables qualified hose assemblies to meet the SAE standards which have been established relative to the protection which this product provides. An industrial version, constructed of a knitted fiberglass substrate is also available. Because it is less expensive it is more commonly used in hot industrial applications where this type of protection is needed. The industrial version will not meet the SAE standards. Fiberglass sleeve—without the Silicone rubber coating—has a higher continuous temperature rating, up to 1000ºF or 540ºC and is available as a knitted or braided sleeve for protection of hoses and cables where molten splash protection or weld splatter protection is not required. Fire sleeve is used for industry, aerospace, automotive, mining.

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I have a bag of dried cayenne peppers lying around here somewhere. Is there any way i can extract the oils to make a kind of spicy fire liquid? What solvents (isopropyl? denatured alcohol? acetone?) would dissolve the oils? Thanks.

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wrist mounted flame cannons

Should i post an instructable for this?

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were does one buy ammonium nitrate from??


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Be a caveman with Swedish style!

I saw this on the MAKE blog: Helmut Smit is an artist/designer. This brilliant Ikea Hack "harks back to one of humanity's basic needs: making fire." As Ikea does not sell matches or lighters, Smits has taken cues from the wartime necessity of burning furniture to keep warm, and created a fire from an Ikea rope, hanger, wine rack, egg cup, napkins, and floral embellishments. Since embedding doesn't seem to work consistently here's a direct link to the video below:

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looking for a fake fire...LED lit perhaps

Hi all, new here but love everything I'm looking at here. Great ideas. I'm a Halloween fan, and build my own Halloween props. Right now I have built some cemetery fence columns, and I want to put a fake electric fire on top somehow. I have a plastic candy dish with light up eyes, and I want to have an electric/battery powered flame for the top of it, something that will show up really well at night. Real fire would be good, but I don't want to melt anything. The first image is my column, the second image is what I'm looking for, I just don't want to spend $60 on a couple of them, I would prefer to build them myself. Hopefully someone will give me some ideas....thanks

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What's the best way to make an outdoor fire pit that will actually be used for jobs other than flipping burgers?

I am looking to do the work myself and was wondering if anyone had any recycleable "shortcuts" (one website I visited suggested using the tub of an old washing machine or dryer and then cementing rocks around it.) Good idea, but are there others out there? Any suggestions for a grate to go over the top? It doesn't have to look like it belongs in an issue of House Beautiful, I need it to be functional and sturdy. If it looks great, then that's a bonus. I have plenty of natural rocks available, so I would not be purchasing bricks or anything of that nature (at least for the outside.) Thank you!

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Google Burns Down, Twitter Knows First!

A blaze broke out at Google's British headquarters today, when a rooftop barbecue got out of control.The blaze broke out on the roof patio of the company's London offices at lunchtime, the fire brigade said.Around 5,000 Google staff and employees from other firms based in the six-floor building were evacuated.Within minutes nearby workers had posted pictures of the blaze on the social networking website Twitter.A spokesman from Google said: 'We have free food for staff at our offices and today was a barbecue day. We were having a barbecue on the patio where the fire started, but we're waiting to hear from the firefighters whether the two are linked.'Daily mail article.

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Where do you get KNO3 in Western Australia?

I am in Perth so  i don't want end up near Darwin!

Asked by Zachagan 8 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Does any one know the recipe for thermite?

I think that thermite is made with aluminum powder and rust powder but im not sure that is the exact recipe and i need to know the ratio.

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Fast and easy firebreaks

One year of heavy rainfall followed by one year of drought adds up to a recipe for disaster.  Its time to do something about your cheet grass.

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how can i make my own firesteel? Answered

Is there any way i can make a small firesteel keyring and if there is can you post a link to instructions for it!!! thanks!!!

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Why wont my instructable appear on the site?

I Published my instructable a couple weeks ago and it hasn't appeared on the site when i search my name or the name of the instructable itself.

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Want to drop a store bought firepit into the ground by my built in pool? Answered

I have a store bought firepit, but would like to drop in the ground by my pool. i have pavers around the pool. pls advise of an instructable that may help me

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cheap easy pyro detonators!!!!!

Get some silicon diodes 3 for a 1.99 at radio shack or cheaper online tape one to a match and ad 6 to 12 volts to it and after a few seconds it will overload and get real hot! then it with ignite the match which will then ignite the visco fuse. original idea from jolly roger creator of anarchist's cookbook

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Is it legal to do fireworks after the 4th of July in Folsom, CA? Answered

I know I can do them on New Years but can I do them any other day of the year? I bought fireworks but I went camping over the 4th so I want to know if I can still do them.

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Convert antique fireplace to simulated.?

I have a wall-mounted porcelain coal fireplace from a French chateau.  It has isinglass windows, so is amenable to diffused light. BUT, all the electric simulators are too wide to fit.  I tried using candles, BAD idea. Then I tried flickering Christmas lights, too constant and not enough color variation. Any ideas? Thank you! -D

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Which is the most flammable, non-regulated and non-hazardous material you know?

I'm trying to ignite a smoke cartridge from a 6V flashlight bulb tungsten filament. When connected to the battery, the filament vaporizes with a small flash, however not sufficient to ignite the smoke mix. The smoke mix requires some energy to ignite (equivalent, 5 seconds with a lighter). I am now looking for a ignition aid material to put in between the filament and the smoke mix. It can be natual or synthetical, the only requirements are that it 1. ignites from a small spark 2. Is not classed as hazardous material/dangerous goods. What I have already tried: Char cloth - works OK, but the filament has to be put right at the edge of the cloth as it doesn't ignite very well from the top. Dryer lint - Doesn't work Cotton pad with vaseline - Doesn't work Toilet paper - Doesn't work Any other ideas? Thanks!

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