how to crochet rasta popcorn hats or barets?

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More disappearing comments.

It's been reported many times, by many people, but the "disappearing post" bug is alive and well. It's happened to me quite a few times today, on individual instructables, forum topics and the answers section. They don't appear later on, or appear only for my eyes, they simply cease to exist as soon as I hit "post". When I have spent some time writing a long post full of relevant, useful links, this is a very, very annoying bug.

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A complete roleplaying game in one post

I can't post this as an Instructable, because it's not my game at all.  It surfaced in the sorting out of my lab as my school closed. My original copy of the game was a page in Games and Puzzles magazine, but this is my own re-type of it, which I had to re-type again because the first digital copy was lost during one PC upgrade or another. The document gives me permission to pass it on (even though it pre-dates the Creative Commons movement), but I have emailed the author to let him know I'm posting it anyway.  I've not had a reply, but the page I found his address on had not been updated since 2009. UPDATE: Frank has been in touch, is happy for the game to be published like this, and is even going to send me copies of v2 if he ever finds them. FURTHER UPDATE: Frank has sent me a scan of the v2 rules, which I have added as the first image below. I thought older members might like to be reminded of their youth, and younger members sometimes need reminding that roleplaying games didn't always need a computer with a high-speed internet connection Here is the text, and I have attached a tidier-looking PDF of the same text: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S.I.M.P.L.E. by Frank Carver Shared Imagination Multi Player Leisure Experience Have you ever been sitting around with a few friends and wanted to play a game – but hadn’t brought the rule books, supplements, charts & tables, character sheets, funny dice, metal figures etc? Here is the answer: a game simple enough to fit on one sheet of paper, and easy enough to remember & explain, even if you haven’t got that! ABOUT SIMPLE SIMPLE is a roleplaying game (RPG), in which each player controls the actions of a single character in an adventure. An adventure takes place in an imaginary world, which may be very different from the real world. Sometimes it’s outer space, the far future, wild west or fantasy. The background from any book, film, TV show may be used, or one from your own imagination. The adventure is usually organised by one player acting as Game Master (GM), who knows about the setting and provides things for the characters to do – problems to solve, enemies to defeat, victims to be rescued, riches to be gained ... anything the other players might enjoy. Problems are solved by thinking them through, talking to the other players and the GM, and rolling dice to see if your plan works. Details of each character are recorded on a character sheet, which develops from game to game. Travel the Universe without ever leaving your chair! TO PLAY You need at least two players (more than 5 or 6 is hard work), a copy of this sheet, at least one normal 6-sided die, a pen or pencil (an eraser is handy), some paper to write on and your imagination. THE SIMPLE CHARACTER Each SIMPLE character is described by three things – Body, Mind and Abilities. Body is a single number showing how strong and tough the character is. Mind is also a number, showing how clever and aware the character is. Abilities are things the character is good at. Each Ability has a description, and a number which shows how much better than average the character is. If your character is just average at something, it doesn’t go on their Ability list. Each character starts with 10 character points, which may be put into Body, Mind and Ability. For each point put into Body or Mind, the number goes up by one. For each half point put into Ability, the number goes up by one. Abilities may be anything that suits the setting. The GM and other players must agree with them. For example: running, science, driving, casting spells, seeing in the dark... EXAMPLE CHARACTER SHEET Name: Gus Goodguy Player: Frank Body: 5 Mind: 3 Abilities: Gunfight 2, ride horse 1, drink whisky 1 Description: A gunfighter in the Old West. Rides tall in the saddle, tips his white 10-gallon hat to ladies, calls men “Pardner”, travels the dusty plains looking for bandits to catch or farmers to rescue. Likes his whisky, and wil never resist a call to a shoot-out. USING THE NUMBERS IN AN ADVENTURE To see if a character succeeds at a task, the GM decides on the difficulty (5=easy, 8=average, 11=hard, 14=very hard and so on) and whether it is a physical (Body) task or a mental (Mind) task. The player then rolls a die and adds the character’s Body or Mind and any matching Abilities. A 6 means roll again and add the result. If the player’s total is better than the GM’s target, then the character has succeeded. The difference between the two numbers gives how well it was done. Gus Goodguy has Body 5 and Gunfight 2. To shoot Bill Badguy is an average (8) Body task. Gus rolls a 3, plus his body of 5, plus his gunfighting 2, making a total of 10 – succeeded by 2! Bill has been shot, and until his wound is treated his body is reduced by 1 point. If his Body falls to 1 he is unconscious, if it reaches 0 he is dead! At the end of a game, the GM may award up to one point to good players to spend on their characters. DOING EVERYTHING ELSE Most problems should be decided by the GM and common sense. Some useful hints, though: when time is important, like in a fight, do things in one-second rounds, with the character with the highest Body going first. A character can run Body (plus running Ability) metres per second. An “average” person has 4 Body and 4 MNind with no extra Abilities. If you need some enemies in a hurry, roll some dice onto the table – use the numbers on top as their Body score, and turn the die down one when they are injured. If you like this game, please copy it, give it to your friends, take it to conventions etc If you like it a lot, why not write to Frank Carver at: The Albion Guard Games Club, 62 Tomline Road, Ipswich, IP3 8DB, United Kingdom. This document is copyright Frank K Carver, 1992. Permission granted to copy and distribute this document, provided that only the complete document (including this provision) is copied and/or distributed. Enjoy!

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link hat

Can somebody make a link hat?

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DuctTape Hats

There are so many duct tape hats on instructables and almost all are top hats!!!

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Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat that looks good on you?

My new avatar notwithstanding, I can never pick out a hat in real life. Every hat I try on is either too big for my face, or makes my head look weird. I know that girls can look awesome in a tasteful hat, but there must be some trick I'm missing. Do you go according to face shape? Age? Size? Can someone make an ible on how to pick a hat (like a straw-cowboy-fedora type hat...not a SISSY hat) ? Please?

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make your own 1920s cloche hat?

Does anyone have directions to make from fabric a 1920s style cloche hat? I saw this on another web site, but can't find it again;

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Need some tips on how to make a specific hat?

My son loves Pocoyo, and I wanted to make him a costume for Halloween. I'm confident I can do the shirt/shoes/pants, but I've never made a hat before and I don't know where to start. A good idea of what it looks like can be found at the link below. The hat has two ear covers, and also a flap in the back, and is plain in the front. Any suggestions much appreciated :)

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Does anyone have pattern for knitted hat "red with blue flower.JPG" file FBXPTJ5BHXDIGY

I saw a photo of it on your site on June 16, 2009, but couldn't get the pattern. It was file FBXPTJ5BHXDIGY which now says is not available. Did anyone copy it? If so, please share it with me. Thanks!!

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Where are the rest of the instructions for the crocheted beard hat?

 For instance, Rnd 4 doesn't give all of the details. What happened to Rnds 5-10? The beard and mustache rounds aren't complete. Do I have to buy the complete pattern?

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how to make a duct tape military cap Answered

I need a hat to wear when its wet, and i dont like ball caps. does anyone know how to make a duct tape pill cap? plz, plz PLZ help

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International Contest - Deadline!

Don't forget to get your entries in for the International Contest - pro memberships available to winners. Post links to your projects in the comments to enter.

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how can i make a pillbox hat?

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Hair Hats

These hair hats are pretty amazing. I don't really know what to say except that you should check out all the shots on the site. Great stuff. Hair Hats!via Neatorama

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Check out this awesome FSM hat! Good stuff. My craft to-do list is getting too long.

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Knex Hat

I made a new knex hat! Instructions are here on my webpage! I hope you like it! :)

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Bird Hat!

Check out this fantastic hat, made of felt with a little birds-nest hole in it, complete with bird! There's a magnet in the bird and the nest area to keep it from falling out accidentally. I love this.

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how could I make link's hat out of duct tape?

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Staining a paper straw hat

Hi all. I was recently returned a hat I bought for my ex, it was one of those "I'd like that" moments where I spent a few pounds on something that she changed her mind about before it arrived and has never been worn since, it's not a particularly expensive hat but it is a unisex style essentially just a white straw cowboy style hat in fact I have a similar one in brown. Not being a great lover of white hats I would like to stain it a different colour but as I have never stained paper straw I have no real idea of how best to begin. Suggestions from anyone with experience of this material would be very welcome. Thanks in advance. NG.

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Ok I had an idea... Yesterday while I was taking processors off of motherboards.... I found a rather normal looking heat sink. and droped it on my hat. By now you have probably figured it out that I have a messy room and I want to make a cool(ing) hat. So I am thinking of running a little pump (very little) and fan off of 1-2 9v batteries. Some Kind of coolant (water) and a couple of prototypes And I will have a cooling hat.... (YES PEOPLE I REALIZE ITS WINTER!!! (where I live)) Any ideas ?

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What's the most confortable and chill fan that i can put on my favorite wollen winter hat so I can wear it in the summer?

Yeah i want  a fan on my hat, any suggestions?

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How can I shrink an Under Armour hat with a, "heatgear," sweatband half a size? Answered

How can I shrink an Under Armour hat with a, "heatgear," (moisture transport system) sweatband half a size? The only options at the store were M, which was too small and L which is a half size too large. The headband has a foam-esque feel and the tag claims 100% polyester, although I'm not sure if it's talking strictly about the hat or if the headband is included in that. Thank you for any help!

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Hat with plastic bull horns

I am trying to create an accessory for my robotics team (our theme is bulls) and I wanted to take regular red baseball caps and somehow make bull's horns to them.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how to do this?

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Waterproofing a leather hat?

My day-to-day hat is a leather fedora. Most of the time, it's great, but it does leak through the crown if I'm out in heavy rain for more than, say, 30-45 minutes. This isn't normally a huge problem, since I'm not often out in heavy rain that long that often, but it is a problem on a wet camp, when I'm outdoors all day. Unfortunately, I can't polish it, as the finish is matt, borderline suede. Any ideas, folks?

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Hey, i'm looking for a way to make a collapsible top hat. any suggestions? =)? Answered

I think the title is kind of self explanatory =)

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clock knits hat

Hi Everyone :0) I have seen a clock that knits. Here is the artist explaining how it works  Does anyone know where it can be purchased, or perhaps how to make another one without copying her amazing and unique design?

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how can you make a hat out of construction paper?

I need a cute hat for mardi gras in french class and i desperately need ideas.

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Collaborations and private instructables?

How do collaborations work with the new editor? Are we still able to publish instructables as "private"?

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Sedge Hat

I would love to see some instructables on making traditional Asian headwear such as sugegasa (sedge hats) and booshi from properly gathering and preparing the materials to actually constructing the hat.  I am particularly interested in seeing how a sugegasa is constructed with an appropriate interior (the straw/bamboo is not supposed to rest directly on the head). 

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If you see tinned meat...

You may have noticed another rash of spam over the weekend. It seems "they" found a way around the filters, which the development team have not yet solved.  Generally, if you see spam, either in the forums or as actual instructables, the best thing to do is to hit the flag button and move on. If you leave a comment, the systems that quarantine spam get slowed down, and the spam remains visible for longer than we would like. If the spammers go beyond annoying, and actually become offensive, you should still not comment, even on their Orange Board. Instead, contact HQ via email at, or PM a member of the Community Team, who can speed things up. Instructables is a special place, and it's you folk, reading this, that help keep it that way.

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Looking for a Crochet wolf hat pattern for teen, anyone have one?

Looking for a wolf hat pattern for crochet, I have searched everywhere. For teen boy. Thanks

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So, some people like wearing and/or collecting hats. Show us your headgear! Here are my favorite hats. The first is an Indiana Jones fedora, the second a NZ made oilskin, and the last is a circa 1989 Soviet Air Force officer's hat. I'm in the market for a leather pilot cap...

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Do you have some hat patterns?

Hello! I need to know if you have how to make a hat (step by step). Thanks for your time! Best regards, Paula

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How do you make knit/crochet popcorn hats for beginners?

Asked by Amanda101 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

how do i make a cosplay hat but w/the ears attached?


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pattern for hat scarf & mitten? Answered

I am looking for a pattern that is a hat with a scarf wuth mittens on bottom of scarf......Birdi B

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How to sew a sweatband into a hat?

My hat has a sweatband and i think it's a leather band but i'm not sure. My question is: What kind of thread should i use to sew the sweatband and hat back together? The sweatband is coming loose and i want to fix it without using glue, so i need to know what thread to use. Thanks. My hat has hushpuppy inside the top. In the first picture i've attached you can see the band is detached, and i don't know if you can, but in the second picture you should be able to see parts of the logo. Thanks again

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drink hats

Well im building a drink hat and would like some tips for the tubes and for the can holders or could someone else post how they did theirs

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I want to make over sized hats for parties. Any suggestions? Answered

I have seen huge foam cowboy hats and want ot make the same kind of thing but from a different material.

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How to make a typical dutch hat?

For a costume party we need to make typical dutch hats. The white ones they used to where in the old times with the two wings. Kind of like this one:

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does anyone know how to make a beer hat??

I wont drink beer though mabye coke or somthin.........

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Hat repair

ok,so ive checked local craft stores and i havent been able to find replacement snaps for my hat. searching the web has also turned up zilch. so,i figured if anyone knew where to get them,it'd be you guys. and just to be clear,i want the snaps.not go buy a hat and cut them out.

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Does any one know how to make ushanka hats out of real fur?

I have a beaver pelt that I want to turn into an ushanka (russian hat) anyone have a good idea on how to do it?

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does anyone know how to make a hat out of straw or palm leaves?

Im someone who appreciates the value of a hat and I think it would be really neat to have a straw and/or palm hat of my own. It would help a ton considering i get mega sun burnt. Actually, if anyone knows how to weave palm leaves in general, that would be equally awsome. Thanks Instructables community!

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