led question?

Heyy, does anyone know where on the interwebs i can find a kit (preferably not a kit diy if you can) where i press a button and it ****wireless-ly***  turns on an led or speaker? im definitely not making a tv remote locate-thinger what are you talking about? (shifty look)

Question by qballcat 9 years ago

broken led tv uses?

I have a 32" Visio led with a cracked screen, way too expensive a repair to justify going through with, but I want to utilize the parts for other projects if I can. the tv was brand new so all the boards, LEDs, speakers, wires, etc... are in perfect condition and I was wondering if there is anything cool I could do with them. I was thinking about rigging the boards up to a 7" LCD screen I have and installing it in my car to add tv/DVD/audio in/hdmi/USB to my dashboard but I'm not sure how to go about connecting the 30pin LCD monitor cable to the componant screen input.  anyone have any ideas on how to do this? or anything else I could do with all my newly acquired parts? 

Question by glytchdesign 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

power IR LED ? Answered

How can I power 30 IR leds comes from TV remote by a 3.6volt cell phone battery. the LEDs are 1.5 volt.

Question by asifarifin 5 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how to solve samsung full hdmi led tv isuue?

My tv sumsung model UA 32F5500ARXZN  led full hdmi  gives trouble. it's blinking /flashing. audio & vedio is good. how to fix blinking issue?

Question by ks vani 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What is the difference between led tv full hd and led tv uhd? Answered

What is the difference between led tv full hd and led tv uhd? Someone explain me. Thanks!

Question by eliseta 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Reuse the LED from a TV Question?

I had an LED Tv break and I decided to remove the LEDs out of the TV and reuse them as background LEDs for the new TV.  The issue that I am running into is that I can't figure out how to power them on.  I know they work because i can get a segment of 3 to light up by using wires connected to a 12v battery.  Each strip has 57 LEDs and a 4 wire connector.  I was guessing that this means it is a RGB strip, but there are nothing but +/- symbols on the strip so it is confusing as to what the wire does what on it. I would appreciate any help that anyone may have for me.  

Topic by RyanL3 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Externally Mounted LCD/LED TVs?

I was going to wrap my 1996 Fleetwood Seawind Motorhome and have sponsor spots.  However, I rather hang 55" LED/LCD TVs on both flanks of the beast. The issues as I see them are as follows: How to power the TVs--I think I can cable out the rear windows and run an inverter to provide them with AC--Please give me inverter size sufficient to drive two LCD/LED units Getting a TV signal to the TVS.  Using a Macbook Air, I could use Airplay to stream MP4 video to the TVs, or just hardwire them with HDMI-Lightening connectors.  A hardwire solution is, again, possible via the rear windows. The pivotal engineering riddle is ho to secure, insulate and protect the units on the back end of the vehicle.  I was thinking a sheet of Acetate to cover and protect the faces of the TVs. Input on what form the shock-absorbing, waterproof frame could/should take is welcome.

Question by BoydM1 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Can i replace lcd tv lamps with led system? And how can i link with control main card for swish on off?

Can i replace lcd tv lamps with led system? And how can i link with control main card for swish on off??

Question by mohammad_hasan 4 months ago

Can i power a TV without Remote?

I have an old TV and i cant power him on without remote. Why? i dont know. I called an specialist, but he said that to. I know something about electronics, so can i do something in the IR bloc? like make a bridge betwen leds legs? i dont know, this is an idea i have, but im affraid that it blows the IR bloc. i had another idea, to change the entire IR bloc,  but i cant find one and i dont have the knowledge to do that. so! i put a question here, can i do something or not??

Question by danyelo 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago


Hi ordered LED light strips (16 foot ) we cut them to fit the back of out tv we cut in correct area now the lights won't change color or turn off ...and when they do we can chang ro like one two 3 colors the it stops

Question by Mrsmonrow12 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Trying to turn on and off leds with tv usb

I have LED lights in the back of my tv ( ambilight ), but they stay on when the tv turns off . What I am trying to do is to turn off with the USB on the tv with a relay . I'm thinking if it is possible to use the 5v from the tv usb to power the relay so when the tv stars it gives power to the usb , starts the relay, that is connected to the "+" of the leds and makes the connection to turn on the lights. My question is i'm not a electronic guy and I don't know if it will damage the tv or the lights . should i use something else like a diode? This is the relay i'm using https://www.amazon.com/Songle-House...2403297&sr;=8-2&keywords;=songle+srd-05vdc-sl-c

Topic by pastos 1 year ago

how to connect game consuls to a smart tv

I have a samsung led smart tv and want to connect games consuls to it, can this be done?

Topic by Joe Revie 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Do the IR LEDS in the TV B gone have to be in this order:

CLEAR BLUE BLUE CLEAR. I did mine differently and it works fine?

Question by UgniusR 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Found a huge flatscreen:42" in the dumpster. It does not seem to work (no LED, no response). How to go about?

This TV would be awesome if it can be brought to life again! no need to build a beamer (video projector)!

Question by BobS 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

led ambilight rgb

I am interested in building Dan's RGB led system except where he used sliding potentiometers i want to use 3 light sensors with red green and blue filters. similar to Phillips Ambilight but in addition to behind the tv all over the room.any suggestions?i have limited knowledge of electronics and i do not know how to wire light sensors.a combination of the photos provided.

Topic by Robb 11 years ago

Hooking up my safety 1st camera to a regular tv? (and another question)?

I just bought a safety 1st camera at a garage sale for 30 bucks. It sends a black and white image and audio, the lense is surrounded by 18 IR LEDs. I've tried scanning available channels on my regular TV, and didn't recieve the image, and the mini TV doesn't have any outputs. Is there a relatively easy and cheap way to get the signal? I am also wondering why the IR LEDs glow cherry red, I've heard that some few people can see near infrared light, but 2 other people can see it roo. Is it because they are older LEDs

Question by XOIIO 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Westinghouse model SK-19H210S operation

When the TV is turned off should blue Led switch to  amber  ? or is no led  the correct operation ? When  TV is powered on it measures   116 Watts /.9 amps  on(blue led) When TV   is off measures 48 watts / .4 amps   (no led).  (shouldn't it be almost 0?) Thanks Sean

Question by seanob 7 years ago

i need help picking out a TV?

i want to buy a 29-37 (preferably 32) inch TV that has Internet Apps; (maybe 3D); at LEAST an 80,000:1 contrast ratio, (maybe 120 Hz or more, but I'm not very picky as long as there is no flicker on the image); and 1080p full HD. i found many models rounding at about $900 (without 3D, of course), little pricey huh?   my QUESTIONS: 1) picture-wise, what is the difference between "back-lit LED", and "edge lit LED" and is there any other technology i have not heard of yet (NOT including back projection of a projector)? 2) which would be the best choice LED, LCD, or Plasma, (of if cheap, small and light enough,      back projection DLP)?         (i don't really care about efficacy, but i do want one with a good lifespan; really bright colors     (like led or plasma) and good contrast, and has deep "black" blacks; hopefully 1080p, but     ill settle for 720p, less than 8 ms response time; has a great viewing angle; and last and     certainly not last, one that is under the $1600.00 price tag!) 3) whats the difference in the picture quality with edge-lit-LED and back lite-LED? (i know the led      placement in each corresponds with the type of led tv it is.) ____________________________________________________________________________ right now, i have a 19 inch CRT 4:3 aspect ratio (i am guessing 480p res) the TV itself is a "CurtisMathes-Tronics" brand (i never heard of it) (model # "CM 19022S"). its OK. it works, but its getting too small for me, and after i bumped into some money last summer ($700) at the peek and i am thinking saving for a "state of the art" HDTV! next year, with my summer job, i should have $1500 to spend.

Question by -max- 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Why my remote controller doesn't work? Answered

Good evening at all! I've a remote controlle which IR led still always turn on. When I press a button (e.g. power on) the receiver (a digital tv receiver) doesn't work. I've tried to clean up the button contacts with a drop of nail polish remover, I've changed batteries, but nothing! What can I do?

Question by mcavenaghi 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Get the LED Out! Contest Update: LEDs added to the prizes!

The Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will also receive $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix in addition to the t-shirt and TV-B-Gone kit.Many thanks to Ben (aka Phenoptix) for putting up this awesome extra prize. All right, everyone, you have five more days to make something awesome with LEDs. Get to it!

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Projection TV, all in one entertainment center

I have been playing around with the idea of a rear projection TV as a full all in one entertainment center. As most know rear projection TV's are large and very hollow. My idea is to add a mini-ITX motherboard, a Hard drive, a webcam, 2 USB ports on the front, an IR reciever, and a multi-microphone array. I may also add IR emmiters for use with a will remote, audio ports for a surround sound system, Light sensors to adjust brightness. My TV also has a Memory Stick reader that i want to use for the computer instead.  The motherboard and HDD fit in the base just right with plenty of room to stack a few drives if needed. and there is plenty of room for other accessories if needed. There is a door on the front of the TV with an extra input, with space for USB Ports. The IR reciever for the TV I think should fit a second. If not I will use some sort of repeater to split the input between the 2. although the TV's remote may not be needed at all. The Micro ITX board I have been looking at has a mini PCI port with a laptop style WIFI card, I plan so get some of the antennas used with a laptop and mount them as close to the top as I can get them. and maybe add a bluetooth/wifi card as well. The camera will be an internal laptop camera mounted at the top. The light sensor will be mounted ether on the front or on the top. (I think front will be better.) The microphones will be mounted on top near the camera. One on ether side. Thats the easy stuff. The hard part I want is for the computer to turn the TV on and off with itself. This requires something that will look at the state of the TV. (using the power LED inputs) and close the power button for a second if it needs it. 

Topic by jpayton 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Instructables Author on Anderson Cooper

Instructables author Brennn10 will be appearing on Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show today, October 24th, for his upcycled Altiod LED Flashlight.  He will be demonstrating his project, and answering some questions as an expert "tinnovator." You can see a clip from the show here If you want to catch Brennn10's segement, check out AndersonCooper.com for airing times in your area. 

Topic by kazmataz 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

LED Suit of light

Hi, I am looking to build a fancy dress costume, and have approximately 12 months to make my costume :) What I would like to build is a replica of the following (or something similar): http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/02/night-snowboarding-in-an-led-suit-is-mesmerising-to-watch/ I have searched for flexible fabric with woven LEDs, i have also searched several suppliers on Alibaba for flexible led mesh screens but nothing seems to be quite suitable. I think, for this, i would maybe be best off building the suit from strips of waterproof 5050 SMDs like this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/615439688/business_agent_smd_505_led_strip.html Power would be in the form of the biggest 12V power supply I can find. The only problem here is that at full brightness, the suit is going to consume A LOT of juice... I have seen this costume which is similar in construction, except all the LEDs twinkle (like TV static): www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DLal9uma1iVc&ei;=nwgtUNT7B6_Z0QXekYGwDA&usg;=AFQjCNENmYUCu_AwYaEAwqAiWSDFRFnUeg&sig2;=FXRYO81ccZavpYyeBsZMyQ This has the added advantage of lower power draw as not all of the LEDs will be on at the same time. I actually much prefer this concept, however I have absolutely no idea where to begin on schematics... Any insights or friendly advice from the experts would be handy, I have a rudimentary knowledge of electronics, and am very handy with soldering. Thanks!

Topic by Zander83 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

RGB TV Output of Gameboy Color?

 I'm absolutely stumped by this. I have my gf playing my old gameboy color but the screen cover is pretty scratched up and I don't feel like peeling it off until I find something to buff the scratches out. I've nearly googled it to death and all I come up with is random websites selling gameboy advanced tv out adapters. I know this HAS to be possible as www.hackaday.com/2008/11/29/gameboy-color-on-an-led-matrix/ The guy says in his comments on the youtube page that he does IN fact have a real live gameboy color hooked up to the LED matrix. Yet he does not explain how he hooked it up, obviously he did it somehow. Does ANYONE have any bloody clue as to how this is done? I'm not afraid to do some soldering as I know that'll probably be required but really how hard can it be.

Topic by Punkguyta 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I have two tv remotes and a few old phones. and i'm bored

What exactly should i do? and the LED off the tv remote doesnt wanna work >.> Any ideas? edit: oh wait, that's an IR led isn't it? boy do i feel dumb

Topic by silentjudas 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

I need someone to make an ambient tv backlight

Hello, well first off im not above getting my hands dirty by any means lol but i didnt think this would be a good first time ever messing with leds project for me. mostly because i want it to look nice and neat on my tv. i am looking for ambient tv back lighting for a 60" dlp tv. i want it to change colors with the screen colors? or to just the sound. whatever you think is best. i have an 120 volt outlet close by or the tv also has a usb that can be used as well. i just want it to look nice and bright and work properly. it doesnt have to have a remote control or anything. but i am open to ideas and help. i cant wait to hear what you guys come up with. please feel free to reply to this help wanted ad i guess this is the first time i have asked for help on a project so i am kinda new to this. thank you so much for reading my ad and hopefully helping me out. 

Topic by onlystatic 7 years ago

5v relay module with tv usb

Hello there! I'm sorry if someone already asked this question but I can't find it! I would like to connect 2m led strip to my tv usb so it turns on and off with tv. Can I use this kind of relay ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/5V-1-Channel-Relay-Module-H-L-Level-Triger-with-Optocoupler-for-Arduino-Raspberr-/390865576871?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item5b016763a7 ) to do it?  Thank you in advance!

Topic by tosho82 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

soft LED screen

Soft LED display is our Patent product(Chinese National Patent), as is shown that the screen can be folded, curved and transformed, it can be applied any shape, like circle, arch, or even right-angle. Most importantly, it is light-weighted and easy installation, one square meter just weight about 5 kgs, and the whole system can be hung on the truss or on the building. And it can be expanded through connecting several pieces of soft LED display together to make a larger screen as you want. Through one and a half years developing, we make immense improvement and solve all important problem. We use the cloth processed specially, so it is waterproof completely, fire retardant and strong enough. (although the both sides is all waterproof, we sign it IP44, because we do not recommend our customer to use the screen in the open air all the time.) We develop this kind of product mainly applying to stage, TV studio, concert, night bar and disco hall. Attached a small video and some picture, please check it, through video and picture you can find the characteristic of our soft LED screen. We are eagerly hoping that we can cooperate with your distinguished coperation,and hope that our product can satisfy you with its light-weight, easy installation,foldability and flexibility, I think it is your best choice.Contact info: Fisher(sales manager) Beijing Huasun Optoelectronic Science Co., Ltd Add: Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, P.R.China Tel:+86 10 89512349 Fax: +86 10-89512339 mobile : 0086+13146411249 http://www.huasun-tech.com E-mail: sales@huasun-tech.com MSN:soft-led@live.cn skype: fisher201223

Topic by yuchao622 9 years ago

ps3 xbox led audio blinker

Can some one make me a schimatic/ instrictable  of a led blinker that blinks to the music or audio from eaither the tv or the ywr cable that comes with the ps3 or xbox   i can pay 3 dollers through pay pal if i can get a really good one

Topic by solid nrg 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Anyone know how to make an Organic LED panel???

Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organic_LED I have been keeping an eye on this for a long time and have been looking around on google every now and again . What im looking for is and  instructable for OLED's that give off light , im pretty sure how to make a flexible tv screen is something we would all like to know. I am just curious if its possible to make any flexible OLED at home whether it be just giving off light or a tv screen. Please if anyone knows the full process make a step by step don't just explain the theory like in the wiki or here http://www.ehow.com/how_2246666_make-organic-led.html Here is an example of what im looking for http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZfrFX36Hkc&feature;=related In the very least this could be cool for making clothes,costumes,indoor lighting,etc. In the best case scenario this would be used for a home made pip boy,laptop,cellphone,tv  I have been seeing allot of fully functional concept models but no solid release dates for retail. Despite the fact its allot cheaper to make tvs with this, im sure it would be twice as expensive to buy.

Topic by imonkry86 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Design Assistance Humbly Requested! Mylar + Flatscreen TV + Frame = Stealth TV Goodness

I am in the pre-panning stages of a project in which I would like to make a false over-the-mantle mirror to hide an LED TV using mylar on a motorized roll to pass over the television.  I will be building a frame and really need some brainstorming help with a starting off point for fabbing the mylar into a false mirror.  Parts, ideas, etc.  from a very simple, mechanical-tension model to more complex, electrically motorized design would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Topic by cepartin 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How would make wire 555 timer to flash LEDS quickly every second?

How do you wire a 555 timer to do what you want ?

Question by planetroverrobo 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how can i make a video projector?

How can i make a video projector for less then $80.00? i want the projected screen size to be about 1 meter across and exceptional quality. I'm mainly having trouble with finding a SMALL but HD screen. i also want the LCD to be about 5 inches across. it doesn't have to be exact, but i want it to fit inside a shoe box (hopefully cheep  =D  ). i did find on eBay a small, DVD player with an 8.5 inch screen with Analog Audio and , Composite inputs which might work. i also need help for LED's, preferably from www.superbrightleds.com can anyone HELP ME!!?!

Question by -max- 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Do aquarium fish like cold or warm LED light best?

I am making an aquiarium (from an old tv, to be specific), and I wonder if the fish like warm or cold LED light best. The light will be their 'daylight'.

Question by Stanaboy 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can I power a 5v LED Strip with a USB cable?

I have an old USB cable from a phone charger and a 1,50 m long 5v LED strip. I've been doing some research and I figured out that the USB cable contains 4 little cables inside: 2 for data exchange and 2 for power.  What I want to achieve is a nice and soft backlight for my TV and I don't want to waste one socket of the power supply just for that. Connecting those 2 power cables to the LED strip and plugging the USB in the TV USB port would be enough to light the strip up? If not, is it possible to achieve this with those two things? As you may have already noticed, I have 0 knowlegde and absolutely none experience about this kind of things. Thanks in advance.

Question by MarcosR38 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Travel Much? Maybe you need a "FAKE TV" ?

Afraid of burglars entering your house when you are away overnight?   This product looks like just the thing (I sincerely like what I am seeing, I don't sell them, I am not affiliated with them in any way). I bet one could be made with an arduino and an LED array?  Fool Burglars with FakeTV! Most burglars will not risk prison by breaking into an occupied house.  So when a prowler sees that flickering glow that means someone is home watching television, he knows to move on to an easier target. But now you can outsmart him with a FakeTV.  FakeTV simulates... Go HERE for the REST of the story...        

Topic by Goodhart 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

i have a tv that doesnt light the backlights, how should i go about fixing it?

Its a 40" Haier LCD TV, me and my dad picked it up at a disposal place, when we brought it home and tested it we figured the tv had some issues with th screen, we feared it might be like the 26" tv we got that just turns on and shuts off. luckily, it does not have such a issue, i checked and it is just the backlight that has a problem. and, from further investigation, it appears the ccfl's are not getting any power from the inverter board. the inverter is split into two parts it seems, there is a lrge inverter looking component on the power board which has two wires that connect to the board the ccfls connect to, which has numerous smaller inverters on it. a interesting discovery was that the to wires from the larger inverter piece get bridged when they reach the sub-board. im assuming its the board with several smaller inverters, because it is getting -12v of power, im not sure if thats normal but ive never seen a inverter setup like this before so its hard to tell. my camera battery is dead at the time of this post but i wil get pictures put up so people can see what im dealing with. the tv was made april 27th 2009. it has 8 CCFL's in it, which seems like a lot but im not exactly sure. so i was wondering what the most efficient way of repairing it would be: -replace possibly damaged inverter board with a new one -replace CCFL's with a LED light strip (im leaning toward this) -replace bad inverter board with a set of replacement inverters (8 in this case) what do you guys think?

Question by zack247 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How to use pc817 and tip122 to control rectified mains LED array?

I have 3sets of leds that conduct at 250v so I wanted to use my 100v TIP122 NPN(with TVS diodes to protect it from over voltage) and PC817 opto-isolator to PWM the LEDs which are common cathode, is there a way? Thank you all for all the superb suggestoins!

Question by yagoa 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Need help for Oscilloscope-like device

Hey, Im a noob to instructibles, but was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could get a TV or CRT, LCD, or OLED, to display a Sine wave, I want it to look like an oscilloscope but I dO NOT need a functioning scope, just want a display with the cool graphic for prop/filming purposes. It would be really helpful if it could just be a circuit which outputs an NTSC signal that is a sine wave, thanks in advance inventors of the world! Ultimately I would like to have a scope-like display that responds in appearance like a VU meter where you can see the sound as a voice waveform based on volume/pitch etc.

Topic by Aleator777 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

how can i use WiFi network from my laptop to Samsung smart led TV via LAN cable coz my TV doesn't support WiFi network?

Or how can i use my laptop as a modem?

Question by shami007 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I have almost a dozen old remote controls from TV, VCR and satelite receivers, What could i do with these? Answered

I was thinking to take out the IR LEDs, but  before that i want to know of a useful possibilty to consume these things

Question by muhammajunaid 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How do LEDs evenly backlight an LCD screen?

Perhaps I'm not entering the right search parameters into Google. I'd love to know how LEDs are used to evenly backlight LCD screens, like those used in computer monitors and TVs. How do they achieve even brightness over such a large area? Are the screens edge-lit or lit from behind? Are special lenses required?

Question by jeff-o 10 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Get the LED Out! speed contest is Finished! Results later today!

The Get the LED Out! speed contest is closed for voting! We need to go over some of the votes and make sure that everything is cool and we'll be announcing the winner later today.As a reminder, the Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will win $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix, a TV-B-Gone kit from Adafruit Industries, and a robot t-shirt. Current standings: Pageviews Ratings

Topic by fungus amungus 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

LCD TV Display or Monitor for Security Camera

Another tech guy at my school and I were thinking of buying this camera for the auditorium. The light/sound booth is off in a back corner, and due to a not-quite-big-enough window, it is almost impossible to see any activity on the stage when it's dark. This is an issue for when, say, we are supposed to turn on lights as soon as someone's onstage. We already have plenty of hiding places for it in the ceiling, and it had an array of IR LEDs, to further help it see the stage.The problem is a monitor. It has composite RCA output, and we need to find something that will display it. It doesn't need to be big, as the booth is just barely big enough to fit three or four people in. However, we would like to find an LCD, because we don't have much room for a CRT. Also, if you haven't guessed already, it has to be pretty cheap. I think I saw a display a while back that was a 10.4" LCD with RCA input and no tuner for under $30, but I can't remember what it was called or used for, much less where I saw it. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find an LCD display? Spambots need not apply...

Topic by CameronSS 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

rgb led controller with ir remote

Hello to all my genious frndzz...as m new here but from past few months i really wanted to do some with rgb led's.....i am having 100 rgb led's, i want to control them so that i can get diffrent colour according to mood.....it would be more fun for me if i would b able to control it with tv ir remote.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me nd giv me all the design or details so that i can make all of it at home....on a simple pcb....i live in india, nd near my home there is no pcb designing shopwould thankful to u,ur help would definately make my dream of " my ambient light room" come true.thank u guys, nd plz dnt mind for silly questions if any i askd.

Question by japanjot 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

(newsletter) TV-B-Gone kit, LED Bike Jacket, Tetrahedral Kite...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Get the LED Out! Contest - Enter any Instructable that involves LEDs, and win some amazing lights from Monkeylectric! Mother's Day Contest - Help decide who wins a Singer sewing machine! Vote now! The winners of the Epilog Challenge have been announced! See who won the Epilog Zing laser, and gift certificates for lasercutting by Ponoko!Coming next week...Show us an amazing sound-related project, and win an awesome set of hand-built custom speakers in our upcoming Art of Sound Contest! Make Your Own Laptop Skin Light for Life: Glowing Button Cycling Jacket TV-B-Gone Kit Make a Wire Wrapped Ring Make it glow, and win Monkeylectric lights! See who won the laser cutter! No-Solder, Funny Robot in Minutes Make Your Own 29er Bicycle! Stirling Engine Rotating LED Throwies Fancy Steampunk Blunderbuss Rifle Joule Thief Night Light Tweet-a-watt - the Twittering Power Meter Cheap Light Box Fly a Bell Tetrahedral Kite Vote for your favorites! Get the grill ready! Turning a Wine Bottle into an Oil Bottle Homemade Ripstik / Waveboard Planter from Pallets, No Nail Pull Method The Sigh Collector Sign-up for this newsletter:

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Top 10 LED Instructables

LEDs are an incredibly useful and versatile source of light. Use just one of them to make a simple indicator, or wire up a whole bunch and you can create a bona fide high power light source. There are tons of applications for LEDs, and there is certainly no shortage of ideas, projects and helpful feedback at instructables. To help make sense of it all, I thought I would try to pick out 10 of my favorite LED instructables that are great for the LED beginner and the expert alike. This list isn't hierarchical - I like all 10 projects. Instead, it's loosely arranged in ascending level of complexity, so newcomers to LEDs might want to start at the beginning and work their way up (or down as the case may be).Drum roll please...1. LEDs for beginners is a first time guide for anyone looking to learn a little bit about how to wire up one or more LEDs.2. How to solder is a guide that explains how to solder wires, electrical components and more and assumes no prior soldering knowledge. If you're going to work with LEDs, chances are you'll need to do some soldering, so this could be a useful place to learn some skills.3. LED Throwies is a super popular and simple instructable that shows you how to take a magnet, a battery, some tape and an LED, and make a cool light that will stick to anything magnetic.4. Fridge Lights is an instructable that shows you how to turn your refrigerator into a canvas for LED art. It has a little more involved in it than LED Throwies because you have to prepare your refrigerator surface a bit, but its still a great project to get started on working with LEDs. 5. LED Football is a simple project that embeds LEDs in a Nerf football so that you can see it in the dark. The football emerges from the process relatively unharmed, and from the pictures it looks a lot like a cool flying saucer.6. LED Bikelight V2 and How to build a 1,024,000 mcd portable light take multiple LEDs and wire them together to make high power bicycle lights. There are many bike lights on the site besides these two that are also great, but I like these two because they are really BRIGHT. 7. Blue LED Light Box is a bedroom light that helps combat Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) and the winter blues by letting you bask in 18 watts of LED power. If you like the first iteration of this project check out the Blue LED dawn simulator for Soleil Sun Alarm add on that controls the brightness of the LEDs according to a dawn simulator alarm clock.8. Spoke POV: LED Bike Wheel Images is an instructable that puts LEDs in motion and creates persistence of vision (POV) images of your choice right on your bike wheels as you're riding. If you have never seen POV images before you should definitely check this out as there are a bunch more POV instructables on the site. It's a public mobile display for your bike!9. Watch futurama on an 8x8 pixel screen shows you how to make an LED display that you can use to "watch" tv on. While the actual display doesn't have enough pixels to actually create a recognizable image, I like this instructable because even though I work with technology, I think I secretly want to live like a caveman, and it's this kind of forward thinking backwards technology that gets me going.10. Microdot - wrist watch LED pattern timepiece is an instructable that shows you how to build a unique LED watch. It's one of the more advanced LED projects on the site, but rgbphil offers good support in the comments section and should you decide to build it ever you'll end up with one heck of a watch.Instructables HQ is going to be mailing stickers to the authors of the projects on this list as a mini prize for making great things with LEDs. Anyone else who makes a list of their favorite instructables and posts about it on the forums gets stickers too!

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Anyone know what this is?

I just got hooked up with digital tv today, and www.wegener.com/PRODUCTS/STREAMING_MEDIA_DECODERS/SMD_515.php these are what they gave me for set top boxes. Little IPTV streaming boxes. I noticed there was a spare led labeled HD on the front, and upon further inspection, I found a ide connector and a power connector for a 3.5 inch hard disk. Normally my isp would want me to rent a different receiver for PVR functions, and additionally a lot more per reciever. This box can use a hard drive, but when I put one in, nothing happens when I plug it back in. Now apparently, from what I've read, my isp might have installed their own firmware onto the boxes, but I do not think that is the case, the menus look like the one's I've seen online. I expected for there to be an extra option pop up in the menu when I powered it on with a hard drive installed, but that was not the case... is it the format? I have a 40 gig in there (for a tester) formatted as fat32. What am I doing wrong here?? Oh yeah, and theres a screenshot I got off my tuner card, it only shows this "boot" screen when you unplug the power and plug it back in, otherwise when you switch it off, it seems to go into a "Soft-off" mode, and the hard disk I noticed also continues to spin after it's been turned off... I don't like that :S Anyways, I can't find anything online, so much as a quick reference manual on wegener's website, but it didn't provide anything useful, it vaguely mentioned the recording function, but nothing of installing a hard disk or setting it up. I assume there should be SOME kind of menu/setup I can get into to setup the hard drive/view more options other than the audio format and some other minor options I can currently see like menu appearance. I'm super fascinated to see if I can get a hard drive actually functioning on here, like the remote even has a record button on it, so obviously it was meant to be a pvr, just they expect you to pay them out the nose for them to put one in for you.

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how to find what causes a LED strip ws2812 to work partially ?

HI All, i having trouble with my ambient light project. though it worked fine for a few weeks, all of a sudden less than half of the strip (the closer to PSU half) has been act strange and than stop to work. the rest of the strip work fine and still responsive. how do i discover which led is the culprit? is it possible that only part of the strip burnt or only one led? any suggestions for a quick test without ruin the led configuration on TV assembly. thanks in advance

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Display website outside on a large LED/LCD Monitor

I want to be able to display a webpage on to a large monitor. (so people can view the site when they are outside for example) The website would update in real time (ajax based) but is essentially pretty basic just some images and text (no flash)/simple design. I have had a bit of a look around at supplier sites and most seem to have their own system where you can add in images/videos to display, or a program where you can input data yourself. I was looking at was something like Samsung smart TV but I think this is to good for what I need as I want to keep the price down, or Opera TV but I am not sure if I am looking in the right direction. I don't really want to have a lap top connected to this device (and be connecting via a cable) ideally you could talk to the device via a smartphone over wireless/bluetooth. I don't know where to start but I reckon if someone could point me in the right direction here I could make my idea happen?

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