imovie 11 problem? Answered

When I try to upload a video to vimeo or you tube imovie says "sharing requires more memory to be available quit iMovie and relaunch it". I've tried to upload a video like a billion times.  DETAILS: I'm doing this on a almost new computer with 16gb memory THANK YOU!

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IMovie Help: how to change the speed of a clip

Hey everybody I was editing some video and found out that the option of changing the speed of the clip is greyed out. Anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank You Im using OS X Yosemite 

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How can I get the old imovie FX?

I always loved the old imovie FX (pixie dust...) but to my disappointment, the new mac osx (or should I say old now) do not have those FX anymore. is there any way I can change that !

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imoive crashes and I cant get out how do I escape?

Obviously I've tried pressing esc key, control escape, switching it off twice. I cant even reduce the screen. The stupid rainbow circle just keeps spinning and my whole mac pro is jammed

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Chroma-Key in iMovie? aka green screen? Answered

I already have a program that runs chroma-key, but I am making a project specifically in iMovie '11. It would be nice if I could keep every thing within the perimeter of one program. Does iMovie '11 have this option? Thanks!

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Cutting h.264 Video without long import using iMovie (Mac), for example from an cheap Aiptek AHD-200/720P

Hello, this is a extremely usefull hint, but not worth an instructable, so I thought I'dd share it in the forums. iMovie is a very easy to use but still usefull video editor. Even though I have a Desktop running Windows and Linux, I usualy use an old iBook G4 to quickly edit some videos (unless it needs some fancy editings which I can not do with iMovie, for example greenbox or other effects. Then I'll use WAX 2 or Zweistein for example.) We have recently bought an Aiptek AHD-200 Camcorder (US: A-HD 720P), also available with optical zoom (z300/GO-HD - 720P). It records with the "little" 720p HD-Resolution which is 1280x720 (30 frames per second) and for about 130 Euro with a 2 GB SD-Card (Sells for about the same in dollars in the US) its a great camera that beats most cheap 200 Euro DV-Camcorders. It records videos as AVC/H.264 Video in a MOV-Container. Now most (free) video editors will convert the video or import it which takes very long at that resolution. Only Jahshaka (which is extremely slow with 720p) and Avidemux 2 (Which is available for all systems but only allows basic keyframe cutting) will open it without long imports / converting the video. Some videoeditors can not handle MOV and you'll need to convert the video prior to importing with SUPER or Avidemux, Virtualdub (which needs a mov-plugin) etc. iMovie suffers the same problem. Then I found a hint on another forum: Save your project, and rightclick (Click+ctrl) the file. Choose "show package contens". Now simply copy or drag&drop all your MOV-Files into the MEDIA-Folder. If you'll re-open your project, iMovie will display the message that there are items in the trashbin. Choose to show them, and drag them onto the clips or timeline. Now they are ready to edit without waiting to import them! I suppose importing them has the advantage that they will be rescaled in order to output DV-Material directly to the camera. Still, adding effects and burning to DVD works well this way, no matter if you have chosen DV or HD-Format. So you do not even have to work with the 720p resolution. I have only tried this with iMovie 6, as it is the last version that will work on a g4/800MHz with Mac OS X 10.3.9. (Yes, I use it to cut HD720P Video; Its not fast but works fine) iMovie 3 stores projects in regular folders and the trick does not work with it. If anyone could confirm if this works with iMovie 8, please do so :-) The only problem that remains with the camera: It lacks of image stabilisation. There are several shareware image stabilisator plugins for iMovie, but all cost 30 dollars or more. Under windows, there is "DeShaker" for VirtualDub which has many more option then all the shareware plugins have! Plus, it can interpolate the missing image areas from the past/next frames instead of zooming in. Does anyone here know of a good (free?) DeShaker-Alternative for Linux or Mac OS X?

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Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Answered

I used the green screen setting in iMovie and cropped in an additional clip to give this clone effect, but the cropped in image doesn't appear as it should. Does anyone know what I did wrong?

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what is a good video editting software that is like imovie but free?

I am looking for one that does the efects of having three small screens on the whole computer screen

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How to i add photos on instructables?

By the way i use iMovie for editing and a camera to record

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How do I transfer my tapes from my video camera to DVD on my Mac? Answered

I have the right cable, I have imovie. When it says to import from camera do I have the tape running at the same time I select that option? Do I need to do more? Is this easy? Is it easy to import to YouTube once it is a DVD or do I do this right from imovie? Sorry if these are dumb questions, I feel like my brain is running on glue today, I just can't think.

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How can I get a JVC GZ MG555U camcorder to work as a webcam on a Macintosh?

The camcorder effectively connects with iMovie but it's not recognized by not iChat, Skype, or any other video conferencing programs.

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Is there a video editor and screen recording system out there? Answered

I've been looking to record and edit videos straight from the screen of both my Mac and a PC (Windows, as goes with them), but Quicktime and iMovie aren't cutting it -- Quicktime botches the software while iMovie refuses to work properly under its format (Or something). The PC is even worse -- the software crashes entirely or runs pixel by pixel, and the editor is currently nonexistent. I am in need of a proper software that can record the happenings of the screen smoothly and an editor that can handle the videos. I am not picky on whether the software only works on the Mac or the PC (Free is good, but price is not a huge matter here). Thank you, Thegox

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Is there a stop motion app for Mac? Answered

I have been making stop motion for a long time and I have been wondering if there is a stop motion app because my computer has iMovie and it takes me hours to complete a stop motion with no music.(I have an older computer)

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Movie-Editing Software?

I've been getting into short film recently and I'm looking for some movie-editing software. I want something that:works on Windowsis free/open sourceis easy to usehas a good amount of useful featuresI like iMovie, but I'm not spending the money on a Mac.Help?

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I've been really intrested in making movies, but i need some ideas. i would give everybody full credit.

I use imovie but would be willing to use a different program. i love using effects and everything so if i could get some ideas that would be great. thanks, amandel

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My camera isn't being recognized by programs?

My sister has a JVC GR-DA30 video camera that I am trying to connect to my Macbook Pro. When I plug it in and turn it on, iMovie, iPhoto, and even Image Capture don't recognize. I know that the problem isn't in the cable because when I go to firewire from system profiler, it recognizes the camera. What am I doing wrong?

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The Kinetic Rifle V.1

Here it is: the bullpup, tube mag, bolt-action, pump-action, sling semi-repeater.  This is by far my most favorite gun I have ever built.   The reason I call it a "semi-repeater" is because while it has a magazine, loading it involves a two-step process of pulling back the rubber band and then pulling the pump.  Therefore you don't have to load each individual bullet into the barrel by hand, the pump does that for you, but the band still has to be pulled back manually.  The gun was originally intended to have the pump bull back the band as well, but to do so the pullback distance would have to be greater, requiring a larger barrel to house a longer pullback, requiring pieces I just don't have.  When I get the pieces I am going to make the pump pull the band back, and I will post that as the V.2. What I love about this gun is that it takes many concepts and combines them to work in sync with one another.  I also like the fact that there is almost no limit to how powerful you can make this gun, since the ratchet can hold an incredible amount of tension.  Overall it is an incredible gun, averaging ~60ft with the 1 band used in the video.  Though it isn't the most reasonable choice for a war (it only holds 4 shots in the mag and is huge), it is well on its way to becoming the most efficient knex repeater out there. -Kinetic iMovie wrecks.

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Macbook Pro and Following Heartbreak

I have a problem and the people on Instructables are so smart I am hoping someone can advise me.   A year ago I used my Macbook Pro in my kitchen and happened to leave it on the kitchen table over night. I never did this before.  We had a huge storm that night and my roof leaked.  I had it repaired following Hurricane Ike and it had been fine but then something happened (I got it fixed - kind of like locking the gate after the cows get out)  and that one night was the only time I ever left my computer there or had a roof leak that was pretty bad and covered my entire table with water. When I saw my table and computer I thought I would fall out!  I picked up the computer and water ran out of it!  I didn't know then to take the battery out and let it dry out completely and I don't know if it would have worked anyway.  I whined for a day or two and then bought a new Macbook Pro.  Now I can get it to power up and it seems like it is working but there is no display. First I wonder is there a way to get that computer to work again.....Second - Is there a way to recover my videos and pictures even if that computer never works again so I can have the pictures of my best friend who recently passed away and have the pictures and videos of the wildlife I love to photograph? I am a principal so I take a lot of pictures and videos at school and make videos for students and staff.  Previously I was the assistant principal and my best friend was my principal and I have a lot of video and pictures of all the fun stuff we used to do just on off time or at school.  My best friend and principal ended up with a brain tumor and passed away a few months ago. She was young and vibrant and larger than life. The staff I inherited from her would love to see some of our videos and pictures from the days when she was healthy and our principal.  It really bothers me that I can't get my videos and pictures for both reasons, the loss of the videos that would remind me and my staff of fun times with my friend at school and because of the animal videos I feel I have lost that I would love to be able to see and use again.I spend my free time making videos and doing animal photography. I have 10 game cameras set up on my property in East Texas and I love to watch the animals.  All of my previous pictures, video, on that hard drive. I removed it and I can save to it but I can not open up the picture and videos on it. The new Macbook has updated software and I have not been able to open up iPhoto, IMovie, or IDVD and get my my pictures and videos from it.    I really wish I could get those images and videos back.   I now have that hard drive in a hard case to be used as an external hard drive.   If you read all of this, Thank you! If you have any helpful ideas I would love to hear them.  If you have any interest in the type of videos I make feel free to visit my Youtube channel at  Foxy was my first great dane and I was crazy in love with that dog hence the username!   Thank you! Amy

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