LED display

I have a Gill ultrasonic wind gauge which transmits data intermittently (after each race) showing the actual windspeed -9.9 to +9.9 range It outputs the data at 9800/7/even/1 the data is in a series of bytes with the data in the middle of the series I dont know what the other bytes are for I want to display the data automatically in a LED (segment) display, the display changing each time the gauge transmits new data will an 'ordinary'LED controller allow me to do this? thanks david cooke 

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LED Displays

As a member of the Chelmsford & District MRC we are in the middle of building a new  O gauge layout, as part of the we wish to make a digital LED display of four digits. This display is intended to display the DCC identification of the next train ready to leave the fiddling yard. We the members are well passed retirement age when schooling was before the days of electronics so we ask. Can any body help us with a design and component list of such device. All the components are readily available here in the UK.  Basically we are looking to be able to input the number either by a simple key pad or four rotary switches please contact me should anybody need further information. Norman Young hillview43@hotmail.co.uk  

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LED Display for advertising

Hi,I recently enter a company for making LED displays for adverstising. It's really hard ot make clear how it works. Anyone experienced can teach me about it,that's wonderfuly thanks a million!

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LED display clock

Does anyone know how to power 24 LEDs. I wish to make a clock that shows hours and five minuite intervals in LEDs for my A Level Electronics project. The LED's could be split into 12 on two circuits if that is easier. Has anyone tried this before or can help me?

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led display board?

I would like to create an electronies board with different displays

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A brighter speedometer? LED display?

My current speedometer uses the same type of display that you may find on a solar-activated calculator or cheap alarm clock (the ones that display black letters on a grey background). problem is, I cant see it in bright sunlight! Is there is a way to make a speedometer with my own set of 7-segments displays that use LEDs, or if I could convert my current one to using them?

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My name is Simon Njoroge. I have successfully made a 9(rows) x 24(columns) LED display panel that displays a scrolling message that uses the attached code. The panel consists of course of LEDs, 3 shift registers, a 4017 decade counter together with transistors and resistors. However, I would like the panel to display a static message of a maximum of 7 characters for my project need. Kindly can someone edit the code for me? I followed the instructions from the following site:https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-24X6-LED-matrix/

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LED Scoreboard

Hi, My name is Tom, i am new to instructables and to advanced electronics in general. I want to make a LED Scoreboard which can display two scores (each on a different display) i also had an idea how to make the display. The idea is placing red LED's under plastic cutouts of a classic 7 segment digit board (ilustrated on the picture), the problem is that other than that i have no idea where to start and nor what to look for so any help is appreciated. P.S. I can solder, but that's about it that i can think will be useful to this project. Thanks in Advance  

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Display buzzer

I am not good at designing electronics. Could someone point me in the direction of a suitable circuit to do this... I have a device with a backlight on an led display, the backlight is normally on but can be switched off sometimes the backlight flashes to alert the user. on for 1 sec, off for 1 sec approx. I want to add a circuit to it without changing the existing circuitry when the backlight comes on I want a buzzer to sound for 1/2 sec if the backlight is on then nothing happens, nor should it buzz when the light goes off. So: 1. switch on device, backlight comes on, Buzz 2. backlight is on for length of time but no buzzing 3. backlight starts flashing 4. goes off, No buzz 5. goes on, Buzz 6. repeat from 4 until the backlight stays on this circuit and buzzer is going to have to be very compact to fit in the device. I might substitute a phone vibrate for the buzzer. Any suggestions ?

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programable led

I have a project that requires a board with multiple led's that each led can be programed to blink at specific frequencys. i then will run plastic fiber optitics to the location where the light is to display. i have no idea were to start with this.... so i ask - jt

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rgb led

Red green blue common cathode light emitting diodes anybody know any cool projects with them? The best ones I found were the hypno cubes and pov's, and some displays were cool. any others? I want to know before I buy a bunch of leds to save on shipping.

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moving message display materials?

Aside from leds and microcontroller, what do i still need in order to make a moving message display?

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Pov display with arduino

I was making pov display with 10 leds using arduinobut it seems it is not working as it shouldhere is the codehttps://hastebin.com/etovafuvab.cppi would appreciate an kind of help

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LED equalizer

Hello, I was thinking about making an interactive light display, using an arduino. I was thinking about using an equalizer like the msgeq 7 and having it light up different panels, but I'm not sure how to power each panel, because I want around 20-30 leds in each, and there hopefully would be 5 panels. I also wanted each panel to light up based on the volume of the music, and I wasn't sure how to do that. Lastly I was only looking for around 3 frequency ranges, and I don't know how to restrict the ranges in an equalizer. Thank You!

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Use of enable on intelligent LED displays. Answered

I've found some early intelligent LED displays (datasheet here, I have confirmed I have the decimal-only variant) and have been trying to load digits onto them using the enable input. Currently, they will display whatever value is applied to the input pins when power is applied, but changing the value requires interrupting power to the display so it restarts with the new value. When enable is pulled to 0V, the display turns off and will not turn back on until enable has been released and the display has been restarted. The rise time of the power supply seems to be important in whether the display will start properly, as the display will usually not start without at least a10uF capacitor on the power supply.  Also, the decimal point is non functional. How do I get the decimal point and the enable input to work so that I don't have to switch the whole display on and off? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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led display using 555 timer? Answered

Can anyone help me with a design , i would like to make a 5 letter display using leds that spells my daughters name "TRULY" lighting up each letters one at a time then having them all light up at once then repeat? i am new  and this will be one of my first rojects not out of a kit. any suggestions?

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Help with Arduino programming for LED display

What I want to do is keep score with my coin soccer game. I will have 2 metal contacts in the goals that when a coin goes through it will break contact and send a signal to the Arduino having the contacts allways HIGH and then when its LOW, it changes an 7 segment LED. I am very new to programming and the C language. I think I can write the whole IF and ELSE statements but I don't know how to make the LED display change. I need the LED display to change after getting the signal from my Arduino by going up one number. It is a single 7 segment display. Can someone help me with the code for that? Thanks in advance.

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Using USB to control an LED display

Hey, this is my first post so bere with me as I may be a bit all over the place. I am trying to control an LED message board via usb.  It has a manual keyboard on the bottom that upon closer inspection has 8 wires on one side and 7 on the other. By placing a wire between a wire on one side and a wire on the other a character is inputed. So by using some sort of USB interface with at least 15 pins I think it must be possible to input to it via USB. e.g. When A is pressed wires 8 and 15 should be connected in order to input A, for B wires 8 and 14 should be connected, ect..... I am also getting my Rasberry Pi sonn and was thinking that the GPIO pins could do this but i'm not sure. This website documents a similar project using the same display but via a different method: http://srimech.blogspot.co.uk/2003/04/led-message-board-hacking.html Thanks for reading, please help!!!!

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Seven Segment LED/LCD displays?

Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to use these? Thanks!

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7 segment display nsn64r

Hi!Is there anyone having data on nsn64r pinout ? I found a few of them but no pinout instructions.Thanks

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A multicolor led panel.

I have been searching for a multicolor led display with no luck. I have thinking about making an alarm clock, and the person I am making it for has a thing for rainbows. So I have been wondering if anyone have ever seen an led display panel that can change its own colors.

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0-12V Digital Display?

Here's what I need, and haven't been able to figure out how to do it: I designed a motor speed controller that runs a 12V fan.  Speed control is via PWM through a 50K linear Potentiometer. I need to be able to read the percentage of run voltage ie: 0V=0%, 6V=50%, 12V=100%.  I want to display this on 3 7-segment LED displays. Anyone with insight would be greatly appreciated. Brian

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How to I display voltage on a 7 segment display?

Okay, I've never actually come across this before or needed to do this but now i come to it, i realise I am really lost to it. What i need to do is display a 3 digit (hundreds eg. 342) number on three 7 segment displays. So pretty much I just need a 3 digit voltage read-out to be incorporated into a portable design. I've been looking around and have come across the Analog to Digital converters, and understand how they work, but I'm not sure how to incorporate them or to put it to any use. So if anyone knows or has a schematic or any information I could work off, please help. :)ThanksPyroten

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Mobile Solar LED marquee

I've got a feasibility question for the forum. I'm interested in prototyping an outdoor solar-powered LED marquee-display drawing messages from a modem/SIM card (and therefore updatable via SMS). The modem piece of this is certainly possible, I think I could whip this together with an arduino board if necessary.  The solar piece is questionable, given the voltage requirements of even a small LED display + modem + controller. Would love to hear people's thoughts on where to start with this.  I'm considering using the LED marquee instructable, or even creating the dot-matrix myself.  There are also hundreds of display manufacturers, so it seems like tinkering with a 12V display might be the fastest solution.  In terms of solar powered displays, however, I've found only one company doing this, and the costs are enormous.   Thanks for reading. Jack

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12V Monitor LCD display

I'm looking for a 12V display to monitor 12V as it changes. And display it in .1 increments. Small as possible. Can anyone point me to something cheap?

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LED matrix circuit?

So I am trying to make something like this: https://sites.google.com/site/gradcapmod/   to basically make an LED display on a cap. The thing is, I don't want to program anything, just light up a design, wired with a switch to turn on and off. Most instructions are how to program a display using a microcontroller and transisters, etc. My plan is to use 3mm leds and just solder them together and power it with a 9V. Would that be feasible, wiring the LEDs in parallel strands. Also, I know that I might want to use resisters to make sure the current isn't too high and burn out the bulbs but I'm not sure where to put them in the circuit or how to calculate it. (I can't make a circuit from looking at a schematic either)

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LED Light Box

Normally, a light box uses fluorescent lamps (e.g. 36 watts Philips Lamp) and electronic ballasts to emit light. However, it consumes too much electricty and the life of lamps is short. Therefore, I would like to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs.

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how to make a simple LED running message display?

Share you knowledge please..^_^ thanks..

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Perisistence Of Vision As A Replacement of Display Boards

Hello Guyz, Yesterday at night an idea got struck at my mind that can pov be used as a replacement for the huge display boards which are put on the large cities like NY,Las Vegas etc.  There will be a huge amount of energy conserved if we apply this principle.

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how to prepare a serial led's display??

Circuit diagrams and pdf files

Question by pravee123 7 years ago

LED Voltage indicator

I have recently installed a solar panel in my garden to charge a 12volt 21Ah battery. I would like to show it off a bit by using a simple LED display to show it working. What I was thinking was to have a range of about 8V-25V. At the low end would be blue leds (for cold) up to red (hot) at the high end. Does anybody have any idea how I would go about getting something together. I can read circuit diagrams at a push (my Dad's the expert) and would like as much information as possible. Would it be possible to have 1 LED per volt ? Am I being simple? Would this project be self defeating in that it'd use lots of the free power I'm trying to collect? Any help anybody can give I'd be grateful to receive. Share & Enjoy. Zippy.

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what is the basic way of using leds as display from its matrix? Answered

What is the way of using leds as a display and how a specific leds are lighted in matrix 

Question by avinash reddy 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to make an led display just by keeping leds ina patern and displaying simple words and numbers?

Actually if any thing i asked i wrong sorry but what iam trying to say is just to make display of led's in a special patern as we like progrmmable led dispaly

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how o create a display using LEDS?

By using LEDS i have heard that there is a way to make up a display that's the thing i wanted

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LED high striker?

I'm wanting to build an electronic version of the popular carnival game High Striker. I would like it to be done with LEDs as the way it displays the power of the strike. This way i can arrange them however I need to. It's going to be themed to look like lightening, so they won't be in a perfectly straight line. Thanks in advance for any input.

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adafruit 8x8mini LED and 3cm OLED display

Hello all, I am building a Arduino WALL_E robot for my son. I am using 2 x 8x8 mini LED arrays using TWI and I would like to add on a small OLED (0.96inch) display. Both of these require pins  a5 and a4. The 8x8 led arrays using the adafruit_ledbackpack library and the oled using oled_12c Library. I dont know how I can get the OLED onto another set of pins. can any one help? cheers Shaun

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7 segment led display driver help?

7 segment sed driver/decoder circuit helpEMAIL FLAGIve looked all over, and have already tried 3 circuits, but none work. They have either the wrong ic, wrong led display, etc. So, I want to make a circuit that, by using a decoder, I can flip 4 dip switches and make the display make certain numbers. I have a 7447 ic, common cathode led display, but I can only either find a circuit with a 7447 and a common anode, or a circuit with a common cathode but a different decoder (a latch/decoder/driver). Here is the first site I tried:http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_6/chpt_7/9.htmlAnd when I finally flip the switches, nothing happens even though I made it exactly as shown. But it has a CMOS, so thats probably a big problem. I also tried this site:http://www.atilim.edu.tr/~hkar/lab5.htmBut it has a common anode, and when I tried it it didnt work. I have exactly ELS321HDB. And I have a power unit that can go from 5 - 18 volts. Can anyone show me how to make this? Im not too good yet at reading circuit diagrams, because I seem to make it way more complex then it should be.

Question by 101yummYYummy101 9 years ago

Help With LED Matrix

Hey everyone,  I've been making LED displays for various projects now and I understand it quite well (thanks to some of the great instructables on this site) though I've only ever made a square or rectangular matrix for my projects and need to make a circular one and am completely lost. How would I go about making and wiring such a thing? Is programming odd shapes different? 

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How To Make a Message Display screen Using Leds?

Question by AntiRules 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

LED powering and switches

I am trying to build a small display box that has 2 LEDs (either 3mm or 5mm). One LED lights the displayed item from above, the other from below.  I plan to use only 1 LED at a time, so I presume I need an SPDT-Center off micro rocker switch.  I have a small model and it provides ample light with 2 CR2032 batteries, however, I'd like to be able to use an AC/DC adapter in place of the batteries. I need help figuring out what parts I need so I don't create anything dangerous. I am confused by the terminology used for the switch...how many amps/volts would I need? Am I correct that I would need a 6v adapter? Can the adapter be wired directly to a battery holder, or can it be SAFELY wired directly to the switch/LEDs? I want to order some stuff, but I don't know what I need! If anyone can provide this info, I would be grateful! Thank you.

Topic by craigo 7 years ago

ho to make a light display blink to audio?

What i want to make is a sort of light grid with LED's to where the lights will blink to music. im thinking of breakng it down into thirds. lights for bass, high and low range. what would i need aside from the powersource and the leds. i know that there is a power drop after a few leds are wired in either series and paralell and that the lights become dim.what type of resisters would i ues to maintain consistant voltage and what components do i need to convert sound waves into electrical impulses unfortuantely i cant read advanced wiring diagrams. but im getting there slowly. all i can really follow on is the symbols for power and some obvious things as such. any help would be appreciated. even if i can get 3 lights to blink to different wave lengths i can modd from there and i will post back to all that are intrested my results and ensue a following instructable in great detail. detail is goood

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I want to make a gear indicator with a 5x7 dot led matrix display

Hello everybody, like the title said, I'd like to make my own gear indicator with a 5 X 7 dot led matrix display. I know that I need a 5x7 dot led matrix display but I don't know what to use to control it, what to use between the transmission signal and the display module. Dose someone can tell me what hardware that I need please. Thank you for your time,  Rick.

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Is there a method to bend LCD/LED displays and have them still work?

I mean the small LCD/LED displays commonly found in cell phones.

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How to connect a 10 digit standard calculator display to a large LED display using minimum electronics?

I am interested to display the output from a 10 digit standard calculator on to a large LED display panel that can be read from a distance of 20 meters. I have found instructions in this site on how to make a LED Display pannel. I now need to know how to connect this pannel to the calculator.

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LED Power supply?

I have approx 200 flashing LED circut boards that I want to make a twinkling display from. Each board has a single LED that flashes about every second, each board also has a single 3v cr2032 lithium battery powering it. What Id like to do is remove the battery on each one and wire them to a DC power supply that can be plugged into 120VAC. So I actually have two questions: Should I wire these in series? Or parallel? What size power supply would I need? Heres a link to a picture of what I have. http://www.rocketproduction.com/wirefree-leds.php Thanks (in advance) for all your help!

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Please tell me about LED spinning display at different pattern ?

Question by opp9 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Chasing circle of LEDS...?

I'm in the process of making a UFO model for the local Railroad museum's model trainset.  What I want to do is have the standard disc shaped UFO with embedded LEDs on the edge.  I would like the LEDs to chase around the edge repeatedly while the display is on.  I've looked into using Arduino, but size is a factor.  The UFO is going to be about 6" across.  As far as I can tell, I can use a 555 and 4017 to work it out, as but that limits me to 10 leds, right?   If it can be worked out, having counter rotating circles would be great... But that would be duplicating the circuit and reversing the 4017 pin outs... AND...where is a good place to buy small quantities of LEDs and ICs?  My local Radio Shack has nothing in stock

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how to make a watch like led scrolling display?

Hi all,  i want to make a watch/ bracelet like scrolling display. which can show alphanumeric characters and special characters also. attached here with a led watch image. is anyone have any idea about this?

Question by sureshpadhy 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago