The best slingshot trigger

 I'm working on a slingshot gun but icant make a trigger for it could someone please leave a link for a good slingshot trigger its an 3 layer barrel(3 orange connectors)

Posted by Merugop 8 years ago

K'NEX LIM Launcher

I heard from that someone made a Magnet brake. Now I wonder if you can make a LIM launcher and some people said that you need electronic magnets that turn on and off the launching machine. I was hoping to find some information for a simple thing like this. Maybe someone can make a Electric Magnet from house materials.

Posted by rexdino5 8 years ago

A couple new Knex guns of mine

Here's some pictures of guns I've made lately. I most likely won't make instructions because they use too many pieces for most people to build. Tell me what you guys think. Cannon 2.0: This cannon mod shoots rods instead of blocks of Knex. I can say without a doubt, it is the farthest shooting Knex gun out there (yes, farther than KILLERK's pistol). And no more crap-handle :3 Pump-action fully-auto: I made this yesterday. It's a pump-action that gives 6 shots for 1 pump. Because I haven't built a good trigger for it yet, it is shot by pressing down that thing sticking out of the top (shoots 1 at a time, but very quickly depending on how fast you press it) . Shoots green rods with surprising accuracy and distance. Holds 42 bullets. Doubt I will post.

Posted by oodalumps 11 years ago

Rubber Bands

Hey at my friends house his rubber bands break when we make knex guns and we think they need to be kept fresh so they don't become old so doesn't anybody have an idea on keep rubber bands fresh? Since I'm trying to keep all my guns in a show case but i don't want the rubber bands to be rotten when using it in the long run.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

SRV3 Build

Do any of you guys have built the srv3 by now? Because im trying to build it and its hard because theirs no actual  instructions for the gun, if anybody that has one can maybe have a ibles on it? 

Posted by Element Force 1 year ago

New Knex Gun

Hey guys I just finished a new gun and wanted to know if I should post it. I don't have any picures up yet so I didn't want to waste any time.Tell me what you think. compact 6 round stipper-clip great trigger foregrip new rail system  powerful accurate So, tell me in the comment section or send me a private message. Oh and when I mean post I mean just show it off. But, if you want instructions just send me a message. Thx!

Posted by didexo 6 years ago

Long Time Gone

So im guessing that most of you wont really remember me, i have not made a full come back to knex but i am mainly just trying to see if i still have the main skills but im going to give it a shot but at christmas i will be stopping as i am going to try and sell my knex again but at the moment i am working on a project which i dont think many people have suceeded in doing but i have nearly finished my !! spas 12 !! so yeah i will be posting pictures but i dought i will be posting as ive used many broken peices to get it to work the way i want but the main concept is very simple i may attach a picture once its done to this post

Posted by knex mad 7 years ago

Mr. Doomsday K'NEX Gun Review

Hi, Just a quick review on the Mr. Doomsda gun! Overall score: 9.5 / 10 Ease of use: 9.5 / 10 Just a slide back, pull trigger and pull trigger mechanism. Ease of build: 8.5 / 10 Some hard bits here and there. Range: 8 / 10 Probably Short - Medium range. Painfulness: 5 / 10 Only hurts on bare skin, point blank.

Posted by NatNoBrains 7 years ago


Which one should i make? A m16 with some accessories grenade launcher maybe mag and charging handle or a true shotgun w/ mag and pump and should I post my sling shot sniper rifle with my own mech and low pieces

Posted by Katarukito 9 years ago


What do you think of rubber band guns? do we have enough or should we get more? do you think they are just not worth spending time posting because they can only go so far? post what you think about them

Posted by ironman69 10 years ago

DOSE any1 want to buy Knex??????

Hey well i have bin into knex since forever but now i think its time to get rid of them . there are about 10,000 to 13,000 . I would say about 80 to about 90 pounds worth of knex so if you want more info inbox me . about the price we wil discuss it in the message . im in los angeles california

Posted by golongboard310 6 years ago

What does you Instructables account name mean?

What does it mean? Me? I lived in New york and Pennsylvania, so New york (NY) and Pennsylvania (PA). I also lived in Ohio, so my name is sometimes NYOH.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

Knex DS lite docking station

Do you guys think I should make this instructable? It took me a really long time to finish this to put up on here. If you want me to make this please comment and rate. If 50 people say they want me to make this then I will put it up. Guys it does have a DS game holder. I forgot to take a picture of it its in the back of the DS.  thank you guys remember rate and comment. Guys please comment I really want to know what you guys think. Or send me a message and please follow me . please give me suggestions if you have any questions please just message me i will message you back as soon as i can

Posted by soccer9112 5 years ago

New Start

I think at this point in time of my life, ive lost my ability to create well designed weapons with knex. But Ive always been fascinated by the ball machines, and I would like to pursue further into my knex hobby to make them. But my skill when it comes to this is at rock bottom. I have no experience, and no concept on how to design anything for these. I also need to buy more parts to get started on it and be able to finish it without worrying about missing some parts. I havent gone anywhere guys, just had some time off since I couldnt make anything good. I miss all of you guys, and hopefully, I can get something going and youll see more from me :) -SW-

Posted by Senior Waffleman 3 years ago

A good place to start from

Help a newbie out, what should I look at first? I recently became very interested in the concept of Knex weaponry, and I want to build an Arsenal of Freedom for myself. However, I am unsure of which designs are better than others, or whose designs are the top of the line. Would any of you be so kind to send me links to some of the better instructables/models out there? Accesory instructions are also appreciated. I'm looking for grenades and a wide variety of guns, but I want optimized designs over all else. I leave my fate to the rest of you. P.S. While proficient with Knex, I am a tad rusty, so if an instructable is straightforward and simple to understand, all the better.

Posted by Matamane 7 years ago

The Last Goodbye :(....

Hey guys most of you will not remeber me etc but i have used and built with knex for many years and i have sadly grown apart as to this i am selling the rest of my knex i split it in half allong time ago from arounf 30kg down to just 15.7kg this is still quite allot and fits into a large plastic box. As you have probably guessed i am wanting to sell the rest as its not being used and will give someone else some fun theres roughly 8 sets in there + a couple of thousand spares which i have bought overtime such as yello connectors green rods and others. in total i would say estimating around 20-30 thousand parts maybe more the pices are all in good used condition and are waiting to be sent to a new home. i will ship out of the uk at your i am open too offers you can pm me or leave a comment if you are intrested for a shipping quote send me a post code or zip code over pm and i willl get back to you.... i would ad a picture but a box is not very exciting if you require a picture then let me know... many thanks Knex Mad...

Posted by knex mad 6 years ago

This is just here so Kinetic can get my pics

I kinetic it would not let me post the pic on ur page so here it is in an forum. I only have one pic. So here u go u can put this in ur ible.

Posted by Knexwizard 8 years ago


Still using the same old TR8 turret? Tired of tearing apart your hands trying to replace a broken mini pin? this turret is both sturdy and easy to access the pins for easier than ever replacement the last thing you need during a war is to spend time repairing your gun with this mod not only is your turret as solid as it can be but it is also as easy to access and replace parts as necessary! i understand it uses a lot of blue clip connectors so this mod may not be for everyone but i would highly recommend this turret and use it as my standard TR8 turret

Posted by Knex Lego Maniac 6 years ago

How to make a knex gun better

How to make a knex gun better.

Posted by knex maddo 9 years ago


Hi everyboody so the knex evolution seems to have reached its end however i think i have some ideas, and if everybody understands there will be enough new challenges for these types of guns. so the idea is: the bullets will be charged with energy to make them fly, not a ram rod or mechanism or whatsoever, just a piece of ammo with a rubber band on it. find a way to stack them up. this will make it harder to make a proper magazine but it'll be worth it. for example a dark grey connector with a rubber band, piled to any size of rod, attach all the rubber band to the top of the magazine and make a mechanism not to put energy in the bullet, but to release them

Posted by mahmel 6 years ago

Should I post?

This is a new gun I made after finding about Ipod Killer's "innovative" trigger system. It uses Mepain's ram and part of the Burito Master's clip for his scar gun. The clip pushes up the ammo by itself, so all ya gotta do is pull the ram then trigger. It also uses a spring to absorb the shock of the ram.

Posted by mutt256 10 years ago

First bolt action without gravity fed hopper?

I made this true bolt action that works like the real one . instead of using gravity to put the bullet in the chamber , mine uses a ramp . Another thing new about this is the magazine is easy to remove , just press the button behind the magazine , just like the AKs , and remove the magazine .

Posted by Katarukito 9 years ago

Sorry For The Absence

Hello, You ought have noticed I haven't really posted anything in a while. That's because I haven't really had any ideas on what to build. Although I have been building, there was nothing really to show for it. Also, Im going to be unavailable for a WHILE because of a vacation. But, Im not quitting. Just thought I would tell you ;)

Posted by didexo 5 years ago

New ball alternator

Hey I was thinking about having a new ball alternator well at least a idea. I made a model on this knex modeling thing. Well how It SHOULD work is that it is encased in a cage where the ball falls down and a motor will be turning the fan like things. Underneath the fan there might be 1-4 ball path. The fan will move and thus it will make the ball fall randomly in one of the 4 paths. I'm running out of pieces and I don't want to take apart my ball machine that i'm making so you guys can try to make this is you want. It might also be hard to see the yellow rod behind the red one.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

UPDATE 24/1/10 (now with video)

So this is just an update of what I have been up to in the past few weeks I have 3 new guns to show you today which include (1-4) lever action rifle( i will get a video up soon to show you it in action ) (5-6) new turret gun with clean finish ( as in no blue rods at all sticking out of the sides ) (7-7)modified dunkis's oodammo pistol made into normal single shot pistol video here  posted lever action rifle here is a link  

Posted by knex mad 8 years ago


This forum is for Knex WW2 rifles!

Posted by dynno97 9 years ago

Do you think people are too quick to rate something 5*s?

Hey there guys. We all know that getting to 5*s with a kne'x ible used to be quite hard, say a year and a half ago. Now, there are so many knex guns with 5*s its impossible to count! How? I will list a few of the reasons. 1) 'Ye of little knexing experience' are simply voting 5* instantaneously if they think it is remotely good. 2) There are simply too many members doing the above! 3) Nobody really knows what not to rate high anymore :-/ The 'Knexperts' of ibles are producing top quality work, that is being treated frankly the same as something that is not so top notch! Therefore, I propose that we formulate an instructable that would show people what we think work should be rated on. We need to get rid of ratings like 'Wow! First Derringer! 5*'  - Don't you think?! Please also comment on things I need to add to the list!

Posted by RMConstruction 7 years ago

Looking for a K'NEX Reunion

I'm looking to find and contact all of the old K'NEXers so we can keep in touch. I still know how to reach a few people, but this post is my final attempt at locating the following people. Search status is in brackets by each name. [Pending] = I've contacted them. [Found] = established semi-permanent communications. No brackets = no trace.  -Hunter999 (one of my best friends on 'Ibles back when) [pending] -The Red Book of Westmarch [pending] -E Pluribus Unum  -Didexo [pending] -TheDunkis [found- hooray!] -Sorunome [pending] Bonus points!: -Oodalumps -KillerK [pending] -Shadowman -dsman -I Am Canadian -The Jamalam -KGB I remember you guys. You were the best. I hope I can talk to most of you again, and I hope you remember me. -NK

Posted by nerfrocketeer 2 years ago

Hey, I'm new, what guns of yours should I build?

Yooo so I haven't build anything off of instructions posted to this site in honestly 5 or 6 years. Could someone recommend maybe the "best" 2 or 3 BLASTERS here? I understand that there will be some bias. I'm not interested in building another TR or anything like that. Maybe something like a mag gun ahah. Open to everything and just looking for some k'nex fun, guys.

Posted by Squhx 4 years ago

Anything but Knex...

I understand that knex are kinda cool and they have their place here on instructables. But to me it's getting kind of ridiculous. Just trying to browse through the instructables and find a useful one is pretty difficult now. I find a few useful ones here and there but in between them all are knex instructables. I think it's rather irritating to have to scroll past hundreds of instructables all for a different way to make a knex gun. Is there any way to browse with everything but the knex instructables? To be fair.. yes i'm exaggerating it's probably more like a 50/50 knex/non-knex ratio.

Posted by daemonkrog 10 years ago

Definition of semi-auto when it comes to K'nex?

What is it?I think we can narrow it down to 2 options:1. A gun that shoots every time you pull the trigger. Preloading for each shot (bullets or other methods):Put pieces in the gun.Pull something back for each shot.Pull trigger.2. A gun that shoots every time you pull the trigger. Without any other preparation:Put pieces in the gun.Pull trigger.In my opinion, #1 Is the real life equivalent to gluing several old fashioned muskets together. It's true that you get a shot for each trigger you pull, but that's after loading every musket. (best to just carry the guns separately).#2 is closer to the real life definition. In a semi-auto pistol you don't pull the slide back 7 times to get 7 shots. So I'm going with #2 as the correct definition.

Posted by oodalumps 10 years ago

Knex Games

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?

Posted by Nothing2it 8 years ago

Knex Grenade Forum

THis is the best spot to talk or submit photos of posssible and full knex grenades!

Posted by knexgunmaker5000 10 years ago

my knex robot

This is my knex robot. it fires rubberbands. should i post instructions?

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago


Hey guys I was thinkin on workin on a conveyor belt right now so It would be easier to clean up stuff and all so if you guys got any idea's or anything like that it would be great to help me get started. I do not have many gears so i can't make anything with a lot of gears. I have made a prototype that pushes things along a small table put it doesn't really work very well because you would have to use only rods that are yellow and bigger or else they might fall through cracks. I am just playing around to see If i can find a decent Knex belt. Here are my pictures of my prototype... It pushes things along the table sort of thing... If anybody can figure how you can make a round conveyor belt able that would be very thrilling!!!!! The red rods push the items against the table and it doesn't jam when i tested it and left it on for like 1 hour. If you don't have this motor you can use the other motor but I'm not sure how it might work so I hope this might give anybody a idea to build something.

Posted by rexdino5 9 years ago

A few projects of mine

I have just come back from a nice long holiday up to snells beach (i dont really think that i needed to say that since i am the only new zealander on ibles but what the heck) and did some building. First thing is my prototype tank. i ran out of peices (only the gears) so it wont go any further. and yes the track does move thing is my new crossbow. it is damn good. look out for it current project is re-desingning my side arm because the handle angle is the same as the dunkis's sidearm. i have succesfuly redesigned it (it is awesome) and finishing soon. goes well. the last image's are of my new sniper. i took way too many peices and took about 2 hours to build the barrel so it is a no go

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago

A Discussion and Breakdown of Opinions and Controversy Within The Community

So I had this dumb idea that a few of us "KI"ers, as you call us, could have a fruitful and interesting discussion based on several topics through an audio AMA-type format.  The idea is that you guys post a bunch of questions below, and we answer and elaborate as we see fit after a week or so, putting all the discussion in a nice, short 30-ish minute podcast.  If you're interested in hearing us talk about whatever, whether it be our taste in mechanics, or what happened with KI, or even how you guys feel about us, let us know below and we'll see how this goes.  Again, I aim to approach this with a semi-serious and thoughtful tone, so it's not just going to be 30 minutes of us saying "lol those ibles guys are so silly" and such nonsense. I don't expect much to come out of this, but if we have some fun or start a fluid conversation, it'll be worth it.

Posted by Mepain 4 years ago

And you thought pump-action guns were cool...TVIKT entry

 Well you obviously haven't seen the Knetix L-SAR prototype.  The lever-system assault rifle introduces a whole new concept that can easily be improved (in fact, I need some ideas on how to get it to pull back further, so if you have any, leave a comment).  It being a prototype, it does not perform well at all, so I made removable firing pins-one that gets about 45-50 feet with one rubber band, but you have to pull it back manually, and one that you use the lever to pull back, but only gets about 15 feet, and is very unreliable (I explain that more in the video).  It also introduces a new magazine that is also very innovative, being a top loading mag with an internal pusher-kind of like ironman69's with the bendy rod, but still it's own thing.  I  am very proud of this gun and I hope that people can come up with ideas to increase the pull-back capacity of the lever, so it can perform as well as with the manual pin.  Here is the video link:

Posted by Kinetic 8 years ago

Soopa Steve's knex plasma rifle

Check out this plasma rifle made by Soopa Steve so full credit goes to him Pros: Good range (about 20 - 30 feet). good looks. comfortable. Shoots Blue rods just like the real plasma rifle. has fins. Cons: No mag. Upper back part of the plasma rifle sorta bends. No exaust ports

Posted by SonicX 22 9 years ago

Decrease in the Knexing fad?

Is the knex fad really decreasing? I think so. "new" ideas are running out. Whats your take on this?

Posted by MrSillyGuns 8 years ago

~! Knex For Sale !~

Ok So I Have Many Knex Kits For Sale Although I Am Not Leaving Knex Fully Still I Am Cutting Down My Collection And selling Most Of My Knex So I Am Wanting To Sell The Following Kits : • Starburst Spinner • Cool Machines Rally Sport • Pirate Ship Park • Orange County Choppers ( The Green One ) • Blue Creator Set (#42001 In Blue Storage Box) • Yellow Set (#43010 In Yellow Storage Box) I Also Have A Box Full of Spares So If You Want a Certain Piece E.g. • Cogs • Balls • Panels • Roller Coaster Track holders • Wheels • All Types of Rods And Connectors • Bendy Rods • Motors • Chain • Any Others You Want Ill See If I Have Them • I Also Have A Couple Of Men Oh And For The Rods And Connectors Say If You Want Metallic’s Of Normal’s E.g. White Rods can Have White, Silver And Black, So Comment On What You Want Then Name A Price /An Offer If You Want Spare Parts Say What Part You Want Also, Quantity, Colour And Also Add A Price / An Offer I Live In England But I Will Post Out Of England Like To USA But The Postage Price May Be High Dependant On the Weight All Offers Are Welcome Happy Buying Knex Mad  

Posted by knex mad 7 years ago

Knex guns aren't so bad, give them a chance! (non knexers only)

This is directed at non-knexers, don't bother reading it if you're already a knexer.  So I've been noticing more knex gun hate comments from other non knexers.  Why?  It's like us hating on hacking/modding/making/whatever it is you non knexers do.  It's no different.  If you want to complain about the number of knex guns out there, why not take a look at the number of hacks/mods/how to builds out there?  Like I said, it's no different. Give knex guns a chance, I sure did, and I'm better off now than I would be without the knex guns.  It's helped me be more creative, it's helped me gain more rep at school (Some guys at school found my Youtube account, and they love the guns, they think it's beast mode, especially the TR vid, since then, my account has spread like a rash). Personally, I think the reasons why knex guns are so popular here is because it's fun building and shooting them.  I consider building a gun to be half the fun, shooting it in a knex war or something is part 2, and I find something like this even more fun than say, airsoft or nerf, because of what I mentioned a few words ago. I find it funny that most of the people preaching out against knex guns haven't tried to build or use one in any way.  That's like me saying that a certain product is bad without me trying it or anything similar to it.  I'm not saying this to flame/critisice/hate on or whatever, I'm saying this to promote a hobby I enjoy, I'm sure you all can relate to that, right?

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

im stopping

You know what i'm stopping knex i don't know i just don't like it anymore i may sometimes comment on k'nex instructables but don't look forward to any new knex stuff from me im going with tech and art stuff now like well i dont know but other stuff and im planning spending most of my time at the beach skimboarding. thank you very much knexers for my like 700comments but im stopping

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

any knexers have skype

 if so plaese give me id or wat ever

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

SS tubing

Where can I buy Screaming Serpent Tubing? doesn't sell it anymore.Please help.

Posted by knexpert#10829476 9 years ago

REAL Semi-Automatic True-Trigger Guns.

If we Really Want to Create a Semi-Automatic True Trigger Knex Gun, We Need To Share Our Ideas. I Propose That We Create A Collaboration Or Forum In Which We Can Discuss The Creation Of Semi-Automatic Guns. Let Me Give You An Example: If Someone Creates A good Firing Mech, But is Having Trouble With the Handle, He Could Ask, and Recieve Help From A fellow Member. P.S (Srry For The Bad Grammar and Punctuation.) P.P.S (I Would Post Pics But The Instructables Uploading System is Unfriendly to me.)

Posted by killa696 10 years ago

I'm back!

Yer so I'm back and I bring a new gun! *cheers* its a slide gun which has a slide lock and a slide of course but I'm still working on it and if you keep pestering me about I will probably release it so ask me questions and make suggestions.

Posted by smidge147 10 years ago


Post cool crossbow im having a contest if u make the coolest,themostpowerful,range or the most compact you will get a $1000. dead line 3 weeks from to day. rules must be a crossbow cant be a peice of crap and has to look cool and shoot good MOST POST or i does not count. winner will get a check from mail

Posted by justavip 11 years ago

knex gun

Need help building sr-v1.

Posted by splodies 10 years ago