Fire/ pyro guide.

Can an admin make a cool guide with the good pyro instructables? That would be awesome.

Posted by thebeef2 9 years ago

For all you pyros out there

For all you pyros out there, and everyone else too. :-)

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 10 years ago

Ammonpulver (explosive)

Hey, i was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. it is ammonium nitrate and charcoal. i hear it is hard to ignite? does anyone know the ratio?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

Aerosol Flamethrower

I've searched almost all words associated with "Aerosol flamethrower" on instructables, yet I see nothing of the sort. Where I come from in England, they're very common, has anyone else ever made one and would the subject be to easy to make a whole instructable out of it. (even if other ways of using them were included?)-=EDIT=-I've established it IS a bad idea, but also just to clarify:~Spray~ can flamethrowers will NOT randomly blow up unless (to my knowledge)You hold it the flame so it burn the nozzle.You pierce the valve.You douse it in and light or chuck it in a fire.

Posted by CogitoErgoSum 11 years ago

DIY Fire Extinguisher

I need a cheap homemade fire extinguisher for small stuff.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

New Category!

I want instructables to make a category about fire   anything fire. Change fire color, different household items that start fire. Just anything!

Posted by jamob 6 years ago

Knex fire starter

I made a Knex firestarter, let me know if u want pics or an instructible.

Posted by dalekpod 6 years ago

Instructables involved with fire?

Anybody who has any insructables involving fire or kinds of reactions similar to fire join my explosions group please or PM me with an instructable you have or know of!!!! Its new and i want people to join with some fun projects!

Posted by jamob 6 years ago


Like I'm bored and I want to blow some stuff up any 1 have any ideas of what I should do?

Posted by jotary 10 years ago

Fire Kit

Here's an idea for a fire kit, not necessarily for survival or emergency. Someone want to make an ible out of it ? The idea here is that a coke can, once  completely dry, could provide both lightweight waterproof storage for tinder and lighting , and  also be an item to help structure the fire layout to provide proper draft and heat containment, . After the can is  dry you could stuff in some matches and cotton lint or vaseline balls, maybe a magneium stick. Maybe an obviously small candle.  Some items may need wrapping.  Then duct tape the hole When it came time to use, open with a knife. How exactly I would use the can to structure the fire is an open question.  

Posted by Wilmette 5 years ago

Burning Man Accidentally Burns Early

Burning Man update:The Man caught (or was set) on fire early this morning during the lunar eclipse. The BRC fire crew extinguished the blaze, and they're rebuilding the structure and replacing the neon now. The fireworks and fuel hadn't been added yet, so the damage wasn't total.Story, photos, and more links from Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

Posted by canida 11 years ago


I have a bag of dried cayenne peppers lying around here somewhere. Is there any way i can extract the oils to make a kind of spicy fire liquid? What solvents (isopropyl? denatured alcohol? acetone?) would dissolve the oils? Thanks.

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

wrist mounted flame cannons

Should i post an instructable for this?

Posted by budsiskos 10 years ago

Be a caveman with Swedish style!

I saw this on the MAKE blog: Helmut Smit is an artist/designer. This brilliant Ikea Hack "harks back to one of humanity's basic needs: making fire." As Ikea does not sell matches or lighters, Smits has taken cues from the wartime necessity of burning furniture to keep warm, and created a fire from an Ikea rope, hanger, wine rack, egg cup, napkins, and floral embellishments. Since embedding doesn't seem to work consistently here's a direct link to the video below:

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

looking for a fake fire...LED lit perhaps

Hi all, new here but love everything I'm looking at here. Great ideas. I'm a Halloween fan, and build my own Halloween props. Right now I have built some cemetery fence columns, and I want to put a fake electric fire on top somehow. I have a plastic candy dish with light up eyes, and I want to have an electric/battery powered flame for the top of it, something that will show up really well at night. Real fire would be good, but I don't want to melt anything. The first image is my column, the second image is what I'm looking for, I just don't want to spend $60 on a couple of them, I would prefer to build them myself. Hopefully someone will give me some ideas....thanks

Posted by cmghost 10 years ago

Google Burns Down, Twitter Knows First!

A blaze broke out at Google's British headquarters today, when a rooftop barbecue got out of control.The blaze broke out on the roof patio of the company's London offices at lunchtime, the fire brigade said.Around 5,000 Google staff and employees from other firms based in the six-floor building were evacuated.Within minutes nearby workers had posted pictures of the blaze on the social networking website Twitter.A spokesman from Google said: 'We have free food for staff at our offices and today was a barbecue day. We were having a barbecue on the patio where the fire started, but we're waiting to hear from the firefighters whether the two are linked.'Daily mail article.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

Fast and easy firebreaks

One year of heavy rainfall followed by one year of drought adds up to a recipe for disaster.  Its time to do something about your cheet grass.

Posted by Mud Stuffin 6 years ago

cheap easy pyro detonators!!!!!

Get some silicon diodes 3 for a 1.99 at radio shack or cheaper online tape one to a match and ad 6 to 12 volts to it and after a few seconds it will overload and get real hot! then it with ignite the match which will then ignite the visco fuse. original idea from jolly roger creator of anarchist's cookbook

Posted by struckbyanarrow 10 years ago

Fire, pyrokinesis/ telekinesis

Hi everyone if you like fire or belive in controling fire here is the place! So just talk about a cool fire trick or how to control fire thanks !

Posted by pyro=fire 8 years ago

Octogons and Fire!

Wow... this is one of the most random groups ever! Let's print out pictures of octagons, and burn them, then we'll be in the game.

Posted by GorillazMiko 10 years ago

Make a portable fire pit

This portable fire pit tutorial over on Design*Sponge is sweet. Great photos, clear instructions, and a lovely item as a result. If you want a nice bit of flame to keep you company, check it out. How to Make a Personal Fire Pit For Cheap! via design*sponge

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Duct tape or fire?

Recently at school there was an assignment in which we had to do a survey of 20 people.  The teacher came up with 10 Questions and we had to come up with 5.  Seeing that many people liked fire or duct tape, i asked which is better, fire or duct tape?  The typical answer was "that's an impossible question" or "flaming duct tape".  So which is better fire or duct tape? ***UPDATE MAY 5, 2011***  ok so the score so far is duct tape 9, fire 4, and flaming duct tape 1.  and ratings 2 c'mon people lets get some ratings.

Posted by jcksparr0w 8 years ago

Fire fox search addon

Has anybody made an Instructables Firefox add on that works like the google, wikipedia, ebay search tools? If not would someone like to make one?

Posted by zs 9 years ago

Propane Fire Pit

I made a propane fire pit and can't get the flame to go high. I was wondering if it makes a difference on the distance that I have the propane tank from the fire pit? and do I have to use an air mixture?

Posted by spiderpig16pd 3 years ago

Xbox 360 SUPER rapid fire mod!

Ok, so i want to do the rapid fire mod, and get money, but all of their controllers need an oscillating circuit, (the light isn't pulse modulated) wanted to do this-> this onebut the numbers on the controller aren't lower then 24 this comment-> hereso, i turned to the internet, and found this website, and i wanted to know, will the circuit work if i put only one transistor?thank you in advance!Edit: i got this to work, included a diagrami am keeping this forum topic so that other people can see what i did!

Posted by Sandisk1duo 10 years ago


What is flame? Is it gas ,solid or liquid?it can't be solid or liquid but it isn't realy gas eather... or is it?

Posted by toogood 10 years ago

Flaming Elmo

I came across this a few hours ago.. made my day completely

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

The new FF v.3, a problem

I have Fire Fox RC 3 and it is causing a few problems. I am hoping it is the browser and not the forums. The ads to the right are ok, until I open a window to post into: the text box slips in under the ad and so does anything I type as it gets to the page edge. Has anyone else "tried" V.3 yet, experiences?

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Spontaneously Combusting Elephants

Thought you might all like to have a chuckle, as I did when I recieved this saftey alert. Priceless simply priceless... Enjoy ;) Apparently the concrete Budda's weren't to crash hot either. Pardon the pun.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

Does anyone have a good Instructable that involves something going boom or making a big flash?

Hey. I am a new member to Instructables and like things that go "boom" and "fwoosh". Please send me some!

Posted by thebeef2 9 years ago

Help with a kerosene lamp

Hey guys, I recently got this silver lamp, which I've filled with kerosene. The only problem is every time I light it, it lets off a thick line of black smoke? I've tried trimming the wick down, but it hasn't helped.  Does anyone have any experience with this, or any suggestions?

Posted by snazzyjazzy 6 years ago

New firing methods

Post your ideas on how to make more rapid-firing guns and new ways to fire

Posted by Professor Tor Coolguy 11 years ago

Rapid fire controller for ps3

Rapid fire controller for ps3 ps3 modded controller ps3 modded controllers sexy lingerie  

Posted by cainmack76 8 years ago

fire wire

Hi if you do poi wid fire wire it looks so kool

Posted by mattadams 11 years ago

fire dancers (peole who do fire poi and stuff)

Hi what move can you and where do you live?

Posted by mattadams 11 years ago

Torch fired Enamel

How do I look up Torch fired Enameling or Tools needed? Thank You Jerry

Posted by gmsmg 4 years ago

Frets on Fire HELP!!!!!!

Whenever I try to run Frets on Fire I get the message in the picture! Has this ever happened to somebody else? How do I fix it?

Posted by CapnTac 9 years ago

Crucible Fire Arts Festival in Oakland CA - July 9-12, 2008

If you're into fire, metal, dance, and all of the above, BART on over to the Crucible Fire Arts festival, coming next week!Each July The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival celebrates creativity through fire and light with a spectacular open-air exhibition of interactive fire art, performance and the largest collection of outdoor fire sculpture on the West Coast.The 2007 Fire Arts Festival attracted over 10,000 people from as far as England and Australia and featured The Fire Odyssey, an innovative production that blended industrial fire theatre with ballet, opera, hip hop, aerial dance and fire performance. See the full lineup of performers, artists, and goings on at: our special Cupola Iron Casting workshop running July 7-13th and wow the crowds with your iron pour!Here's your chance to play an active role in this year's Fire Arts Festival! After learning the steps to create a mold and prepare iron and coke charges for the cupola, you are invited to participate in a public iron pour on the last day of the 2008 Fire Arts Festival.

Posted by susie 10 years ago

New firing systems for K'NEX guns

I'm so tired of the firing rod and the little orange connector to fire K'NEX guns. Isn't everybody else? Maybe make something like a real trigger?

Posted by Castle Seige 11 years ago

Fire Cabaret This weekend at the Crucible!

For those in the San Francisco Bay area this weekend the Crucible is putting on a fantastic event!  Heat: A Fire Cabaret will be going on July 15-17 and will feature world class fire performers.  "Guests are encouraged to participate by dressing in their Deco best... flappers, dandies, gangsters and molls are all welcome visitors to Heat. It's the Jazz Age, the hot 20's, when women were wild, men were wicked and boundaries were pushed to the limit. In keeping with the experiential nature of the evening, guests will be able to browse through an assortment of fire sculpture that is outlawed in most places or strike a pose for photos in front of 1920’s & 1930’s bootleggers vehicles from the private collection of Jim Callahan, or step into the “notorious Photo Boof” and see what photos come out." More here 

Posted by Culturespy 8 years ago

Fire alarm!

This afternoon a couple of guys from the Mexican restaurant next door came up our stairs and asked how to get to the roof. They said something about a fire and smoke and it being urgent. We pointed them to our fire escape which has a ladder to the roof and then, for some reason, they lost interest and left. We were wondering if, you know, this was actually important or something when the fire engines started racing towards our building. So we looked out and two fire engines with ladders showed up along with 6 other vehicles and a total of about 25 firemen. It was on! The two ladders extended up to the top of the building where some smoke was coming out and a fireman climbed up to take a look. Fortunately, it didn't look too bad as none of the other firemen went up. Within about 15 minutes they started packing up and left. Just another day in downtown San Francisco.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

rapid fire mod for xbox 360 controller

Ok so I was going to attempt to do the rapid fire mod seen here CLICKY and well i was in hurry so i made a sloppy move w/ the soldering iron and took out the player 1 led. =/ is there anywhere else i can solder to?my controller is pretty new i just got it new about 2 months ago w/ my go pro console

Posted by Tence 10 years ago

Pen cannons

Cannons made of pens.

Posted by spartan711 7 years ago

Fire Glove

Ok listen up guys, i have a science project and i wanna do this one thing really badly but i fear my hand might be badly destroyed in this process i want to make a glove where i could snap my finger and make a spark with some kind of flint and then hold a flame with a fuel source like timber or something... i'm thinking of buying a heat resistant glove so i don't get burned alive XD but any ideas would be helpful.

Posted by FireGLove 11 years ago

How to make a fire come from your fingertips...

Well, hello there, I'm trying to figure out how to use some small flexible gas tubing of some kind and a sparker to make a project that will make it look like a flame is shooting out of each finger and thumb. I'm also trying to figure out a way to control the sparker and the highth of each flame without using my hands as they'll have flames shooting from my fingertips. So any thoughts? Thanks, Daemon Ulf

Posted by daemon ulf 10 years ago

Imitate Fire With Flickering LEDs?

I'm an artist looking to use this in a new series of work. I'd like to imitate fire inside a frosted globe with flickering LEDs, maybe several each in red, orange & yellow. Unfortunately I'm fussy about realism and electronics illiterate. It would be nice to be able to buy or build this part of the project for under $25 each and fit it inside a 2.5 inch (65 mm) circle. A battery operated circuit would be preferable but I could live with a 110v circuit if I had to.  What do you think? Can any of you electronics guys or gals get me set up here? I'm strapped for cash at the moment but if one of you can help me make this work I'll send you one of the first finished pieces, post an instructable on the project and give you credit for the electronic portion. Thanks! BrianJewett

Posted by BrianJewett 7 years ago

Campfire lighting tricks?

I find myself with the task of lighting a camp fire, either dramatically, magically or mysteriously.  I know a couple of methods, but the campfire audience have seen them before. Anybody got any novel ideas for lighting a campfire at the sneaky pull of a cord, or throw of a hidden switch? (Yes, I know about wire wool and batteries...)

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Burning Saltwater?

I found this article in class today, and thought it was pretty interesting. a scientist discovered that by exposing saltwater to radio waves, it weakens the bonds in the water, and the hydrogen can be burnt.

Posted by its a lion 11 years ago

flame igniter

Joho! i am making something similar to the "fireslinger" made by tetranite. The big difference is that mine w ill use short jolts of gasoline, that come from a perfume tester, so there will be short big flames, but i need something to ignite the small cloud of gasoline. the problem is, that it cant be a flame, or a torch, because it will be mounted on the wrist. so i will need a reliable ignition source, like a electric shock, the only problem with electricity i use, is that the sparks are too small to ignite everything, so i need bigger sparks, made by anything that will easily spark!

Posted by pluish 10 years ago

cheap time bomb (fireworks detonator)

Heres my idea: Take a cheap dollarstore or walmart watch with an alarm. wire a capacitor where the little speaker/beeper thing it would store up a small charge and then have it arc or a fuse to light it. so you set the alarm for the time you want it to go off, it goes off, builds a charge, arcs over the fuse and lights the roman candle, firecrackers, whatever you want. would this work? are there any ways of boosting the power of the arc or making the fuse light easier?

Posted by aaronx 11 years ago