Hot Foil Pen / Hot Stamping Pen

Hello world, anyone know How to make a marking pen hot. Thank you geniuses Happy Holidays How How :)

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Hot Foil Pen / Hot Stamping Pen? Answered

Hello everyone, anyone know How to make a marking pen hot. Thank you geniuses and Happy Holliday How How

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Are there hot guys out there?

Just wonderin

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Dumpster Hot Tub

Artist Michel de Broin apparently loves dumpster diving so much he made his own dumpster pool, er, hot tub. Gotta love the personal size hot tub along with the super safe ladder for entry. Dumpster hot tubvia Make

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Hot or Cold Shower

Now that it's becoming summer and it gets hotter and hotter, here's a question. Do you take a hot shower so that when you come out everything else feels cool or Do you take a cold shower so when you come out of the shower you're cool? Vote and explain!

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Hot Sauce Beer

Hot Sauce Beer wasn't quite right for a slideshow, but I am hoping that it will really find its' stride in the forums.Despite what you may think, this is a good idea, and it's actually pretty tasty. It's called a Michelada in Spanish.I swear I am not crazy - Wikipedia and Mexico agree.

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hot glue in a dishwasher?? Answered

I am repairing broken locking mechanism in the door of a dishwasher. Of course there will be a bit of force involved when pressing the handle and the dishwasher will heat the water which can melt the glue. What's your opinion? Should i use it??

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a very hot 9V

Alrighty, sorry for the noob question, but i am very very new to this, i'm tryin hook 3 10mm LEDs to run off a 9v battery, i hooked it via the LEDcalc with correct resistors, it works just fine, but when i try to add a on/off switch into the mix the 9V gets very very hot. could it be ... the switch i am using... the 24 gauge wire to connect it all.... how i have connected the on/off switch into the mix , instead of connecting it straight to a battery i have added extra wires and put the switch in between the battery and the start/end of the LED chain... should i bump it down 6v instead with the correct resistors instead of the 9v also if you could explain why the 9v was heating up so much that would be great too....

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install a hot tub?

Hot tub installation with a used hot tub all parts available

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hot glue molding?

Is there any suggestions to the best way to mold hot glue like you do with clay and also adding food coloring to make it colorful?

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Hot and cold sands?

How is it possible that some beaches have hot sand and others have cool sand even in tropics?

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TDA7293 gets hot?

I recently bought some TDA7293 chips in order to make amplifiers, but when I tested one it got hot! I've checked the wiring several times. I'm using this circuit : I'm using +-8V supply, which is bellow the minimum voltage according to the datasheet, so it shouldn't work nor get hot!  If I use a higher supply voltaje it gets hot faster. Any ideas?

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Sugar, you are HOT!

Ok, so the name is a little misleading, but you came, didn't you? My brother came back from Morocco, and among his gifts, were a big bag of crunchy peanuts, covered in sugar and cocoa. Unfortunately, they're nearly gone now! And I want to try to recreate them. What do you think is the trick? My dad thinks they heat up the sugar and cocoa, so the sugar will melt and get sticky. and then roll the nuts around in the mixture. What do you think?

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Hot Holiday Gifts

'Tis the season again for holiday shopping, and the hottest gifts will be found at The Crucible's Gifty Holiday Art Sale, this December 13-14th. This is probably the Bay Area's most unusual shopping experience. Where else could you find fabulous affordable handcrafted holiday gifts while experiencing art in action in a space where furnaces roar, sparks fly, and imagination runs wild? Food, demonstrations, performances, fun for all ages. The artisans donate a portion of their sales to support the arts education programs here at The Crucible, so by shopping at the Gifty shoppers support both local artists and arts education. Share this information with family and friends, and come on down to experience the holidays Crucible-style.Saturday & Sunday December 13-14, 2008 10AM 4PM For more info: ADMISSION Family FriendlyThe Crucible 1260 Seventh Street, Oakland, CA 94607 (2 blocks from W. Oakland BART)

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hot glue gun to hot air soldering iron ? Answered

Hello everybody, I have a burning question that has been bothering me for quite some time the question is: I have a hot (really hot) glue gun and I was wondering if I could put a copper ect. pipe through the glue stick opening and hook it up to my air compressor in an effort to make a hot air soldering iron is this possible?

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relieve a burn ?

I put cayanne pepper in my socks to wrm my feet and now it burns very very bad ** thanks for answers but i rubbed salt on it and it made it much much better

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wiring for a 220v hot tub?

We have a hot tub that is a 220v. We are not sure how to wire?

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Hot water cylinder question! Answered

Ok, so you have a hot water cylinder full of hot water... no matter in which way it is heated, how does it stay hot all the way until all the hot water is used up when you having a shower or whatever?... which seems like a full tank, piping hot until the end. If you are replacing the hot water with cold water as it is being used would this not just regulate the water temp and make it colder straight away? If you have a hot cup of tea, just add a little cold water... why does this not happen with a hot water cylinder? Thanks

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Small VERY Hot Plate

I am looking for someone who can design for me to make or make for me a specialized hot plate. I need it to be small like 3" by 2" and to get very hot as much as 700 degrees is desired. I want the power source to be 400watts. I know this seems hard but my reasoning is that the smaller size means higher temps with less wattage. I would use this as a hot plate that evaporates liquid from an airstream as it passes by - a dryer if you like. I would use 2 to cause the air to have to pass both in a zig-zag path. I would like to have a solid surface so eventually I see the plate encased in ceramic but for this it need only be metal. Can you help? Contact me here on the site to discuss more details Coog

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Resistor gets really hot? Answered

I'm trying to build a simple circuit. 6V ---> potentiometer ---> Small DC Motor (dont know the specs) First the potentiometer was getting hot a some smoke came out of it (its still working anyway). I thought this was happening because with 0 resistance on the potentiometer alot of current was flowing by. I added some resistors (not knowing exactly what value to add, i tried a few). First 2k Ohms, motor didnt spin, 1k same thing, 800, 100, and finally around 5ohms. Now the motor spins and seems to be hanging on a bit better. However the 5ohm resistor is getting hot really fast.... What should I do to avoid draining the battery so fast, and keep the motor running for as long as possible (without burning resistors or the dc motor itself)

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What kind of hot sauce is this? Answered

I'm wondering what the name of a certain hot sauce is. It's very, very hot (and I love hot, but this is crazy), and I only ever seen it in Mexico and the Dominican Republic (once at a buffet, and also on an excursion in the jungle). I think it's a kind of salsa, but green. And it's definitely home-made. It's kind of runny too. What would this be called? Is it just green salsa? Thanks, josh1324

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Free hot tub in Eastern Massachusetts

I have a 7 person hot tub with no pump and an undiscovered leak. Replace the pump and chase down the pipes. Repurpose the wood siding, cover or the shell. This creative community can surely find a use much better than the dump for this resource.

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hot to sun dry tomatoes? Answered

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photocell unit getting hot

I installed a small photocell on my porch light. I went to check on it this morning and found that the housing unit of the photocell was hot. The wiring is spot on. Any idea why it would get so hot?

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how to connect the hot end? Answered

So , i am making this printer......  , but my question is...... how to connect the hot end to drive's lens assembly? i mean how to make lens assembly hold the hot end ? please help

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Hot, Burning Resistor Question

Ok....I have 24 leds in parralel attached to a 9 volt battery - and a 10 ohm resistor - as reccommended by - but, when i connect the circuit and hold the resistor in my hand, it becomes INCREDIBLY hot. Each led is in parallel, individually. it normal for it to be that hot, or did I do something wrong?

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The leds are getting hot. Help.? Answered

I made this led array as a temporary solution to electricity outage but the leds get quite hot. Is that normal? Is there any better way to make such an array? I have attached pictures. The resistor is 100ohm.

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Breadboards, componenets, and hot glue

Hey all... I i have a breadboard for a small circuit and it has all the regular componenets such as transistors, resistors, diodes, realys, microchips, etc.  I will have the breadboard in a plastic project case and it will be mounted vertically...  I need a way to secure the componens int eh breadboard better so i waas wondering if i can use hot glue...???  I knwo some components such as the microchip is heat sensitive when solidering but i didn't know if hot glue got to hot or if tehre would be other effects to teh circuit in some way...??? Thanks for the help...!!!

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Solar Hot water question

Has anyone put a glass cover on a solar trough or know the specs on if this would help or hurt the performance? I have to keep the snow off in the winter due to heavy Michigan snow...

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What's Hot on Instructables Today?

See which Instructables are getting the most pageviews today:

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Arduino getting really hot? Answered

While running one of my projects, my Arduino is getting really hot. It's swtiching somewhere around 14 I/O's really fast (im not sure exactly how fast, but its refreshing somewhere around 2.5 milliseconds each time). The chip gets really warm, and to burning hot in about 20 mins. The project runs fine (I've tested for at least an hour, with no ill effects) but Im just wondering if its normal and/or safe. Also the voltage regulator chip gets really hot if i run the same sketch with a 9v wall wart rated at 350 ma, and also with a wall wart rated 7.5v at 2.14 A (the v-reg on the arduino board doesnt get hot if i run it off USB). Should I be concerned? -Astroboy907

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How to make hot ice with sodium acetate?

Using 100 gram bottles of sodium acetate and boiling into water to water can't handle any more crystals. Then I pour into a glass and cool off in fridge, then pouring into another container to try to get the "freezing" effect but nothing happens. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? 

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Low hot water pressure

I the past 4 months I have replaced the water heater, water softener, and the pressure tank. Everything was working fine until I developed a leak in a PVC elbow from the outside water supply As soon as that was replaced and I turned the wter supply back on my hot water pressure dropped to almost nothing in all of the faucets. I am thinking some scale got lodged in the outflow pipe from the water heater and I need to apply high pressure air from one of the faucets to force this out.

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Hot Water Tank Upgrade?

Hi Girls n Guys, I moved about 6 months ago from a house that had combi boiler to a house that has a hot water tank and standard boiler, Over this period we are using lots of hot water due to kids baths and bits, draining the tank too quickly, so the tank is in a cupboard just off the landing and was told I can get bigger tanks, the current tank is a 1050x450 and I'm looking at a 1500x450, Question is will I need to re-enforce the floor any more than its current state! Thanks Matt

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hot glue damaging any part on a disposable camera circuit?

Such as the transistor or other devices it is a small hot glue gun

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Hot Glue Gun stuck

I Have been using a glue gun for quite some time but nearly 5-6 days ago, while i was on a project , i left it on/forgot to switch it off and went to sleep...........when i checked it in the morning not enugh glue had melted out, that was weird, then when i pressed the triger the glue would come out in cilindrical pattern and is not hot at all..........i even tried to push the glue out of the nozzel but its stuck in it......also the stick is a cheap one(bad quality) the 2 possibilities that r possible are- 1) the glue stick sucks  2) glue gun is busted

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A hot box full of Satan!!!

I'm already preparing for Halloween. One of the props I would like to build is a box to hold "Satan." I'm not yet sure what I want it to look like (rock? metal?)... but I do know that I want it to be warm to the touch. Not HOT... nothing that would actually harm anyone... but obviously - and devilishly - warm. My first best thought is to take something like an old-school metal lunchbox, create false walls on the top and bottom, and then put SOMETHING in the in-between spot. But what? Chemical hand warmers? Something battery-operated. Your ideas are welcomed. And if a little bit of smoke could come out, all the better. Please shout if you need any clarification!!! Thanks!!!

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I want to know what the hottest bottle of hot sauce is for a friend.. Answered

He thinks he can handle anything grows his own ghost peppers and think  make him cry!! haha

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uses for an old Soft Tub (soft sided hot tub)?

We have an old 4 person Soft Tub that is missing its motor (broken). The lining is not in very good shape but the exterior of the tub is ok. Any thoughts on projects/uses for the tub?

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has anybody made a hot-air gun out of a soldering iron and a hair-dryer??

I searched around and but there are 'ibles using desoldering irons and vacuum pumps; not actual soldering irons. I wanted a hot-air gun for desoldering an SMD chip.

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can any one suggest me what can i use as a temperature sensor for hot water pipes?

Temperature sensor for hot water pipes which can be connected to microcontroller

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has anyone made a donkey that holds good pressure when boiling the water for a hot shower.???

most australians will know what a donkey is, but is a pump within the outlet needed to boost the pressure if the fire has gone out.?

Question by dagyboy 7 years ago

How would you heat water using no electric equipment or fire source?

For example if a hurricane knocks the power out and you need warm or hot water?

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just cos its winter in america doesn't mean it is everywhere else

Just because its hot in america you guys are making a big fuss on how to stay hot. down in melbourne australia it was 40c+ (104f+) for three days straight then the next week is full of 30c+ (86f +). instructables is viewed worldwide in both sides of the equator.

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am i the best in my class ?

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soduim acetate

Could someone please help me and my son? we are doing the hot ice for his school science fair project..I'm unsure how long to boil the baking soda & vinegar...what color should it be? after we filtered it it was clear this right? Please please help...this is our last weekend to try!!

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