Gum wrapper weaving.

I'm looking for instructions on how to weave gum wrappers into frames and purses. Similar to the chains. Prisoners use to make picture frames and purses therefore, at one time this was called prison art.

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Anyone know how to make chewing gum?

I was just on, and someone there asked that question. I commented on the post that surely if anyone knew how to make chewing gum, they'd be at

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My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor

Hey, I've tried all 5 Gum flavors and my favorite honestly is SOLSTICE. I like all the flavors but I want to complement on some: COBALT-Peppermint is an old school flavor (but delicious) RAIN-Most Spearmint Gums don't taste as good as RAIN (Probably my 2nd best) FLARE-I'm chewing it now and I give it my lowest rating LUSH-Very fruity but SOLSTICE is a better mint flavor ELIXIR-Strong smell but very fruity (but SOLSTICE has a better mint flavor) SOLSTICE-Favorite flavor because it goes from cool to hot mint. It's like two peppermints in one! ZING-Weird name. Just like COBALT, Bubble Gum is old school. But, ZING does taste good in the beginning, but when it wears off it has no taste Both REACT flavors are just peppermint and a combined fruit flavor. There's nothing really good about them. It's a regular flavor.

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How to "chew" a large amount chewing gum without actually chewing it

Hi, I want to chew a lot of chewing gum without actually doing the chewing myself (or inflicting that task on others) for an art project - can someone suggest how I could do this on a large scale? I don't know if I should put it in a blender, soak it or what? Also, I'm going to be making a half moulds which will be used to press the gum into, then I'll press the halves together. Is there a good way to harden the gum in a short amount of time? Would baking it work? Or does it need to be dehydrated? I have a dehydrator... Thanks for the advice.

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Any ideas as to what to do with sweet gum balls??? My sister's yard is full of them?

Any ideas as to what to do with sweet gum balls??? My sister's yard is full of them?

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Want gum wrapper baby booties

How to make gum wrapper (or candy wrappers) baby booties ? A friend of mine actually saw a pair of gum wrapper baby booties but lost contact with the maker. So I know they can be made. I hope someone out there can help. I will buy a pair if you have them or buy the plans to make them. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.    Thanks  Bob T. Contact at:

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What are the dimensions of the Altoid Gum tin?

I'm looking for the Length x Width x Height in inches. They have been discontinued and I'm trying to order up blank, empty tins from a supplier for an electronics workshop. I've been scouring the interwebs, but no luck...

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Can I make a mini tazer from those toy shocking gum? How? Answered

Question by Happehwalrus 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

will spirit gum glue styrofoam to skin?

I want to make some styrofoam bolts for my son to wear with his Frankenstein costume.  I want to glue them to his neck with spirit glue but don't know if it will work on styrofoam.  Does anybody know?  Thanks.

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how do i turn my prank shock gum into a mini taser?

I want to mod my prank gum so it zaps on contact, instead on having to pull the gum.

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How do I "un-gum" a gummed up assisted opening pocket knife? Answered

I own a Kershaw Ken Onion assisted opening knife.  The blade had been oiled by an over-zealous individual (me) to keep rust at bay.  Now, however, the assisted opening is sluggish.  I am wondering if I should use mineral spirits to break down the oil and then wash if thoroughly to get the assisted open to be smooth again.  I don't want to make it worse, though.  Any thoughts?

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what is the process used in making chewing gum?

Question by seaity7 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

What is your favorite flavor of 5 gum

Please vote on your favorite flavor of 5! : P

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Suggestions. Locking threads, and suggestion forum.

(I'm positive someone suggested this before) I think we should be able to lock our topics when we want people to be able to read the thread and the comments on it, and don't want people to post on it (for whatever reason, everyone's would be different I'm sure.) One reason I could think of someone asked a question (pre answers section) and someone answered their question, and they don't want people posting on it (for their own reasons). They could click the edit button, on the edit page, their could be another button that says, "Lock this thread." Click that button would lead to a page that said something like, "Are you sure you want to lock this topic?" If they clicked yes, it would be a locked. If they clicked no, it wouldn't be locked. If they ever change their minds, they could un-lock it the same way they locked it. (Click edit, press unlock, and click yes, unlock) Thanks.

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My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor Ratings

These are the ratings of the 5 Gum Flavors by my opinion. 1-SOLSTICE 2-RAIN 3-LUSH 4-ZING 5-REACT FRUIT 6-ELIXIR 7-REACT MINT 8-COBALT 9-FLARE

Topic by bwb12 8 years ago

Can you make a spudzooka with one piece of pipe? Answered

I only can afford one length.if I could afford more i would still make it look like one piece for realism

Question by ilike2make 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to make electric shock chewing gum works without pulling?

Hi, I'm doing a school project and i'm going to put this electric shock chewing gum i purchased inside this box and people are supposed to put their hand through the hole and get a harmless electric shock. How can i do so without instructing them to pull?so that once they touch they will get the electric shock.i thought of bug zapper but it is too big to place in the box.please help,greatly appreciated.

Question by xiano 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Electric shocker? Answered

Does anybody know where an instructable is that shows you how to make a device that shocks people. No badly, the kind of shock when a friend offers you bubble gum. When you pull at the gum it shocks you. ?????

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use a pin from instructables

There's a pin of a gumball machine that was used for 'how to make chewing gum'. I'd like to use it for a community poster I'm designing. How can i contact the source?

Question by Jenny Armour 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

can someone help me?

Can someone help me... i was wonderin while making stars.. i saw a video when ppl was making them an for red stars they used red gum and for blue stars they used red gum an parlon or pvc... now  their both used for a binder and fuel but parlon is also used for enhancing colors so couldn u jus give away wit the red gum an use parlon for both?

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Does anyone know how to make a gumball machine that takes money?

I want to make a really cheap gumball machine that takes, say a nickel for small pieces of chewing gum, like the ones in a packet at walmart.  Either that, or does anyone know where to buy one?

Question by grooooovy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

When I brush my teeth a lot of blood come out of my gum, How do I solve this problem?

My gum is swollen, red and bleed easily recently.  Anyone can help? 

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2 Instructables need to be removed, but can't.

 My 2 instructables I have, I wish to delete them, but it says they are in a contest. Can anyone delete them so I can add some new, better worth-the-time ones? P.S.; I wish to remove them because they suck eggs.

Topic by Atomman 9 years ago

Diy soldering flux

Quick question regarding diy soldering flux can i use gum rosin to make the flux

Question by nikko_47 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Great idea for fridge magnets remake

Well, i think there alot of boring magnets out there, you get those ones with an attempt to be funny, or pictures from peoples holidays, well.Here is where the action is, 'Stuck Up Magnet Set:These chewy little fridge magnets are dead-ringers for the real thing except theres a high-power magnet molded right inside each piece. Four assorted flavors - bubble gum, spearmint, peppermint, and fruit-flavor. Includes four wads of "gum."Screwed Up Magnet Set:Sick and tired of losing all those little notes you write to yourself? You could bolt them to the fridge. Better yet, just try our new trompe loeil Screwed Up magnets - they won’t leave a mark!I think they would make a great present, and the chewing gum one would be a really easy one to make at home!Chewing Gum and ScrewsviaRGS

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How do I remove an Instructable from a Contest?

I want to remove my Gum and TicTac holder, but I can't figure out.

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How to make money as a teenager (middleschool), not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping?

I want to know how to make quick cash and money. Not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping. There's already too much highshoolers and paid services. And if i try to sell at school, what would i sell, not just gum and school supplies, almost everyone carries gum. I was thinking puppy chow but would it be enough profit. Also not just online money making. Last thing don't give me a link to the guide by =SMART= i've read it but i need other ways.

Question by flashanimator 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Cannot Remove my Tic Tac Ible...

I can't seem to remove my Tic Tac & Bubble Gum Instructable. It says: ERROR: Not able to remove as it is entered in a contest. What do I do?

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Creating Polish/Different Recipes

Hello Everyone...I would like to introduce a forum for leather polishes. Please send in any recipes, ideas or ingredients that you deem worthy for polishes.

Topic by dfunct 5 years ago

The indestructable bike lock! ...Idea

The indestructable bike lock: the forum topic that was posted undeniably just to annoy the future patenters!So I had this weird idea for a product come out of nowhere. Y'know how aluminum is supposed to make cutting wheels on an angle grinder gum up, stick, and shatter - when trying to cut it, that is? I was wondering, what if a company engineered a special type of aluminum alloy or a similar material that would do just that: gum up abrasive cutting wheels and make them stick/bind and shatter. Then like with layers of plywood, it would be sandwiched together with hardened steel, in the shape of a U-lock bike lock, making it: Impossible to cut through with a hacksaw, reciprocating saw, TCT bladed portaband , because it's hardened and would wreck the teeth. Impossible to cut through with an angle grinder or rotary tool with an abrasive wheel because the aluminum would gum it up. Impossible to cut through it with bolt cutters - obviously... Impossible to freeze it with freezing gas? I don't know. I heard that's what thieves do. Maybe that aluminum alloy would be a super-insulator and wouldn't allow the hardened steel layer to freeze and become more brittle?I think it might just be invincible until the portable cordless battery powered waterjet is invented!Thoughts?

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Human Rights Organisation wants a new type of cameras

Hi there, I am representing a human rights organisation that uses hidden cameras to collect footage of abuses. We have used a number of standard cameras over the years such as "Gum Cameras" like these ones ( the quality and reliability of these is not great. We are looking to find someone who can design us a camera with the following: -HD camera recording -Good sound recording -Removable SD card storage -Over 60 minutes of battery recording and filming - at a minimum -Easy to use -Reliable -Easily charged and accessed using a USB -(Ideally) good in low light -(Ideally) holds it's the correct time stamp -Approximately the same size as the standard gum camera - or even smaller/more concealable We would probably looking to buy a minimum of 50 cameras to start with. Ideal cost per camera is up to $40-50 dollars.

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what can i use candy wrappers for? Answered

I have a ton of acandy wrappers but dont know what to use them for a got starburst wrappers, dum dum lollipop sticks and wrappers,dots boxes, tootsie roll wrapper, paper gum wrappers, and alot of other wrappers any idea what i could use them for? thanks

Question by fishermanfo 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

please help.

I need help making an airsoft gun silencer.the last one i tried was a disassembled mentos gum somehow screwed up my r34 stinger rifle,and now it will only shoot five feet without the silencer.i really liked how it looked,but i dont want it to mess up another gun.(electrical tape was put around mentos cannister.)

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School entrepreneurs day need some help?

Hi guys need some help, brother has to do something for entrepreneurs day for school. The rules are no chewing gum, fireworks, weapons or live animals. Ten items to be sold on this day, ideas must be original and exciting any ideas? P.S. Last year he won, he came up with the idea of being a doctor and sold sweets that looked like items a doctor uses.

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knex ideas

Here are some ideas that you can use if you give credit to me. NOTE: use the honor system, if you really did get these ideas by yourself then fine but be honest. Also if anyone wants to start one of these projects with me then send me a pm. lawn mower--------------i already tried but i failed cause i'm not good with gears :( full sized fan--------------same not good with gears rubix cube-----------------may not be possible mask skateboard TIME MACHINE (jk, but you could try) dog tennis ball thrower----------my dog is awesome backpack boat trimmer door basketball hoop scooter gun with gears like an airsoft one glasses (i think this is already done) picture frame jet skii elevator gum ball machine with tracks for the gum ball (like ball machines) full sized bike flamethrower (might need to use other stuff like FIRE YEAH I LOVE FIRE) hat bb easy loader for airsoft guns blowback gun There you are!

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Making pointy cone-shaped nipple!

Hi all! New to the board... So I am going to be fire for Halloween to complement my boyfriend's firefighter costume. I will be wearing a lot of body paint, a shelf bra, a skirt, and I will be making cone-shaped Madonna-style nipple covers (maybe I will make them horn/flame shaped I havent decided), that will point upward. I will paint flames on them that will continue on to the rest of my chest in body paint. I need your help in deciding how to make these pointy nipple pieces. I think they will be about 2 inches in diameter and be about 5 inches long. I was thinking of making them out of Polymer Clay and attaching them with Spirit Gum. They will be painted with acrylic. I am not sure if this is the best option or if spirit gum will even hold them in place. Is there a gooey-er adhesive I could use and a different material to make the cones? I am also hoping to make 3-5 smaller cones to paint flames on and attach to my arms. Any ideas? Thanks!! I appreciate all the feedback.

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Can we join two metal surfaces of Stainless Steel & Mild Steel without welding them?

My question is that is there any gum/paste/glue to fix the both the joints. My application is that we want to join the Mild Steel enclosure with Stainless Steel Flange without any gap between the two joining surfaces. Our thickness of the metal is the Mild steel is of 1.2 mm thickness & 1.5 mm of Stainless steel. Pls suggest your valid answers.

Question by Gopi2012 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to make a Harry Potter lighting scar? Answered

A grandson will go as Harry Potter. I would like to make a scar to spirit gum to his forehead. As a kicker I plan to put an smd LED under the appliance. Powered by a flat cell in the hair and fine magnet wire for conductors. So far I was planing to use a glue gun to form the scar on a tin can for simulated forehead curved shape.. Any suggestions on a better material or kit will be greatly appreciated !

Question by iceng 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Writing an Instructable based on another Instructable - What's acceptable? Unacceptable?

If I learn to do something from someone else's Instructable, can I then write a more detailed/expanded Instructable about it? Hypothetical (and rather silly) example: Suppose that John Q. Ible is the author of an Instructable on "How To Make the World's Greatest Widget Out of Dryer Lint and Gum Wrappers." I read it, get enthused, and make a couple World's Greatest Widgets for myself. Although John's Instructable is pretty good, I find myself wishing that he'd had a few more steps detailing just how to combine the lint with the wrappers, that he'd said more about how adding toothpicks can make the W's Greatest W even Greater, and that he'd included a warning about walking and chewing gum at the same time (I escaped serious injury, but still... ). Is it okay to write my own Instructable with all the stuff I wish John's Instructable had included? Should I credit John in the Intro? Do I need to PM him with an offer to collaborate on the expanded Instructable? I'd be adding new, original material; but the whole thing would be based on John's idea & method - what's the etiquette on this sort of thing?

Topic by Gorfram 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

What do you spend $2 on?

So what with all the fuss about paying less than $2 a month for pro, it really is a fair question - what's something else you spend less than two dollars on? What incidentals (coffee, music, gum, those purple fuzzy socks...) do you drop $2 or more on every month? Every week? Every day? I know people who spend more than $1.95 on their morning coffee.

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Don't Get Around Much Anymore, or, Were the Heck Nova's Been

Hey folks, I've been rather absent during this amzin step in Ibles history, and I apologize. Currently I'm moving to some land a lil' ways out, and with other responsibilities in tow, I've not had the time to be flappin' my gums about here as I normally do. All should be fine by about mid August. At that time I'll be havin some pretty sweet projects, mostly in the Ride category, to be a postin' FILL ME IN THEN. Nova

Topic by KentsOkay 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Coil Gun / Grappling Hook.

Hey Everyone!  I am kind of an amatuer prop designer and I've recently been taken with pocket sized coil guns. My question is quite simple: I would like to know what disposable camera (brand) contains an LED indicator that flashes/turns on when the capacitor is fully charged? I've seen one such disposable camera used in this post: I would love to know the exact brand or alternatives.  I would really appreciate any and all help and would love to post the resulting product. 

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My Costume Picture Entry

So I was hanging out with some buddies of mine in my spartan costume...betcha can't guess which one is me. My costume consists of: Helmet - Cardboard shape, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Bicycle helmey pads inside. Shield - Cut plywood, with a cardboard lambda, covered in bondo and spraypainted. Polyester straps are riveted/gorilla glued on the back. Cape - Scarlet cotton fabric with polyester straps to keep it from choking me. Beard/abs - Mom's eyebrow pencil...If you have experience with spirit gum, use that and fake hair, unfortunately, it didn't cooperate with me. Pantalones - If you're feeling frisky, wear a speedo, if not, brown shorts are acceptable

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Toys and things you have sitting on your desk/PC

Does anybody here have toys or other funny things sitting on their computer desk or PC?I have a little Master Chief figurine that my friend gave me, it came with a Halo 3 Xbox 360 controller. He has a bubble gum wrapper for a cape. I call him Bubble Chief.The other one I have is a papercraft model of Mister Chief. Click here for a funny comic type thing involving him.Instructables has applied some nasty compression to these pictures, so here's links to both on Flickr.Bubble ChiefMister Chief

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Inofficial McGyver Contest

After winning 2 1-year Pro Memberships on Instructables, I have a 3-month Pro Membership left. So I decided to spend it for an inofficial contest. I am proud to announce the first Inofficial McGyver Contest! Win a 3-month Pro Membership on Instructables with your awsome idea. Take a paperclip, a piece of fishing line, chewing gum and tape and build something awesome. Post your Photo-, Step-By-Step- or Video-Instructable until June 27th and tag it with IMGC, send me a message with the link and problaby win a 3 month Pro Membership on Instructables. Lets have some fun, Mischka

Topic by mischka 7 years ago

Make a 9V powered zapper? Answered

My friend has this thing that looks like a pack of gum and when you grab and pull the piece sticking out it shocks you, it isn't really that powerful, but I want to make a better one.  I opened it up and it is a fairly simple device.  It has three button cell batteries with the negative side attached to a contact plate and the positive attached to the capacitor.  The capacitor has the neg attached to the same plate as the batteries negative.  The only problem is that the positive plate is attached to a third prong on the capacitor.  Why would a capacitor have three?  I have tried charging a 220 uf cap. with a 9v battery, but it doesn't deliver any shock even though it should be higher voltage and capacitance than the original device. 

Question by 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

lawn mower wont run

Hi I have a Huskquavarna lawn mower I bought for $25 last year. The gas tank and carb were completely gummed up. I cleaned up the gas tank and rebuilt the carb and it ran fine all last summer, So this year I haul it out and put some gas in it won't run! The gas I put in it is kind of old but that never stopped it in the past. I know it has a good spark as when I spray a little carb cleaner in it fires right up,, until the "fuel" carb cleaner is used up. I cleaned up the carb (took it apart, blew it out, and cleaned it still it just5 wont suck the gas or what? Any suggestions?

Topic by JohnOPerry 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Megaliciouz Christmas Challenge: Candy

Have you ever made candy so good, that you want the whole world to know about it? Well, now's your chance! Hello, i'm Megaliciouz here with my first ever, non-official challenge! I bet you could already guess what the challenge was about. CANDY! HOW TO ENTER: Just make an instructable with a recipe for candy on it, and make one of the keywords "Megacandy". WHAT ARE THE PRIZES?:'s a surprise! WHAT'S THE DEADLINE?: December 24, 2011 at 11:59 EST Remember, you can make any kind of candy! Peanut, chocolate, fruit, gum, lollipop, anything you can think off that can be categorized as CANDY! GOod Luck to you all, and have a merry christmas!

Topic by GummiBear 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Tips on Welding

This is s a general forum for people to post questions and tips they have found over the time they've spent welding My question/tip is this - I recently had to weld two pieces of oddly shaped steel together. Placement and alignment was important for me but the shapes of the steel pieces made clamping them together a bit of a mission. My solution was to position and hold the pieces of steel using prestik (probably the south african equivalent of U.S. bluetack - maybe chewing gum could work) and then the steel pieces didn't move while I tacked them in place. My question is obviously whether this is a questionable practice because of fumes (I didn't notice any) or weakening of the weld from the prestik inclusion (it seems to be holding quite nicely though and the piece is now the switch activator for a press strip feeder. If you can't think of any problems then its a tip

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Pain is a learning curve

Ok, I just made some hot chocolate, the usual 90 seconds in a microwave, narrow mug, powder and soy milk with a sprinkle of nutmeg..... drank it felt no different......but it appears that apparently it was too hot without me even realising it, and I should know because I drink hot chocolate with a spoon. My lips, roof of my mouth, gums and tounge are swelling sore and blistering. Great! Do you know what the best cure is? Whiskey, I'm sat in the living room drinking whiskey to cool the burns in my mouth, it doesnt hurt so much now but my god my lips are swelling like a mongoose fish. Who needs botocs? I have alot of food allergies too which doesn't help. Do any of you guys have food allergies and how do you cope with them, tips appreciated :)

Topic by Zion_Sphere 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago