should I or should I not?? Answered

Well the end of the school year is coming up and well the 8th grader I liked we haven't talked in weeks but we talked on Friday because that was the day of the talent show and I was in it and well he kinda mess up my words when I was singing cause he kept smiling and well it made me blush but any way he kept looking at me the hole talent show so after school I went to talk to him and I wanted to give him a kiss in the cheek but I was to nervous so I didn't but like he was taller my lips kinda ended up in his neck and like 8th graders  graduate earlier they come out earlier sooo in the last day I thought of giving him a kiss but am afraid that I may be way to shy and embarrassed to actually do it but I need answers should I kiss him or not before he moves away to highschool?

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I made it

I notice a few days a go the "I made button" on the comments below each instructable. I got to use it today as I just finished my Micro slicer. Just a big thanks to Silver Jimmy and Groover for  posting their projects, you guys a re awesome! Microslicer

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Am I in?

I followed all the instructions posted on Etsy to enter this contest, but when i click to see the items entered, my item doesn't come up? What did I do wrong?

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I Was On Fi'yah!

I was messing around with some alchol (that is me) After my sister stopped recording, I accidently sprayed my hand with my fireball. It was cool, for like two seconds my hand was wrapped in evil blue flames. I was wondering if I poured alchol on my hand and lit it would I burn myself? I thought it would be cool if I could come running out the shed with my hands on fire and scare the frat boy neighbours.

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I Declare...

I'm kind of new to this gig but I feel like I've done okay.  I think I might make all of my instructables once I hit 10,000 views.  I'll have one happy family when this day comes.  Hurrah!

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I is back

Hi every body. I am back. 1 I just moved I'm now in Iowa. (not!) and 2 I was keeping a  low profile. but now i'm back.

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I knew it!!

I knew it! A Robot contest!!! The Picture was about making robots!!!

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i quit

I quite knex bye.Pm me if you want to buy them

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The I-top

Does anyone know how to make an itop. Post your ideas here. (There is a way!!)

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i was looking at this...

I was looking atthis and a while back i had a dream about stealing a four wheel bike and riding it down a hill, but the one in my dream had hydrolics and when i would go around corners i'd hit a switch and a front wheel would kick up and i'd hit 3 wheels around it. think they can make one with airbags or hydrolics?

Topic by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

I feel...

As is becoming traditional for new folk in The Office, it's time for me lay down some thoughts on my first week as Artist in Residence. I feel old.  As I staggered up the stairs last Monday, luggage on my back, I looked and round at a room full of young people.  I haven't been so crass as to directly ask, but I immediately sure that there is a full generation between the people that I was looking at and myself.  Many of them are far closer in age to my sons than to me. I feel welcome. Everybody smiled at me, even if my arrival interrupted whatever they were doing, and quite a few folk that first few minutes weren't sure who who I was, but were still welcoming.  Everybody is very helpful, nowhere is out of bounds. Stumpchunkman Matt went out of his way to make sure I had a base to work at, Noahw sorted out the legals in moments, Jessyratfink gave me a tour (the place I had previously referred to as "HQ" is actually in three different places, a brisk stroll apart). I feel valued. Almost immediately, my opinion was being asked, used and acted upon.  I've helped choose contest winners, and been part of the development process for the future of the site (interesting!).  I have been included in everything. I have not been punched by a member of the dev team. I feel trusted. I have a key to the office hanging on my belt, and I know where the coffee is. I feel ignorant. These people, these young people, know so much more than I do about the high end of Making.  But, they're also keen to teach - I have had lots of offers for help to learn.  As a teacher, that feels weird, weirdly good... I feel happy. The walk from my apartment to the main office takes about 50 minutes, and goes through a somewhat dodgy area of the city, but every day I smile the full way, even singing and whistling.  The bus-ride back (it's up-hill - I may be happy, but I'm not daft) is crowded and sweaty, but I am still smiling, and still ready to sing (but quietly).  I've never been like that on a commute. I feel productive. I've only published two small projects this week, but I have two larger projects in development that will involve staff, and a bunch of other things to make as well.  It's really useful that conversations with staff go along the lines of "Can I have a...? Yes" ------------------------------ Basically, all this adds up to this being a really good experience.  It is by no means a free ride (thank goodness for credit cards!) - if you're young and single you could do this for a lot less than I have, but I could not get away with spending a month in California without bringing the family along. If you ever, ever get the chance to do this, or something similar, then grab it with both hands!

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I finished!

Well, before I wanted to know if anyone wanted my to make an instructable on anything. And I am done!!!! Please correct any mistakes if you see any... to go there, click this link! Tell me what you think as you read this (comment below) Are you excited? Uncaring (LOL NOT A REAL WORD)?

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Should I....? Answered

I received a PM this morning from someone asking to use one of my instructables project photos in their book. Here is what they wrote: I'm finishing writing a book dealing with sci-fi, and I thought it would be kind of fun to include your photo of your croched USS Enterprise (the first one-- tilted upward) . I have similar Trek artwork, and yours would be fun to add. If I show you as artist, might I possibly have unrestricted permission (all future world editions/languages/derivations/ads), to sell it in my printed book as well as from the book site's down-loadable image bank? Should I? I think it would be cool to have something in a book.  The other question is can I? Since it was entered into a contest and according to the contest rules :9. By submitting an entry and entering this contest, you hereby grant Instructables a perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, worldwide, royalty free right to publish and distribute your entry for their promotional purposes.

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I was fearing this...

Oh my!Today I noticed that you could give patches to people.I tried it on myself and got the terrible message! PRO accounts!This means you now pay to get extra privileges.I'm going to be inactive to protest this.

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I won!

I posted this topic before, but I don't think anybody saw it (instructables glitch?)From wendsday to saterday i went to a resort named 7 springs in champion, Pennsylvania. I was there for a national competition called technology student association (aka TSA). This competition was states, for I already went to regionals.I won 1st place in Electrical Applications, which is basically your knowledge of electronics (you take a test) and you have to create a circuit on a bread board, along with creating a schematic. I tell you, this was almost a joke. Questions on the test are like --| C---- what is that a symbol of? And what does IC stand for?The breadboard challenge was even easier. They gave you a breadboard, a 9 volt battery, a lightbulb, and some wires. The challenge was to make a circuit (and schematic) that light up the lightbulb whenever you touch the probes to the right spots. Like you know those question and answer things at science fairs where if you line up the right question with the right answer? That's basically it.I also won 1st place along with a couple of my friends for a medical challenge where we gave a presentation on alzheimer's disease. Not much to explainMe and my friends also won 3rd in another thing, I can't remember (I get my trophy on wensday because they didn't have enough trophies for the whol group). I think it was in agriculture and biotech where we talked about biofuels.Me and my friend got 6th in a challenge where they give you a random technology topic and they give you 10 minutes to prepare (no computers) and then you have to give a speach.Me and my friends got 10th in a thing called tech bowl where they give your random questions and you are in direct competition wire people nexy to you (you have a buzzer).Me and my friends got 9th place in a challenge where we talked about the enviroment (specificaly ozone depletion);)does anybody know where this came from, I'm pretty sure I saw it at TSA (I just remember a yellow wrapped transformer at an angle in a box with a phone and it's all in a box)

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I Miss It....

Hi guys,  Basically foofys Comment is how I Feel: It's a shame really, eventually he will resist the temptation to see what's been made, and the jealousy will boil up and regret annoy him. He will miss the Kinetic Rifle, automatic weapons etc. Sooo Im gonna stay stay and comment like twice a week. I Bet DJ Will troll on me for doing this ;) Please Tell Everyoneeeeeee BYEEEEE

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I won!

Huzzah! I won the prize in the Google Ponoko Challenge. My Instructable about making and printing a Menger sponge took the top prize. Now I'll have a professional version of SketchUp, a year of Ponoko Prime, and over $500 worth of Ponoko credit. Now, the big question: what should I make? I have a couple of ideas for jewelry for my wife and a toy for my son, but that's not even $100. Anyone have any suggestions? UPDATE: 3D printing gets expensive quickly the bigger it gets. Exponentially, even. Something that fits in the palm of your hand would be ideal. This Menger sponge is 1.4" on a side and cost $26 to print (not including taxes and shipping). A 2" cube would cost $77 and a 4" cube would cost $446. And that's the cheapest material to choose from. If it was printed in stainless steel it would cost $195, $650, and $4,013 for the same sizes. Announcing the Google + Ponoko Challenge Winner

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If I was invisible for a day I would...

Community lets just have some innocent fun ... what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

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I think I may be a Scientologist

My library regularly has a cart of books and audio cassettes for sale...hard covers for a dollar, soft covers for $0.50, etc. When I was there today, I noticed three brand new (still shrink wrapped) volumes of pure Scientology propaganda. I obviously shelled over the three dollars. Nobody really knows anything about them, maybe these books slipped through their hands by accident, and by possessing them, I'm a member of the church? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two pages of genuine L. Ron Hubbard literature:

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I think I accidentally flagged someone that I didn't want to......

It was in the forum: This post:  craftyv says:                                                                                     Dec 25, 2010. 2:02 PM   I have been drawing (doodling) for years and have kept most of my pics. They tend to be small, 2" square or circle and were all black and white originally but lately they became coloured and often up to 10 on an A4 page. Geometric shapes, convoluted lines and even simple patterns are prominant. I have decided to show them to our Instructables community somehow. Perhaps as an Instructable, something like. [How to fill hours of your time and enjoy every minute] I actually draw in meetings, watching tv, on the phone etc. What do you draw? When I REALLY wanted to flad the group of links in the post above.....My apologies for the mistake.

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How i can programed i Atmega32L ?

I need to do LED Cube 4x4x4 but wen i jet to step wen i bring the ic i looking for it i don't find her but i fund Atmega32L i need to way to programed the Atmega32l  can be happen in this ic if  worked can get the circle to program her                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks.....

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i have broplem i cannot pay

hello i am trying to pay with my credit card but i still have this error: this transcation cannot be processed i use virtual visa

Topic by ahmed334 8 years ago

i have problem i cannot pay?

Hello i am trying to pay with my credit card but i still have this error: this transcation cannot be processed i use debit visa card

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i have a coin i found what is it? Answered

This is a very strange coin what is it HELP.

Question by hellmaster993 6 years ago  |  last reply 10 months ago

i have prodject and i need help on it?

I want to build a lamp that you can plug an mp3 player and/or an ipod in it and also have music play from two tweeters and the lights flashing with the music

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I have a laptop, I have to destroy.. :(

In my computers class, I need to make a movie, in hopes of getting a grant for the school. The theme is school laptop use, and my teacher got my a working iBook, that I have to destroy to simulate the use.. The thing is, it works just fine! I hard to just destroy a fine working piece of art... :-/ I think I'll try to get two, so I can destroy one, and keep the other one.. (If anyone wants/needs any parts from it, besides the keyboard and outside shell, please PM me)

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I think I won the silicon lottery.

Just though I'd show you this. PC Specs: i7 2600k @ 4429MHz 8GB Corsair Vengeance + 8GB GSkill Ripjaws X @ 1600MHz (Not currently in the machine) Asus P8P67 Pro Corsair H80 with the fans off of a Thermaltake Frio Thermaltake Chaser MK I Chassis AMD Radeon 5770

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Oops! I think I broke Instructables!

Oops - I slightly broke the website. Just a little bit.The thread "...bigger than its belly can" has too many full stops in the title, which confuses computers, apparently.Anyhoo...I was just pointing out that, of all the engines you'd expect to see here, nobody has made a pulse jet engine. Yes, I made a jam jar version, but nobody has made a real one.I don't know why, they're very easy (basically a big pipe with a fuel supply and no consideration for the neighbours).Maybe you'd just like to buy one off ebay, or maybe you'd like to look at the pictures of the jet mounted on a scooter, imagine what the ride would be like, and tremble slightly in anticipatory panic...I got a message from the seller:I have a video of it doing approx 70mph down Croft start/finish straight,the moped has now gone as the plastic wheels did not last long !!.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Oh boy, Instructables.... It's happened again. My Mom asked me if I want to change schools next year. I have no idea on this one. Usually one school sticks out above the rest, but this is tough. At the school I'm going to right now, I'm all settled in, it's a decent school, and I've got friends here. My only complaint is that there's no band. The school my mom wants me to go to is the 60th best school in the US, plus it's a public school, so that saves us a bunch of money by not having to pay tuition. If I go to this school, Mom said we'd have enough to get me a new computer and a decent car, both of which I could really use. Also, there's a band, and let's face it, school just sucks more without band. This potential school sounds like a dream school to me, band, great academics, small class sizes, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to leave a place where I've got friends. I mean, it's not like I've never done this before (5 schools since middle school, FTW), but that doesn't make it suck any less. So, thoughts? Anyone else been in a fix like this before? Help me out, here, guys ;-)

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I think i made a mistake in code?

I don't know why but my servo stops after the fulscan is done. I tryed to find out what's wrong, but it works fine, except the servo. Here is the code. I'm new in this and the timing for the rotation of the robot must be recalibrated, but now i'm trying to make it run. Using arduino uno and sharp IR sensor. the pin 11 is PWM(for both motors, just to slow it down a bit). #include Servo mainservo; float dist[16]; int sensor = 0; int rightB=13; int rightF=12; int leftF=8; int leftB=7; int pwm=150; int pwmp=11; ///====================Functions====================\\ int turnR(){   digitalWrite(rightB,HIGH);   digitalWrite(leftF,HIGH);   Serial.println("turnR"); } int turnL(){   digitalWrite(rightF,HIGH);   digitalWrite(leftB,HIGH);   Serial.println("turnL"); } int turnback(){   digitalWrite(rightB,HIGH);   digitalWrite(leftF,HIGH);   delay(2000);   stopp();   Serial.println("turnback"); } int goforward(){   digitalWrite(rightF,HIGH);   digitalWrite(leftF,HIGH);   Serial.println("goforward"); } int stopp(){   digitalWrite(rightF,LOW);   digitalWrite(leftF,LOW);   digitalWrite(rightB,LOW);   digitalWrite(leftB,LOW);   Serial.println("Stopp"); } int fullscan(){   Serial.println("fullscan");   float volts;   mainservo.write(0);   delay(1000);   for (int i=0;i<=16;i++){     mainservo.write(i*10);     delay(150);     volts=analogRead(sensor)*0.0048828125;     dist[i] = 27*pow(volts, -1.1);     delay(50);     Serial.print("Dist:  ");     Serial.println(dist[i]);     ////////    }   mainservo.write(80);   Serial.println("dir");   while (boolean ang=true){     int d=0;d<=12;d++;     ang=false;     if (dist[d]>20 && dist[d+1]>20 && dist[d+2]>20 && dist[d+3]>20 && dist[d+4]>20){       float dir_ang =(d+2)*10;       ang=!ang;       Serial.print("Angle:   ");       Serial.println(dir_ang);       if (dir_ang<80){         turnR();         delay((80-dir_ang)*10);         stopp();       }       else if(dir_ang>80){         turnL();         delay((dir_ang-80)*10);         stopp();       }       else{         stopp();       }     }   }   Serial.println("FullScan done"); } void setup() {   pinMode(11,OUTPUT);   pinMode(rightF, OUTPUT);   pinMode(rightB, OUTPUT);   pinMode(leftF, OUTPUT);   pinMode(leftB, OUTPUT);   analogWrite(11,150);   mainservo.attach(9);   Serial.begin(9600);   fullscan(); } void loop(){   Serial.println("scanF");   float volts;   float dist;   mainservo.write(50);   delay(200);    volts=analogRead(sensor)*0.0048828125;   dist = 27*pow(volts, -1.1);   delay(50);   if (dist>25){     goforward();     Serial.print("go forward  ");     Serial.println(dist);   }   else{     stopp();     fullscan();   }    ////////////   mainservo.write(80);   delay(200);    volts=analogRead(sensor)*0.0048828125;   dist = 27*pow(volts, -1.1);   delay(50);   if (dist>25){     goforward();     Serial.print("go forward");     Serial.println(dist);   }   else{     stopp();     fullscan();   }    ////////////   mainservo.write(110);   delay(200);    volts=analogRead(sensor)*0.0048828125;   dist = 27*pow(volts, -1.1);   delay(50);   if (dist>25){     goforward();     Serial.print("go forward");     Serial.println(dist);   }   else{     stopp();     fullscan();   }    ////////////   mainservo.write(80);   delay(200);    volts=analogRead(sensor)*0.0048828125;   dist = 27*pow(volts, -1.1);   delay(50);   if (dist>25){     goforward();     Serial.print("go forward");     Serial.println(dist);   }   else{     stopp();     fullscan();   }    //////////// } Any help is welcome.

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I need advise. . .

I have a best friend and I have been really tempted to kiss her but I don't know how. I have a boyfriend and I don't know if I should tell him or not. I don't want to lose either of them. I am so worried about it. I am 16 - Please help me.

Question by kykethedyke 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

I need advice

Hi guys/ girls i need advice because i like this girl that is in 6 th grade and i am in 5 th grade im 11.This girl is awsome we have a lot of things in common i talk with her a lot i mesage with her and i think she likes me but im not really shure she likes me so i am afraid i f i ask her out and she says no it will ruin our friendship so what should i do?

Question by emilasaf88 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I can't print!?

I have registered. Made it! But when I go to download and print a box comes up asking if I want to sign up for Instructables …? I verified my email;  logged out then back in; refreshed my server. What am I doing wrong?

Topic by girluphigh 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

I need ideas!!

I just joined instructables and I need an idea for a cheap Halloween instructable.Please help. 

Question by Redwolf1125 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

i found this, is it bad?

I found this on google, am i in trouble?

Topic by Yerboogieman 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

i need ideas!

Nevermind, i have something to work on.

Topic by dsman195276 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago


I Love xkcd from NoamR on Vimeo.

Topic by ll.13 9 years ago

I am new

Hi, I am maria hall. I am new to this forum discussion.

Topic by Maria Hall 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Should I post?

I made a paintball extra parts/problem kit.Should I post? DUHAnyone find this useful? DUHShould I post a begginers guide along with it too? Um?Help, I will love any feedback!

Topic by mg0930mg 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Should I Post?

Should I post? And no, I am not a diesel freak; I was just bored. I've put on bigger tires and made the trailer longer and made 2 indy cars that both fit in the trailer. I also added seats and doors and a steering wheel. I hope you like.

Topic by koolkidd 11 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I hate apple.

So i heard of a few apps from some friends I try them out and I like them. So when I go to the app store to get the apps, they tell me that I have to accept their new terms. Since the wifi at my house is knocked out, I had to wait a very long time for it to load. When it finally loads and I hit that one button, it tells me to try again. That means I have to reload the app store, find that app, and download it again. This is a literal equivalant of an eternity. I wouldn't be whining so much if Apple was nice enough to resume the download when I accepted their licence.

Topic by DJ Radio 9 years ago

I have a video........?

I have a video in youtube that my friend that he blurred a part of it. How do i unblur this part?

Question by Riojelon 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Have I joined?

I only seem to have the option of "leaving" the group, but I don't see my entry among the others.

Topic by pitterpattern 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

I found a FAIL!

Lookie what i found!

Topic by NYPA 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I can not sign in

Everytime I try to login in Instructable I can not sign in even if the pw is correct. I always have to request a new pw and reset it. Can anyone help me?

Topic by faro49 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

shall i submit?

I've had an idea for a Batman-style net launcher i am wondering if i should post it? it should be able to launch a net and catch about anything.

Topic by Crakur 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

I cant comment

I cant comment i am onmy ipad mini ive tried logging out and everyt time im about to comment it says missing comment text

Topic by Schmidty16 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

i need help

I need help with a lego gun.

Topic by themoonatic 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How do I?

 How do I turn a word into a link to a website or such. Like if someone says "Look up here" and they turn the "here" into a link. How can I do this?

Question by Zem 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Should I publish this?

I just finished building a RepRap Huxley, and I took time lapse video of each build day. You can see everything on my blog post here. Instructables is a kind of showcase for my work and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to publish each video (there are four) as a step in an instructable. I didn't design the Huxley, and it would be difficult to reproduce my results just from watching the videos, but I did build it myself. That's why I can't decide if I should post it. I wouldn't want people to think I posted build instructions for the whole thing. So what you you think? I would love to get the opinion of some higher-ups.

Topic by JamesRPatrick 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago