I just answered this question in a personal message, but it's only fair to make the information public: We will be having a Halloween contest this year. Full details will be announced in a few weeks.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

What are u going to be for Halloween

What are u going to be for Halloween.

Posted by Fin the human 2 years ago

Are these Halloween giveaways useful for you?

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you prepared well for this scary holiday? I just found these wonderful halloween giveaways online. Hope that they would help you have a better Halloween holiday. No trick, just treat! :D Halloween costume giveaway: http://www.kidzworld.com/contests/halloween-costumes Halloween food giveaway: http://www.2wired2tired.com/kraft-foods-halloween-prize-pack-giveaway Halloween digital software giveaway: http://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/giveaway.htm

Posted by DELETED_Davidit 4 years ago

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Its Halloween! YAY! Go get lots of candy!

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

Halloween Props

What do you think the best Halloween props? I know everyone has different tastes but I just generally want to know what you all think.

Posted by YaroslavD 2 years ago

Halloween Post Card

Does Eric still send out Halloween Post Cards? I miss those.

Posted by Yerboogieman 1 year ago

Halloween challenges 2011

Looks like the judging period has been extended for the Halloween challenges.  Must be a tight race this year.

Posted by The Papier Boy 6 years ago

Halloween 2010

Hey, you shouldn't be reading this now! It's Halloween, go out and have some fun!

Posted by zascecs 7 years ago


Ok guys Halloween is coming up so we need some good halloween pranks! im dressing up as a kkk member this year lol! post some good stuff if you find it!

Posted by Zach Sanders 9 years ago

Halloween Props

Hi I need to get motion sensors to stop working in store bought Halloween props and have it run all the time its turned on? Can anyone Help Please???

Posted by TotalTnT 10 years ago

Congrats to all the Halloween contest winners

Congrats to all the 08 Halloween winners, I look forward to making alot of your stuff for next year's party.

Posted by cainunable 9 years ago

Unable to enter instructable into the halloween photo contest

I'm trying to enter my latest instructable into the Halloween photo contest but am unable to submit it.  Can anyone help?

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 5 years ago

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 Our annual Halloween Contest may be half a year away, but we're so excited we wanted to start the conversation about it now! As with previous years, this contest is open to Instructables posted from November 12, 2013 onwards is eligible. So you can post your scary creations right now and be eligible when the Halloween Contest goes live September 12, 2014. The categories this year are: costumes, props, decorations, and food. We want to be blown away by your creepy creativity! To help get those juices flowing, here's some outstanding content from previous years. Winning costume from 2013: Killer Predator Costume Winning decoration from 2012: Giant Tentacle Monster Want more insight? Here's links to previous years Halloween Contests to get your brain juices flowing: Halloween 2013 Costumes Halloween 2013 Decorations Halloween 2013 Food Halloween 2012 Props Halloween 2012 Decorations Halloween 2011 Halloween 2010 Halloween 2009 Got prize ideas? We want to hear them! We're hoping to make this Halloween Contest even bigger than last year, with mega prizes in each of the categories (costumes, props, decorations, and food). Share your ideas in the comments below!

Posted by mikeasaurus 4 years ago

When I uploaded my Halloween slideshow, it does not give me an option for "Halloween" in the Catagory section?

How do you change the Catagory of an already uploaded instructable? When I uploaded my Halloween Slideshow for the contest, I could not see "Halloween" as a catagory option. I ended up choosing "Play" since it was the closest catagory.

Asked by nalaqueenofthejungle 7 years ago

Halloween Costumes

I need to make a costume for Halloween. I need to make a costume from scratch (or not) that will end up as Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Any suggestions or advice or help?

Posted by blinkyblinky 6 years ago

Halloween Contest

Our favorite holiday of the year is coming up! That's right, Halloween is just around the corner and we can hardly wait. Of course, we'll also be having a Halloween Contest to celebrate. We'll be announcing the details and prizes soon, but don't feel the need to hold back on posting any great Halloween-themed Instructable. Any Instructable that has been posted since the end of the last Halloween contest can be entered. That's Nov. 10, 2008 or later.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Halloween Pinboard

Need a cheap and simple idea to decorate your home for halloween? I just swapped all photos on my pinboard with horror related ones. I just got them from Google Image Search and printed it in a photo shop. If you like, you could also have a look at my other halloween projects (see my profile). ;-) Spooky Halloween! Mischka

Posted by mischka 6 years ago

Halloween Contest Entries on YouTube Group 1

You can enter your youtube videos in the DIY Halloween Contest. Just add them to the DIY Halloween Contest Group. Here are some of the videos that we have received so far.Pumpkin Carving Robot DIYHalloween Toy Soldier Halloween Haunt 2006 Final Look

Posted by noahw 10 years ago

Halloween Contest?

I uploaded images into Flickr and a video into the You Tube group and none of my entries are in the conest. What gives?

Posted by staramaze 9 years ago

Instructables Halloween Party: What are you going as?

Heres my sweet costume, what are you going to be?

Posted by numberandom 10 years ago

What was your best halloween costume of all time?

Waht was your best halloween costume of all time? I'll start. I was a marshmallow one year.

Posted by thefonz101 9 years ago

Annoying Halloween Newsletters

Hi! Here in my country we do not mind about the halloween, so I think this kind of e-mail is a little boring (at least to people in other countries that don't celebrate the halloween). I'm really getting annoyed with these "halloween newsletters" every day at my inbox. I already searched how to unsubscribe from this especific newsletter but unfortunately without sucess. Thank you!

Posted by BlitzKriegBR 4 years ago

Outdoor Halloween MP3 Motion Speaker

Does anyone know where I can find an easy DIY MP3 Motion Speaker for Halloween instruction kit? Or find a cheap loud speaker at stores?

Posted by dmurillo3 3 years ago

Halloween contest 2008 my items not showing up

I signed up for the DYI Halloween contest through Etsy and flickr way back and my stuff is not showing up. What's the deal?

Posted by simplysavy 9 years ago

Where did the Halloween contest-food go?

I just visited "contests"-"all contests". I didn't find Halloween food contest anywhere. I'm wondering what happened to it. Or is there a problem with the website?

Posted by babybayrs 4 years ago

Minecraft Halloween Pumpkin Zombie?

I was playing Minecraft today, and I saw a zombie with a pumpkin on its head. I have never seen this before today. Did Mojang make some kind of Halloween Update?

Posted by ~KnexBuild~ 4 years ago

Halloween Costume HELP

My friend and I (girls) are seniors in high school. Only seniors can dress up for halloween, so our costume has to be good, only we don't have ideas. Creative and original please. Any ideas?

Asked by aggie2 8 years ago

does any one know some scary games for a halloween party? Answered

I am hopefully having a halloween party this year and i really need some games to play. I need them to be scary things.

Asked by jonnybo111 6 years ago

Cannot enter my instructible for the Halloween Decoration Contest

I am not seeing the Halloween Contest for decorations when I access my current instructible Emalene. The only contest that displays is the Halloween Photo Contest which is not applicable to my instructible. Even if I edit and choose contest to enter, only the Halloween Photo is available.

Posted by witchninni 6 years ago

RadioShack's Halloween Great Create Challenge

RadioShack is also getting into the Halloween spirit with its own contest, the Halloween Great Create Challenge. Build something scary for Halloween with RadioShack parts and take some photos or video and you can enter. Winners get a $250 gift certificate. So are you planning on making something cool with electronics for the Instructables Halloween Contest? Why not enter both! You could always use more parts for more projects, right? To enter, submit your entry here by Oct. 31

Posted by fungus amungus 5 years ago

Halloween Contest goes live today

That's right, the contest details will be announced today. Prizes and categories and all that fun.Stay tuned.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Any suggestions for being a hobo for Halloween? Answered

My friends and I are all going to be hobos for Halloween. I need some suggestions for the outfit. ( I already am using my lil' sistas play shopping cart )

Asked by happyjo 7 years ago

Bug: Halloween contest 2017 in the archives

For the ones that cannot find the Halloween contest 2017, you can find it in the archives, in November 2016. I guess it is a bug? Or just follow this link: https://www.instructables.com/contest/halloween2017/

Posted by Matlek 10 months ago

halloween photo contest

I made this costume for hallloween

Posted by Lise1 10 years ago

Unable to enter Halloween contest

I'm trying to enter a Halloween contest that expires on November 7'th, tomorrow, but I get an error that says "Sorry you are not eligible, it may have been published before the contest entry date." Can you help out with this? I've attached the pictures of what is happening...

Posted by vonthab 5 years ago

Thanks for halloween 2010!

Hello out there! I just wanted to say thank you all that are posting all the great things you do. And in some cases just for images laying around, they have given me alots of fun. This is how I turned out halloween 2010 and it turned out to be a great halloween for me with alots of fun. So keep it up everybody. Thanks you!

Posted by Suizezem 7 years ago

Halloween Paint and Draw it Contest-- why aren't winners posted yet?

I was wondering why the winners of the Halloween Paint and Draw it Contest have not been posted yet.  The contest ended almost 13 days ago?

Posted by lovinoli 5 years ago

Has this site ever had a Halloween Contest?

I am a MAJOR Halloween fanatic and I was wondering if Instructables has ever held a Halloween contest. If so, what are the rules and conditions? What are the subcategories that will be allowed (ie, masks, costumes, props, etc.)?

Asked by javajunkie1976 7 years ago


Halloween is tomorrow and I'm really curious about what everyone is going to be. I'm going to be a zombie bride. :D Leave a comment and tell me what your going to be!

Posted by rrkrose 5 years ago

Halloween contest

Here is my front yard that I do every year for Halloween. I use a variety of techniques, mostly Rigid Foam Insulation that is glued and carved for the tombstones and columns.

Posted by mkoorie 11 years ago

A little confused about the Halloween Contest

I was reading the Halloween Contest rules and it said that instructables posted before the contest start dates are not eligible but there are a ton of entries that were posted a few months ago. So I was wondering did the rules change or what?

Posted by rrkrose 5 years ago

making a philiies phanatic costume for Halloween any suggestions how to make a functional nose?

I am in the process of making a phillies phanatic costume for halloween. I want it to be just like the real one with a functional nose that goes in and out . any suggestions?

Asked by seanpbell 6 years ago

halloween photo editing contest

Hi there I entered my instructable into the halloween photo editing contest  over the weekend and it said needs to be moderator approved i am just worried it will not get moderated and added to the contest in time as the deadline tonight. Many thanks. 

Posted by chinchillakilla 5 years ago

Halloween Contests for 2012!

I don't know if this is the right forum section to post it on, and if it ain't, then please feel free to move it to the right forum section! But I do have a quick question! I've already seen on the Halloween Contests that a single user can submit multiple entrys (more than 1 entry per user), but now the thing is if an entry is of a costume one wore for Halloween a few years back, can they still enter it into the Halloween Easy or Epic Costume Contest for the year 2012?

Posted by Johnny M 5 years ago

Instructables Halloween Postcards 2011

Trick or treat! We love celebrating Halloween here at Instructables, and in the past have send out post cards to mark our favorite holiday. We're doing it again this year! If you'd like one, leave a comment here by Monday October 17th, and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system. Happy Halloween! 

Posted by kazmataz 6 years ago