Hig Voltage transistor switching 230V Arduino PWM Control Hig frequency

Hi all :)  My name is Karlo Kasupovic and ay come from Croatia. I need a way, to control a microwawe transformer whit a arduino and a mosfet ay wona use a 230v AC input and rectifier to 200-230V DC then whit a opto isolator control a POWER Mosfet (the signal generator its a Arduino.) I wanna play with different frequencies Code for the Arduino signal genergenerator already hawe. Ay need  schematic and explanations. thanx a lot all :D

Asked by karlok1 3 years ago

Why do 'shortcuts' not appear even though I've highlighted them? Answered

When I go into shortcuts and highlight all my preferences they do not appear between 'You' and 'Logout' like the instructions says, what am I doing wrong?  Yes I am saving them.

Asked by bricabracwizard 6 years ago

How do I make an inexpensive solar panel for a high school science project?

Hello. i am a sophomore and for my chemistry class, i have to do a science project. i was thinking about making an inexpensive solar panel, but i have no clue how to build it.

Asked by queeniebean 9 years ago

Can I modify a Microwave Oven Transformer into high voltage?

Can I modify a Microwave Oven Transformer into high voltage? I had a MOT. secondary coil: 2kV output I heard some people in internet were modify the MOT into high current Can I modify the MOT Primary Coil into a few turns. Just like this formula : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np The original is : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np      2000/220 = 2000/220 In my imagine : 30 turns heavy primay New one : Vs/Vp = Ns/Np       Vs/220 = 2000/30     Vs=14 666.6667 Can I do this?????????????????????

Asked by james34602 5 years ago

Any project ideas for a 21 year old unemployed high school graduate?

I have an unemployed 21-year old high school drop-out son, who has been in rehab several times. His dad is letting him stay with us, temporarily, despite my saying I want him out. (Son's room-mate is suddenly all excited about being a Jehovah's Witness -- my son's pagan lifestyle is not jelling well.) Being co-dependent and all, I am trying to find some kind of project to keep him busy and act as "barter for rent". We live in a culture-starved, neighborhood covenants enforcing, Republican or Die, suburban neighborhood. Backyard. Already have a shed -- although it's probably going to need to be replaced sometime. My son is very good at barbecueing. Any ideas?

Posted by LauraGrimes 10 years ago

i need a very powerful battery (4000mah 10V or higher) and don't want to spend more then $30 please help! [answered]

I need a  VERY powerful battery (4000mah 12V or higher) and don't want to spend more then $30 please help! and i don't want i Puerkerts number lower than 1.2. can anyone help? oh, and the size of it has to fit in a 6V lantern. thats why lead acids bit the dust and (so far what i know) lithium polymer batteries bit the dust because they are way to expensive. with a 35W power consumption, its hard to find a power source that will fit in a 6V lantern, a affordable price (under $30) and powerful enough to power the load for more than an hour. (some calculations i did show i need at least 3500mah for 1 hour of usage ) but i think i might have a solution a 2 laptop batteries from amazon wired in parallel after they have been took apart. a drill battery doesn't even come close to the amount of i need and they suffer from memory effect and just plain out isn't near powerful enough (1.5 AH per cell) OR my second choice is to get many rechargeable AAA batteries and wire them to give 14.4V (BUT HOW DO I SOLDER THEM WITHOUT THE TABS? and what kind of array should i use? [68 AAA])

Asked by -max- 7 years ago