Last Meal

I'm a television junkie and I recently watched an episode of King of the Hill in which Dale, Bill, Boomhauer and Khan get together to make what would be their last meal, if they knew they were going to be executed the next day.  I was thinking about this....what would my last meal be? A Japanese bento with tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken, tempura veg, various sushi, Grandma's green chile, and her black mole (mo-lay) and my Mom's rice......and some Ghiradelli dark chocolate. What would your last meal be? I think I want to get some friends together and do my own "Last Meal Party."....In time for Halloween.

Posted by zurichko 6 years ago

If You're A Good Cook, You Definitely Want To Enter This Contest

Recipe Contest - $250 Whole Foods Gift Card! I just wanted to give everyone the heads up about a cool online contest I just found out about that is ideal for foodies. All you have to do is enter your best recipe for a chance to win a $250 gift card to Whole Foods. The contest is via, which is an online green-themed social network.The Greenwala community will vote on the top three finalist entries, so you can increase your chances of winning if you get your friends to join and vote for you. Plus, for every new member who signs up, a tree will be planted in their honor courtesy of the non-profit group Trees For The Future, so that's a nice bonus right out of the gates. They have a few other contests going on, too -- something fun for everyone:

Posted by elizahleigh 9 years ago

Creative Food Art

Here are some more creative ways to think about your food.  FOOD ART! Food art on a stick?

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

Science In Food

I love creating food its even more fun when science is involved. Anybody have some cool recipes to share?

Posted by FlatLinerMEDIC 6 years ago

Food instructable

  I just published food my first food instructable ...

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

Healthy category for food

I would really like to see a "Healthy" category in the food section of instructables for food.  I think it would really help in searching for recipes.

Posted by carlyg90 7 years ago

Favorite Food

Hey,   In an effort to get some discussion going in this group I am posting a simple question: What is your favorite food? If there is an instructable for you favorite food please leave the name of the instructable too. My favorite food is fried cucumbers and tomatoes or bubble tea. There are lots of instructables for bubble tea.

Posted by nerdfighter73 7 years ago

Need help with a food-related metaphor.

I'm calling out to all clever, witty-minded Iblers for suggestions on how to finish this (food-related) sentence: "It disappears faster than _____________".  Any ideas?

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago

mc donlads

just show you what mcd food does in jarsno that is not me

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 10 years ago

Who's your favorite food blogger?

Mine are Bakerella, Picky Palate, and Sweetapolita. Who makes your top ten lists?

Posted by BeSomebody 7 years ago

I made an entry for the party foods contest.

Check it out. It's a recpie for cheese packed rigatoni! I made it myself. It's yummy.

Posted by puggerisuse 7 years ago

What is the best affordable food that I can cook this new year?

What is the best affordable food that I can cook this new year? Also dessert please. I am thinking what to prepare but my budget is tight.

Posted by sikatangpinoy 8 years ago

What Weird Food Have You Made?

I love weird food and constantly make new things that have never been concieved. What do you make? Here's my brain-shaped cake pops for halloween time.

Posted by lstephens5 5 years ago

My Favorite Food Author

I like the instructables here. They are good. But the most useful food instructions  I have seen are from Mark Bittman of the NYT  His column was called the Minimalist and they are on youtube Here is an example, fresh pea soup.

Posted by Wilmette 5 years ago

Opinions about "Food Porn"

Is that a phrase you find offensive?   No need to clarify your reasoning... unless you'd like to.  ;-)

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago


Do you like chipotle if you do or don't post a comment telling what your fave food is.

Posted by the_burrito_master 10 years ago

Healthy Foods - Good for your Body and look like your Body

This unique twist on food and nutrition will give you a visual queue to help you remember what body part is benefiting as you snack! Foods That Look Like Body Parts They're Good For found in Women's Day. Can you think of any other foods that would fit this category?

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

What Food ( Mostly Healthy ) Should Be Served ?

The immediate families are now tracking my Best Answer count. And said  "let's have a party at 100, what sort of food ?" We live in a mountain desert state.  I don't think there's any rush...................  A

Posted by iceng 7 years ago

Freaky Food Fun

Why has no one thought of this before?Granted, I don't usually have pasta with my hot dogs, but darn it! I will now!Hotdoghetti anyone?VIA: boingboing

Posted by scoochmaroo 9 years ago

what's your favorite food of all time?

Mine is crabcakes from Lunis Steakhouse mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Where did the Halloween contest-food go?

I just visited "contests"-"all contests". I didn't find Halloween food contest anywhere. I'm wondering what happened to it. Or is there a problem with the website?

Posted by babybayrs 4 years ago

First call! Bug in brand new Food channel -- two "Dessert" categories

The brand new Food channel already has a bug!  The Dessert category appears twice in the sidebar list.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

dog food recipies

Does anyone have a good, homemade dog food recipe? my dog has food allergies. She does a lot better when she doesn't have any sugars or grains. I still haven't figured out what she is allergic to, for sure. I am willing to try anything!

Posted by jimmi 10 years ago

bad link on homemade holidays food contest page

Just wanted to mention that the link for Neighborhood Fruit on the Homemade Holidays Food Contest page is misspelled. It reads "". There should be an "h" in there. Thanks!

Posted by skyisblu 8 years ago

Homemade Holidays Food Contest

In just a couple days, we'll be starting the Homemade Holidays Food Contest! Share your best recipes and mouth-watering pictures and win some sweet prizes. More details coming soon.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

chinese food pail

Does anyone know how i can make one myself? and what material to use?

Posted by bananamufu 9 years ago

Good place for Food-grade barrels?

Trying to do some of the rain barrel projects, but I don't know where I can find 55 gallon food-grade barrels without spending an arm and a leg to have them shipped.

Posted by Ryutso 8 years ago

Food groups

A day in the culinary life of this high school/college student generally includes at least three of the four food groups. In case you missed the FDA's new pyramid, these are Pizza, Crazy Bread, Chinese food, and Dr. Pepper. This is actually an improvement from the three years before that, which had only two food groups: ramen and not-ramen. The second is at the top of the pyramid--used sparingly.How about you? What kind of extended poor diet did you live on back in the day? or maybe even right now...

Posted by Rishnai 9 years ago

How toxic is burning wine barrels to smoke food ?

I would like to sell food smoked food that's been smoked with wine barrel wood. Ive been told that all barrels are treated with linseed oil or flax seed oil on the outside of the barrel and that burning this is toxic. Cant find any info and need some secure info so I don't get sued! Chow, Lance

Posted by freelancen 5 years ago

How about LESS food recipes?

How about LESS food recipes.  Of today's list of INSTRUCTABLES, about half are just recipes. How about categories that we can opt out of?

Posted by Nate Ocean 7 years ago

A Man's Meal for Sunday night.

A perfectly mixed sunday night dinner reading engadget.

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Pie Pops

LINK > Pie Pops They're pies on the end of a stick! And here's the Instructable

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

food fight

Today at school there was a huge food fight and somehow some kids got hurt. There are 7 people hurt and one in the hospital. There was about 10 arrests and now the rest of the school year is f***ed up for us.

Posted by Pat Sowers 11 years ago

New Contest Idea

I think it'd be uber-cool if we had a contest for 'Food from Scratch'. What this would mean: None of the following: -Canned Food -Bottled Food -Premixed Spices/Salts/etc.* *This means you can have a salt shaker, or a certain spice, say nutmeg, but you can't have 'Season All' or any spices which have two or more ingredients in them. Any thoughts? Anyone actually interested?

Posted by Noodle93 10 years ago

What foods do you want to see an instructable made from?

I was just thinking about some ideas for foods, or dishes that could be made into istructables. Feel free to spew out your ideas!

Posted by cry_wolf 11 years ago

A little food and money set aside

Considering that we are overdue for a worldwide [ deflationary] period, it would be wise to have a little food and money set aside, "in case of a rainy day."FYI.

Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

Marshmallow Topping

What's a good marshmallow topping? How do you eat Your 'mallows?

Posted by Camisado 10 years ago

Why does wine or beer pair better with matching food?

This has always stumped me; however should not be confused with the question: "what goes with wine or how to pair wine?" I know that in theory, heartier wines pair well with heartier food; and that light, refreshing wines should pair with light, refreshing food. In practice, I agree that wines or beers tend to pair better with matching qualities in food. Whereas with all other beverages, I always feel that contrasting pairings work best. Dessert for me always requires a black, robust cup of coffee; and a cold, sweet Coke always goes very nicely with a savory lunch. The reason why these pairings work so well is because of their contrasts. So, what is so special about beer or wine that they pair better with food of similar characteristics?

Posted by N.fletch 5 years ago

Recursive Food

I've been thinking about the concept of recursive food for Thanksgiving, as epitomized by the Turducken (bird inside a bird inside a bird.) While we don't have time to make a Turducken for our crowd this Thanksgiving, I'd like have something equally cool in concept, but less time-consuming to create. Suggestions? Also, is it possible to make recursive food that doesn't end up looking like a Katamari Damancy-style foodball?Having a collaborative/pitch-in dinner party where everyone must bring some sort of recursive food is also sounding like fun.

Posted by canida 11 years ago

New Idea for the food section

Dear Instructables, I have an idea for a improvement of the food section. While I was browsing the food section for some delicious inspiration I thought of the idea  of adding a ingredient selector. This function would make it really easy to search for new ideas whilst using some of the ingredients you all ready have at home. One should be able to make a selection of different ingredients and only the recipes containing at least these ingridients should come up. I think that such a function would work friendlier than the search option. Regards, Bjvdb

Posted by bjvdb 5 years ago

3D printed personalised silicone ice

Hello all, I'm trying to 3D print food grade silicone ice in different little shapes such as boots, tires and cans. Does anyone know of such 3D printing company? Thank you very much, Chantal

Posted by chantal.goldfinger 3 years ago

Any good Bacon instructables?

Can someone upload a bacon instructable here? Actually a couple, but one is a start.

Posted by Colonel88 8 years ago

Ramen Noodles

I think Ramen Noodles are the best! i practically live off of them.

Posted by amber812 9 years ago

What's the difference between Cupcakes and Muffins?

Is it purely subjective... or is there a hard/fast rule  hidden somewhere in an obscure food dictionary?

Posted by bajablue 7 years ago

What do you spread on your toast?

What do you spread on your toast?

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

Does anyone here know this kind of pakistani food?

Okay, it kind of looked like chicken nuggets or something breaded then fried, but the insides have a greenish color. It was also served in a platter of hummus. I can't really describe the flavor, but it tasted great. I tried this at an pakistani Restaurant but I forgot the name of the food. I know it's a vague discription, but does anyone have any possible idea what this might just be?

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 10 years ago

adding seasoning & dry rub/sauce & Marinade sections to food page

I like the food page layout, but I would like to see extra sections for seasonings & dry rubs, as well one for sauces, marinades, & dips.    If you like this idea, add a comment, maybe we can get our awesome instructables crew to make this sight even cooler than it already is. Thanks for your time!

Posted by crapsoup 6 years ago


Posted by snook123 8 years ago

Favorite cookie?

What are your favorite cookies? I like chocolate chip cookies without chips, they're great! Include recipes if you want.

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago