Want a new home!

I am seeking a good rental place to buy in Brampton, Ontario Canada. I think it is a good business to rent out your property and collect money for your further needs.  Any idea or suggestion will be appreciated. 

Posted by Brice11 4 years ago

Home Security

I'm planning on setting up a simple home security system for my home. I was thinking of using Wireless IP webcams, placed in strategic locations, monitored by software with a motion sensing function. I would tweak the sensitivity and add null zones as needed. I would probably only use two or three cameras to start out, and have the software save ten or twenty seconds of video when the motion sensor was triggered. EASY. Once I have the motion sensing bugs worked out, I'd like for the software to email/text message me. I think most of the security programs for webcams out there can do this. I've had good experiences with one program that also let you run an image server so you can view current images through the internet. The TRICKY part is how I would like to set up the network of wireless IP webcams. What I was hoping to do is have one machine that was dedicated to running the cameras. My goal was to use my two wireless routers so that I could have two seperate networks, one for the cameras, and one for all the other devices (laptops, desktops, game systems, printers). My question is, do I connect the router for the cameras to the computer that will run the security software, or do I plug that router into the router for the other devices? I've never worked with two of these small LinkSYS routers at the same time, so I'm not sure if I should be trying to create some sort of network bridge, or if I would maybe connect the camera router and camera computer via the WAN port of the router, since all of the camera images would be displayed on a image/web server running on that computer, accessed from the internet via the other router. Also, I've never worked with wireless IP webcams, so if there is any sort of quirck that I should know about that your average instructables user couldn't figure out, any help or advice with that would be much appreciated as well. Thanx Tony P.S. Eventually, I'd like to add in a strobe that would blink and a siren that would sound for a short time. I think I could figure this part out with "Pico Servers" and some relays.

Posted by NozeDive 9 years ago

how to live in peace?

Asked by zking2 6 years ago

how to make a cardboard house?

The instructions and steps(pics and writings

Asked by sporty87304 8 years ago

how to make a bathroom cupboard under the washbasin?

Measurements are as follows height 31inches width 34inches depth 17 inches. instructions on how to cut the top peice of wood to fit around the basin would be most helpful

Asked by 9 years ago

How can you cool the roof tiles during summer?.

It is made of clay and concrete beneath the roof tile. Is pouring water the only way?.I need your suggestions

Asked by Nr-Think different 5 years ago

how to build an air dehumidifier?

Hi, I want to build an air dehumidifier device from recyclable materials (plastic bottle, plastic materials, etc.).  http://www.safilar.ro/Brand.aspx?pc=Humydry I bought the Humydry refill and now I must to build the device...

Asked by lexart 7 years ago

I would like to make a thorn covered surface to repell small rodents from traversing it - any ideas?

Nothing seems to deter squirrels, but I noticed they can be kept somewhat at bay with thorns from blackberrys or rose bushes. but as the canes dry the thorns fall off and they can be moved out of the way

Asked by 9 years ago

how to reapir a monitor lcd type dell m170eg01?

The lcd dell monitor model m170eg01 turns on and off, it seems like if is going to work then it will not and so on . what would you suggest me to do replace the bunch of condensors i have 4 of 330uf*35v also 3 of 47uf*50v also i have 1 of 10uf*50v as well also 2 of 470uf*16v and finally i have 2 of 680uf*16 volts these are for the primary side of the power lsupply and for the secondary side as well. i am guessing the problem is in one of these caps. i do not have a meter to measure capacitance there is no way to find out which one is not working properlly what do you sthink. or wlhich other approach should i take.

Asked by nelsoncastillop 8 years ago

Hamsters home

I'm sure many people have hamsters and did a lot of houses like in photoset below.

Posted by ivan.veretelnyk 10 years ago

Remove Vinyl Flooring

What's the best way of removing vinyl flooring to put tile down? Namely, the glue? Any chemical removers?

Posted by DELETED_Phill 8 years ago

How do I delete a channel -- organizing -- and maybe its category -- home? Answered

How do I delete a channel and/or category? I chose a channel that ended up jamming my feed so badly that it's hard to get to the items I do want. Please help me get rid of it.

Asked by janetbrauns 2 years ago

Creatively using this space

Any ideas on how to use the space creatively. The open space is between the drawing room and the living room. In the pictures below I have captured this space from different angles just to give you some perspective. At this point I don't have the actual dimension of the space but can provide if required.

Posted by ramhardikar 8 years ago

Why DC current is not used in Homes? Answered

Why DC current is not used in Homes as it is more safer than AC current.

Asked by Dipankar 6 years ago

Home Automation Instructables!

Home automation is the reserve of those with actual money. How about some instructables that do home tasks for you, maybe a doorbell-to-USB hack, or others? what are your ideas? Paradox Detected.

Posted by paradoxdetected 8 years ago

Home Storage Solutions?

Need storage solutions for small apartments, everything kitchen ideas to bedroom and laundry storage. Simple and effective ideas

Asked by fingrd 8 years ago

WIFI alert system for an existing hardwired home alarm system?

Is there a device that would connect to my existing home alarm system and alert me via text or call that an alarm has occurred? Thanks.

Asked by ecaj 2 years ago

New home page design is irritating

It is very irritating to be looking at anything on the home page and have the page jump back upward every time the pictures at the top switch from one to another.  It makes it difficult to browse through the recent submissions or anything at the bottom of the page.

Posted by Babydanner 5 years ago

Home page adjusted

Well, the last home page change wasn't quite as successful as we'd hoped.  We heard people saying that they didn't like the moving pictures, and wanted the titles visible, without having to hover.  So I've just pushed out some modifications that change those things.  We hope the current version is better!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Is there any way to encourage banks/lenders to make a loan on a foreclosure/bank owned home? or a home that needs work?

My wife had good credit when she married me, I've always had marginal/poor credit, but see that there are dozens of homes that could use some work in our town, and for really cheap ($20k-$40k). I would certainly do a lot of the work myself, but don't know how that would affect said lender's opinion.

Asked by fireguard 9 years ago

dual router network?

Asked by mecheng83 8 years ago

New look, new home page

Just pushed out a newly skinned site.  The layouts are a bit cleaner and nicer (and there's another Robot hiding in the footer!).  In the continuing search to surface the best projects and make them as easy as possible to find, we've also redesigned the home page a bit, including adding a Project of the Day.  There's also a note from the Editors, which we'll update frequently as updates occur! Several bugfixes are out as well, most importantly the fixes for comments with images, and the Paypal button which sometimes was not pushable in Firefox.

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

can't get to home page

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Posted by c3j1r0 10 years ago

Home Made AC for building/Workshop

I was curious   what   if  i  put a 16 cubic ft. chest  freezer in  my  small work  building   and  filled  75 % fullof  water . once frozen i  could  install and  4 inch pvc pipe in  one side  and  then another in the opposite  side.  On days i would  be working in my shop  for   a few  hours   if i pushed air  through  the   pipe  and  recieved  cold  air  out the other side.   Wonder how long  this would work  or would  it  work  at all? Andy

Asked by andy1917 6 years ago

how do I get a 10 day off

It is in the army

Asked by Helzacat 8 years ago

How do I trace a home electric circuit from the breaker to its terminus??

Just moved into a 60's home.  The electrical system has some "unique" aspects.  Everything works and the building inspector didn't find any glitches but the main panel wasn't labeled.  I spent a day tracing out most of the circuits.  I ended up with two 110V circuits that don't seem to power anything in the house.  ( hey that is better than the 3 110V and 2 240V unknown circuits that i started out with! )  I have accounted for things like outside lights and outlets, attic fan and lights, extra outlets in the garage, and a line out to a shed.   The breakers are wired and "on".     So can I trace these circuits from the main panel to where ever they end up?

Asked by Al C 3 years ago

Wiring, DSC PC1832 security system at home, how?

Http://www.nlcpr.com/images/PC1832_lr.jpg Hey, hope somebody can help me to getting this thing work properly, im not sure how to connect the keypad, smoke and move detectors... i got 3 zones to move detectors(means that in one floor i got all detectors joint on one wire, and now, where on that board i put red and black(+12 and -) yellow and blue(NO and C) That picture is not my taken, found it on inthernet. Thanks for any help:) Sorry for my bad english.

Posted by blackrock112 8 years ago

how do i replace a faucet?

I have a leaking faucet and would like to replace it.

Asked by 9 years ago

How to separate shredded aluminum and plastic at home?

I have a large amount of shredded aluminum heavily inter-mixed with shredded plastic and cardboard. I want to find a way to separate the aluminum from the other debris, so I can recycle the aluminum. Wanting to do this in my backyard to make a little extra cash for my kids.

Asked by fire1971 6 years ago

how to attach electrical box to lolly column? Answered

Is there a clamp, bracket, etc that I can buy or make to facilitate the attachment of an electrical box to the lolly column in my basement?

Asked by dagdon 8 years ago



Asked by Vera Miles 9 years ago

What about sidewalk planting,should symmetry play a factor?

I am planning to plant beside my sidewalk,one side is sun,the other part shade,how to choose the correct edging plants,and what about symmetry?

Asked by cathycarr 9 years ago

Cool Art from Everyday Objects

There's a million sites dedicated to this, but this collection of pictures is pretty cool. The site has a lot of other cool collections! Check it out!Dark Roasted Blend: Cool Art from Everyday Objects

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

How do i take a outside garden that has gone wild and make it ready for next spring?

 with none of the weeds, grass, Creeper, evergreen shoots currently inhabiting the space, but still have the soil fertile for new (prettier) inhabitants?

Asked by corjin 8 years ago

how to tell if vidio card is failing?

My dell 8200 series pc is having problems with i belive the Nvidio geoforce 3 card. or its drivers, i have tryed reinstalling the drivers but when i try to set it to 32bit colors it goes haywire on the display.

Asked by TOMYKA1951 9 years ago

Step by step instructions on how to control electronics through the ports on my computer.

I would like to learn how to control electronics (lights radio) through the ports (Serial or CAT5) in my computer. I need software and hardware help. I do not want to use the X10s I want to get into the nity gritty. THanks

Asked by mutlyp 9 years ago

Has anyone used underground piping before to cool a house?

I bought a 110 Victorian home in Middle Georgia and was studying about installing underground piping to help cool the house. Has anyone experimented with 5 inch PVC before underground to cool with? I took a study of temps in the house, attic and crawl-space to see if I pulled air from the crawl space, I could use that cool air to help circulate in the house to assist cooling. I found that the crawl-space was actually as close to the outside temp. It wouldn't help. I then studied using piping to put under ground about 3 feet and use a to-and-from push fans then tie it into the fan-only central heat and air system. I then wonderered if I would cause a positive preasure issue. I haven't tested it yet, but I think the ground temp is about 68 degrees constant if you go at least 3 feet deep! Any comments?

Asked by opc167 8 years ago

The use of gas generators in the home.

Available pluses home gas generators: * Rate per se gas generator compared with the price affordable euro GASOLINE. * The price of fuel is lower than that of the generator on diesel or gasoline. Available Cons: * Gas ​​is considered the most volatile than diesel or gasoline. * Appeal from the gas and the installation of equipment for gas processing requests for special and separate permission. Our legislation prohibited the installation of systems and gas processing equipment in the absence of a suitable plan or agreement. * Most of all, on our market, there are gas generators made in China. * Gas ​​generators are made on the basis of a gasoline engine, the method of adjustment of fuel injection system and fuel carburation. In accordance with this resource from the generator corresponds to the resource gasoline engine. * Later, the acquisition of the gas generator of small capacity, the buyer is faced with a specific limitation on work: a maximum of 6 hours per day. The resource identified by the manufacturers of gas generators, with the first glance quite broad. However, do not understand the root cause of its increase. On average, the share of gasoline engine, out of which gas engines, floats in the range up to 2000 HOURS. This common resource for the euro generator. Imagine the Chinese gasoline engine, the resource is constant. Next, suppose that the resource oposlya changing gasoline engine to natural gas will not decrease. (Our real change of cars with fuel gas indicates a reduction of the resource engine, which originally was made for 1-octane gasoline, well, and subsequently applied for another). 1 of firms offering gas generators, a guarantee in 2000, machine hours, or one year, although with the limitation, at least 6 hours per day. The appointment of such a generator is not clear. As a source of constant power, he will not do, as backup - as well as the first blackout since most 6 hours (which happens often) determines the total loss of warranty. It is reasonable to imagine that the buyer, which turned off the light of day, will not sits all day in the absence of light, zhdya coming the next day. In general, in fact, a similar limitation on the work looks pretty amazing: It seems as clear that the miniature generator with cooling air is not able to operate around the clock. While that still causes inconvenience to cool the generator, for example, for 1 hour, and then resume his work? In solid power installed thermal disconnector, which simply will not allow too much power to warm up, and therefore, the decision on mode of operation.

Posted by saylar 7 years ago