How to narrow an IR beam which comes from several IR LEDs at one place? Can I use a lens for this? Answered

How to narrow an IR beam which comes from several IR LEDs at one place? Can I use a lens for this? This is for a university project which is to track an IR beam's pointer movement.

Asked by lks0912 9 years ago

How to make a IR transmitter and receiver for DC motor?

I want to make a IR transmitter and receiver for DC motor.

Asked by RUDR 3 years ago

does anybody know how to make an IR frequency reader?

Does anybody know how to make an IR frequency reader by com port? or a 7-segment? or with a digital multimeter? P.S: Most likely to me with a digital multimeter.

Asked by top.boy 7 years ago

I have about 15 IR remote controls? Are there any cool weekend projects I can do with them?

The remotes are new and have never been used.

Asked by pbrowning1 9 years ago

pinout help for my salvaged ir sensor/photo diode from mouse.?

I have salvaged ir emitter sensor pair from an old optical mouse. ir led glows fine on testing with mutimeter but the sensor part has 3 legs and i have always worked with 2 leged photodiodes . what is this specifically called? how can i know its pinout by testing with multimeter?

Asked by Atul009 4 years ago

How to make a circuit with an IR receiver turn on with an infrared remote control?

We are currently having a Research project in our English class and we thought it would be nice if we tried a research regarding electronics because me and my parter are both interested in electronics.  However, we are both beginners when it comes to electronics. Is there anyone who can help us with the following: A. Building an IR remote that can send a signal to the IR receiver to momentarily turn on (kinda like a push switch) B. An IR receiver that will be connected to a circuit to allow it to momentarily turn on or off based on the actions of the IR remote C. A fabric/system that could give a sudden "shock" to the holder when turned on kinda like the gag shock pens. D. Schematics for the IR receiver circuit I don't even know if this project is plausible but if anyone could help, we extend our deepest gratitude :)

Posted by flying_dilis 7 years ago

Example schematic / code for transmitting infrared signal (ie TV remote control)?

I am trying to send a infrared signal (ie TV remote control) from my PC. I have a usb connection to a PIC18F4550. The USB connection works fine but I cant get the IR LED to work properly. Does anyone have a example schematic / code that will do this?

Asked by Robertx68 5 years ago

Where could I buy a simple wireless ON/OFF switch?

I'm looking for a simple, small, wireless switch. you know if I press a button, a few feet away a circuit will go from open, to closed. IR preferably, I mean the remote on a remote control car can tell the car to go forward, there must be an even simpler device. Please and thanks!

Asked by jcouch1227 7 years ago

IR filter Answered

Can I use a VHS as an IR filter?

Asked by jbaker22 5 years ago

Ir remote?

How can I make IR remote that will be inside my phone????

Asked by PavleP 2 years ago

what type of this ir sensor??

What type of this ir sensor??

Asked by ouwelou 8 years ago

IR Sensor?

I have a pair of IR sensor, can you help me to find which one is transmitter and receiver. 

Asked by ShuvamP 3 years ago

making a IR Light

Im planning to build a IR light using 10 IR leds in parallel with a forward voltage of 1.2 and a forward current of 100mA and five 6.8 Ohms resistors. Will 2 AA batteries be enough for this Thanks

Posted by specializedrider 9 years ago

Can i use a IR sensor for reducing automobile speed?

IR sensor which should recive  reflected signal and send information to battery to pass electricity

Asked by sainath018 5 years ago

how to use a lm2907 to make an IR frequency reader?

I want to use a lm2907 to make an IR frequency reader so that a multimeter reads the frequency from the output of lm2907

Asked by DELETED_messam 7 years ago

IR based robot?

What changes i can do in simple line follower robot? I made simple line follower robot now i want this robot works when i give IR signals  (ON) and stop when I give OFF  signals through IR remote. Instead of on off  switch on it.

Asked by syedmBilal09 3 years ago

Easy way to get IR LED detectors?

I need a large quantity if IR detectors for free or very cheap. Are there any god sites that give samples or anyone here that has a large quantity they don't want?

Asked by XOIIO 9 years ago

how to maintain the intensity of IR at long distance and make it directional

We are trying to make an infrared shooting game which includes a transmitting gun and a receiving everyone knows IR is not directional so at long distance it will diverge but in shooting game we need a pointed IR beam. is there any technique implement this?? we need help..! :(

Posted by FypB 3 years ago

help with an ir remote? Answered

I need a remote with one button  that sends out any signal repetitively to trigger off this circuit  thanks :) i need this to turn off a light or something like that

Asked by techxpert 6 years ago

Cheap IR illuminator

I have been wanting to make night vision for a while and I get the question. How do I make an IR illuminator? Well I can buy 15 long range IR LEDS or I could buy a pre-built one for under $20. I have searched everywhere and still can't find what i'm looking for.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

I have an IR Detection problem on my TV and remote.

I got a new/used TV from someone and the TV works great but when I use the remote like the volume works but the channels won't. Some other button controls work but some others don't. How can I check the TV IR Receiver to see if it is receiving all the IR commands?

Asked by madrasi 9 years ago

iPhone, IR transmitter for Heli?

Hello all, does anyone know how to make IR transmitter for heli? You can look at here what I mean: I already have such heli at home, also apps is free, I don't know how transmitter works, but I thinks it's just audio->IR->heli any ideas, suggestions? thanks

Asked by mcride 6 years ago

Soooo... What can IR LEDs be used for?

I have three of them that I found in a Furby. What can I do with them and the rest of the Furby?

Posted by Sunbanks 10 years ago

arrey of nine or ten ir leds

Hi i'm making an arrey of ir leds and i will power them with 4.8v 180mAh battery i m using the given arrey. Can some one suggest me some better idea i have 10 leds rated 1.3V at 20mA

Posted by alex12349 8 years ago

What to do with an IR sensor from an Epson inkjet cartridge? Answered

My Epson Workforce printer has ink cartridges that seem to contain an IR sensor.  It's part of the ink level sensor, I think.  It's on a tiny board the size of a fingernail.  Can anything cool or useful be done with this?

Asked by DanYHKim 7 years ago

How can a camera work if it films IR? Answered

If you film a remote control while pushing any button, you can see purple flashes of the IR LED, so most cameras can film IR. Why don't we have problems taking photos of hot things (people, boiling kettles, soldering irons, etc)? If I knew how to add a video I would have done it.

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

accident prevention

I am selecting my final year project which is an eye blink detector and accident prevention in that i want to use IR moudule(transmitter and receiver) but i have doubt that can IR light penetrate through human eyes if is so it may harmful so is there another option instead of IR led light?

Asked by krutika agare 5 years ago

Can I use an IR receiver for a low voltage application (1 1/2 - 4 volts) - (1- 2 amps)?

I found one with the proper voltage but is .6 mAmps

Asked by undersea 8 years ago

can i make a drawing pen out of 2 old mice ir sensors?

I do graphics. so i need a drawing pen and buying one is outta my reach.

Asked by crazynath 7 years ago

can i remove the ir sensor?

Can i remove the ir sensor?

Asked by ouwelou 8 years ago

IR remote control color change LED - how small is possible?

Hi.  You know those LED candles and such that come with a remote control to change their color?  I'd like to do this with a necklace.  I'm wondering how tiny a light and receiver set-up can be?  Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 4 years ago

What are the specs for 'standard' 3.5mm mono pluged infrared (IR) emitters?

An example of what I'm talking about can be found on Amazon.  I am looking for which conductor is anode and which cathode as well as the forward voltage and current requirements.  My inability to see IR is really hurting my normal LED testing techniques.

Asked by EmperorMing 7 years ago

help with code

Hi , i have made a robot using arduino uno with aservo to move the ir sensor and two motors using l293....but i need a program for it ... so please help me.....

Asked by kiran890 5 years ago

Ir remote that activates 3 leds.

Hi, guys. I need some serious help. I need to build the following device: Remote control Ir transmitter with 3 buttons. Each button activates different led of different colours 1 button) red 2 button) blue 3 button) green A receiver device that acts in a different way for each button 1 button) red led lights for 3 seconds and there is a beep.  2 button) blue led turns on and turns off only after 5 minutes. 3 button) when third button on remote is pressed, then on a receiver device green light turns on, and turns off when the button is released. Also i need IR beam to be as thin as possible. On a distance of 1-10 meters its diameter must be something like 30cm. Is that possible?  Also how can i restrict IR beam to work only up to 10m distance. Also the problem is that i am restricted to 15$ budget, cause i need to build  60 pairs. If this is impossible for this budget i need the following: Remote control with 3 buttons. 2 buttons activates corresponding led for 3 seconds. third button activates third led only when pressed. The same thing with the IR beam diameter.

Posted by vnovick 7 years ago

Wanting to make a switchable IR night light

Every night I come home, I have to open my garage door manually and park my motorcycle. When the garage closes, its dark and I tend to bump into my cycles exhaust burning myself. Yeah pretty funny. Anyways I had an idea, since I already had an arduino uno board and an IR Sensor and emitter, I wanted to make a trigger-able light switch. But I wanted my IR reader to run on AC, like a night light. At the press of a button from my emitter, the IR would pick up the codes and my light would turn on. Is this possible? Some people say, just buy a motion sensor and plug it in, I say i'll just salvage it for parts and try to make my own. Whats the fun in buying it, when I could build it with parts I already have. I mean, I know AC is dangerous, if not viable, then I could resort to a 9v with a power capacitor so long as it doesn't drain my 9v instantly.

Posted by bprins 3 years ago

can someone build me an IR remote range booster? for pay?

I have chauvet hex 3's using the IRC-6 and need to go from about 25/30ft range now to 75ft, if poss. I just don't want to build it. (but may have to?) thanks guys/gals  charlie at c the sound aat ya hoo in the middle of the good ol us *us residents only please. don't contact me for any other reason.* smooch

Asked by audiodoofus 3 years ago

How to photograph small crystals "chatons" without having any kind of reflections ? Answered

I'm trying to inspect the deformation of small crystal chatons by image inspection, and I'm trying hard to minimize the reflections of light done by the geometrical shape of the crystal. I tried so many different ways and techniques, and i was wondering does the IR imaging do any help for this problem..?!

Asked by eng_islam_h 7 years ago

infra red light switch?

Has anybody got any ideas on how to make a switch with an infra red light and a receiver, like when you interrupt the beams it switches on?

Asked by freerunnin1 8 years ago