I frequently upload images that look right to me, but that are rotated on instructables. Is it possible either for )instructables to recognize exif information or )for instructables to implement a rotate-r? muchos gracias! *

Posted by stasterisk 10 years ago

Image not found

I'm working on a new instructable, and today I'm not seeing a lot of the images. They worked fine, yesterday. Today, I'm seeing "Image not found".

Posted by jdege 9 years ago

"image not available" in instructables; thumbnails won't enlarge

Large images not available in instructables--nothing shows except the message that they are not available. Thumbnails are there but I can't enlarge them. Some instr. are difficult to follow if you can't enlarge the thumbnails.

Posted by archerj 8 years ago

I can't add images to my comment post

When i went to reply to and inscrutable i was able to type a reply, enter it it but i could not add and image no matter how many times i clicked on it.

Posted by ZariaXD 5 years ago

pdf images

Just today, I am no longer able to see images in pdf versions of the instructable, the images are still there for individual viewing though!

Posted by lehmannheinz 10 years ago

In a step, Images are followed by text

There does not seem to be an option to put the text first followed by the images? I would like to have several lines of text in the introduction followed by the images. It would also be nice to put text before each image such as: text, image, text, image, etc. Is there a way to do this?

Posted by bennett2198 1 year ago

Image issues on Instructables right now

We're having some issues with the images right now. Don't worry, we're on it and things will be back to normal soon.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Can't post new images

Currently, on FF21, and Chrome, I can't post new images to the site as answers. I've flushed cookies as usual, no dice. Anyone else seeing it ? Yet HERE, in the forums, using the old code for the image uploader, it DOES work.....

Posted by steveastrouk 5 years ago

add images to a guide intro

I've made a guide and I need to insert two images in the intro. When I create the guide I'm able to insert images, also more than one, but I don't see them in the preview. Maybe I can insert only one image which goes as the cover of the guide? Thanks!

Posted by andrea biffi 6 years ago

Too much scrolling to view sequential images

When there are multiple images in a step, it's extremely tedious to have to scroll down, click the next image for it to load, then scroll up to the area where the image is viewed. For those of us with small laptop screens, this is Just No Fun. May I suggest a "next" button, or some way to proceed to the next image within the step without having to scroll? I'd like to be able to view images at 100% size, not squinch them down to be able to click/view without scrolling. Thank you for considering this.

Posted by Mander2033 9 years ago

Problem viewing images

When I am on a instructable and try to view all the photos but it dose not work...I click on the mini image but nothing happens! I am using Firefox and some other people are experiencing the same problem!

Posted by iproberry1 6 years ago

Images Appearing in the Wrong Order

Hi there, I noticed that my Instructable is not displaying images in the correct order: It all goes wrong in Step 7 where the images for that particular step fail to load. The order of the remaining images is wrong as a result of this. If you take a look at the screenshot attached you can see what images should be appearing for steps 7, 8 & 9. What actually appears is very different. I have tested it in several browsers it happens in all of them so it doesn't appear to be browser specific. I have tried removing the images, saving the Instructable then putting the images back in and it still displays in the wrong order. Is anyone else seeing this elsewhere on Instructables? Thanks!

Posted by LukeK1990 1 year ago

can't see image notes

Hi i don´t know what the problem is but for some days i have been seeing the images in the instructables the way you can see in the attachment. i'm using google chrome, but if i use firefox every thing works just fine.

Posted by magno_23 6 years ago

email images not displaying

I'm not getting images in my Instructables newsletter emails. Almost all of them are broken except for the We're Hiring graphic. The links in the image placeholders work. But without the images I'm not inspired, so I don't bother to click and follow the link. I have no problem with any other emails from other websites. I'm using Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista. (Please don't suggest using a different email program.) I've added Instructables to my "Safe Sender" list and "Safe Domain" list. What's going on?

Posted by PaulyG10657. 2 years ago

Satellite images.

Does anybody know where i can get highly detailed satellite images? Higher than google. Google has this thing that you can pay $20 to get better quality, but to me that seems like a rip off. Anyone know any places to get better pictures? Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Adding tags to already-uploaded pictures

Would it be possible to have a link to add a keyword to an image, in the instructables editor? RIght now, it appears that you have to find the image in your library in order to add a keyword, and if finding a particular image in your library was easy, you'd not be worrying about adding keywords.

Posted by jdege 9 years ago

Images uploaded to where?

I just uploaded 200MB of images for a new instructable, and I can't find them in "my library" or anywhere else for that matter. I used the new uploader, and I'm in Firefox 3.0.6 using no funny plugins. (no dragdrop or anything.) I've waited several minutes, since I figured there might be a delay for thumbnail generation or something, but I just can't find the images anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

Posted by Myself 9 years ago

Images did not post with my new Instructable, why?

I posted an instrutable and used pictures from my Flickr account and also from my computer.  The pictures did not show up in my posted work.  The files were listed before I posted the final work, but no images showed up.  What is wrong? 

Posted by s1mp13m4n 8 years ago

no images? is it just me?

I don't know if this is just me, but I have a lot of problems viewing instructables on my computer in Firefox 3. I don't remember when this started because I use my boyfriends computer a lot, and his has no trouble with it. Thumbnails, images in the instructables themselves, and background images don't show up. Some of the text of the site is white and i can't see it without the background images, unless I select it. (also there is no problem in IE) I have tried deleting the browser cache and I've looked through FAQs but haven't found anything which works.

Posted by incessant_steph 9 years ago

Naked images on

I am a little bit confused. I apologise if I missed this thread. Did I just see boobies in the ad bar at the top of my page? I was about to hit Scrn Pnt so I could post it... but it refreshed and I lost it I must say I was impressed at the images yet could not believe it... Has any one else seen this ad?

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

posting images not working for me.

I'm trying to upload pics for my next instructable but it says sorry, file uploads are temporarily disabled due to sever maintenance please try again later I though it was done tomorrow but it was still there. Is it just me or everybody. And is there a way to fix it.

Posted by mikael bl 4 years ago

Is it possible to add tags to pictures already in image library

Sorry, this is probably another stupid question. Can I add tags to images that are already in my image library? I didn't realize how quickly the photos would add up. I have only posted 3 instructables, but I am working on several more and the lack of tags is annoying. I am now adding tags but I still have a bunch of photos without tags.Thanks.

Posted by artlife 5 years ago

Don't know how to change the default image (that everyone sees) to a better one. (same for 2 instructables)

I have 2 instructables about my lungfish hydroponics concept, one video and one step by step.  I used a screenshot from the video to start both but now, even though it is no longer in the start page of the step by step, it is still what everybody sees.!   I have a much better image to introduce it and have even deleted that old image from the instructable but it still shows as the start point for the step by step. That is very annoying. What can I do? Either of the below images help explain what is going on, even if the user never looks at my instructable.  So I much prefer if one of those is seen by the ordinary man in the street.  Thanks Brian

Posted by gaiatechnician 5 years ago

Newsletter appears as boxes with red X's??

Hi all:  hope someone can help with a problem i have with the instructable newsletter.  I just got a new computor (Windows 7, & Windows Live Mail) and when i receive an instructable newsletter the content or images of the projects appear as rectangular blank boxes with a red X.  Now other newsletters from other sites does the same thing but there is a header at the top of the page asking "to see content select show images" and then the content images appear.  But with the instructables newsletter that comment or selection does not appear at the top of the page??? and I am not able to view the project images?? I'm sure its something simple but I can't find out what it is???? Sure would appreciate any help.

Posted by Coolerman 6 years ago

Image Deletion- "Well that was a smart move."

Well that was smart. I thought for the first time, I would have a clean out of my image library. I apparently have never noticed before, that your image library is directly connected to your I'ble pictures. I assumed that after you had published an I'ble, that the images in it would be stored. I guess I was wrong... That really really, does not make me happy. I'm just hoping I have some of them saved on my computer, because that little effort just wiped at least 3 of my I'bles... Luckily I was getting a server error so I stopped deleting them after the first 70... I know it's my own fault, but I can't believe I have never had a conversation or heard about that before. I have no idea where to start now, I guess I should un-publish all the I'ble's.

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

No images appearing on pages - FIXED

EDIT: I fixed it. I discovered that for some reason the bookmark I use for Instructables was, which got me through the site okay, but with no pictures. But whenever I clicked a link someone else gave me, the pictures showed up. Anywho, I've edited my bookmark and everything's fine now.Hello.Every time i try to open an instructables page lately, I receive one error message for every image on the page, and the images never show up. Videos still appear on the pages, though.The instructables didn't use to do this, and I'm not sure what's wrong.I'm including a screencap of the error message below.Any help would be great!(I am also receiving the error for the screencap I just included - I'm not sure if anyone else can see it)

Posted by ScruffyRasputin 10 years ago

My Work

These are some things I've made on Photoshop

Posted by Caveman477 10 years ago

Robot gets Bizzy!

Hey, I just noticed that on some of the categories, there are customized Robots!  I'm a bit disappointed that neither Halloween nor Dremel are part of the fun, but it's still cute :-)

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Night light

Hi all, I'm newcomer to this "club", and am looking for some help, please. I'm looking for details of how to make a night light, with a rotating element with designs (people, animals, trees, plants etc) either cut out of it, or painted on it. The rotating element is powered by the warm air coming off the top of the globe. The rotating element should be able to be "dropped into" position. Sorry I have nothing further at this stage!! Peter Smith

Posted by peteras1 10 years ago

Can't attach images to comments

Add images button opens the interface, but the image library tab won't open. Images can be uploaded but cannot be attached. ? L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Multiple images not showing up when previewing an instructable

I am making an Instructable. When I preview it, multiple images are not showing up. In step 2, two images are supposed to show up. but only the first image does. This is the Instructable.

Posted by GScience 4 years ago

Image notes are duplicate

Lately I am seeing a new flaw in images notes: they are duplicate. Often the problem is not relevant, but sometimes it avoid I see some images, as you can see in the attached image. I use Firefox 13.0.1 under Windows 7 Home Basic, at a Lenovo laptop, 2 Gb RAM.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

Images not showing in slideshow preview

I'm creating my first slideshow and when I preview it, I'm not seeing anything. The images show just fine in the library and in the list in edit mode.

Posted by flaming_pele! 10 years ago

Help with uploading images?

I need help with uploading images to Instructables -- the wheel just keeps on spinning forever. I've had this problem on SuSE and Ubuntu... Can anyone help? Please?

Posted by threecheersfornick 10 years ago

FIXED: Some new I'bles showing up on RECENT without images

See the attached screen capture.  Three of the four most recently published I'bles appear on the RECENT page without thumbnail images.  All three have images associated with their Intro steps. UPDATE 13 Nov 2009:  This was resolved, per Noah.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

I can not upload images into comments

I want to upload an image in my comment at I choose Add Images, then Select files, uploader open the file dialog, I choose the file BUT THE FILE does not appears as ready for upload. The file is a jpg, it is attached in this bug report.

Posted by rimar2000 6 years ago

Can't upload images

For some reason I can't upload images to an old instructable I've been working on. I can upload them to new instructables, but not an old saved one I'm trying to finish. Also when I scroll through the images in the library, where it displays "showing 10 - 20 of 100" the first number becomes negative? It will say "showing -10 to 20 of 100" or something like that ?

Posted by scraptopower 6 years ago

How do I add tags to photos in my image library?

When I uploaded photos I didn't see an option to add tags (maybe I missed it?). Now I'd like to add tags to those pictures in my image library. Is there any way to do that? I found this forum topic from a year ago but I don't seem to have the link to add keywords when I get to an image's info page.

Posted by ModMischief 4 years ago

I feel a little dumb, but how do I delete images from my library?

Still trying to figure this site out. It's pretty confusing.. Enjoying my second day though. :]

Posted by Baran Romis 10 years ago

reporting a bug

Two people who are pro members were not able to download my PDF with images. Since I am not a pro member myself, I could not either. They suggested I report the bug, and I thought posting in the forum would make sure the images aren't loading for anyone.

Posted by tesseliot 9 years ago

Edit Images Profile/Images Not Working

Edit profile image and accessing available images in library are not currently working. Click and nothing happens From any URL it decides to land me on still get same issue Browser: Chrome Ver 55 OS: Win 10 HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. In addition I'm getting Javascript Errors and Mixed Content Warnings http/https Uncaught ReferenceError: ibles is not defined     at child.showDesktopUploader (member-3461ed7a.js:2)     at Object. (member-3461ed7a.js:2)     at c (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:2)     at Object.add [as done] (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:2)     at Object.fetchUploaderScripts (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:16)     at Array. (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:16)     at c (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:2)     at Object.add [as done] (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:2)     at Object.fetchUploaderTemplates (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:16)     at Object.fetchUploader (base-desktop-bs2-0e06bd33.js:16)

Posted by MrRedBeard 1 year ago

Problem with posting pictures in messages/replys from library?

Hullo chaps... I'm having a problem when posting images in replts to I'bles... usually if I see a REALLY awesome I'ble I attach a 'high five' image... but I would say over the past week I have been unable to do so... I go to 'attach image', then 'choose from library' and well... nothing comes up... here let me try and get a screen shot okay... see how the dialogue box isn't coming up? I thought It was just my PC... but it's the same on my laptop... Any ideas anyone? I want to give out my high fives but i cant :(

Posted by Biggsy 7 years ago

Instructable images on another site

I noticed a spike in youtube views the other day.  Based on YouTube analytics, the views were coming from a site out of France. I went to the site and notice that  the images and new text (love google translate) were pulled off one of my instructables and placed on that site.  There is no credit (or link) given to instructables.  In addition, the adsense revenue was zero since the banner ads don't show up.   Here is the original: Part 1: Part 2: Buzzfil Version,non-classe/il-ne-savait-pas-trop-quoi-faire-avec-ses-palettes-en-bois-mais-son-idee-est-hyper-genial-9.html Is this pretty common?

Posted by mtairymd 2 years ago

Copyright Confusion

Hi all!  New here, first post.  Hopefully I'm putting this in the right spot and it hasn't been asked.  Was wondering, so you make those little magnets with a picture glued to the back but is there a copyright discrepancy with using images that aren't your own and making it into something that is your work?  Crafts like that are tedious but not hard though it seems like if those selling things like that in shops wouldn't be making those magnets and such if they could do such great art.  Thanks for any info 

Posted by MosaicM0n5t3r 8 years ago

Can someone please help me?

Hi, I am new to instructables and just uploaded my first one. I created the steps and images on my laptop, which looked great on my laptop, but didn't upload so great.  The quality dropped!!! Considering it is for turning snapshots into professional photographs, this is not good. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks! Lisa

Posted by lisamw123 7 years ago

Newsletter fault?

Since recently a few newsletters aren't working on my pc I don't know what's wrong and  the nintendo and my bank newsletters are working fine. I've added a screenshot I hope someone can help me.

Posted by RoboticProgrammer 6 years ago

Sildeshow Images Do Not Appear

I published a slideshow and the images do not appear when I view it. I took a screenshot, and have attached it. The slideshow is "Simple Flyback Driver Gives Powerful Arcs"

Posted by Xellers 9 years ago

Cannot delete images from my library

Today I tried to delete a boat load of upload experiments from my image library. However when I try to remove one image, it reappears shortly after in my overview. The url that the image library is on, and I tried to remove the images via is: and clicking on your library of course. After the overview pops up of all the separate images, I try to remove them via the red X in the right top of the image. The operating system I use is windows 7 Tried Firefox (version 33.1 32bit) and chrome (version 39.0.2171.71 m) p.s. Trying to remove them via the image library accessible while writing this post isn't possible either.

Posted by FriedZombie 4 years ago

Bug report: Title images for open contests incorrect on mobile device

Minor bug report. On a mobile device (Android Moto X) using the Instructables app (version 2.0.2), when looking at the open contests, some contests (incorrectly) have the same title image. See attached screenshots. Specifically, the DIY University Contest and Hunter-Gatherer Contest both have the same incorrect contest title image (the Remix Contest's image), and the Hand Tools Only Contest has the incorrect contest title image (the Teach It! Contest's image). So, it's super minor, but thought you'd like to know.

Posted by Teisha 4 years ago

So THAT'S where they preview my images...

I'm not sure why this occured, would any one else know?

Posted by Kryptonite 8 years ago