I do not get it their is knex but not legos.

Posted by DELETED_olive6608 8 years ago

Lego transformers

All lego transformers

Posted by ASH9810 3 years ago

Trading Legos for Knex!!

Do you have knex that are unwanted? Do you want legoes, and have a lot of knex? Are you willing to trade equal amounts of legoes for knex? 1:1 Knex to legos. You send Knex, I send Legos.

Posted by PKTraceur 9 years ago


I'm planning on make a lego baseball cap. so how do you get a base ballcap and legos to look like this

Posted by littlewaffles 7 years ago

Lego Party

Hi every body, I show you some period of time that I played Lego world, njoy

Posted by GameF 3 years ago

lego guns

Hey ive recently sorted all of my lego and so i could build guns and i was wondering if theres any really kewl lego guns on the net with instructions as i think there is more gun posibilities with lego

Posted by smidge147 11 years ago

lego guns

Dude we REALLY need more lego guns on this group. only one of 100 is lego!

Posted by chopstx 9 years ago

Forbidden Lego

Projects developed by Lego designers that were deemed inappropriate for children. From here:

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Lego CNC machine

Just what it says - a CNC machine built from Lego! From YouTube via Notcot.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Favorite legos

Heloo I was just bored today so i made this i just wanted to know what everybody's favorite lego set/build or lego guy was. Just curios, Bye!

Posted by ThePathfinder 5 years ago

Simpsons Intro in LEGO

Worthy of $40 in a competition, apparently.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Knex is better than Legos!


Posted by SunCups 7 years ago

best lego guns

Ive made an uzi,bazooka,and shotgun

Posted by nfk11 8 years ago

Awsome lego "Ihome" mp3 dock! (nano)

I was messing around with LEGOs.

Posted by Wafflicious 9 years ago

point shops and a lego question


Posted by Ilija Miljkovac 6 years ago

Do we need a lego forum?

I personally think there are enough lego instructibles and enough people who like legos. I mean we have a k'nex forum. Please give your opinion on this. 

Posted by vroom...vroom... 6 years ago

knex or lego?

Well knex or lego? i think i already know whats going to be more popular lego but for me its knex Whats your favorite

Posted by Easy Button 11 years ago

lego steam engine

Enginethis isnt my site but here are instructions for a lego steam engine

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

Lego Printer

I think i may have beat fungus to this....who knows, he usually posts these things neat lego printer it's not exactly photo quality (or fast) but it sure is nifty. i really like that it's got all the lego guys on it as if they're workers in a factory or something

Posted by crapflinger 8 years ago

Lego gun

There has been alot of k'nex gun instructables but no lego guns. i was just wondering if someone could try to make a functional lego gun and put a post on it?

Posted by APeiceOfPoo 11 years ago

Custom lego minifigs

Ok, so this is what I cane up with. I used some custom decals and a black Sharpie. The first one is an American Spec Ops soldier, named Reaper. The second one is a British Spec Ops soldier named Omega.

Posted by Echo1031 6 years ago

best lego ipod object

I built a lego ipod case, dock, and speakers. I want to see if you can top me! pictures coming soon

Posted by kerneykid1 8 years ago

Knex V Lego

What do you like more, or what did you like more as a kidLego or KnexPersonally i like lego as i think it looks more realistic and i played for days on end when i was younger, also knex is mainly used for guns and occasionally big buildings, but with lego you can make entire worlds!!So far its 5 lego / 3 knex

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

I thought this lego build was awesome

My husband saw this video on u tube about a Lego contraption I thought was so cool.   

Posted by sunshiine 6 years ago

LEGO Stormtrooper Joule thief mod

Onkelond over at Flickr came up with a great way to make your lego minifigs light up!link

Posted by Zorink 10 years ago

Why we absolutely hate mini and lego knex

Please post why you tottoly hate mini and lego knex.

Posted by miniclipper 8 years ago

Lego Weapons

 Does anyone know of a lego weapon other than a rb gun or a crossbow? Possibly a catapult? Is anyone up to the challenge of making one and putting it up on instructables?

Posted by xraptor777 8 years ago


This is a genuine CRAFT Where Adam Savage goes LEGO....

Posted by iceng 2 years ago

A lego like game

Free Games. Check out what I have been building lately!

Posted by Pantalaimonpan 9 years ago

Have LEGO gunners beaten us?

I was surfing Youtube today, and guess what I found! GOOD ( yes, you heard it right, good) LEGO guns. Can you believe it? Here are some. The Thriller Automatic LEGO crossbow pistol. ( Interesting mech.) Bolt action LEGO crossbow. ( Based off of Thriller auto.) LEGO Mini Pump Action Shotgun. ( Never seen this with K'NEX.) LEGO Pump Action Shotgun. ( Some problems, but still.) LEGO Sniper Rifle. ( Shoots MORE than 25 feet, DJ.) There's LOTS more, but i picked out ones i first came across. IMPORTANT NOTE: LEGO has more variety of pieces, so maybe that explains the innovation. NYPA

Posted by NYPA 9 years ago

LEGO Weapons Better than K'NEX?

A new book is coming out from No Starch Press (whuh?) called Forbidden LEGO. It claims that LEGO is the construction tool of choice for weapons.Two vids to see the weapons in action. Well, it doesn't really make that claim. I just wanted to say it did.

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Lego Knitting Machine

This knitting machine is made entirely of Legos!Maybe not the fastest way to knit (unless they really slowed down the video), but awesome nonetheless.Check out the sweet video and other projects they've worked on! via: Lion Brand Yarn

Posted by StumpChunkman 9 years ago

lego desert eagle

Working on a pull back sprig powered gun that shoot lego pins with shells that eject. i trying to make it look like a desert eagle. need opions when i finish it to know what to change

Posted by nascar10 8 years ago

Lego Transformers G1 Megatron

Another sweet Lego transformer that I made. This one is really small and really complicated, and the fact that it's really fragile doesn't help lower the skill level.EDIT: Instructable posted!!!

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago

Radioactive Legos!!!!!

Help me please! Yesterday, when I got home, I found these (legos in picture) in my lego city! Luckily, little other damage was done, but what can I do?! I have never come across this problem before! And when I tried to discipline the rouge legos for their radioactive behavior, they wouldn't listen!!! How do I stop the insolent radioactive leogs?! That;s right, they're even calling themselves leogs now!

Posted by Xellers 10 years ago

Go check out my new lego gun

 I just put up a slideshow for a new gun i built

Posted by legomman200 8 years ago

Massive Lego Ball Machine - *proper* engineering ;-)

My eldest sent me this very satisfying seven minutes of engineering: Enjoy...

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Lego StormRunner game

   Does anyone remember the old game from LEGO, Stormrunner? Where you have to control an RCX to discover what happened to your ship. Well, I just noticed it was kicked of, and started googling trying to find it. No other site has it, does anyone know where it is.... Or does anyone think that Lego should bring it back?

Posted by ry25920 8 years ago

Crazy LEGO animation

This LEGO animation has been bouncing all over the Interwebs this weekend. It's pretty stunning stuff since it was all done with LEGO and by one person who clocked 1,500 hours on it. It goes to show how much you can do with a pile of LEGO and a regular digital camera.That all said, the video is still a little slow and can do with about a minute less footage. So I'm definitely curious to see the next video from these guys in another year or so.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

LEGO Tower Is Impessive, Yet Boring

So up in Toronto they built a 29.3 meter tall tower of LEGO. It's a new world record. Some "master builders" were overseeing it. There are images of flags on the side.But still, it's just a tower of LEGO. Doesn't really inspire me, but maybe you guys think differently. Am I missing something? Full story

Posted by fungus amungus 11 years ago

Lego Creations

I came across not one, but two very cool Lego sculptures. The first is a perfect rendering of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, one of the most famous houses in architecture. Make sure to check out the original pictures of the house along with the Lego reproduction if you haven't seen the house before.The second is a must-see for all Star Wars fans: a nearly 4,000 piece, $400 dollar Lego Death Star diorama. It comes complete with Lego-ized versions of all of the major characters and depicts 14 scenes from the IV and VI. Bad news for all you Jar Jar Binks fans, though: Lego Jar Jar is not included in this set.Villa Savoye via MakeDeath Star

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

Lego CAD software

I just thought that the Lego-ers (?) would like to know about Ldraw, open source CAD software specifically for designing Lego models. Have a look at this BBC News story to see a chap who built a model of St Pancras' railway station to a scale suitable for minifigs. Of course, you may not wish to go "open" with your software (I doubt that Ldraw has been as thoroughly debugged as Firefox, for instance), so you may with to use the official Lego CAD software. 

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

How to make a Lego Mindstorms NXT (w/ RCX) Warehouse That works and has a program download OR anything Lego

Please answer if you made on :D I YOU DONT KNOW HOW Can you give instructions for anything Lego Nxt with RCX

Posted by awesome3612 6 years ago

should lego shut brick arms down?

every one knows about legos restriction against modern militiary themes but why do they let brick arms make their products here is a link to brickarms go to their site come back and post your thoughts.

Posted by seabananers 8 years ago

Lego Like Game

I play;=593721&rbx;_source=ambassador&rbx;_medium=Direct&rbx;_campaign=ambpro">ROBLOX>! as pantalaimonpan at the good hangout ROBLOX

Posted by Pantalaimonpan 8 years ago

star wars lego

One day i decided to take out my tonnes of lego i had in my attic and after seeing a star wars lego hailfire droid selling for £100! i decided to make my own models, i also noticed that the models that were being sold by lego didnt use many original parts, so i have made my models and shall i post them? your call!

Posted by bedbugg2 10 years ago

Pac-Man arcade cabinet made with LEGO

Ben Fleskes built this Pac-Man arcade cabinet entirely out of LEGO and put in a 19" monitor so that he could play 48 different games on it. That reminds me, I need to bump up that MAME project that's in my queue. It's been there too long. Lego arcade machine

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Lego Transformers: Aerojet Now With Video

Remember that jet I posted a while ago? Get ready to see it again! Here's a video of it's transformation.

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

Fullauto Lego Gun


Posted by Metal4God 11 years ago


I went to toysrus looking for a present for a cousin and OH my gosh! Knex has Lego men, I knew they had lego like pieces but this is a step to far, I dont even recognize  knex anymore, years ago there was a whole isle to the stuff and it had a tall feris wheel on display, now its reduced to the section in between mega blocks and all the lego recycled idea (power miner < rock raiders, atlantis, they did an underwater one before) with only half a shelf and NO tubs other then the cheap filled with tons of bricks What has happend????? 

Posted by Sypran 8 years ago