After reading this, and then this, I started thinking of how easy it would be to make a burning laser. I went to Radioshack, got some components, and started thinking. One thing that Stephanie's laser didn't have is a potentiometer, to control the power of the laser. Well, I ended up getting 12 assorted pots at Radioshack, but didn't know what one to use. I want decent control, too. What size (in ohms or k-ohms) do you think I need? I'm spotty in my electronics knowledge. PS- The size in ohms on the pot is the pot's range, right? If it says 100k, it means that it will resist from 0 to 100 kilo ohms, right?Also, in the shematic below, I don't know if the pot is connected correctly, post a comment if it's wrong.

Posted by John Smith 11 years ago

what kind of laser is used in laser printers?

what kind of laser is used in laser printers?

Asked by Fypsigon 6 years ago

Laser diode

I need a laser diode from 18x or more dvd writer or blue-ray writer.please help me.I dont have a credit card to buy them from e-bay

Posted by Rhsameera 8 years ago

can i convert a normal laser to burning laser?

How can i convert a normal laser to a burning laser??

Asked by agent555 4 years ago

How can I make a line laser out of a laser pointer?

I need to make a line laser from a laser pointer .cheap and fast need the line laser for a project.

Asked by maruawe 9 years ago

how to make a blue laser?

Asked by 9 years ago

does a hard drive have a laser in it or is it magnetic? If it does could I use it for the laser flashlight hack?

Could I use a laser out of a hard drive? Does a hard drive have a laser?

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

how to built a powerful laser gun?

How to built a powerful laser gun?

Asked by dark matter alive 7 years ago

is it possible to make a burning red laser?

I have a red laser pointer and i want it to burn stuff, cheaply

Asked by mclovin7596 9 years ago


I heard a laser could shut down cameras. How do I know if one is used on my cameras to protect my house.

Asked by Rainbow1946 9 years ago

will a blue ray dvd player laser work for the laser flashlight hack?

Will it work for poping a balloon or lighting a match?

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

ebay laser?

I bought an ebay 3.2vdc laser and want to power it with a 5vdc wall charger, will it work or do I need a resister? if so what size?

Asked by jamesv37 2 years ago

Laser Diodes? Answered

 So, I have 2 laser diodes, but I don't know what the voltage/amperage/wattage on them is. Anybody know how I could figure this out?

Asked by iBurn 8 years ago

laser project problem?

 Hello,$20/ I've tried to do this project but i can't complete it .. I can hear the bangs only .. why ??

Asked by hakemsaeed 8 years ago

Indirect laser reflections. Answered

Can indirect reflections (off a clear LED)  from a cheap 5-10mW laser pointer for about 30sec-1min be harmful? If so, how would you know if damage had been done?

Asked by 7654321 7 years ago

Where to connect +ve and -ve on laser module? Pics attached

Hello, I wanted to ask you that where should I connect +ve and -ve of 3V-4.5V on the laser module, and one more thing, can I connect the Laser Module to 9v battery? Thanks in Advance. Pics attached

Asked by atwajid123 2 years ago

Connection to Laser 5mW

Hello, I wanted to ask you guys where should connect +3V and ground from this laser pointer assemly, I have 10 of these lying around. So please tell me where I should connect +ve and -ve

Posted by atwajid123 2 years ago

i got this cheap laser module. it was part of a toy gun. how can i amplify it?

i want to blow up the moon with it! or just make it bit more stronger?

Asked by Jake Steele 7 years ago

can laser be used as a frequency source for a photodiode which can act as a transmitter/oscillator? Answered

Photodiode induce current when a light of paricular wavelenth/frequency  strikes on them..laser have a high frequency and low wavelenth......instead of light but electromagnetic waves,can it act as a source of frequency on photodiode hence making a oscillator????

Asked by arihant 7 years ago

photo on metal by laser macine

I have laser machine of evlaser, Italy  working with windows 98 and evedit software how i can make the photo on any metal like steel, brass. I think this machine before year 2000. The software of this machine is support only BMP and PLT files. Please help me .

Asked by hkl9986 2 years ago

How to safely power DVD laser?

Hey guys! I just wanted to know how to safely power a DVD red laser diode using 2x AAA rechargeable cells rated at 600mAh each. I have seen some people use just a 1K resistor and the diode, but is this safe? Thanks in advance, IndianHacker.

Asked by IndianHacker002 2 years ago

What would you do with a big laser?

I may soon come into the possession of three 250 watt laser heads (class 4/IIIb). I have a few ideas for projects and the like (yes, some involve fire), but I want to throw the net out. If it doesn't require multiple engineering degrees, I'm all ears. What would you do with even one big laser? What about three of 'em? Let me know!

Posted by greensmachines 10 years ago

Fiber optic cable to laser projector? Answered

I purchased a "Mr. Christmas" Laser (green) Outdoor Holiday Projector to add to my holiday lighting this year. Being rightly concerned with theft if I was naive enough to leave the projector outside, I thought of using fiber optic cable attached to the laser lens housing (still haven't worked out how I would accomplish that), and routing it from inside the house to a point outiside where the cable end would project on a wall or my garage door, providing a show (sans sound), but protecting the laser projector from theft. Is my idea feasible? If not, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks. 

Asked by Oldie Juan Kenobi 1 year ago

laser cutters

Hi wondering if anyone could help me have a luifure laser cutter 40w which we have just purchases software CorelDraw and laser draw 2013 came with it but the laserdraw 2013 wont load onto my daughters laptop also we did not receive a English maual with it so basically don't have a clue what we r doing any help would be greatly appreciated or we r from fmaesteg south wales so does anyone know of someone who could set it up for us thanks

Asked by straddie 2 years ago

Laser type and power to cut holes in white paper? Answered

I am interested in building a machine to make pianola rolls. Pianola rolls encode the music in the the form of holes punched in a roll of paper. The holes are usually made by a metal punch or series of punches. I would like to make a unit that uses a laser to cut the holes (about sixteenth of an inch diameter). Thanks Andy

Asked by andypandy92 8 years ago

How to build or where to get plans for a high powered laser? Answered

I want to build a homemade laser system that can burn through iron/steel and impress my friends. Does anyone have any plans or have suggestions on where to find plans for this?

Asked by macgyver603 9 years ago

How to make laser from air around us?

Asking for some practical projects to make laser only from air around us using simple devices. The devices used should be found in daily life and high voltage power apply is not allowed. A related idea is point discharge. Some suggested devices: battery, spark plug, capacitance, inductance. For more details, ask me by email. Thanks very much!

Asked by Allalong 9 years ago

what is the extent and speed of damage on human flesh with the most powerful laser available to civilians?

I need a small ( two inches long, 1/2 inch wide ) very powerful laser and i need two know how much it will hurt and how fast. any idea?

Asked by daltonjcw 9 years ago

Laser diode driver? Answered

Dear all.. I would like to use this circuit (please see photo) for driver a laser diode to  engraving wood  -Item Name:ML101U29-25 (Mitsubishi) Power output: CW 300mW Pulse Power: 400mW Working Current: Working Voltage:2.2-3.0V  I know about this formula I = V/R But in this circuit I am not sure for calculate current .So please could you help me to know how many (mil.amp) I must setting for 9 volts power with maximum output 300mW (with safe laser diode ). -Or you show me other best circuit Many thank you.

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I didn't know where else to post this - let me know if I should repost it elsewhere. I'm looking for plans{?} for a laser beam "expander" that doesn't cost hundreds of US dollars. {I'm on a BUDGET.} Short version of why: If you read my profile, my hobbies include 'Kite Aerial Video'. Basically, it's aerial video shot by a camera suspended from a kite line. {Usually done that way versus putting the cam directly on the kite.} I'm 'researching' using a laser {or lasers} for night time illumination with a miniature low-light video camera for wildlife / nature observation. Most of the stuff I need - including the vid cam and laser - aren't too expensive. However, the cheapest expander I have found was over $300 USD. I was hoping I could find something cheaper here. I know someone who did something similar with a Generation 3 night vision monocular. However, a Gen 3 night vision imager is too expensive for me. And for KAV, the cheaper Gen 1 & 2 imagers won't work. Thanks in advance. -Allan, aka RocKiteman N.E. North Carolina, USA

Posted by RocKiteman 8 years ago

Project a laser pointer beam down a medium that will allow it to shoot out the other side.

I am working with some models and am incorporating laser pointer as 'phasers' and am currently using  mirrors to allow for that function.  The areas are tight and some spaces will not take mirrors but I was wondering if there was something like fiber optics or another medium that I could use to let the beam travel down and exit out.  I have seen fiber optic kits for models but the light stops at the end of the cable so I am not sure if that is a good medium.  If fiber optics are an option, how do I size the cable for the laser?  Does the beam strength decrease going through a medium?  I know for fiber it can be miles but just wondering.  I did read the comment about the guy wanting to build the glove but my request is much simpler with hopefully easier details. Thanks Andrew

Asked by AndrewSJ 2 years ago

hello i have a lazer from a dvd player (dl3ch) can i do something with this one or......... no???

Hello i have a lazer from a dvd player (dl3ch) can i do something with this one or......... no???

Asked by kasmix 8 years ago

Laser square projector

I work in a manufacturing facility and we've got a lot of forklifts that are buzzing around everywhere all the time. there's an initiative to make it safer for forklifts to interact with pedestrians. one of the ideas someone had came from another facility where they have these blue spot lights on top of the truck that project a blue dot in front of and behind the truck. you see the blue dot and you know a truck is coming. there's some concern that this might get missed by a pedestrian. a thought came to me, being a nerd, that we could use something maybe a little easier to see. I looked in to some disco type laser displays that you can display custom graphics with, but there's concern about how sturdy they are or how long you'd actually be able to use one (whatever it is would basically have to be on almost 24/7). we've got several Motorola barcode scanners, and the long range models (mc 9190) have a feature where it projects a red square to show the area where the scanning will take place. it's a solid red square, not just a perimeter, that scales up with distance (it's like 4"x4" if you're within 2' and goes up to a pretty large size the farther out you're pointing it). These scan guns are way more expensive than this project calls for of course. Does anyone know of a source for JUST the imagers for these things? or could anyone suggest a way to replicate the effect...a big red square on the floor, with other equipment. needs to be able to run for a long time, hopefully could be powered by a 24-36v DC source, possibly motion detection (though not really necessary)

Posted by crapflinger 4 years ago

Laser scanner laser diode

Can I extract a laser diode from a scanner. If so will it be as strong a if I got one from a DVD burner/player?

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How do I know if I need laser googles for my laser? Answered

How do I know if I need laser googles for my laser? From what MW is it recommended to use laser safety googles? Are there goggles that fit specifically for a color of a laser? My laser is a 50MW Green laser Thanks in advance :) This is the laser:

Asked by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Laser pointer upgrade

Can anyone help me find any way to upgrade a simple laser pointer to a burning laser?

Posted by randomperson 10 years ago

how to turn a laser pointer into a laser cutter?

Does any one know how to turn a regular laser pointer into a laser that will burn somthing when you point it at it?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 11 years ago

how to make a burning laser but i don t have knowledge ?

i make an own homemade burnig laser to i laser the cocroach to avoid a laser and to produce a fire and discover the laser gun

Asked by Waren-Neutron 7 years ago

can you replace xbox philip laser with a normal dvd laser?

I dont konw if u can replace your xbox laser lens with a normal dvd laser.

Asked by fitzovia 9 years ago

cutable laser?

I know scientist have created lasers that can cut but how much money would it take to make one? and what materials would be need? and... what kinds of materials would be laser resistance, not effected by a laser... or would that depend on the lasers stength?

Asked by saiyankev 5 years ago