is rock band equipment capable of playing guitar hero???????

Can rock band equipment play on guitar hero world tour

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my head is going to explode!

I have just bought a rubiks cube and i can solve ONE side but that is it. i have looked at ibles telling you how to solve it but i find it very confusing. i feel like i am going to burn this cube. so, does anyone of any site that EASILY explains how to do it. i am a noob at this.

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I"m having some problems with the drum kit. Is there any thing to remedy this.Red & Blue not working all the time

The red and the blue sometimes don't work. Never happens to the symbols or base or green.Is there anything to remedy this problem or some where I can have it fixed besides Activision.Please Help  SINCERELY,    TIRED OF PLAYING SOLO,    (MARK)

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I got the wii version of aerosmith and the lag online was horrible. I have great connection and I shouldn't get lag, but I am. WHAT THE HECK?

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Is there a way to transport Wii data to a PC? Answered

In Guitar Hero 6, you have a game mode called 'GH Mix', in which you can create own songs, or instrumental tracks. But is there a way to transfer the data of this to a pc?  I want to know this mainly for drum tracks created in GH mix Thanks

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We are NOT emotionless: EDITED>>> This article fits me well - GH

Http:// May of this year, a study has shown that Asperger's "sufferers" do not LACK emotions, but are rather "overcome by the extreme intensity of the emotions they feel and experience".  "A groundbreaking study suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger's do not lack empathy – rather, they feel others' emotions too intensely to cope. People with Asperger's syndrome are often stereotyped as distant loners or robotic geeks. But what if what looks like coldness to the outside world is a response to being overwhelmed by emotion – an excess of empathy, not a lack of it?" The article can be found at Asperger's Theory does an about face About the picture:   The book it is the cover of.....    "HERE is another link to look at !

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[http://Guitar hero led mod]For this project and i need some help quickly so...My questions are: Does this require any resistors with a 9v battery?Wil it work fine with the regular buttons drilled out(I mean, will it shine through)? And is my wiring(below) correct (the step was kind of confusing)?Thanks,Tomonto

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What Are Your Wii Friend Codes?

Hi i would like to know what games you have, i have: Mario Cart Wii Super Mario Galaxy SSBB Wii Sports GH3 GH World Tour GH Metallica GH Smash Hits Links Crossbow Training Bully Scholarship Edition Red Steel Skate It Tigerwoods PGA Tour08 Call of Duty WaW Wii Play Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Wii Music Tony Hawks Proving Ground Active Life Outdoor Challenge and Wii FIt those are only the good games i have i do have online play my wii code is 0307-7176-7668-1773 also post your codes for mario cart wii mine is 4897-6362-6182 i will post some more codes for other games later

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how do you hook a Sub-Wuffer to a TV/Receiver? Answered

This may sound stupid, but how do you hook up a Sub to a TV/Receiver?Thanks in advance!~Reilly =D

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How to make an entire head covering starcraft 2 ghost mask?

How would you go about making the mask cover the entire head, probably out of paper mache. Here is the link to the page with the ghost portrait near the top left.

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Is there a way to make your Guitar Hero WT Drumkit powered through USB?

I'm burning through batteries here on GH Metallica. I play at least 6 hours a day (Reason behind this : Getting my left leg into shape for my real drum kit. Visual aid helps a lot.) and I'm just murdering batteries left and right. Is there a way to like connect some wires and crap and plug it to the 360 so it's usb powered?

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I need a mac computer iwth at least 4 gb ram and 2.8 ghz. It has to be able to support cocoa development so it can't be a really old one. I don't care if it's an imac, mac book pro, mac book, just so long as it works and meets requirements. Will pay up to $800 for one. Maybe $900 if exceeds all expectations. Imac is preffered though.

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I need some help identifying transistors?

I have what they all say on them, and I tried googling some of them but cant find data sheets.. I took them off a board from a dvd/vcr  Heres what they say:  c2120    y   og   a1015    gr  og  n1f4m  k306m   a1f4m  k399m a1f4m  k39ym   k2715   h c3195  y  1130 c3195  y 1134   c2785  k06m  h 1815  gh gr c536n  f  od1  c2785  f0bm  How do I figure out what I can use them for? 

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Can somebody make an Instructable item for me?

Hi,I'm creating a show and have just seen an Instructsble "Ghost Knocker" that was posted about 6 years ago.It's exactly what I've been looking for a long time. It's not possible for me to make it due to time constraints etc and want to ask if there is anybody in the community who could make one for me. It uses an Arduino unit.The link to buy the kit is no longer available and electronics are not my strong point...If there's anyone out there who can then please let me know and an estimate of the cost and time-frame etc.Link:

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Guitar Hero/Rock Band Coffin Guitar for real Guitar... How to??

So I really like this GH/RB Guitar case that looks like a coffin... but its super expensive, plus I don't care about me Rock Band controller as much as my real guitar. Its a really nice acoustic, but the case kinda sucks and definitely needs replacing... soo... I thought I would make one, after seeing the coffin guitar case I decided thet that looked pretty easy. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this fast and on a low budget that would be great... So I will try and get too it soon (but no promises) and I will keep you posted.

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I need help with Guitar Hero World Tour!!!!

Today I got Rb2 and GH4 For Xmas. I heard the rockband drums work with gh4. So, today I tried GH4. The orange note was still there. If you don't get it, then what I am trying to say is that GH4 Drums have 6 different notes: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange, and Purple (Bass). Rockband has 4: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange (Bass). Usually when you play the RB drums on Gh, you see the original 4 colors (You cant see bass till you hit it). But I saw 5. I couldn't hit the extra note because I didn't have an orange pad... PLEASE HELP

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Chiptune Guitar Synth Project

So ive recently thought of doing some chiptune music. But when it comes to doing all the programming on a Gameboy with Little Sound DJ, or making some song on Rymtik Retrobits on my 3DS, i feel like i could do better with an actual chiptune instrument. Ive looked in a few nooks and crannies of the interwebs and i have acquired some knowledge of homemade synths, but nothing i dont think i could actually use. I did find a neat link of a guy who made a Guitar Hero PS2 guitar controller thing, and the chord buttons were connected in series. The different chord buttons, when two or more are pressed, create different notes. There was also a whammy bar that made the chipnotes act like guitar notes with reverb. He also added an audio jack to connect it to a speaker or an amp. The one part im trying to figure out is how to make this instrument more of a synth than a one sound chiptune device. It might be possible to replace the "strum bar" thing on the GH controller with some additional buttons that make different kinds of 8-bit sounds while the whammy bar is used by the palm. The sketch ive made should shed some light on what im talking about. With all of that being said, is there anyone out there who could help me design a schematic or something that can help to make this thing better than what i could design by myself? I got the skills to build the instrument, but not the skills to design the electronics and circuits that go with it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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